Announcing the 2019 Fortnite World Cup! Epic Games will be supporting Fortnite community-run events, online events and major competitions all over the world. Anyone can participate, anyone can win. Grab your Fortnite World Cup spot by competing in official qualifiers around the globe.
Stay tuned for the initial schedule in Fall 2018.
$100,000,000 Esports Announcement: www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/news/epic-games-will-provide-100-000-000-for-fortnite-esports-tournament

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Twitter: twitter.com/FortniteGame
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Learn More: www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/




  • Who is here in season 9

    Lance AleraLance Alera2 mesi fa
  • who's here when the fortnite world cup was ruined by epic?

    virusvirus2 mesi fa
  • sa-mi bag pula-n compania voastra bagati strech inapoi

    Andrei _XgostAndrei _Xgost2 mesi fa
  • Ahh... And now people are complaining about the whole game. No one did know this was coming

    ZcraxzyZcraxzy2 mesi fa
  • Can there be a squads competitev

    Fluid_DanielFluid_Daniel2 mesi fa
  • I need a answer plz so if I don’t have a epic account but I make it to the World Cup what do I do

    sonic fast 2008sonic fast 20083 mesi fa
  • Can people conpete on IOS for the world cup?

    CheboLeboCheboLebo3 mesi fa
  • Epic games!

    Sarah AbdullahSarah Abdullah3 mesi fa
  • como puedo participar? o como se participa?

    BrunoKuBrunoKu3 mesi fa
  • I want my Moisty Mire Back!!!!!

    ComServ 75ComServ 753 mesi fa
  • Superb Upload

    Fi3N4Th3GR33N GOW4Fi3N4Th3GR33N GOW43 mesi fa
  • Who's here in 2019 when the trailer came out (Small IT-visionr trying to grow good player 1v1 me and you will get a shoutout😍❤

    EnciticalEncitical3 mesi fa
    • TheBlueBeast45 And stuff tf?

      MaliciousHen1MaliciousHen1Mese fa
    • Can you not please

      TheBlueBeast45 And stuffTheBlueBeast45 And stuffMese fa
    • @MaliciousHen1 ok btw I'm not on my main account so I will be a default

      EnciticalEncitical3 mesi fa
    • 1v1 me ill be home in 7 hours IG: NinjaTurtle ツ

      MaliciousHen1MaliciousHen13 mesi fa
  • Who's Here From The 2019 Fortnite World Cup Trailer? (Small IT-visionr Trying To Grow! ❤)

    Scar PlayzScar Playz3 mesi fa
    • Scar Playz i am

      Itz DapperItz Dapper3 mesi fa
  • Hopefully fresh or symfuhny or bizzle win

    Kion nKion n3 mesi fa
  • I remember watching this live on stream

    MrLoadingMrLoading3 mesi fa
  • Any one 20l9 watching

    Jeff PoopJeff Poop4 mesi fa
  • Fortnut 0:37

    speK AndrezspeK Andrez4 mesi fa
  • Who’s here in season 8

    gamer bengamer ben4 mesi fa

    Tsaari 1Tsaari 14 mesi fa

    Larmy Vallot JrLarmy Vallot Jr4 mesi fa

    Larmy Vallot JrLarmy Vallot Jr4 mesi fa
  • Campeonato mundial por Squad :O los 4 mejores players de cada país :D

    Nahuel SilvaNahuel Silva4 mesi fa
  • So many try hards

    FaZe ishgamesFaZe ishgames4 mesi fa
  • Lol see ya guys there...

    IAteBananas XDIAteBananas XD4 mesi fa
  • Woahh.. its almost here🤷🏻‍♀️

    SofiaSofia4 mesi fa
  • Wow this was first announced 8 months ago

    UnashamedUnashamed4 mesi fa
  • Wow this was first announced 8 months ago

    UnashamedUnashamed4 mesi fa
  • Wow this was first announced 8 months ago

    UnashamedUnashamed4 mesi fa
  • Wow this was first announced 8 months ago

    UnashamedUnashamed4 mesi fa
  • Wow this was first announced 8 months ago

    UnashamedUnashamed4 mesi fa
  • Can we lie about our age

    Czar KunderCzar Kunder4 mesi fa
  • Can epic games please change it

    Czar KunderCzar Kunder4 mesi fa
  • I’ll see u in finals

    FlumyFlumy4 mesi fa
  • NOW...apex super fans who say that fortnite will be off........beat that if you can!!! btw dunno what marketing manager stay behind this game but is a GOD in this job. i think is my unknown twin, he do exactly what i want to do:). This will be the true born age of the esports , becoming the best , the bigger and the wealthier sport of all time. Dude, u who do that, keep it goin mate, you doing a great job.

    sentra6661sentra66614 mesi fa
  • Can I do it if I'm 12?

    itzz razzleitzz razzle4 mesi fa
  • *Anyone here before the tournament?*

    Joseph DoncevJoseph Doncev4 mesi fa
  • Dubs

    Yeetwch y BabanYeetwch y Baban4 mesi fa
  • The grind starts now boys

    EndaGoDEndaGoD4 mesi fa
  • Will Smith’s brother

    危ないかわいい危ないかわいい4 mesi fa
  • anyone else seeing this when its happening

    SpheritualSpheritual4 mesi fa
  • and now its almost dead

    Chewbacca productionChewbacca production4 mesi fa
  • yes payday soon :)

    GruelundGruelund4 mesi fa
  • Ninja will win

    TheTankCR3TheTankCR34 mesi fa
  • are we allowed to play stretch resolution other there?

