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  • Well say it to kratos and doom guy

    precious clement selwyn s. Ferminprecious clement selwyn s. FerminOra fa
  • 8:31 the only anime i know is Dragonball, Naruto, and sword out

    ShaunAnimationsShaunAnimations2 ore fa
  • 0:31 just like any other kid in the WORLD

    ShaunAnimationsShaunAnimations2 ore fa
  • I can like my elbow

    Hannah AdairHannah Adair2 ore fa
  • I didnt know that domics swear???

    I like carsI like cars2 ore fa
  • Am I the only one who keeps repeating the takoyaki fight scene?! It is so damn cool!

    Milestogo rMilestogo r2 ore fa
  • That controller in the tv was me when I was 10

    bearkybearky2 ore fa
  • 1:21 those facial expressions bro lmao

    Möchi CättöMöchi Cättö2 ore fa
  • sometimes I get mad for no reason and when my mom asks ms why I'm yelling all I have to say is "I don't know"

    Ajme YangAjme Yang4 ore fa
  • I love your animations

    Dhruv MishraDhruv Mishra6 ore fa
  • I hold a grug agenst someone but i have a reason

    Caden KlineCaden Kline7 ore fa
  • 7:08 faces eating your soul while you look at them count 14?

    4E productions with bros4E productions with bros8 ore fa
  • 2:48 God damn I loved that anime battle animation

    SA BleachSA Bleach8 ore fa
  • 2:48 when you relies that domics can animate better than you thought .....

    Gaming SenpaiGaming Senpai8 ore fa
  • We all know food is life

    EfiL D3dEfiL D3d8 ore fa
  • Pain is temporary Anger is forever

    SANIC Ow the edgSANIC Ow the edg9 ore fa
  • No you should never just be a little $&@#% and JUST SIT IN THE BACK SEAT!

    Happy_ Panda1234Happy_ Panda123410 ore fa
  • At the end of the video, I'm not really an angry person but a plus one did something to stop us from going to an event. I turned and said we could have been there by now, with intense eyes like melting the car eyes

    biscuit siren927biscuit siren92711 ore fa
  • I would have just counted to 10 and leave

    Homie PantherHomie Panther14 ore fa
  • Watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

    LilKeychain TvLilKeychain Tv15 ore fa
  • 3:45 how he says “oh my god” tho

    Dragon KnighthoodDragon Knighthood15 ore fa
  • Domics: how was the party? Phil: man f**k Stacy My mom: how was school Me: f**k Stacie I'm not kidding when I say this but I have beef with a girl named Stacie. Ya she wasn't the best friend that she had the chance to be

    johannapurplewolfjohannapurplewolf16 ore fa
  • hey domics, brother, you should use anime twist its free, ad-free, and lots and i mean LOTS, L O T S of anime

    JR JRJR JR17 ore fa
  • Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru

    Pedro AlvesPedro Alves18 ore fa
  • Mafia city

    The Phantom HawkThe Phantom Hawk18 ore fa
  • Goddamn that fight scene made me hungry and angry. Good video by the way.

    FlyConeGuyFlyConeGuy18 ore fa
  • *WHA- ONE PUNCH MAN?!!?* *-instantly downloads sponsored app-*

    ERUPT GAMES l Official ChannelERUPT GAMES l Official Channel18 ore fa
  • I'd drive of without her who agrees?!

    kaynostu crimsonkaynostu crimson21 ora fa
  • 2:44 that’s me every single day

    E6AiresE6Aires23 ore fa
  • The look on ur face (on the thumbnail)

    Katie JacksonKatie JacksonGiorno fa

    Mark Mgiuel EstradaMark Mgiuel EstradaGiorno fa
  • My brother thots he was gonna be a child but he hated me becues i was the bunso

    Carlos Miguel MendozaCarlos Miguel MendozaGiorno fa
  • My

    Carlos Miguel MendozaCarlos Miguel MendozaGiorno fa
  • Watch Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist

    The leather minecartThe leather minecartGiorno fa
  • Oh! This was posted in my Birthday.

