Brie Larson Filmed Avengers: Endgame Without Knowing She Was Captain Marvel

Brie Larson chats about the success of Captain Marvel, how she ended up with Samuel L. Jackson's Star Wars light saber and why she kept ribbon dancers and hula hoops on the set of her directorial debut film, Unicorn Store.
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Brie Larson Filmed Avengers: Endgame Without Knowing She Was Captain Marvel



  • Does she have a stiff neck or something lmao. I realise the whole of Captain Marvel she keeps this body posture

    D ED E8 ore fa
  • Having dinner with Nancy is nothing to be happy

    Ratta SchnitzelRatta Schnitzel4 giorni fa
  • I live for brie in a suit

    Han MaiHan Mai8 giorni fa
  • Who doesn't like Brie Larson go fuck yourself bitch.......

    Jasin MurtezaniJasin Murtezani13 giorni fa
  • she is beautiful

    Bin ZhouBin Zhou15 giorni fa
  • I love that she dresses this way. Awesome personality

    maiarG 24maiarG 2416 giorni fa
  • Spoiler Alert. Captain Marvel was garbage.

    BOHICA NationBOHICA Nation17 giorni fa
  • 2:50 omg sooooo cute....brie larson still surprising me

    Ana Beatriz SantosAna Beatriz Santos20 giorni fa

    VEGETAVEGETA20 giorni fa
  • In brie's head : is that like a personal attack or something?

    willow manwillow man21 giorno fa
  • Genius

    kusum nagarkusum nagar21 giorno fa
  • i love brie

    lee meritlee merit23 giorni fa
  • Spoiler Spider man rides a Pegasus with the infinity gauntlet. I’m not crazy.

    Tamsyn ShawTamsyn Shaw24 giorni fa
  • Omg I really do love brie

    Sophia SwimSophia Swim25 giorni fa
  • ”Biggest movie ever” fuck off.

    Luke TaylorLuke Taylor25 giorni fa
  • Captain Marvel Full Movie clips:

  • She makes me laugh haha

    Minty Linux2Minty Linux226 giorni fa
  • Retail- The customer os always right Acting- Samuel L. Jackson is always right.

    GeekyGirl PlaysGeekyGirl Plays26 giorni fa
  • Spoiler alert: This comment section is filled with *real spoilers* !

    Michi L.Michi L.27 giorni fa
  • Who wants to go to dinner with nancy pelosi catgirl feminists

    TheGamingPandaTheGamingPanda27 giorni fa
  • I love her I don’t know why people hate her please explain it to me

    Patricia Arroyo EstevezPatricia Arroyo Estevez28 giorni fa
  • Spoiler: the movie is re-releasing

    Sreehari SlytherinSreehari Slytherin28 giorni fa
  • I stopped in to mention the movie was great...Lil woke, but weighted nicely...Then landing on politics at 0:11 lol...wth ...

    Jason SmithJason Smith28 giorni fa

    Jonathan TraunerJonathan Trauner28 giorni fa
  • We do not like Brie Larson because she is arrogant saying that she is the most strongest Avengers Endgame as if she's been part of the Avengers family for 10 years already but she is just a new hero who became part of Avengers , compare to Thor ,Captain America, Hulk , Iron Man, Scarlet Witch who were filming this movie for 10 years already🤔

    The Miss SaigonThe Miss Saigon28 giorni fa
  • She’s actually really likable in this interview

    Soulcrusher200Soulcrusher20029 giorni fa
    • Soulcrusher200 she is always really likable but people don’t notice 😂

      Patricia Arroyo EstevezPatricia Arroyo Estevez28 giorni fa
  • It’s funny when she says “we” as if she had a big role in writing the character lmao. You’re just an actor fool.

    Asian Stole My TvAsian Stole My Tv29 giorni fa
  • She’s now my favorite, she likes Star Wars too

    Lobro RoamLobro Roam29 giorni fa
  • Are you guys god damn serious about your title?

    jimjim29 giorni fa
    • @Patricia Arroyo Estevez well done! Pal! You got the eyes of pure 100%human eyes . Only you noticed my cmny 😞😞😟 thankq

      jimjim28 giorni fa
    • jim I just read it 😂

      Patricia Arroyo EstevezPatricia Arroyo Estevez28 giorni fa
  • This is why I hate Captain Marvel, Brie Larson 😞

    xXJixerXxTGODxXJixerXxTGODMese fa
  • Brie Larson speaks so well with confidence and assurance !

