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  • Good old days...

    VeronarkVeronarkGiorno fa
  • It’s been a year and this song is still fresh in my memory

    Josh4iiJosh4iiGiorno fa
  • Year old

    Apex StarIslandApex StarIslandGiorno fa
  • Nice best season

    RaZe_ z0ck3rboyzRaZe_ z0ck3rboyz2 giorni fa
  • 1 year 😩 time is running so fast

    Miskadvd CzMiskadvd Cz2 giorni fa
  • Saudade dessa época

    Treinador LuanTreinador Luan2 giorni fa
  • Happy birthday season 5

    Eevee_playz 224Eevee_playz 2242 giorni fa
  • Today was the day it came out

    Bold And BrashBold And Brash2 giorni fa
  • 1 Year

    bubblegum0k1oserbubblegum0k1oser2 giorni fa
  • Happy birthday season 5!!!!

    DeHupDeHup3 giorni fa
  • 1 year season 5

    El visitanteEl visitante3 giorni fa
  • Season 5 is now a 1 year old!!!

    Infinitylives100Infinitylives1003 giorni fa
  • One year boi

    Dogger Gamer :3Dogger Gamer :33 giorni fa
  • Season 5 launched exalcty a year ago, time flies by so fast

    Yang Xiao LongYang Xiao Long3 giorni fa
    • Oh shoot I just realized

      King YTKing YTGiorno fa
    • Yang Xiao Long it really does

      EpicZack 766EpicZack 7663 giorni fa
  • Anyone exactly 1 year later?

    Jackson OziaborJackson Oziabor3 giorni fa
  • Guys it'll turn 1 tomorrow

    Eevee_playz 224Eevee_playz 2243 giorni fa
  • About to be 1 year old already

    Steven PlayzSteven Playz4 giorni fa
  • 1 year coming.....

    FaZe_GhostNinjaFaZe_GhostNinja4 giorni fa
  • ok 2 things 1 someone plz tell me what song is used for this 2 nostalgia

    TreekomalfoyTreekomalfoy4 giorni fa
  • I think 1-6 were the best, and a little of 7 before they became Game of Thrones.

    David JohnsonDavid Johnson5 giorni fa
  • I think that season 5 becomes OG

    Nikos VernardosNikos Vernardos7 giorni fa
  • Well looking back at season 5 There were a lot of bots compared to season 9

    Sreekanth r2Sreekanth r27 giorni fa
    • We were pretty much bots. Now it's much difference.

      Momin KhurramMomin Khurram2 giorni fa
  • Who’s here from season 10???

    Afg 8Afg 87 giorni fa
  • I missed this season

    Afg 8Afg 87 giorni fa
  • Days gone 😢

    Dz GamingDz Gaming10 giorni fa
  • ❤❤❤🗿🗿🗿🚀🚀

    Live de de fortnite com o meu amigo tereal_marcusLive de de fortnite com o meu amigo tereal_marcus11 giorni fa
  • Man i wish i got the season 5 battle pass so i could get drift he looks so cool

    Gaming with Funtime Foxy!Gaming with Funtime Foxy!12 giorni fa
  • Sub to Olledassandfoss

    olle, dass and fossolle, dass and foss15 giorni fa
  • Back when all we needed to have fun was a full squad, not legendary combat shotguns, scars and hand cannons.

    driver nephi's followerdriver nephi's follower15 giorni fa
  • Hİ SEASON 10

    Empanite❶Empanite❶16 giorni fa
  • Renember when they said that the battle pass skins and rewards are exclusive?

    MashyPolarZX _MashyPolarZX _16 giorni fa
    • Drift is a different style the one from item shop lol 😂

      Pяσƒєѕѕσя HυlкPяσƒєѕѕσя Hυlк16 giorni fa
  • my favorite I didt get the battle pass because I was a defalt no skin

    zeus 4444zeus 444417 giorni fa
  • Season 4 trailer: Everybody here get up! Season 5 trailer: Get down, get down, get down, get down

    Matthewt 24Matthewt 2417 giorni fa
  • Season 10 die :"n

  • the new season begins :v

    wittedshot HOLAwittedshot HOLA17 giorni fa
  • Season 10 ? Still watch season 5

    R.I.P StanLee We love u 3000 timesR.I.P StanLee We love u 3000 times18 giorni fa
  • Season 9 :)

    ツJulioGamer2569ツJulioGamer256918 giorni fa
  • Season 5 was so hot and steamy is was such a good season to remember everyday drift skin hits me hard to back in the day also the default skin hits me from season 3 man so good seasons

