Brie Larson Filmed Avengers: Endgame Without Knowing She Was Captain Marvel

Brie Larson chats about the success of Captain Marvel, how she ended up with Samuel L. Jackson's Star Wars light saber and why she kept ribbon dancers and hula hoops on the set of her directorial debut film, Unicorn Store.
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Brie Larson Filmed Avengers: Endgame Without Knowing She Was Captain Marvel



  • Yet she was cast years before.

    dude Xoxoxodude Xoxoxo18 minuti fa
  • She has a great sense of humor.

    Lavisha SharmaLavisha Sharma33 minuti fa
  • Why everyone hates Brie Larson?

    Ismael LozanoIsmael Lozano37 minuti fa
  • Carol was okay in her own movie. I absolutely hated her in Endgame, though. She was really stuck up and annoying I felt

    Rachel KnodelRachel KnodelOra fa
  • All of a sudden she changes her whole feminist, sexist persona in interviews and starts acting like a whole different person from what she really is 😂😂

    Jose LuisJose Luis3 ore fa
  • Spoiler Alert: Thor is pregnant .

    John Rey BandilingJohn Rey Bandiling3 ore fa
  • I wonder why he said she did a good job with the interviews and press lol. Because the other actors think she’s kind of a bitch which I can see for sure.

    Matthew VanekMatthew Vanek4 ore fa
  • Spoiler alert: Thanos uses the gauntlet to go back in time and makes Brie sterile so we never have to worry about seeing her genetic retardation in the gene pool in a few hundred years.

    Daniel SandersDaniel Sanders5 ore fa
  • Looks like a man

    M classM class5 ore fa
  • Spoiler alert: Aqua man is dead

    kim taehyungkim taehyung6 ore fa
  • Can someone point me to the timestamp where she actually says she didn't know she was playing Captain Marvel while filming Endgame? Because that's what the headline says but that's not what she said.

    Thom StarkThom Stark7 ore fa
  • " *I Can Do This All Day* "

    Nelson NgNelson Ng7 ore fa
  • Brie looks like she just came from a funeral

    Paw In SnowPaw In Snow7 ore fa
  • HOW are there people on internet that don't like her omg

    Matt NewsamMatt Newsam8 ore fa
  • Bad mofo XDXDXD LMAO

    Vicente RebolledoVicente Rebolledo10 ore fa
  • I actually liked Brie Larson in this interview.

    Vicente RebolledoVicente Rebolledo10 ore fa
  • I didn’t know I was captain marvel bull shit

    Alejandros RamirezAlejandros Ramirez11 ore fa
  • She’s literally the purest 🥺💕

    MooMoo NationMooMoo Nation12 ore fa
  • I cannot believe there are people who hate this cute woman, i can't

    Nicolas AnnearNicolas Annear12 ore fa
  • No wonder she looks so bored in the movie. She's been talking to herself in the green screen

    anbu999anbu99912 ore fa
  • Spoiler alert 🚨 I cried when Batman dies

    Lil FryLil Fry15 ore fa
  • I’m not going to hate on her. She’s sweet and kind. But I KINDA don’t like her character. It maybe because now she will be the captain instead of Captain America. I just can’t move on from endgame, so many things happened and I think she needs way more training to become a good captain cause it looks like she can’t work with other people easily but anyway in the end she will learn😊CAPTAIN AMERICA FOREVER☝️😢❤️

    Kim LillyKim Lilly15 ore fa
  • Because she is fucking an idiot

    Team the guy who almost hit Bela with a carTeam the guy who almost hit Bela with a car17 ore fa
  • SPOILER: Thor & Loki elopes -Frigga comes to life & actually approves.

    My Bias Is South Korea’s Best BootyMy Bias Is South Korea’s Best Booty17 ore fa
  • Carol needs a lightsaber in Captain Marvel 2. Make it happen Disney! (actually don't cos that would be dumb.)

    EternalDensityEternalDensity17 ore fa
  • I love how he didn't try to get spoilers out of her, he knows she can't say anything and instead of other interviewers he just aknowledges it and decides to do something else entirely, while others are out there putting all the actors under pressure, asking about the smallest detail, hoping they let their guard down, fuck up and let something slip out.

    MiratiMirati18 ore fa
  • Why does Fallon always have to be part of the joke the guest is telling. Doesn’t he realize we actually want to hear what the guest has to say?

    James G.James G.19 ore fa
  • They’ve done 4 movies together King Kong, avengers, captain marvel and unicorn store

    rachel stonerachel stone19 ore fa
  • she’s awesome

    zukozuko19 ore fa
  • "Dropped a bag on my lap opened it and it was his "Lightsaber" and I immediately burst into tears."

