Presenting our top winners for the #boogiedown contest.
Wow! You all brought the heat. There were so many cool dances we had a hard time deciding. Big thank you to everyone who stepped up and got down!
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  • damn i really miss these days

    YuulYuul13 minuti fa
  • Billy bounce 0:16

    Mezmering YTMezmering YT23 minuti fa
  • Its 2019 and undone made it in as conga and sophie made it as lazy shuffle.

    JT BallewJT Ballew5 ore fa
  • i would have chose 3rd

    Smug Hat KidSmug Hat Kid6 ore fa
  • Song name?

    Ds_ FlamingDs_ Flaming9 ore fa
  • Whats the name of The music?

    Janek BedkowskiJanek Bedkowski11 ore fa
  • So this is how the boogiedownn emote was born

    DistructionmfkDistructionmfk13 ore fa
  • Yeeeeesss Lufu❤❤❤

    Dea BrahimajDea Brahimaj2 giorni fa
  • Nobdoy: IT-vision recommendations: FORTNITE BOOGIE DOWN WINNERS 1 year late

    MichaelX8MichaelX82 giorni fa
  • I love forty

    Thebeast84Thebeast842 giorni fa
  • Loserfruit got top 5 in this and got her own frickin skin

    TheCyberMemeTheCyberMeme2 giorni fa
  • Low key miss this era of fortnite

    ethan 118ethan 1182 giorni fa
    • ethan 118 fr so good

      synz varzisynz varzi22 ore fa
  • Me acuerdo que era la temporada 4 y no nos habían dado el baile y todos pensaban que era el baile del pase de la temporada 5

    Jet :vJet :v3 giorni fa
  • LUFU

    meep meep im a peepmeep meep im a peep4 giorni fa

    Medium Cheese596Medium Cheese5964 giorni fa
  • Another dance from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    victor toftehøjvictor toftehøj5 giorni fa
  • But the billy bounce still got added

    King_NessKing_Ness6 giorni fa
  • On my recommends

    ZMajorGamerZMajorGamer6 giorni fa
  • Любимый егоркин танец

    Oleg007 LolOleg007 Lol7 giorni fa
  • 0:27 this is the best for me.

    Uomo onestoUomo onesto7 giorni fa
  • 0:13 excuse me wtf?

    Uomo onestoUomo onesto7 giorni fa
  • Whats this song called

    Really Loving Eyes and MouthReally Loving Eyes and Mouth9 giorni fa
  • I bet they picked the one that ez to make in the game

    VoibossVoiboss9 giorni fa
  • Season 9?

    The MultitaskersThe Multitaskers9 giorni fa
  • This is why Boogie Down is my fav emote

    fiji waterfiji water9 giorni fa
  • Number looks cool

    Zhi WuZhi Wu10 giorni fa
  • Why is this in my recommenced???

    Gaming VisionGaming Vision10 giorni fa
  • I like how everyone uses billy bounce more than boogie down

    SkyxSkyx10 giorni fa
    • If the no2 spot was an emote I would use it over billy bounce

      Hazem MohamedHazem Mohamed10 giorni fa
    • Lol true 😂

      Hazem MohamedHazem Mohamed10 giorni fa
  • Boogiedown emote sucks. Real winner orange shirt kid.

    Irving Lopez NicolasIrving Lopez Nicolas11 giorni fa
  • Reanimated

    Pistik7Pistik711 giorni fa
  • The 3 is te best

    EL DIELEXEL DIELEX12 giorni fa
  • 0:16 took em a whole year but it was worth it

    pureapplejuicepureapplejuice12 giorni fa
  • Lufu got top 5! Yes! (Geez im late but...whatever)

    WaterDragonKingWaterDragonKing13 giorni fa
  • When they basically had to change the results of the boogiedown contest.

    robloxian54321robloxian5432113 giorni fa
  • Loserfruit yaaay

    ZyokazeZyokaze13 giorni fa
  • Sorry but some of the dances are cringe

    MillixWasn'tHereMillixWasn'tHere14 giorni fa
  • How is this in my recommended

    FHMittensFHMittens14 giorni fa
  • 0:38 I gotta admit that this dance is funny though

    TomFoodKungFuTomFoodKungFu14 giorni fa
  • I still think boogie down is a good emote

    TheComicGamerTheComicGamer14 giorni fa
    • Yea

      Regina MeiluteRegina Meilute14 giorni fa
  • Probably didn't add the better ones because they were harder to animate.

    TragicTragic14 giorni fa
  • a bunch of these are in the game

    Ben LipperBen Lipper15 giorni fa
  • Music is BANGIN

    vDaRk SabervDaRk Saber15 giorni fa
  • Song anyone?

    Raikan0974Raikan097415 giorni fa
  • It's been 1 year!

    BQ_ tyBQ_ ty15 giorni fa
  • Where’s loserfruts dance!?!?

    TK g0neTK g0ne15 giorni fa
  • When the game was good...

    DawarsoNDawarsoN15 giorni fa
  • Noooo thegrefg porque no lo metieron :,,(

    Alan Walker2 XdAlan Walker2 Xd15 giorni fa
  • Billy bounce should have won

    AtlasAtlas15 giorni fa
  • 2019?

  • what's the song name?

    N0nam31 :DN0nam31 :D15 giorni fa
  • ?2019

    MUJ& MOAMUJ& MOA15 giorni fa
  • What’s the reward though?

    lovme2xlovme2x15 giorni fa
  • 0:53 he’s the original

    lovme2xlovme2x15 giorni fa
  • I wish I participated...😭😭😭😭

    lovme2xlovme2x15 giorni fa
  • No wonder you get that dance for 2FA

    Electric_ TyPeElectric_ TyPe16 giorni fa
  • 0:50 did good at doing the boogie down emotr

    S_CH_ULTZYS_CH_ULTZY16 giorni fa
  • Bullsh!t

    I love samsung deal with itI love samsung deal with it16 giorni fa
  • Oh yeah I’ve been waiting sooo long for the winner and now it’s in my recommended yay!

    100 subs With no vids challenge100 subs With no vids challenge16 giorni fa
    • This vid was made in 2018 end of may

      Makmus100Makmus10016 giorni fa
  • Lufu?

    Jadyn LavadoJadyn Lavado16 giorni fa
  • 0:17 billy bounce!!!

    kshwvebkshwveb16 giorni fa
  • Please Do THis Again

    TTH GalaxyTTH Galaxy16 giorni fa
  • good old days

    Parker'sDailyParker'sDaily16 giorni fa
  • Why is this in my recommend now

    NentendoTouch1NentendoTouch116 giorni fa
  • 0:50

    Дипсон Блен.Дипсон Блен.16 giorni fa
  • i see this in season 9 reccomendeds and this released on season 5 :/

    Gacha Life - EgeGacha Life - Ege16 giorni fa
    • Gacha Life - Ege ya

      Ashton CoyleAshton Coyle14 giorni fa
  • they ended up using a diffrent one... 0:17 known as billybounce!

    Joshy WoodsJoshy Woods16 giorni fa
  • Tonces,de ahí salio el boogie down

    3ms g4m3r TY3ms g4m3r TY16 giorni fa
  • Congrats to loser fruit

    SquidlordSquidlord17 giorni fa
  • Waw

    Axel PirizAxel Piriz17 giorni fa
  • 00:17 BILLY BOUNCE

    ProMWakProMWak17 giorni fa