Catching up with Mike Trout at Globe Life Park

My flight from NYC was delayed three hours, so I barely arrived early enough to see Mike Trout before the game. Last year he promised to give me one of his bats. Would today be the day??
In addition to trying for that, I was stressed about my consecutive games streak because I missed batting practice! I had gotten at least one baseball at EVERY game I'd been to for more than 25 years, so somehow I had to find a way to get one during the game. I bought seats in two different sections to increase my chances and ran around like a madman all night.
This video was filmed by Ian Perlman (@ianperlman) on April 15, 2019 -- Jackie Robinson Day! Thanks for watching.



  • What did Trout give you? I did not see him come out

    Bruins FanBruins Fan3 mesi fa
    • A bat

      TTV LFP AveragepaperTTV LFP Averagepaper13 giorni fa
    • Trout have zack a signed bat

      Holly MertensHolly MertensMese fa
    • TDogexD Of Course Hope we can secure that Stanley Cup I like the Celtics to but I’m more of a Bruins fan

      Bruins FanBruins Fan2 mesi fa
    • Ben V Ok no one Likes me I do not give a Shit if no one likes me Because I’ve got friends plenty of friends where I live

      Bruins FanBruins Fan2 mesi fa
    • You are a odd dude!

      336 Outdoors336 Outdoors2 mesi fa
  • What did mike trout give you

    Daniel DarnellDaniel DarnellMese fa
  • Zack I love your videos they make me laugh 😂 keep up the good work

    Landon ScottLandon ScottMese fa
  • The baddie at 5:03

    Alonzo DominguezAlonzo DominguezMese fa
    • It was 5:06, n I thought I was the only one who saw her 🕵🏿‍♂️😁

      J. A. M. SR.J. A. M. SR.10 giorni fa
  • A dugout is basically a baseball trench

    dylandylanMese fa
  • Hi

    Pat BarryPat BarryMese fa
  • How you gonna be American but eat a burger like that what

    Hunter AndersonHunter AndersonMese fa
  • Zack is bald??!!?

    Dillon ClaussenDillon ClaussenMese fa
    • Yea bro

      Holly MertensHolly MertensMese fa
  • what do you bring to mlb stadium

    Willo CollinsWillo CollinsMese fa
  • I didn’t know Zach was bald

    Matty LMatty LMese fa
  • This video actually helps me because I don’t go to BP and I live in Texas and I’m. A rangers fan

    KrispyKrispy2 mesi fa
  • 9:39 dat tongue tho 👅

    Ian lockeIan locke2 mesi fa
  • How many games have you been at Coors Field ever

    Bo Awesome10Bo Awesome102 mesi fa
  • Who eats a sandwich with a dork

    Liam GallaLiam Galla2 mesi fa
  • What did trout give you

    Jack RiendeauJack Riendeau2 mesi fa
    • Jack Riendeau a baseball bat

      Sharkgirl FortniteSharkgirl Fortnite2 mesi fa
  • Just watch the damn game

    la lumbrela lumbre2 mesi fa
  • Did Mike trout not say he has something for you???

    OtreeD 23OtreeD 232 mesi fa
    • OtreeD 23 it’s for another video

      Holly MertensHolly MertensMese fa

    Jason ParkerJason Parker2 mesi fa
  • u know it's gay if u use a fork to eat a sandwich JUST so u can master bate with ur baseball later

    Miller FoutsMiller Fouts2 mesi fa
  • Lol, switching shirts

    Ryan McGavinRyan McGavin2 mesi fa
  • I went to this game

    Eddie RodriguezEddie Rodriguez2 mesi fa
  • Dude is living his exact dream and ya’ll are being salty about it. I met him at Fenway quite a few years back, he was awesome.

    Uncle’s L U M B A G OUncle’s L U M B A G O2 mesi fa
  • 😂😂😂5:10 Ho how you doing

  • Asking the fucking umps? Really???

    You're WrongYou're Wrong2 mesi fa
    • Peyton Smith cause he can’t get a ball cause he sucks

      The Lonely gamerThe Lonely gamer2 mesi fa
    • You're Wrong why are you mad??

