Everything you need to know about the Fortnite Battle Pass. Play. Level Up. Unlock Epic Loot.
Season 5 Blog:
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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  • Najlepszy sezon =(

    DamqDamq2 giorni fa
  • Wow 1st birthday

    Eevee_playz 224Eevee_playz 2242 giorni fa
  • Season 5 was 1 year ago.. wtf

    AwokenAwoken3 giorni fa
  • 2019 ?😂

    Rucarean AndreiRucarean Andrei16 giorni fa
  • Banana Mooney

    Savian SpamsL2Savian SpamsL219 giorni fa
  • Best season

    vini voaderavini voadera21 giorno fa
  • Summer drift

    Luizp98980 YTLuizp98980 YT24 giorni fa
  • 2019

    Troll GamerTroll GamerMese fa
  • Anyone here in season 9?

    Lance AleraLance Alera2 mesi fa
  • Good old times. I miss these days. Regular Fortnite without any useless items and Creative. Just the Battle Royale and Playground. No useless silent weapons. The pump-shotgun still there. I'm asking myself what Fortnite has become.

    FirewallFighterFirewallFighter2 mesi fa
    • Your just mad they added a story

      Steve BellaiSteve Bellai26 giorni fa
    • Yeah its not that bad

      Elias BarriosElias BarriosMese fa
    • It was a good season. I like season 9 tho.

      TheDeLoreanGamingTheDeLoreanGaming2 mesi fa
  • Srite you get all the items if you complete the chsllenges watch how to do them from you tubs.

    Lol mateLol mate4 mesi fa
  • Season 8 btw

    THE MIZ KID 11THE MIZ KID 114 mesi fa
  • Ya boy moony? You mean Professor Lupin?

    Señor TacosSeñor Tacos4 mesi fa
  • S8 btw

  • Now look at me: I’m didn’t bought it.

    BowBow4 mesi fa
  • Epic do a female drift

    Lendary gamzLendary gamz4 mesi fa
  • my favorite season :( it’s gone forever

    MegaXMegaX4 mesi fa
    • Me aslo

      Nives O.Nives O.3 giorni fa
    • Same😢

      King YTKing YT27 giorni fa
    • I know😭😭 R.I.P season 5😪

      adambbadambbMese fa
  • Drift Is my favourite skin

    Look ?Look ?4 mesi fa
  • I want suntrider skin😭😭😭

    nicole Eliasnicole Elias5 mesi fa
    • I have Sun Strider

      JayJay4 mesi fa
  • bring back drift for season 8

    Cindy GarciaCindy Garcia5 mesi fa
  • i want skin

    Aryan JadaAryan Jada5 mesi fa
  • whats your least favourite skin in the battle pass Edit: mine is sledgehammer because its copied off rainbow six siege black beard

    BondedSixBondedSix6 mesi fa

    TheHowlingOwlTheHowlingOwl6 mesi fa
  • Testa di cazzo

    Adam Tolker TVAdam Tolker TV7 mesi fa
  • Yeet.

    TartarosTartaros7 mesi fa
  • Are you thinking of bringing back the solid gold mode(many new players)

    Jayden GrayJayden Gray7 mesi fa
  • free v bucks

    agsa gtaagsa gta8 mesi fa
  • NICE

  • Nobody cares about the huntress skin

    Lava Lord 76Lava Lord 769 mesi fa
    • I do actually

      JayJay4 mesi fa
  • Wait. Am I still able to upgrade the drift set once the season ends? Or do I just have it as a uncomplete set?

    Zayne RodgersZayne Rodgers9 mesi fa
  • Who's here in season 6;)

    Nothing_ LOLNothing_ LOL9 mesi fa
    • I'm on 8

      thegabriel 560thegabriel 5604 mesi fa
    • Nothing_ LOL me

      Sniperboss253Sniperboss2539 mesi fa
  • I like how they said “just 950 v-bucks” even though in reality, it is 10 f*cking dollars

    Reuben BunantaReuben Bunanta9 mesi fa
    • Bum

      Lunanana SparksLunanana Sparks7 mesi fa
  • Fortnite please put the black knight in the shop me and my friends are requesting

    NinjaNinja9 mesi fa
  • Welp 3 days left better not be shirt characters like season 5

    Alexandre AGAAlexandre AGA9 mesi fa
  • What if we do not have v bucks?