    Shouto TodorokiShouto TodorokiGiorno fa
  • Jommus Animatus

    RaimboomboxRaimboomboxGiorno fa
  • Great, now I hate Alex

    Cuca BeatsCuca BeatsGiorno fa

    Amanda RecioAmanda RecioGiorno fa
  • I bottle my anger so when i have my "Phil moment" it will leave people completely, fucking terrified and no one when what to make me angry ever again, I have about 20 years (give or take) of pure rage buried in my soul :)

    ExhaustedPigeonExhaustedPigeonGiorno fa
  • Baki is a really good anime I watch it and my friends do there’s a lot of fighting In it btw it’s on Netflix

    Lies QpsLies QpsGiorno fa
  • you have such a phillipin tone

    AYM GamingAYM GamingGiorno fa
  • Man oof!! Stacie!

    Ondako ACL meMeORieS And gamesOndako ACL meMeORieS And gamesGiorno fa
  • The whole problem with that Ellen girl thoroughly kind of irritated me if I were in that situation andif I were driving I would have stuck my head out the window and said well I guess you're staying here cuz I'm leaving

    Funcupcake LoveFuncupcake LoveGiorno fa
  • I recommend: Goblin Slayer and Gate

    Ric DrawingsRic DrawingsGiorno fa
  • Dude what if it’s puberty

    Chaxell PlayChaxell PlayGiorno fa
  • Dr.phil with *Phil*

    Rina SakinugiRina SakinugiGiorno fa
  • I would've left her on the porch. Look its either join or don't, I have food I'd rather get to. At that point we wouldn't even be friends, people like that annoy the shit out of me.

    illachrymablenessillachrymablenessGiorno fa
  • Fan: But Dom aren't half of your video Rants!! Your always angry. Domics: Yeeaa. your right. MAYBE IF PEOPLE WEREN'T SO DUUUUMMMNBBB. Me: 👏PREACH👏

    Destiny FrancisDestiny FrancisGiorno fa

    小豆漿399 9小豆漿399 9Giorno fa
  • do you like anime and have discord join my discord channel anime land

    michael munguiamichael munguiaGiorno fa
  • The poor takoyaki die two years ago A moment of silence

    Carlos BoiCarlos BoiGiorno fa
  • 2:48 is very relatable lol

    Coco McqueenCoco McqueenGiorno fa
  • To me

    RhinonRhinonGiorno fa
  • 1:35 same thing happen to yesterday :/

    RhinonRhinonGiorno fa
  • What a pussy talking about walking away

    kink godkink godGiorno fa
  • I aaallllaaaawwwwaaaayyyyssss have phill moments

    joselina ortizjoselina ortizGiorno fa
  • Tokyo ghoul

    Moon CakeFSMoon CakeFSGiorno fa
  • I love attack on titans

    Rico TalaveraRico TalaveraGiorno fa
  • Yo k Can you greet my brother At your next video his birthday is at may 28 thx

    Exclusive ContentExclusive ContentGiorno fa
  • If I was there and called shotgun, I would not have given it up, or if someone else called it first, then they get shotgun! I would have straight up told that girl, “ Dude! He called shotgun, so let him be in the front. Just come back and get in the car, otherwise we’re going without you! “

    Tawnya CostaTawnya CostaGiorno fa
  • 2:49 he MOBed that shit

    PaxPaxGiorno fa
  • 2:48 when my sister eats 2 beybels cheese wheels:

    Redd AnimsRedd AnimsGiorno fa
  • Ok yeah water most likely isn’t but maybe a pop and those can be so annoying when you’re sticky

    Andrew KonhauserAndrew KonhauserGiorno fa
  • you should check out soul eater if you have the chance

    Memes BoiMemes BoiGiorno fa
  • I hate when 1# when people ad a emoji😠😡 2# people edit the comment 3# when peoples pic are trees 4# when people repeat themselves 5# when people repeat themselves 6# when your name is gametraveller 7# when people begg for likes LIKE IF YOU AGREE 8# When people be like oh hi my dreem is to become a world class singer a like and sub will be so nice of you SUB IF YOU AGREE

