Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson Insult Each Other | CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!

"You're ugly!": Avengers: Endgame stars Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson take it in turns to INSULT EACH OTHER on BBC Radio 1's Playground Insults.
Who will win when two Hollywood superstars rip each other apart?
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  • 🔔Hit that reminder bell to see Avengers: Endgame stars Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson go head-to-head in Playground Insults - 3pm GMT, Wednesday 24th April. 👊

    BBC Radio 1BBC Radio 13 mesi fa
    • The e whole mcu cast VS brie larson

      Jeremy CamachoJeremy Camacho10 giorni fa
    • Oog

      Your Brown PotatoYour Brown Potato13 giorni fa
    • Hsgxs/qa’lspewsnshgzb. Azzztttttqqqqu;

      Chad ConleyChad Conley26 giorni fa
    • should do the entire MCU vs bire XD

      jdogzero silverbladejdogzero silverbladeMese fa
  • They tried so hard.....

    Norbert KulcsárNorbert Kulcsár3 ore fa
  • 0:29 play at 0.5x speed.

    timeafter timetimeafter time5 ore fa
  • Tuff going male/female , nowadays. They tried . New rule players must smoke or edible before hand .

    Leb NiAcLeb NiAc11 ore fa
  • Chris is funny. Scarlett....Well there ya go

    TrinityRiverTrinityRiver14 ore fa
  • What is this wholesome crap We need a Jeremy Renner vs Paul Rudd

  • This is nothing lol put up gordon Ramsay vs Samuel L Jackson and you’ll see the results lol

    Shyam GolfarShyam Golfar18 ore fa
  • Here’s a insult:fartcracker that poops but doesn’t look like a cracker because he is not a pooper

    JULIO Ack KelesJULIO Ack Keles19 ore fa
  • I'm not gonna say I'm Chrises biggest fan but I love him so much. Scarlet had to have had trouble calling him ugly.

    Mykal EddinsMykal Eddins21 ora fa
  • Scarlett: you're ugly Me: I was just trying to look like you Chris: what about me Me and Scarlett: no one cares, your insults are trash

  • Scarlet Jo. Looks like a Barbie Doll in this video

    Colton CraigColton CraigGiorno fa
  • Robert Downey Jr vs Every Marvel actor

    Gilang Rizqy RGilang Rizqy RGiorno fa
  • I want Cheadle VS Rudd

    hdwhdwGiorno fa
  • Jimmy kimmel and Matt Damon

    Abdul HussianAbdul HussianGiorno fa
  • How about Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal?

    panda pandapanda pandaGiorno fa
  • Stupidest thing I've ever seen.

    Kay Ka NutKay Ka NutGiorno fa
  • lol i think they both too nice

    Gulitz TseGulitz TseGiorno fa
  • This is so bad 🤥🥴

    DavidDavidGiorno fa
  • The radio presenters look like they’re from the 1930’s

    Gilbert RagoGilbert RagoGiorno fa
  • Scarlett 👑💍👸👰

    Ernest SErnest SGiorno fa
  • I want one

    David RossDavid RossGiorno fa
  • Hard to pick a favorite between these 2 .... Chris awesome guy, strong personality. Scarlett ... awesome woman, strong personality ... well nobody likes conflicts.. maybe sociopaths do hehe.

    Adrian AAdrian AGiorno fa
  • Yohanson

    Captain GeneCaptain GeneGiorno fa
  • i love this duo so much

    aaa oaaa o2 giorni fa
  • Yahansson?

    An ChauAn Chau2 giorni fa
  • Scarlet sucks balls, guess she's really dumb.

    coolhari2000coolhari20002 giorni fa
  • Scar jo is noobmaster69

    Khalish IskandarKhalish Iskandar2 giorni fa
  • “Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson *try to insult each other.”

    Theman JoeTheman Joe2 giorni fa
  • If Chris Hemsworth is considered ugly then i'm not even humanitally looking at all.

    Albert KelvinAlbert Kelvin2 giorni fa
  • I love these two, but ehh, this one was kinda weak...

    Nick bNick b2 giorni fa
  • Please do Nick Kyrgios v Noel Gallagher.

    Delibes FlairDelibes Flair2 giorni fa
  • Hey Scarlett, when you said "you're insulting", I heard "urine salting"...

