Battle Royale Dev Update #9 - Service Interruption, Weapon Swapping and Improvements

We cover recent service interruption, weapon swapping changes and ongoing improvements in the latest Battle Royale Dev Update!
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  • 0:09 love that sound

    ParkerParkerMese fa
  • 2019? Anyone?

    Steviemc007Steviemc0073 mesi fa
  • Kill Fornite kill kill

    Rainbow BoyRainbow Boy6 mesi fa
  • Hey the audio for the scar in the intro is a pistol?

    JohanAce9591JohanAce95919 mesi fa
  • Add the purple tac back

    bluenoeskian 10bluenoeskian 1010 mesi fa
  • I cant get into fortnite after this update.

    Headshot GamingHeadshot Gaming11 mesi fa
  • Bring back crossbow

    Mondo patrick657Mondo patrick657Anno fa
  • When will the Rock Out emote be back in the item shop

    DaOlderSavage22DaOlderSavage22Anno fa
  • What have u done to chris

    Laian ShakirLaian ShakirAnno fa
  • Hey play you feel mixer populations

    Najhae BoydNajhae BoydAnno fa
  • I think as you know every single player wants the skull trooper we know this is a hard descision for you but instead of bringing them back why don’t you just create a skin that all players who played in season 1 will receive ? Like I am a season 1 player my proof is that I have a mako glider and I would love something else to show the OG players . In my case I wasn’t prepared to spend money on the game and I regret not doing it but you really should either make a special skin for season 1 players or give only season 1 players like myself a second chance to buy the skins

    Kealan RoddyKealan RoddyAnno fa
  • Bring the old music back and let ps4 and Xbox play

    Brady HarbisonBrady HarbisonAnno fa
  • will there be skin customisation?

    Alonzo GomezAlonzo GomezAnno fa
  • It's fine but the next thing i see better be a release on fortnite on Android and what android phones you can use

    ****Anno fa
  • @Fortnitegame a new gamemode idea...i was thinking about an endless mode like its just the normal map with same rarity weapons but you can join in anytime you want and chest refill after every like 5 minutes and its just a good way to get a bunch of kills some XP or to get some cool clips. Oh also if you die maybe have to wait a few seconds to be dropped into the map again.

    Michael BambuschMichael BambuschAnno fa
  • Hi I haven't been able to see Epic Friends

    Slime King jamesSlime King jamesAnno fa
  • The pump is slower to swap

    Toots WongToots WongAnno fa
  • Please release it on Android Pleaseeee

    Nataniel ReginioNataniel ReginioAnno fa
  • when fortnite arrived for Android, responds to

    leo cem0leo cem0Anno fa
  • he brush hes beer lol xD

  • Global servers? Eg South Africa

    MattyGMattyGAnno fa
  • I actually like crossbows in Fortnite and hope that there implemented back into the game as soon as possible please and thank you Epic games.

    2003 weirdo2003 weirdoAnno fa
  • Why did you remove refunding cosmetics ? (Purchase History)

    Ach GamesAch GamesAnno fa
  • Please reduce the delay between building and a pump shotgun, it kills me more than anything

    Zach BZach BAnno fa
  • Pls add free outfits

  • Hey Fortnite I would love to hear the background music from season 1 again because I believe it sounds better than the recent one that is now. If you don't understand I want you to change the sound you were playing in the background in THIS video.

    AEzoex FraudAEzoex FraudAnno fa
  • @Fortnitegame when are you putting voice chat on mobile , thank u

    Andrew JonesAndrew JonesAnno fa
  • haha... 4/20

    NightAvenger375NightAvenger375Anno fa
  • Will you guys be adding a 1v1/2v2/3v3/4v4 arena????

    TrueGamingProTrueGamingProAnno fa
  • Why can't you just make it where you can't hold 2 pumps or more and that's all you need to do to fix the double pump.