    Game TravellerGame TravellerGiorno fa
  • Watch Kaguya-sama Love is War

    The Kid In CrocsThe Kid In CrocsGiorno fa
  • Nice animation

    Sohom DasSohom DasGiorno fa
  • i like POKEMON

    Liam SheddenLiam Shedden2 giorni fa
  • I'm canadian

    Quinn The KingQuinn The King2 giorni fa
  • 2:43 when someone makes an egg pun

    Xridion360Xridion3602 giorni fa
  • when someone takes my pencil in class 7:08

    Xridion360Xridion3602 giorni fa
  • Crunchroll is not available in my country so i was always angry and this video made things better

    Alley 432Alley 4322 giorni fa

    Dylan PalaciosDylan Palacios2 giorni fa

    Dylan PalaciosDylan Palacios2 giorni fa
  • you make awesome vids!! love them

    hassan rizwanhassan rizwan2 giorni fa
  • Phil: man f**k Stacie Me too like I have a friend named Stacie who I'm mad at and our friendship is in the line

    johannapurplewolfjohannapurplewolf2 giorni fa
  • I know lots of people like Phil, they're real christians

    Polita SusannePolita Susanne2 giorni fa
  • People often tell me that I'm too nice, but in reality I just think that having a grudge against some one is too complicated rather than forgiving them (it isn't always this way, but most of the time with no-big-deal problems)

    Polita SusannePolita Susanne2 giorni fa
  • Me: Did Alex steal your takoyaki? Dom: No... Steve did.

    The Last Pokemon TrainerThe Last Pokemon Trainer2 giorni fa
  • Jom: Rrahahhah mom isn’t home so I’m mad *breaks vase* Mom: *mom senses 👁👁 boy u dead 2:07

    Raccoon ManRaccoon Man2 giorni fa
  • Domoics u get spunsared allotoot

    Raccoon ManRaccoon Man2 giorni fa
  • Roblox player status: D0nt m3ss w1th m3.

    Yanche RazonableYanche Razonable2 giorni fa
  • “oH My gOd” 😂😂😂

    J3EF _J3EF _2 giorni fa
  • They made a remake of Fruits Basket? ... WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN TOLD!

    Noname Void OblivionNoname Void Oblivion2 giorni fa
  • Turky sandwech

    cattish productionscattish productions2 giorni fa
  • i feel like i was being at least once one of those dickheads in this video .....

    Hyder HadiHyder Hadi2 giorni fa
  • Fairy tail.

    Eric SmithEric Smith2 giorni fa
  • well you cant get mad at friends or partners if you dont have any!

    A BeautifulA Beautiful2 giorni fa
  • 3:45 you sounded like a depressed mickey mouse

    Malyk WilsonMalyk Wilson2 giorni fa
  • The moment when your a super chill person but people are literally scared of you because you have a resting-anger face and are almost 2 meters big

    RAVRAV2 giorni fa
  • 0:37 voice line of the protagonist in Persona6 revealed

    Deidara DebutDeidara Debut2 giorni fa
  • Bungou Stray Dogs

    Lisa Marie BergesLisa Marie Berges2 giorni fa
  • I just tried to lick my elbow.

    CalvinyCalviny3 giorni fa
  • Just started watching attack on titan, it's pretty on par with one punch man in my opinion, can't wait till the next season of mob phsyco comes out

    DatHumorist 29DatHumorist 293 giorni fa
  • I think the moral of this story is it took Dom 10 years to let go of a takoyaki

    Clan DragonClan Dragon3 giorni fa
  • Nice video

    fang dangfang dang3 giorni fa
  • Hey Domics I relate to your video but BOIIIIII MY FRIEND'S "FRIEND" CAN'T STOP BEING ANNOYING BOIIII!!!!!

    Captain CanoyCaptain Canoy3 giorni fa
  • Best part *6:43*

    Nelly ApaezNelly Apaez3 giorni fa
  • Chill, ill ill ill persona, ona ona ona

    Player 5Player 53 giorni fa
  • I bet I can be your father than your actual father and your father is stupid and you a idiot

    Xavier YtXavier Yt3 giorni fa