    Farhan KoyalapurathFarhan Koyalapurath2 giorni fa
  • Chris: You're lucky you're beautiful because there's *nothing* up there Scarlet: Oh that's mean, did you just call me dumb? Uuuuuuuuuuu 😬😬😂😂

    Nai LematuaNai Lematua2 giorni fa
  • I have a feeling they originally asked brie larson to do this and then she was like "I don't have anything to prove to you" then threatened the producer

    Michael Dario PellittieriMichael Dario Pellittieri2 giorni fa
  • Yawn. Worst episode of insults ever!

    comics whorecomics whore2 giorni fa
  • Pfff.. not even funny.. first thing coming to mind just tell her ur so fat u make thor in endgame look like an anorexic

    Enea TashiEnea Tashi2 giorni fa
  • This is so awkward

    Ben ChaverinBen Chaverin2 giorni fa
  • I can’t stand d that woman

    AlexAlex3 giorni fa
  • They're both so perfect it's actually hard to insult them

    SomeBlackDudeSomeBlackDude3 giorni fa
  • WTF is Scarrlett flirting with Chris

    Allan Emil BalderasAllan Emil Balderas3 giorni fa
  • Smart people have a sense of humor. In unrelated news: Sarah seems to be lacking in the humor department.

    etme1000etme10003 giorni fa
  • Ben Ekrem İmamoglu diyorum !

    Camal AgazadeCamal Agazade3 giorni fa
  • Look at how close they're to each other it seems like they did the horizontal monster mash after this

    Joseph PoeJoseph Poe3 giorni fa
  • “I used my friend’s arm for it” ok then 😂

    Dante BatongDante Batong3 giorni fa
  • Sorry guys, but your guests let you down this time.

    SumonelseSumonelse3 giorni fa
  • If I was Chris I’d be fucking terrified I do not want to insult Scarlett she’s so sweet and amazing

    Joseph GonzalesJoseph Gonzales3 giorni fa
  • 0:24 close your eyes and listen

    Daban AsaadDaban Asaad3 giorni fa
  • Scarlett is lub

  • Man is she so dumb and unfunny wow

    MM3 giorni fa
  • they look like they want to make out with each other more than roast

    Kenneth TubbsKenneth Tubbs4 giorni fa
  • is it pronounced "jo-hanson" or "yo-hanson"?? i'm confused.

    ashen eidolonashen eidolon4 giorni fa
  • Looks like fuck buddies not trying to insult one another lol🤣

    Teleios PhosTeleios Phos4 giorni fa
  • Hollywood sucks ... Crazy liberals... retards

    Marwari chorra indiaMarwari chorra india4 giorni fa
  • 3:41 her smile so cute

    GXd 9GXd 94 giorni fa
  • My hammer grew cuz I'm staring at her boobs

    Jeremy SantosJeremy Santos4 giorni fa
  • "I hate confrontations." *_Toy Story_* anyone?

    McFrozenNuggetsMcFrozenNuggets4 giorni fa
  • So cute

    A CarA Car4 giorni fa
  • Scarlet: you look like a cunt. Boom playground insults over

    DaBro JDDaBro JD4 giorni fa
  • These two should make a baby.

    MiLawsMiLaws4 giorni fa
  • Weird game where we can't hurt the other but we kind of need to...

    SpikeSpike4 giorni fa
  • Rory Mcann

    Fabi StoneFabi Stone4 giorni fa
  • I think these 2 won the genetic lottery, beautiful people!! sigh, I lost out unfortunately :(

    dji zzahdji zzah4 giorni fa

    AlbanianAlbanian4 giorni fa
  • I laughed at Scarlett’s first insult because we all know it isn’t true.

    Brianna KlingBrianna Kling4 giorni fa
  • should prob just delete this from the ol arsenal total waste the fkin will smith margo one had more in it!

    Nick NeffNick Neff4 giorni fa
  • 3:50 somebody had to say it!! 🤣🤣

    wk_ Stavowk_ Stavo4 giorni fa
  • Larson sucks

    Loredo MattoniLoredo Mattoni5 giorni fa
  • This is lame. Just stick to being the avengers thank you.

    MIKE LONGMIKE LONG5 giorni fa
  • Get Tom Holland vs Anthony Mackie

    Emiliano J. GonzálezEmiliano J. González5 giorni fa
  • why i feel like i'm watching Kivanc Tatlitug...ehe

    eija miejaeija mieja5 giorni fa
Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson Insult Each Other | CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!