    DarzlMDarzlM4 mesi fa
    • DarzlM yes they have a spectate system for it

      alytalyt4 mesi fa
  • guys how do you go to the tournament I don't get it

    Team RyzenTeam Ryzen4 mesi fa
    • GNARLY good luck with it

      oIrfannoIrfann4 mesi fa
    • It's going to be a pop up cup qualifier just like how they did it with the winter royale

      waterninja123waterninja1234 mesi fa
  • Game is dying, should have done this before you started losing people soo heavily As a good fortnite player myself i was excited for this, but quit playing because of bad updates and now better BR alternatives.

    Sometimes GoodSometimes Good4 mesi fa
    • @Hot D U M M Y Man True, it may bring back ppl

      Sometimes GoodSometimes Good4 mesi fa
    • That is why it's in 2019 to revive it. More people will watch and play the game for this

      Hot D U M M Y ManHot D U M M Y Man4 mesi fa
  • Please can players under the age of 13 play

    Czar KunderCzar Kunder4 mesi fa
    • Czar Kunder I’m 13 thank god

      Saints on TwitchSaints on Twitch4 mesi fa
  • 2019 FORTNITE WORLD CUP--->Published on Jun 12, 2018????????? 2018???

    Austin TaylorAustin Taylor4 mesi fa
    • I was thinking the same

      NawtionNawtion4 mesi fa
  • how to join

    Ryop gamingRyop gaming4 mesi fa
    • Ryop gaming qualifiers

      Saints on TwitchSaints on Twitch4 mesi fa
  • So 2019 100 mil confirmed?

    TitanTitan4 mesi fa
    • waterninja123 I’m 13 and I’m also hyped to grind it

      Saints on TwitchSaints on Twitch4 mesi fa
    • If you make it to the finals you will be guaranteed 50k USD the winner will get 3mil USD

      waterninja123waterninja1234 mesi fa
  • Who's here in 2019 when it was announced?

    PhysicoPhysico4 mesi fa
    • Frosst Physico hey do you know where the pro am is?

      Aidan GaminAidan GaminMese fa
    • Ummmm.... i play apex jk

      XPK _vTioxsXPK _vTioxsMese fa
    • Me

      Snapper 723Snapper 7232 mesi fa
    • Me

      GameChiveGameChive3 mesi fa
    • PhysicoSpace me lol

      Mist FNMist FN3 mesi fa
  • I'm gonna try my best to enter this 2019 world cup

    INSTINCT Thunder YTINSTINCT Thunder YT4 mesi fa
    • Same brother

      Home courtHome court3 mesi fa
    • @oIrfann yeah

      INSTINCT Thunder YTINSTINCT Thunder YT3 mesi fa
    • alyt April 13th

      oIrfannoIrfann3 mesi fa
    • Me to

      OnlyDamien 2468OnlyDamien 24683 mesi fa
    • when even are the qualifyers

      alytalyt4 mesi fa
  • how do you qualify?

    IllicitFNIllicitFN4 mesi fa
    • In the events section, it's going to be a pop up cup!

      waterninja123waterninja1234 mesi fa
  • Same bro

    Harvest FiveHarvest Five4 mesi fa
  • 2019 anyone?

    DaisyTheNightFoxDaisyTheNightFox4 mesi fa
  • Its still 2018 Now 2019 xD

    PabdPabd4 mesi fa
  • I’m from the Future

    FinesseFinesse5 mesi fa
  • Not everyone can play, If you don’t have Xbox live u can’t

    Edward CardonaEdward Cardona5 mesi fa
  • Good luck

    Saber Blade_00FSaber Blade_00F5 mesi fa
  • wil this world cup be available for asian server people

    Random VideosRandom Videos5 mesi fa
  • Like si lo estas viendo desde españa

    Wanlup 118Wanlup 1185 mesi fa
  • So excited for this world cup, gonna be fun!

    Exiled DarcExiled Darc5 mesi fa
    • I wish u good luck in this competition. I can't wait to see all the big and new names compete

      Phoenix DanielPhoenix Daniel5 mesi fa
  • yo who is watching in season 7

    STatic Demo YTSTatic Demo YT5 mesi fa
  • Well time to call tfue

  • Can people under 12 years old join

    SLottoSLotto5 mesi fa
    • No ONLY 13 and older

      waterninja123waterninja1234 mesi fa
  • Will u bring the world cup skins back then

    Jacob WalkerJacob Walker5 mesi fa
  • 2019!!??

    Youtube PerfectYoutube Perfect5 mesi fa
  • 2019

    XonicXonic6 mesi fa
  • It's 2019 where is the World Cup?

    Dr.NoobensteinDr.Noobenstein6 mesi fa
  • How can we tryout for the qualifying round? I want to join that

    parallel Chillzparallel Chillz6 mesi fa