    madhavan jithmadhavan jith9 mesi fa
  • *battle path*

    awesomemax2456awesomemax24569 mesi fa
  • i only have one challenge left and im at tier 95 plz epic give me the ragnorok bcuz i want it so bad

    i just yeetedi just yeeted9 mesi fa
  • Anyone here season 6

    Xd FiredupboyXd Firedupboy9 mesi fa
  • *Season 6 coming... Time flies :D*

    MascoTixMascoTix10 mesi fa
  • Does anyone know if you can still get max ragnorak after the season is over

    Noah has cloutNoah has clout10 mesi fa
  • Could you make season 6 free as fortnite is a free game pls

    DeadpoolEX 1DeadpoolEX 110 mesi fa
  • They said this in s2 wow lmao

    KloudyyKloudyy10 mesi fa
  • Make the battle pass cheaper pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee I only have 800 vbucks and I have to save up

    Gacha girl 123Gacha girl 12310 mesi fa
  • Fortnite give me my acount

    Angel VelazquezAngel Velazquez10 mesi fa
  • If the battle pass is finish can we still can play the skin exp challange like drift and ragnarok ?

    Baxilion LouisBaxilion Louis10 mesi fa
  • Damn. 2 month

    Boo SteebBoo Steeb10 mesi fa
  • This is on Xbox and I have an Xbox one

    Luvless Grande’Luvless Grande’10 mesi fa
  • how you much you bet until there are like 52 seasons and all the devs are depressed and commit suicide and there company breaks down so to replace the new lobby music to the old one but its already to late so the company is now dead

    CUPCAKECUPCAKE10 mesi fa
  • its a good thing and a bad thing the season ends on my birthday

    Tyroney BaloneyTyroney Baloney10 mesi fa
  • I would buy this but I don't want to cause I got banned and lost everything since the game cameout and lost a bunch of money like 1000 dollars plus all skins and emotes if anyone can help me that will be great cause I'm not gonna buy anything from this game or if someone gifts me some skins and emotes

    gamer brogamer bro10 mesi fa
  • Tier 100 ftw

    Nugget420Nugget42010 mesi fa
  • So if season 5 ends and you stell did not get the road trip skin in week 7 in season 6 will you stell be able to get it

    delsinda ghouldelsinda ghoul10 mesi fa
    • Pninja Cookie No

      i Natei Nate10 mesi fa
  • When I buy vbucks who’s drug addiction am I supplying money for?

    T1G3R BO1T1G3R BO110 mesi fa
  • I want save the world for free in Xbox one s

    Juanito SotoJuanito Soto10 mesi fa
  • man i wish i had v-bucks :(

    KingCaliberDaOneKingCaliberDaOne11 mesi fa
  • Plz stop getting rid of SMG’s and bring old things back thanks

    SimpleSolinSimpleSolin11 mesi fa
  • mind adding double pump with og Song

    swaglord 123swaglord 12311 mesi fa
  • “Yes, You do keep your rewards after it ends.” Well my brother lost his John Wick and the fire trail from season 3

    Foxy TheBoss253Foxy TheBoss25311 mesi fa
  • I cant buy credits from the store in order to buy the battle pass, some kind of error shows up, someone else having the same issue?

    NiraJashinNiraJashin11 mesi fa
  • You mean 1 awsome skin

    CylazCylaz11 mesi fa
  • Plz can you add powerchord

    5th squad5th squad11 mesi fa
  • El juego mas horrible del mundo aguante free fire que tiene almenos sentido que ese juego de mierda

    Luciano BenitezLuciano Benitez11 mesi fa

    IceSix BozIceSix Boz11 mesi fa
  • Playgrounds mode should be a permanent mode just to practice building

    Rohan SharmaRohan Sharma11 mesi fa
  • After the seasons is done can I still unlocks drifts skins

    Jesse ClarkeJesse Clarke11 mesi fa
  • do you have to pay to get teir 100 or do the challenges have enough for teir 100

    xav xavxav xav11 mesi fa
    • Do challenges, play the game.

      flyestkid21flyestkid2110 mesi fa
  • Bring back Season 2 Battle Pass

    #Hashtag#Hashtag11 mesi fa
    • How about no.

      flyestkid21flyestkid2110 mesi fa
  • Put fortnite on android

    Spiridon DimopoulosSpiridon Dimopoulos11 mesi fa
  • wait how can you play fortnite on iphone 6s but not 6 plus you?

    TutlualTg BoyTutlualTg Boy11 mesi fa
  • Missed Seasons 2 and 3, I am sad.

    Tex TepigTex Tepig11 mesi fa