      Peyton SmithPeyton Smith2 mesi fa
  • This dude is such a fucking child

    You're WrongYou're Wrong2 mesi fa
    • You say that like it is a bad thing

      C SC S27 giorni fa
    • hes living the life, making bank just going to baseball games

      Steven VienSteven Vien2 mesi fa
  • Dude prob jerks off to all his baseballs..ughhh prestine logoo ughh

    Mike 1204Mike 12042 mesi fa
  • So he gave a douchey speech about eating a sandwich with a fork so your hands would be clean for an already dirty baseball then just put it in a plastic bag.... huh ok couldn't put it in the bag then eat the sandwich and not be a tool about it.

    David PotterDavid Potter2 mesi fa
  • Rent a wheelchair, you’ll get every ball. Probably even get to go out on the field too

    OxOx2 mesi fa
  • What did mike trout give you

    Carter BowersoxCarter Bowersox2 mesi fa
  • Why do you change shirts and hat when you move?

    MrPinkMrPink2 mesi fa
    • Cause he’s gay

      Liam GallaLiam Galla2 mesi fa
    • MrPink so he will have a better chance that the opposite team will throw him a ball

      Landon CoppageLandon Coppage2 mesi fa
  • Cuck

    lfg ooflfg oof2 mesi fa
  • One more question for you Zack, When will you be at Target Field next?

    Garret JamesGarret James2 mesi fa
  • Hey I just want to say subscribe to baseball boy8

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  • He could have just not gone to the game

    Joe MittigaJoe Mittiga2 mesi fa

    Jake WhitneyJake Whitney2 mesi fa
  • I don't have Instagram but i wish i could get a ball

    Jamar WashingtonJamar Washington2 mesi fa
  • Watching you struggle to get a ball like it’s the end of the world is laughable

    Anthony ParrottaAnthony Parrotta2 mesi fa
    • And he would laugh if you think a 9-5normal job is important and worry about that(so would I)

      C SC S27 giorni fa
  • Did Home Plate Umpire Greg Gibson motion to both dugouts before he gave you that baseball?

    The Disco StuThe Disco Stu2 mesi fa
  • What happened to Brandon

    Ro The HunRo The Hun2 mesi fa
  • I was at the Phills that day

    Jackson SmithJackson Smith2 mesi fa
  • I have a question. How long do you recommend to make the string when using the glove trick? I dont go to MLB gamew often but when I do, i want to be prepared

    William HarbourWilliam Harbour2 mesi fa
  • Alex Rodriguez said today during the Astros Indians game that the package you got from the Yankees to get that 3,000th homerun was worth over $200,000. Oh my gosh, way to make money lmao

    Neil Hatrick HarrisNeil Hatrick Harris2 mesi fa
    • Neil Hatrick Harris a rod would value anything to do with himself 100 times higher then it should be... it’s what he’s done with his career

      C SC S27 giorni fa
    • @The Disco Stu he got more than the autographed bat that was undisclosed. More specifically, they donated 150k to his charity, he got a signed jersey and bat, plus a "package" that was not revealed worth an additional sum of money

      Neil Hatrick HarrisNeil Hatrick Harris2 mesi fa
    • It didn't go to Zack, most of that money went to Zack's favorite charity. I doubt that an ARod autographed bat would fetch 200K

      The Disco StuThe Disco Stu2 mesi fa
  • For Q and A 17 ARE you Subscribed to yourself?

    Bob SackimannoBob Sackimanno2 mesi fa
  • What did Mike Trout give you?

    Nikolas DelgadoNikolas Delgado2 mesi fa
  • I got my first major league baseball today! I am so happy but now I find you and......I guess its not too impressive, LOL

    You Suck StudiosYou Suck Studios2 mesi fa
  • Could you come to Bemidji, MN and could I go to a game with you?

    Soaring EagleSoaring Eagle2 mesi fa
  • How many has he given away to kids?

    Trevor StapfTrevor Stapf2 mesi fa
    • If a kid ask and he has more than 3 or 2 then he gives them it

      fuck game edgefuck game edge2 mesi fa
  • Lol

    TheMcGTheMcG2 mesi fa
  • Zack you should go to Rogers center for Vlads first home run

    Peter PavlovicPeter Pavlovic2 mesi fa
  • I love your vids. Do you have any tips for my IT-vision videos

    Brett da bestBrett da best2 mesi fa
  • It was David Fletcher that gave you the ball

    Mia HoltMia Holt2 mesi fa
  • Your videos are so boringggggg why is this in my recommended

    Phantom_IREXPhantom_IREX2 mesi fa
    • LemonFebreeze yep 1v1 me

      Phantom_IREXPhantom_IREX2 mesi fa
    • Ted Czado bitch y post weird shit I will smack tf out you and ya mova

