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Two teams will clash in the updated 50v50 Limited Time Mode. Be the first to the frontline. PLAY NOW.
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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    M E G L A D O N: R O B L O XM E G L A D O N: R O B L O X18 giorni fa
  • Bring it Back 🔥

    X DeproX Depro24 giorni fa
  • Come back ples

    i-clapped -youi-clapped -you28 giorni fa
  • I feal bad for the 2 people in the third team

    swift_toxic2swift_toxic2Mese fa
  • Only if the two teams' bases were this organized....

    SpliceGamingSpliceGamingMese fa
  • Not what it seems...

    CorVette ツCorVette ツ3 mesi fa
  • Expectations: This video Reality: It’s always 1:25 and nobody revives you

    SplateyyySplateyyy4 mesi fa

    jose gaming and friendsjose gaming and friends5 mesi fa
  • 50v50 deserves better! Bring it back!

    TheMarioManiacTheMarioManiac5 mesi fa
  • Best mode now rip

    alexander zockeralexander zocker5 mesi fa
  • Back again

    Alex Fernando Sosa DiazAlex Fernando Sosa Diaz5 mesi fa
  • Feel bad for the 2 people on the 3rd team

    Imformed SubToPewdsImformed SubToPewds6 mesi fa
  • ¡¡¡¡Deja el pUt0 Fortnite de los pUt0s c0j0nEs H0sti4!!!!

    Roksh 29GamerRoksh 29Gamer7 mesi fa
  • If only it was actually like this 8(

    Jack ParryJack Parry7 mesi fa
  • Season 10???

    m7md jamam7md jama7 mesi fa
  • In reality nobody’s gonna build a base

    oĸ, ѕo вαѕιcαlly dαт oɴe мoмooĸ, ѕo вαѕιcαlly dαт oɴe мoмo7 mesi fa
  • I feel bad for the 2 other people on the other team tho :(

    Viper NeonViper Neon7 mesi fa
  • I’m pretty sure nobody plays like that now in 50v50

    Henri FoosterHenri Fooster8 mesi fa
  • I want it back!

    _Unknown _playz_Unknown _playz8 mesi fa
  • 2018

    Zachary MartinZachary Martin8 mesi fa
  • 50Vs50Vs2 Hope 2Team Win the 100Players

    Br PupBr Pup8 mesi fa
  • I feel really bad for the people who are in the team of 2 players :(

    Werkku 11Werkku 118 mesi fa

    FrazeRFrazeR9 mesi fa
  • I don’t have sound on Xbox one :(

    Isthatale 96Isthatale 969 mesi fa
  • HALF your enemies.

    KOKEKOKE9 mesi fa
  • LTM yeah sure

    DynoDyno10 mesi fa
  • 0:10 Even in V2 this guy is still using a Tactical

    KevPlaysRoBLocKevPlaysRoBLoc10 mesi fa
  • Next up:Nerfv50

    The Yak!The Yak!10 mesi fa
  • That 50v50 was better, when you built a fort, people added their own sections to it

    Fastbreak 383Fastbreak 38310 mesi fa
  • lol I can see the aerial assault trooper in the thumbnail

    swaglord 123swaglord 12311 mesi fa
  • I like v3 more

    SIMPSONS-full clip video PlayerSIMPSONS-full clip video Player11 mesi fa
  • limited time mode? then why is it still here?

    AwesomeHeroAwesomeHero11 mesi fa
  • This mode is so fun once everyone gets into the ring it's a massive war make it permanent plz

    Blood GhostBlood Ghost11 mesi fa
  • Double the selfishness

    ItsJustPiggyItsJustPiggy11 mesi fa
  • if we actually had these kind of forts...it'll be hype

    Moto? Trivago.Moto? Trivago.11 mesi fa
  • Bring this back

    my biss stephmy biss stephAnno fa
  • Running for 7 hours and watching 1 person get all the kills v4

    Its RougeIts RougeAnno fa
  • it’s like flipping a coin but it takes 20 minutes to get a result

    Pickled Cactus ProductionsPickled Cactus ProductionsAnno fa
  • One time i screamed wakanda forever while charging to the other teams fort

    Pyro GamerPyro GamerAnno fa
  • Double the Battle Royale!

