Battle Royale Update (8/31) - Storm Destruction, Vaulting The Revolver and Item Updates

This week we're talking new Storm behavior, vaulting weapons and some item updates!
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  • 2019???

    Gaming With PrinceGaming With Prince5 giorni fa
  • Jokes on u 0:28 leaked new building in tilted lol

    Yeet GernadeYeet Gernade5 giorni fa
  • The last BR Dev update

    EisEis6 giorni fa
  • What happened to the old fortnite devs the new ones are just so irritating

    KobiLoxKobiLox23 giorni fa
  • Please bring back old game lobby and double pump

    FloppiFlopFloppiFlopMese fa
  • Pump and double pump back

    SlotNonAqua // ImTheBevanBoiSlotNonAqua // ImTheBevanBoiMese fa
  • i miss the revolvers

    dare Ethandare EthanMese fa
  • Have they brung back the revolver yet? It was a great weapon.

    HaroogaHarooga3 mesi fa
  • RIP Revolver Boi

    Mobster MonkeyMobster Monkey3 mesi fa
  • Glad they removed Storm Destruction? Is it really removed? Either way, it was horrible and dumb.

    LooeyLooey4 mesi fa
  • Put fortnite into Android 7.0

  • Great now a scoped revolver

    Ark Pow3rsArk Pow3rs5 mesi fa
    • yeah. i miss the old revolver

      Lieutenant LolzLieutenant Lolz5 mesi fa
  • Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy let get it

    little johnlittle john6 mesi fa
  • Please bring it back

    literally a bowl of cereal 2literally a bowl of cereal 26 mesi fa
  • Please bring the revolver back i loved it

    RKS ClanRKS Clan6 mesi fa
  • Who’s idea was it to vault the revolver

    Magic BreadMagic Bread6 mesi fa
  • Mans actually vaulted the best gun

    Vegito BlueVegito Blue6 mesi fa
  • I actually loved the Revolver lmao

    Xxk455xXXxk455xX6 mesi fa
  • why don’t they do these anymore

    Owain DaviesOwain Davies6 mesi fa
  • Will the wildcard skin come back?

    jucileide filgueirajucileide filgueira6 mesi fa
  • My son got vaulted

    Federal Bureau of InvestigationFederal Bureau of Investigation6 mesi fa
  • lmao remember when the storm would destroy built things.

    SibUniverseSibUniverse6 mesi fa
  • Screw you epic you vaulted my favorite gun (the revolver) I liked this gun because it was one shot to the head and instant death and now it's replaced with the crappy six shooter

    baseballmom67's worst nightmarebaseballmom67's worst nightmare7 mesi fa
  • I need another dev update. So i can watch them leak important stuff.

    Propeta ElijahPropeta Elijah7 mesi fa
  • I hate fortnite now because they removed the revovers because I was really good at other and I am really affected by it and if they brought it back in would like the game more and in the video it said that doesn't mean there there forever but it's almost been 3 months

    Lexie LekawaLexie Lekawa7 mesi fa
  • 0:32 sTrEaM sNIpINg

    Kaden RodriguesKaden Rodrigues7 mesi fa
  • But the hand Cannon is WAY more powerful than Revolver

    YTGalaxy_WorldzYTGalaxy_Worldz7 mesi fa
  • Bring back tommy gun

    xxkillerghost6xxkillerghost68 mesi fa
  • i love fortnite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cmon epic why you removed revolver :(((

    Play MasterPlay Master8 mesi fa
  • I love you Revolver :-( I will never forget you R.I.P I am so sad man

    Max MorgenthalerMax Morgenthaler8 mesi fa
  • What will happen to leaky lake

    Marshmallow Rizo RizoMarshmallow Rizo Rizo8 mesi fa
    • Butterfly Event.

      Propeta ElijahPropeta Elijah3 mesi fa
  • where is the save the world ?

    Rama KedjoraRama Kedjora8 mesi fa
  • Revolver team

    Gaming PCGaming PC8 mesi fa
  • I don’t have save the world but,can you use battle royal in save the world?

    Nilma JNilma J8 mesi fa
  • At least put the revolvers in playground I miss them so much Clicky O_os favorite weapon

    ShelliatorShelliator8 mesi fa

  • Fix crahes please

    ContraxiaContraxia9 mesi fa
  • Was storm damage removed?

    owenwoh12owenwoh129 mesi fa
    • yes

      Jerad RogersJerad Rogers8 mesi fa
  • fak

    mincraft עודאי כינןmincraft עודאי כינן9 mesi fa
  • 👊👊👊👎👎👎

    mincraft עודאי כינןmincraft עודאי כינן9 mesi fa
  • Nooooo Why The Revolver Pls Get It Back Its Like Hand Cannon💞 But I Can Find It Evriwere

