Battle Royale Dev Update #11 - Solo Showdown, E3 and Competitive Play

We cover our new Solo Showdown LTM, the upcoming celebrity Pro-Am at E3 and the future of competitive play.
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  • Guys I'm from 10 months in the future to warn you that competitive still sucks :)

    MTYT MixesMTYT Mixes3 mesi fa
  • Bring back solo showdown

    The Yak!The Yak!9 mesi fa
  • Free v-bucks! Why didn't I play this LTM

    Rangatang 17Rangatang 1710 mesi fa
  • It’s probably taking so long because people are working battle royale instead

    Blue TVBlue TV11 mesi fa
  • I feel like the Scoped AR is weird... I like it it's good I just feel like It't too OP It has no bullet drop! Also all guns should have bullet drop! Please think about this.

    Ante DujićAnte DujićAnno fa
  • How do you download fortnite on Android

    Humungus_ ChungusHumungus_ ChungusAnno fa
  • Fortnitemobile androId📲????

    bojan klarićbojan klarićAnno fa
  • Can you bring back the guided missile

    Steel GamerSteel GamerAnno fa
  • Where’s playground LTM 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    Super SencationSuper SencationAnno fa
  • I want that spray so could U re-add solo showdown

    EnclaveEnclaveAnno fa
  • Lucky landing's update,please

    Ak1ls_Cavaliere OscuroAk1ls_Cavaliere OscuroAnno fa
  • fortnit ANDROAD WER IR yo

  • Bring back old music to season 5

    Zorn JrZorn JrAnno fa
  • are u going to add the ability to customize all are skins

  • Fortnight suck just make an a new game for

    Edwin RiveraEdwin RiveraAnno fa
  • When comes fortnite for androind guys?

    game zockergame zockerAnno fa
  • Like if they should bring the red knight back after all it’s not a season elusive or anything

    Karvelas KidsKarvelas KidsAnno fa
  • There should be a place on the map called peaceful palace add it in plz

    Deejay 454Deejay 454Anno fa
  • Pls xBox free skin

    Erik GustafssonErik GustafssonAnno fa
  • You guys suck New update sucks BUFF PUMP AND FIX BUILDING THANK YOU VERY MUCH

    JolloDrollo -JolloDrollo -Anno fa
  • Add 50v50 for season 4

    Matthew_balli 03Matthew_balli 03Anno fa
  • We need back refund i bought emotes i never used

    Matthew_balli 03Matthew_balli 03Anno fa
  • Suppressed sniper?

  • My guy, you’ve got to add back the raptor skin for the homie Ceeday

    PoetPoetAnno fa
  • can you bring infinity gauntlet back plz

    Danny TillotsonDanny TillotsonAnno fa

    LuccaLuccaAnno fa
  • Where's my vbucks from solo showdown

    DawgsomeDawgsomeAnno fa
  • please please i want game for 32 bit please

    morion7 czemorion7 czeAnno fa
  • I would like, in the next update, add local games please to play on the same console

    Sonia MarquezSonia MarquezAnno fa
  • Hey you bring competitive play and E3 but fortnite is still a beta learn what you’re doing is going to become a actually game or get taken down ??? Everyone spam fortnite ask if it is a beta or a real game for good. no hate towards the Epic game crew. Listen to the community!

    Carlos BryantCarlos BryantAnno fa
  • I am BR out 32 bit hás people who do nota haver a 64 bit pc

    kevin freefire02657kevin freefire02657Anno fa
  • Bring back the old music plz

    KingCam365 -KingCam365 -Anno fa
  • You know back on Jessie Ravi said fortnite on an episode

    Slimeoligist 0419Slimeoligist 0419Anno fa
  • When will Save the World be free?

    Itz Patrick!Itz Patrick!Anno fa
  • Release fortnite mobile for android I been waiting for to long

    Kidd DJKidd DJAnno fa
  • Put the raptor back in the store

    Dhehrbrj RjekrkrkDhehrbrj RjekrkrkAnno fa
  • Fortnite could you give the people that have no skins some VBUCKS to by there first skin ever including me my friends make fun of me because I have no skin my epic name is MJTHESAVAGE and my gamer tag for Xbox is GameHeadBoiJr pls epic games make this possible thanks

    MJ 3xMJ 3xAnno fa
  • Quand fortnite va sortir du mobile

    SwungChief 000SwungChief 000Anno fa
  • whens fortnite android coming out like if you want it to come out

    Gaming Gamer !!!Gaming Gamer !!!Anno fa
  • hey, there is a lot of glitches in FORTNITE battle royale. People can go underground and shoot and there is a glitch where when ur knocked u can ride the shopping cart

    MajoricalPinesMajoricalPinesAnno fa
  • Add a trading system like is if you agree

    Tryo XTryo XAnno fa
  • How about and option to switch between old music and new music

    Olympus LungiOlympus LungiAnno fa
  • Make a update about skins

    Spark Fortnite SparkSpark Fortnite SparkAnno fa
  • ممكن تحملو لعبت فور نايت على الاندرويد

  • when will the PVE mode be free?