    Wesley VianenWesley VianenAnno fa
  • Epic Games: You'll make a great team, fight in giant forts and win! Reality: 55% is noobs 1% is good players 15% "Got any medium bullets?" 9% "Sorry I launched you into the storm it was an 'accident' " 0% Fun 20% *H E L L*

    Zenith BlaztZenith BlaztAnno fa
  • v3

    Jessé PereiraJessé PereiraAnno fa
  • Do you see the sub machine gun

    Game StudioGame StudioAnno fa
  • 2k18

    deztiny I s d o r adeztiny I s d o r aAnno fa

    Arianna DorseyArianna DorseyAnno fa
    • Jonathan Varghese Hooray :p

      Arianna DorseyArianna DorseyAnno fa
    • Arianna Dorsey well hello there it's back

      Jonathan VargheseJonathan VargheseAnno fa
  • Plz put this game mode back!!!!!!

    Sicario MartinezSicario MartinezAnno fa
    • Sicario Martinez and it's back

      Jonathan VargheseJonathan VargheseAnno fa
  • This trailer has the og sub machinegun in it

    Proto KolaProto KolaAnno fa
  • More like 47v49

  • It’s permanent now

    _ JaxTheGameBoy05 __ JaxTheGameBoy05 _Anno fa
  • Wtf I saw the old smg

    JimboJimboAnno fa
  • I'm sorry fortnite but ples make 50v50v50v50 *RED YELLOW GREEN BLUE TEAMS*

    Ketchup Frisk DipKetchup Frisk DipAnno fa
    • Ketchup Frisk Dip 5x20 is pretty close

      Jonathan VargheseJonathan VargheseAnno fa
  • Limited time mode my but its been here for like 2 months

    Lincoln GonzalezLincoln GonzalezAnno fa
  • 50v50 more like ignoring downed teammates

    RoninRoninAnno fa
  • Honestly 50v50 v2 doesn’t feel like a LTM because solid gold lasted like 4 days and 50v50 v2 has been here since season 3

    Taz_RexyyTaz_RexyyAnno fa
  • Fortnite: New limited time mode called 50 v 50. Me: *Chuckles* No it's not.

    Jamie WhyteJamie WhyteAnno fa
  • Its still up

    spencer is super coolspencer is super coolAnno fa
  • I want 1v99 and the 1 has op weapons and full shields but the other people only have simple weapons, I want to be the 1 guy.

    Gray yarGGray yarGAnno fa
  • A limited time mode that lasted for a month!

    Simon S.Simon S.Anno fa
  • Add Infinity Gauntlet

    DARLISHA PottsDARLISHA PottsAnno fa
    • Again plz❤💙💚💛💙💙💙💙💙💙💜

      DARLISHA PottsDARLISHA PottsAnno fa
  • Thx go fortnite for the update❤💙💚💛💜

    DARLISHA PottsDARLISHA PottsAnno fa
  • did anyone else notice someone using a removed gun?

    Pivze ?Pivze ?Anno fa
  • Well i really get mad when people dont revive me just take my loot and they took the L while i was down so i just leave the game anything you guys can do abut that?

    Pledeblock 24Pledeblock 24Anno fa
    • I mean" about"

      Pledeblock 24Pledeblock 24Anno fa
  • 50v 50 wants me to litsen to it 50 times

    TFZ_SlenzPlayerTFZ_SlenzPlayerAnno fa
  • That's funny, I requested in the feedback to bring back 50vs50 and the next day it was there... hmmm...

    Galaxy Pants 5000Galaxy Pants 5000Anno fa
  • Double the rage

    MR MemeMR MemeAnno fa
  • Why this did not come to season 4????

    LEEVI_2007LEEVI_2007Anno fa
  • Yes 50v50 is back thank you

  • La mayor mierda que han hecho

    Miguel Angel BenaventeMiguel Angel BenaventeAnno fa
  • Team of 50 is shit🖕

    VioleMB 1989 #3VioleMB 1989 #3Anno fa
  • Why is 50v59 back again?

    Dinidu SamaranayakeDinidu SamaranayakeAnno fa
50v50v2 LTM | PLAY NOW