    Miles PhillipsMiles PhillipsMese fa
  • She thinks this it's all real . What a dumb broad...and Nancy Pelosi? Oh WOW?

    JDJDMese fa
  • The title is wrong and a clickbait

    Roberto CardenasRoberto CardenasMese fa
  • This game needs to be the new game for your guests!!! That looks awesome!

    katelyn grahamkatelyn grahamMese fa
  • This production sounds like a mess honestly. How are actors expected to bring a living breathing performance when they have no idea what’s even going on in a scene? The secrecy has gotten stupid ridiculous

    NumericalhorrorNumericalhorrorMese fa
  • no hate but i hate her

    Emilia HionidouEmilia HionidouMese fa
  • I cannot get over how beautiful she is😱❤️

    Davie SinghDavie SinghMese fa
  • She’s an absolute delight. I don’t get how people dislike her.

    It’s VizorIt’s VizorMese fa
  • wtf she's such a badass in the movie then shes so cute in real life

    Heart CenterHeart CenterMese fa
  • 3:35 she DANvers in tears 😏

    MatSonicMatSonicMese fa
  • I was a feminist until B. Larson made it TOTALLY UNCOOL

    Texas TradTexas TradMese fa
  • omg i love unicorn store!!!

    Victoria ZanudoVictoria ZanudoMese fa
  • Arrogant shit

    Edmer AsamaEdmer AsamaMese fa
  • She's so GORGEOUS and so amazing💖

    K KKKK KKKMese fa
  • I tried her ‘I’m right’ advice and got an after school detention

    Bobby LloydBobby LloydMese fa
  • Marvel is too secretive with its actors. Like chill tf out.

    Ricardo MendozaRicardo MendozaMese fa
  • She’s a bad actor.

    Ricardo MendozaRicardo MendozaMese fa
  • 5:49 mmhhmmm

    thevanishingflamethevanishingflameMese fa
  • Son of a beeech Only the real ones know

    Leo cLeo cMese fa
  • Damn ....She is Fake as Fuck..... And A Complete Show off... Fuck off from Marvel Universe Brie Larson😒

    Hant AiliHant AiliMese fa
  • Having dinner with Nervous Nancy is nothing to be proud of.

    status45status45Mese fa
  • Angry Internet People: "Brie Larson has no sense of humor!" Me: *Shows them this entire video*

    Seth ZarandonaSeth ZarandonaMese fa
  • None of the Avenger Cast members likes Brie Larson and that’s hilarious😂

    Santi HernandezSanti HernandezMese fa
  • Brie Larson friend zoned Jimmys bitch-ass at 0:37 ! 😂

    AliAliMese fa
  • Spoiler: I thought it was perfectly fine that ant man went into thanos’s butt at the end

    Chriss BChriss BMese fa
  • Where are the *idiots* who repeat like parrots that she's "unlikeable based on just a few interviews" at?

    ShavooxShavooxMese fa
  • she is so pretty

    Bijaya MaharanaBijaya MaharanaMese fa
  • Brie "Khaleesi" Larson, omg

    GWD GamingWalkDiGWD GamingWalkDiMese fa
  • okay so how are they gonna kill Thor off before GotG 3 since Chris Hemsworth is quitting acting.....

    Chris CarterChris CarterMese fa
  • Captain stupid

    Jacks Fun ChannelJacks Fun ChannelMese fa
  • Brie Larson having dinner with Nancy Pelosi . I mean, like , ok so If a plane had to crash .............................

    renektonrenektonMese fa
  • She is beautiful I love her

  • The much hated brie Larson i can see why people hate that bitch

    mousa hassanmousa hassanMese fa
  • aw, baby

    MilfHunterXXXMilfHunterXXXMese fa
  • Not the biggest movie ever.. jimmy is corny af

    Felix TrejoFelix TrejoMese fa
  • suck my pee pee

    I support YeetinI support YeetinMese fa
  • bragging about hanging with Pelosi? LMao

    DerekDerekMese fa
  • She had a runtime of like less than 5 minutes in endgame, obviously she wouldn't know

  • She is much more likable in this, like so much

    Josh BourkeJosh BourkeMese fa
  • "You cant say bad on television" "My Bad" missed opportunity.

    JaggerNaughtJaggerNaughtMese fa
Brie Larson Filmed Avengers: Endgame Without Knowing She Was Captain Marvel