  • Fortnite is guided missle is back because I just got in a solo game and my friend just got cross bow is it true

    Luis AntoniLuis AntoniAnno fa
  • Old fortnite theme please?

    PinballedPinballedAnno fa
  • Yes this game making mostly some bullshits? Wow what a cool game, to making other players mad.

    Apple SpikeApple SpikeAnno fa
  • I wish I could play it but I can't cuz I don't have an iPhone 6

    Dino killerDino killerAnno fa
  • Ich weiß nicht mehr über dieses Spiel, es ist jetzt auch verdammt kompliziert, ich meine, die Dinge haben sich sehr verändert. Ich habe dieses Spiel gespielt, da es keine Pässe gab. All die neuen Waffen wie der Lenkraketenwerfer und die Skins, ich kann nicht viel davon aufnehmen. Fortnite für mich ist viel verdammt kompliziert genug (für mich zumindest jeder verdammt prahlen sie sind die besten, aber ich denke, das war der Punkt dieses Spiels, aber ich würde lieber tf2 und vr Chat und all die anderen Spiele ich besitzen auf Dampf in diesem Spiel ein Wermutstropfen zu sein und ich werde zu viel reden, niemand kann mich verstehen ... Weißt du was? ... der Boden hält uns auf, also sei dankbar dafür ...

    a cat is a cata cat is a catAnno fa
    • Ich hasse mein Selbst auf youtube!

      a cat is a cata cat is a catAnno fa
    • Es tut mir leid, wieder ein Wermutstropfen zu sein, und du wirst "nein nein nein nein sagen, du liegst falsch", aber das ist mein Punkt, den du spielst, ich gehe und ich mache immer noch keinen Sinn

      a cat is a cata cat is a catAnno fa
  • I completed 50 matches of solo showdown, and came 1st in just over 30 of them. I was just under 600th place overall on the leaderboard. (Gamertag - ZxN3XXUZxZ) From my experience of the mode, I definitely enjoyed the competitive players who brought out the best of me. I had to play it safe most of the time however, which I can definitely understand, as it is a battle royale. The only problem is that solo showdown was introduced to dictate "high skill players". The mode does not accurately correlate to a player's overall skill, and is more focused towards camping ability. As an experienced player, I have a suggestion for future competitive play. The scoring system is a very useful tool; I believe there is a better way to implement this. Every elimination counts towards an additional multiplier for the score attained by the overall placement. *Using the scoring system* For example 4 eliminations at 14th place is 55×4=220 points. Or perhaps 1st place with 7 eliminations is 100x7=700 points. Or even 5 eliminations at 45th place is 30×5=150 points. This is based on placement and overall eliminations. It works in my opinion. This post will probably go unnoticed, I have copied it to paste again if I need to. As long as someone reads this then it still means something to me.

    Nexus IntakeNexus IntakeAnno fa
  • Fortnite for ps3 please :°(

    Kunowa ArtsKunowa ArtsAnno fa
  • Will fix things in Fortnite iOS? Like moving parts of your body? Please epic

    The fake ShogunyanThe fake ShogunyanAnno fa
  • I have been playing for the past 3 days from 11 AM to 10 PM and still didn't get anything

    Troll-_ EvilTroll-_ EvilAnno fa
  • I played 100 games and still didn't get anything

    Troll-_ EvilTroll-_ EvilAnno fa
  • why is fortnite bande in iran

  • Please, please, please add south african servers because i am tired of playing on 250+ ping

    Joker 619Joker 619Anno fa
  • Please put tricera ops in the item shop again I beg of you

    X SX SAnno fa
  • Please add some avenger skins like black panther or Spider-Man and captain America and iron man

    Justin ScottJustin ScottAnno fa
  • I won first place :D

    Leafy playsLeafy playsAnno fa
  • Where my spray

    rj warzone 2rj warzone 2Anno fa
  • would be cool if you bring back skull trooper in the shop

    Scrp SandstormScrp SandstormAnno fa
  • Please add fortnite in Android!

    nika tsintsadzenika tsintsadzeAnno fa
  • fortnite android

    Mohad j2000Mohad j2000Anno fa
  • Fortnite save the world mobile please

    Reaper21 21Reaper21 21Anno fa
  • Epic Games has the greatest dev team ever. They listen to the community, fix bugs super fast, release amazing updates, and dont have loot boxes! What more could you ask for

    UncleFrankuUncleFrankuAnno fa
  • Plz plz plz put it on adroid

    Opsolete BaerOpsolete BaerAnno fa
  • Can you add Fortnite Mobile on IPod Touch?

    Just Peanut ButterJust Peanut ButterAnno fa
  • Pls do more for IT-vision serverd

    jerejereAnno fa
  • Add Building Pro to Save The World!

    ThiroThiroAnno fa
Battle Royale Dev Update #11 - Solo Showdown, E3 and Competitive Play