    TrueGamingProTrueGamingProAnno fa
  • When is the Android release date

    B BrownB BrownAnno fa

    NoxbsLifeNoxbsLifeAnno fa
  • Can you put the misl back

    game maniagame maniaAnno fa
  • Fortnite for Android

    snake boy Mansfieldsnake boy MansfieldAnno fa
  • Are you thinking about adding a storyline In battle royale

    XxFieldXxXxFieldXxAnno fa
    • Just realized I posted this before the storyline started

      XxFieldXxXxFieldXx8 mesi fa
  • I never get vbucks

    NoLimit EjNoLimit EjAnno fa
  • You know this is why I love you guys your ACTUALLY listening to the world and fixing every bug you guys really help me to enjoy my FORTNITE experience👍🦄🦄

    Helping YouTubeHelping YouTubeAnno fa
  • You fu*kers where is fortnite for android?!!!!!!!

    SuCCeSSvSSuCCeSSvSAnno fa
  • The limitet save the world package

    3852Fire 25833852Fire 2583Anno fa
  • Hi can you add all the skins to my fortnite account the name is i_big_fan1 and some feed back I thing you are adding to much stuff that’s not really needed

    Mole -_-Mole -_-Anno fa
  • Make fortnite also for 32 Bit Windows

    Ammar LolAmmar LolAnno fa
  • Hey when do you realease an android version

    IcyRazGT GamingIcyRazGT GamingAnno fa
  • when comes the comet on tilted towers?

    WaWoWaWoAnno fa
  • Do you have to be good at fortnite to work there?

    LockieツLockieツAnno fa
  • My ps4 wasn't working with Fortnite and was lagging alot

    josh Kane Owensjosh Kane OwensAnno fa
  • Please add ps4 Xbox 1 cross platform

    Graciemay SGraciemay SAnno fa
  • What about the refund when is it going to be back

    ComplexBEAN 007ComplexBEAN 007Anno fa
  • Or atleast raven

    Anarchy ProfitsAnarchy ProfitsAnno fa
  • When will red knight return

    Anarchy ProfitsAnarchy ProfitsAnno fa
  • UHH NICE job epic.

    gang stuffgang stuffAnno fa
  • Free skin

    ware wolvesware wolvesAnno fa
  • The trap, what is the tips for identify ?

    StiiikzStiiikzAnno fa
  • Hi

    Content CentralContent CentralAnno fa
  • Add split screen pls

    waxer17waxer17Anno fa
  • When private match will be able to play? I have 36 friends that we will want make our game

    hiper dangerhiper dangerAnno fa
  • is there any plans for keyboard and mouse for xbox because thats one of the things that id love to have

    Its ViionIts ViionAnno fa
  • Add Fortnite to the Nintendo switch, is it ever coming. Please

    JathushanGamesJathushanGamesAnno fa
  • When the trailer of season 4

    Scumpii JrScumpii JrAnno fa
  • Huuuummm.... Android?😶😶😶😶

    a guy that wants to diea guy that wants to dieAnno fa
  • when is android gonna have fortnite

    Lazer KillerLazer KillerAnno fa

    Juan O'higginsJuan O'higginsAnno fa
  • @Fortnitegame When/will there be more founders reward one day

    anthony melinanthony melinAnno fa
  • Could we use our save the world heroes at battle royale skins?

    CrypticSpoonCrypticSpoonAnno fa
  • I would play fornite if it didn't say ERROR CODE WR 0001

    SwayzeSwayzeAnno fa
  • What are you gonna bring back the smoke grenade

    Cheeseburgers ArecoolCheeseburgers ArecoolAnno fa
  • What happened to the homing launcher

    the mist shotthe mist shotAnno fa
  • Umm when is fortnite mobile coming to android

    Selvyn's GamingSelvyn's GamingAnno fa
  • Are u going to reintroduce the guided rocket launcher

    more sonic gamingmore sonic gamingAnno fa
  • When is the comet gonna do something?

    Jay976 3Jay976 3Anno fa
  • Mana save the world free pls

    fernando rodriguezfernando rodriguezAnno fa
Battle Royale Dev Update #9 - Service Interruption, Weapon Swapping and Improvements