      Phantom_IREXPhantom_IREX2 mesi fa
    • Bone Crusher bitch the fuck u got mf Star Wars shit and XXX your a lvl 1 queer😂🖕🏽

      Phantom_IREXPhantom_IREX2 mesi fa
    • Phantom_IREX and your ark survival live streams aren’t boring...?🤣👌🏽

      Bone CrusherBone Crusher2 mesi fa
  • Hey zack I have a question, hope you can answer! I live near Marlins Park but I’ve never been to the BP I just go see the game, I’ve caught like 3 balls so that’s cool, but I have been thinking of going to BP on my next game so I was wondering, to go to the outfield to catch home run balls in BP do I need a ticket to go in that section?

    Daniel Diaz ComedyDaniel Diaz Comedy2 mesi fa
    • Daniel Diaz Comedy I will help with that for BP you can go anywhere you want but sometimes they tell you to go to your seat after BP

      QuacksonQuackson2 mesi fa
  • Make sure you head to cincy for the remodeled Reds HOF. It’s just as good as the last if not better

    Gavin RaseGavin Rase2 mesi fa
  • Glove life park is beautiful. Why would the Rangers want to leave it?

    ryan briggsryan briggs2 mesi fa
    • Because it's hot as hell in Arlington in the summer. Completely miserable. A roofed stadium is a smarter choice

      Dilburger690Dilburger6902 mesi fa
  • wow so thankful my favorite player fletch kept your streak alive

    Clam Chowder GuyClam Chowder Guy2 mesi fa
  • Today I got to baseball at a game first ever you helped me

    MLB FanMLB Fan2 mesi fa
  • Make a rubber band basball

    Kid perfectKid perfect2 mesi fa
  • This guy is a fucking loser cares about getting balls more then enjoying the game

    Chris RinconChris Rincon2 mesi fa
    • That's part of the game tho

      OldnellyOldnelly4 giorni fa
    • He actually a really nice guy once you start watching his vids

      Tiger-h12Tiger-h1217 giorni fa
    • @Peyton Brummitt tbh proabaly in a few months

      hotfries 1198hotfries 1198Mese fa
    • He’s made more fucking money in 1 year than you will ever in you whole life

      Peyton BrummittPeyton Brummitt2 mesi fa
    • Cool

      Bone CrusherBone Crusher2 mesi fa
  • What happened to Brandon?

    Sports On Da RockSports On Da Rock2 mesi fa
  • He's overdramatic with the baseball

    Luis TepoxLuis Tepox2 mesi fa
  • Hey zack Can you please tell me where you got the mlb umpire hat i cannot find one anywhere.

    SkidTheKidSkidTheKid2 mesi fa
  • I hate Zack hample because he would literally fight anyone for a ball

    Luis TepoxLuis Tepox2 mesi fa
    • That's not true. He gives half his baseballs to kids and never pushes anyone or fights them for a ball.

      Peter SammonsPeter Sammons2 mesi fa
  • Do you guys hate the sweaty 40 year olds with backpacks trying to get signatures to sell online? (Not Zach of course.) Like the guy with picture when he was about to get the bat.) My brother lost being able to get a signed ball from Paul Goldschmidt because there was like 10 shoving him around.

    Seth NeversSeth Nevers2 mesi fa
  • Hey Zack I was just wanting to ask if you were ever thinking about going to the dell diamond in Round rock Texas to watch the express for a game?

    Dalton BrownDalton Brown2 mesi fa
    • Quackson okay that’s cool

      Dalton BrownDalton Brown2 mesi fa
    • I live in a We love The Rangers town and there’s a little league team called Express

      QuacksonQuackson2 mesi fa
  • Do a live video with one of the games because some of us can’t watch the games if we live in Britain

    Scott ParsonsScott Parsons2 mesi fa
  • We want to see Yankees game

    Tzvi LazarTzvi Lazar2 mesi fa
  • Zack can you release your 2019 ballpark schedule please? So then I could go to the game that your at

    Scott BerlantScott Berlant2 mesi fa
  • Next time you go to Cincinnati I suggest you go to skyline! Thanks bye

    Ethan DanielsEthan Daniels2 mesi fa
  • Greg Gibson the home plate umpire, did he motion to both players

    The T.C. GangThe T.C. Gang2 mesi fa
    • The T.C. Gang lol I get it

      QuacksonQuackson2 mesi fa
Catching up with Mike Trout at Globe Life Park