    Sviani Jason FIRESviani Jason FIRE18 giorni fa
  • Season 5 did have a summer theme to it ☹️

    gabriel picazgabriel picaz19 giorni fa
  • Nostalgia 😞

    Gwn bartu GamesGwn bartu Games19 giorni fa
  • Season 2 Was My first Battle pass And Now I Just See This on IT-vision Suggestions..Wow

    Aka_ MOMOAka_ MOMO19 giorni fa
  • Bro i miss season 5 when i started playing fortnite when fortnite was actually fun. 😫😫

    ompalumpa ________ompalumpa ________19 giorni fa
    • Josefina Cux not for me is was too plain, season 3 was better

      FlappieBNFlappieBN16 giorni fa
  • Worst battlepass ever

    mazi basomazi baso20 giorni fa
    • mazi baso season 8 was probably the worst battlepass

      Slap shot Studio2006Slap shot Studio200619 giorni fa
  • Who’s here from season 12

    DJLittenDJLitten20 giorni fa
  • Oh days

    Kermit The frogKermit The frog20 giorni fa
  • I miss so much this season 😢😢 I'm from Season 9

    Edoardo EliaEdoardo Elia20 giorni fa
  • This was my first battle pass like if it was ur first as well im curious btw im also kind of angry about drift coming back

    Beginner OfficialBeginner Official20 giorni fa
  • Best battlepass ever!

    Alan VillegasAlan Villegas20 giorni fa
  • Season 5: no double pump Season 9: no pump 14 days of summer: .......

    Jose Con_YTJose Con_YT20 giorni fa
  • whos here after summer drift got realased on item shop?

    VyperVyper20 giorni fa
  • My favorite season 💙💙💙💙💙💙

    KryhtzKryhtz20 giorni fa
  • Who’s here after Epic Games released a knockoff drift skin in the item shop.

    SailoreSailore20 giorni fa
    • Sailore well it’s a reskin

      Slap shot Studio2006Slap shot Studio200620 giorni fa
  • Who’s here wen there’s summer drift

    The Ry GuyThe Ry Guy20 giorni fa
  • Algún español de la temporada 9 ?

    Alt F4Alt F421 giorno fa
  • Me

    gnana aasrith arvapallignana aasrith arvapalli21 giorno fa
  • Season 10?

    RC ThrowdownRC Throwdown21 giorno fa
  • I reala want the sezon 5 back

    Banana 1Banana 121 giorno fa
  • Season 5: Season 6: Season 7: Season 8: Season 9:Let's recommend this to everyone!!!

    MeTTa_Mark SmartMeTTa_Mark Smart21 giorno fa
  • Season 19

    Zittore 73Zittore 7321 giorno fa
  • Ah old good Time 😢

    Æ ShaiikuÆ Shaiiku21 giorno fa
  • When the Game starts getting worse

    PauElAmo02/ CR CoC y másPauElAmo02/ CR CoC y más22 giorni fa
    • PauElAmo02/ CR CoC y más yes

      Slap shot Studio2006Slap shot Studio200620 giorni fa
    • @Slap shot Studio2006 nope

      PauElAmo02/ CR CoC y másPauElAmo02/ CR CoC y más20 giorni fa
    • PauElAmo02/ CR CoC y más that’s season 6

      Slap shot Studio2006Slap shot Studio200620 giorni fa
  • I am actually so sad, THIS WAS THE GOOD FORTNITE

    I AniMateSI AniMateS22 giorni fa
  • Quién diría que está y la 6 marcaron el final de un buen contenido

    Ezequiel MartinezEzequiel Martinez22 giorni fa
  • There is KRATOS

    TerminatorCat 16TerminatorCat 1622 giorni fa
  • Whos here from season 10

    Grang OGrang O22 giorni fa
  • Season 5 is my favourite season because of Drift .😁😁👍

    ıtz galaxyıtz galaxy22 giorni fa
  • Man, Season 5. Those were the good days. There weren’t any sweats, the map wasn’t all crappy, I miss Season 5.

    Tropic MarinesTropic Marines22 giorni fa
  • Who here because they mad epic is releasing summer drift?

    Mythical Gamer XMythical Gamer X23 giorni fa
    • Mythical Gamer X Shut up, it's not even the same character model, thats like saying "squad leader is from the season 4 battle pass, BUT OMG they have maverick" Plus let's be honest, you probably don't even use Drift anymore, you probably use cuddle team leader or something like that

      Blue StrikerBlue Striker21 giorno fa
  • Fun fact season 5 was on my birthday 7/12

    Jerry TheodoreJerry Theodore23 giorni fa
  • Why are all these fortnite season videos recommended to me all of a sudden Strange....strange

    Sneaky CaptainSneaky Captain23 giorni fa