    Dj SiatroDj Siatro20 ore fa
  • She's so cute and cool at the same time!

    Zendaya is my wifeZendaya is my wifeGiorno fa
  • The post credits scene with Professor Xavier is DOPE

    Mateus LoboMateus LoboGiorno fa
  • 2:20 "Or is it another universe?"

    Mr. NorrisMr. NorrisGiorno fa
  • Filming is so weird, like she filmed Endgame before Captain Marvel and and they filmed Endgame before Black Panther was released so funky

    OOFOOFGiorno fa
  • I guess that explains some of her shitty acting.

    Joe CarnesJoe CarnesGiorno fa
  • I like her!

    Tay TayTay TayGiorno fa
  • How does Jimmy not piss off brie this is the nicest I've seen her be

    XXX LexsauiseXXX LexsauiseGiorno fa
  • get rid of carol

    mysteriousfox88mysteriousfox88Giorno fa
  • Iron man dies

    metiliciouSmetiliciouSGiorno fa
  • Spoiler Alert: Thor screamed at noobmaster69

    LilJanikLilJanikGiorno fa
  • Fck Brie LoL SJW lookin ass

    ArstailleArstailleGiorno fa
  • wasnt she cast in 2015? how did she not know? did she forget?

    mysticmysticGiorno fa
  • I did notice that her character seemed different in Endgame and Captain Marvel, but I think it’s an appropriate kind of different. She seemed a lot more confident and she knew her capabilities in Endgame, and I think that is necessary since Endgame was many years after Captain Marvel. Of course she would’ve grown by then. Side note, she actually so naturally funny here, I like her!

    Joanna LienJoanna LienGiorno fa
  • I fucking hate brie larson shes a fucking narcissitc bitch

    Changez HaiderChangez HaiderGiorno fa
  • Brie larson is a fucking bitch

    Changez HaiderChangez HaiderGiorno fa
  • CAPTAIN MARVEL Comic Con Panel Brie Larson Announcement 2016. So how the fuck did she not know who she was playing.

    David R.David R.Giorno fa
  • I hate you brie

    Pratham AngrePratham AngreGiorno fa
  • Boo brie larson

    Petair28Petair28Giorno fa
  • SPOILER ALERT -- DOCTOR FATE sees a second vision out of 14,000,605 where captain marvel kills thanos by talking with him for 1 Hour.

    SatzSatzGiorno fa
  • I love her she’s so sweet

    EEGiorno fa
  • Spoiler Alert : Captain Marvel was trash

    Channah RachamChannah RachamGiorno fa
  • I got a roll in a movie but I didn't know what the movie was until I got there to start filming...ok.

    Maxink076's RuinNationMaxink076's RuinNationGiorno fa
  • That explains why she acted so bad and her character lack charisma

    Alejandro CaballeroAlejandro CaballeroGiorno fa
  • 2:37

    metalrottenmetalrottenGiorno fa
  • Zero chemistry with the rest of the avengers. Literally just came in at the end to fight thanos lmao

    StevenKStevenKGiorno fa
  • 6:09 her expression when jimmy pulls out the hoops, im in love 😍

    Siduy 4208Siduy 4208Giorno fa
  • brieatard

    velski 69velski 69Giorno fa
  • Brie you are simply gorgeous and you are full of talent you are full of energy

    Aslamov FathuLLOJONAslamov FathuLLOJONGiorno fa
  • She’s just confident and happy about her big role. Just let her have it. She did awesome. She’s definitely not shy&thats perfect

    Luis FloresLuis FloresGiorno fa
  • How can someone not like Brie, she’s so sweet. 😍

    Emaan HassanEmaan Hassan2 giorni fa
  • Dislike 4 the fucking largest comercial

    Erick ChaconErick Chacon2 giorni fa
  • damn shes gorgeous!

    ForeverExcelForeverExcel2 giorni fa
  • no touch touch touch me..

    Champ GandalfChamp Gandalf2 giorni fa
  • Why does Brie Larson look like female Jimmy Fallon in the thumbnail

    sherman gsherman g2 giorni fa
  • it's sad that larva boy and water girl broke up in endgame

    Stil DayStil Day2 giorni fa
  • Why do I feel like she has a neck pain, looking at her posture 🤔

    Kaviraj Ki ZubaaniKaviraj Ki Zubaani2 giorni fa
  • Yeah , Right !

    rishi dharanrishi dharan2 giorni fa
  • I just love her. Can I get an amen?