    ZombieGamer 10ZombieGamer 109 mesi fa
  • I just wanna have a fps limited time mode. I wish so bad to see what it would be like in first person

    TheBroskiekidTheBroskiekid9 mesi fa
  • We love you

    cecilmehracecilmehra9 mesi fa
  • Can you make fortnite more and more popular because pubg is getting popular so I suggest that make fortnite more popular than pubg please epic games we love you guys

    cecilmehracecilmehra9 mesi fa
  • My uncles don't like fortnite but me and my friend like fortnite

    cecilmehracecilmehra9 mesi fa
  • But the rovalver back into fortnite that is lit and is cool

    Goldenboysantos19 GBS19Goldenboysantos19 GBS199 mesi fa
  • Where is disco domination and the shadow stones

    allecia82allecia829 mesi fa
  • Can I have skull trooper epic games you can take away my rarest skin

    Nicole KielyNicole Kiely9 mesi fa
  • Plz Bring back the tmg and the lmg

    marcello maxmillianmarcello maxmillian9 mesi fa
  • I know why he is excited.. He hates the Revolver..

    BwthyBeeBwthyBee9 mesi fa
  • I just think that when you play Fortnite for the first time you should start the person off with 1,000 vbucks or at least 600. Also I think everyone would agree that the people who dont spend money on skins should be able to pick their default skin. Also. I see that there's a Gifting System. I just wanna know when that's gonna be implanted into the game. Please, when y'all about to put out a new celebration pack please tell us the date. Like put it in the news part or something. Oh, and I think certain weekly challenges or daily challenges if complete we should be awarded V-Bucks. Also. How the hell do you cross-play with people with Xbox. Like I'm on Ps4. If y'all know the answer tell me. Bring back the Tactical SMG and the Drum Gun. Also. For the gift shop. Can y'all like not do the daiky things anymore. Like can y'all can just put all of the skins, emotes, gliders, and pickaxes in one place? Then like do different tabs. Like Rare, Epic, Legendary and Uncommon. Put the sets in one place. Then a coming soon tab. I guess that's all. I hope y'all respond. Also season 6 is awesome. Keep up the good work.

    LilMissNon-PerfectLilMissNon-Perfect9 mesi fa
  • 0:20 lol Bthic

    Satisfaction GamerSatisfaction Gamer9 mesi fa
  • We will be using future opritunities like season 6 to vault more items Me “oh ok whatever it won’t be bad” *first day of season 6* *lmg removed* Me “oh good” *silenced smg removed* Me “SWEET” *C4 removed* Me “ what what no” *impulse grenade removed* Me “NO STOP” *bouncers removed* me “ NOOOOOOOOOOOO”

    TLS 9574TLS 95749 mesi fa
  • Add skin to free pass

    MrNewZealandMrNewZealand9 mesi fa
  • Please help me I'm on Xbox and I don't have the option in my settings to turn on cross platform to play with pc players please help me allow epic games to see thins and help me get it fixed it's been a problem since I've started playing fortnite.

    Sasha Ramirez-RoblesSasha Ramirez-Robles9 mesi fa
  • Any one else think we should be able to get season 4 upgrades for omega/carbide

    Jigsaw 989Jigsaw 9899 mesi fa
  • I quit fortnite

    Trevsthe BevsTrevsthe Bevs9 mesi fa
  • Please make this game fair

    Trevsthe BevsTrevsthe Bevs9 mesi fa
    • Trevsthe Bevs its perfectly fair.

      Purrune90Purrune909 mesi fa

    iHitThoseiHitThose9 mesi fa
  • Save the world dev update?

    Outlaw DaddyOutlaw Daddy9 mesi fa
  • Fortnite I have to say something to you fix your game and I raged so many times so so so die in a fucking fire

    George StefanidisGeorge Stefanidis9 mesi fa
  • Can save the world be ON ios (mobile)

    UltimateBro SongsUltimateBro Songs9 mesi fa
  • Can you return the tactical smg it was the most balanced one

    Ata Temur rPator GamesAta Temur rPator Games9 mesi fa
  • Can you return the tactical smg it was the most balanced one

    Ata Temur rPator GamesAta Temur rPator Games9 mesi fa
  • rip revolver

    A Lamma with no mamaA Lamma with no mama9 mesi fa
  • Fortnite beta A8 please like if you agree

    h e l p CoMe PlEaLsEh e l p CoMe PlEaLsE9 mesi fa
  • Noooo revolver

    Cameron RodgersCameron Rodgers9 mesi fa
  • Is it still in the game? Storm destruction

    Wavy EditzWavy Editz9 mesi fa
  • They vaulted the drum gun

    elias decenaelias decena9 mesi fa
Battle Royale Update (8/31) - Storm Destruction, Vaulting The Revolver and Item Updates