Buying Every Item From The 99 Cents Store!

My cousin Nour and I decided to buy every single item from the 99 cents store, and the ending to this video was emotional and great.
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  • Next video: Buying Every Item From Gucci Jk jk but watch the video till the end for an emotional surprise

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    • FaZe Rug hi I love you

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    • FaZe Rug I would die

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    • FaZe Rug that was a good thing u guys did I cried

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    • Rug did u forget that this Channel is also about torturing your family members and cousins lamoo 😋😁😅 jk

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  • Oof

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  • A LOT OF $$$$$$$$$$

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  • Love what you do FaZe.... Always inspiring and this is why I watch you.

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  • 970$

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  • hmmmmm Mrbeast...

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  • Bruh ur just like morgz u copy Mr.beast’s videos

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  • Go to dollar tree

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  • 3,000

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  • Oh my god wait I live in Escondido

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  • Yes I knew that you didn’t expect Milk to be 99 cents and my guess is 2,500 dollars

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  • $1.0000.00000.00000. Bet It leave a like if you agree 👇

  • 1,270$

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  • y'all stop hating at least he is helping the homeless

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  • Brian

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  • $832

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  • Rug: Buy one of everything from the 99 cent store! MrBeast: Buys whole store.

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  • 2.800

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  • Faze Rug-1 of every item Mr Beast-buys EVERYTHING in a store Faze Rug-Shooketh

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  • That's what I want to do

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  • What happend to mike 🤗😭

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  • Go to dollar tree

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  • Donate to me plzzz my family would appreciate it as we struggle

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  • Their is literally no you tuber like faze, the way he appreciates his subscribers and the way he spends his money. He is just amazing, inspiring, and so creative. BEST IT-vision EVER:)

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  • I mean that

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  • I knew theta already knew that

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  • $1,200

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  • First few seconds: everything is 99 cents 5 minutes later: it’s not all 99 cents?

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  • 1,000 or 1,450

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  • That was so nice of them to do and not everyone can do that so

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  • 1250

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  • I’m guessing $2,800

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  • Of course from the 99cent store lol we don't wanna be like mr beast lol

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  • Do more vids with nor

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  • I knew that😂

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  • I thought only Mr Beast was rich enough to do this

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  • You are a good guy Faze Rug.!!

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  • 528

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  • $999 i think 🤔

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    • Hhh

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  • 10 Grand

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  • That was sweet of yall to do

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  • Over $1000

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  • Title: Buying Everything From The 99 Cents Store! Faze Rug: WE WILL BE BUYING EVERYTHING 99 CENTS STORE! MrBeast: Hold the camera

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  • Y’all should’ve went to the dollar tree

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  • Haven't finished to the video yet, but I'll assume the cashier won't be to happy to ring up everything in the store.

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  • This is dope

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  • *MrBeast Left the Group*

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  • *There was only one cashier open that day*

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  • 1.00

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  • Imagine using self checkout lol

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  • Did anyone else see all of the Tesla’s in the parking lot

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  • Well dollar tree is all one dallor

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  • when ur too rich u dont know the 99 cents store doesnt only sell 99 cents stuff

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  • When you're so rich you don't know that everything isn't 99 cent

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  • Does this guy just copy mr beast?

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  • hi its my birthday june 11

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  • You are so dumb

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  • You copied mr.beast

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  • Noice! Well done kids, thats what I like ta see.

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  • We give the food bank turkeys for Thanks giving

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  • I cringe

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  • What 2 thousand people disliked he helped so much

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  • U are so amazing I wish u can keep it up u really touch peoples Hearts we love your personality

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  • 1870

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  • 1,600

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  • Am I the only one that is kinda mad that he only bought 1 of everything and not do the actual mr.beast style (no shade)

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  • 2034

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  • NO WAY!! That’s my 99 cent store like the one closest to my house😱

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Buying Every Item From The 99 Cents Store!