    Isaac RamosIsaac Ramos2 giorni fa
  • Why isn’t anyone talking about that Pulp Fiction plug

    Kylie MaldonadoKylie Maldonado2 giorni fa
  • I hate her.

    L ewL ew2 giorni fa
  • Thanos dies twice

    Khaleef ImanKhaleef Iman2 giorni fa
  • Making Endgame first explains why Captain Marvel was so weird in the Avengers movie

    CeruliverCeruliver2 giorni fa
  • WARNING INFINITY WAR SPOILER Aquaman drowns And superman flew too close to the sun

    MoonFace ProductionsMoonFace Productions2 giorni fa
  • 7k dislikes why

    Josh FloresJosh Flores2 giorni fa
  • what she did end game first???

    forteforte2 giorni fa
  • A billion dollars? Damn does that mean like tickets sold? That’s a lot... has any other movie or MCU movie done that?

    Savannah VasquezSavannah Vasquez2 giorni fa
    • Yup. And Captain Mary Sue made that much as it was hyped as the setup for Endgame. The movie itself was actually kinda meh. Not horrible, not a symbol of excellence, just there.

      Kekith Stan JonesKekith Stan Jones2 giorni fa
  • She is the most beautiful thing on this planet ❤️❤️😍😍😈😈

    SeanTheMan1SeanTheMan12 giorni fa
  • It was so crazy when Adam and Eve showed up, and the fruit turned out to be the reality stone. 🤯

    C A-DC A-D2 giorni fa
  • Now I understand why she didn't have many parts. She started shooting endgame before captain marvel meaning one, she didn't have many parts because she was also getting into character for the first time. And second captain marvel is kind of a prequel.

    Araceli GomezAraceli Gomez2 giorni fa
  • She's awesome!

    Aimée HernándezAimée Hernández2 giorni fa
  • Brie Larson has all my uwus.

    ellaella3 giorni fa
  • She is not that great of an actress, unicorn store sucks so bad, that movie she made with woody she is not great either..... I hated her in end game

    Victor VazquezVictor Vazquez3 giorni fa
  • Imagine being happy that you had dinner with nancy rather kill myself

    ElijahElijah3 giorni fa
  • Okay, so we are doing spoilers now? So, here's one: Tony Stark is Iron Man!

    Traugott MüllerTraugott Müller3 giorni fa
  • This women get on my nerves

    Vince D PrimeVince D Prime3 giorni fa
  • I didnt like captain marvel

    [The Sketchy Gecko][The Sketchy Gecko]3 giorni fa
  • I will forever wonder why people are hating on Brie Larson.

    Wilpeter LaoWilpeter Lao3 giorni fa
    • Because people are dumb.

      Tala HabernTala Habern2 giorni fa
    • She's very far from being the best when it comes to words and personality but I think that's still not that big of a reason for many people to be extreme towards her.

      Arnold PattersonArnold Patterson3 giorni fa
  • she’s my wife

    peedahpeedah3 giorni fa
  • Noobmaster69 is Deadpool and he kills the Marvel universe

    Prerit SharmaPrerit Sharma3 giorni fa

    Salvador SilvaSalvador Silva3 giorni fa
  • Cheese Larson is the most pointless unoriginal SJW actress. She acts like she’s the first strong female character in Marvel. She’s not even close.

    AaronAaron3 giorni fa
  • At least she dies in the end.

    ifitscoolifitscool3 giorni fa
  • Name one interview she did well in Shoutout to the real Captain Marvel Joanna Bennett

    Dirck WuestefeldDirck Wuestefeld4 giorni fa
    • Um this one for starters....are you ok upstairs?

      Tala HabernTala Habern2 giorni fa
  • Looks like marvel finally told Brie to calm the fuck down

    JarinJarin4 giorni fa
  • idk what is about her.. but i cant stand it

    Darth Taco SlayerDarth Taco Slayer4 giorni fa
  • spoiler it was SO cool when tony snaped his fingers and killed thanos and his crew and than he died him self

    Wavy JWavy J4 giorni fa
  • She didn't know she was Captain Marvel because she believes she's so damned awesome that she would be staring as herself in the film

    AussieBlokeGordoAussieBlokeGordo4 giorni fa
  • *That's america's ass*

    Aruna ChotakAruna Chotak4 giorni fa
  • Batman shows up 10minutes into the movie and wants to join the Avengers to defeat Thanos.Avengers just laugh at him and Batman walks away crying.

    kitsune da okitsune da o4 giorni fa
  • I actually really liked Her in this interview :)

    Clara GanoClara Gano4 giorni fa
Brie Larson Filmed Avengers: Endgame Without Knowing She Was Captain Marvel