Throw ‘em, stick ‘em, win ‘em. The Clinger grenade is now live, find it in-game!
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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  • Season 4:clinger is released Season 8:clinger is vaulted Season 9:clinger trailer

    MarioneteGamingMarioneteGaming6 giorni fa
  • Burgers vs tomatoes

    Dominus 21Dominus 2123 giorni fa
  • Who is back here because of the atrocities eñic has made

    Wendy Adriana JacomeWendy Adriana Jacome23 giorni fa
  • im waitnig for *CRINGER*

    мир Эрикамир Эрика24 giorni fa
  • I miss this bad boi

    Ya boi RandallYa boi RandallMese fa
  • Expectations: Reality: *me trying to throw it at an enemy Misses so much times Until its no more*

    XredeztroyzXredeztroyzMese fa
  • aaaand its *G O N E*

    219ms219msMese fa
  • RIP 24/04/2018 10/05/2019

    The BollohThe Bolloh2 mesi fa
  • There's no way it's already been a year since clingers game out

    JackiJacki2 mesi fa
  • A year ago this was uploaded lol

    TheBlueBeast45 And stuffTheBlueBeast45 And stuff2 mesi fa
  • Who’s watching this one year later??

  • Like that you see this 1 year later

    ITSME Crack7104ITSME Crack71042 mesi fa
  • Happy B-day clinger

    1x Legend Yt1x Legend Yt2 mesi fa
  • 1 year clinger

    M.B.H GamerM.B.H Gamer2 mesi fa
  • 1 year today clingers

    KiKizzKiKizz2 mesi fa
  • Dumbest item in the game

    LuisToGodlyLuisToGodly4 mesi fa
  • God these things piss me off

  • Top 10 luckiest Clinger Throws

    Exo Studios!Exo Studios!4 mesi fa
  • Our boy is back.

    DemonHunter8420DemonHunter84205 mesi fa
    • @Ghost RetroPlays Yet again.

      DemonHunter8420DemonHunter84202 mesi fa
    • DemonHunter8420 and now he’s gone😭

      Ghost RetroPlaysGhost RetroPlays2 mesi fa
  • This released after my birthday my birthday is on April 23

    ROOROO03ROOROO035 mesi fa
  • want it bac

    hard hat Madnesshard hat Madness5 mesi fa
  • R.I.P clinger

    hard hat Madnesshard hat Madness5 mesi fa
  • Rip

    Droid3455Droid34555 mesi fa
  • RIP

    FrieszFriesz5 mesi fa
  • Good thing it was removed by Ninja

    nono5 mesi fa
  • Should be called cringer

  • This item has been vaulted :( I loved the clinger

    Marshmallow's ShadowMarshmallow's Shadow5 mesi fa
    • Vaulted again lol

      Tj GarciaTj Garcia29 giorni fa
    • Bac

      Amit MatanAmit Matan4 mesi fa
    • Same! :(

      TrevionViolinTrevionViolin5 mesi fa
  • Wait what season did the clinger come out in?

    CW GamingCW Gaming6 mesi fa
    • TrevionViolin oh thx

      CW GamingCW Gaming5 mesi fa
    • Season 3

      TrevionViolinTrevionViolin5 mesi fa
  • Please bring fortnite incompitableto decide

    TaMil YOUTUBERTaMil YOUTUBER6 mesi fa
  • Does anyone know where this is on the map? I want to remake this in replay mode

    #ScorbunnySquad#ScorbunnySquad6 mesi fa
  • Rip Clinger 2018-2018

    Ignacio 164Ignacio 1646 mesi fa
  • that little f*cker 0:06

    XylemXylem6 mesi fa
  • What song

    parker bowenparker bowen6 mesi fa
  • Rip clinger 😢

    iPumpkin 7iPumpkin 77 mesi fa
  • Rip clinger

    AsianTacoManAsianTacoMan7 mesi fa
  • Rip clingers

    Reaction och meraReaction och mera7 mesi fa
  • Who is here when clinger got vaulted

    Sadiha BrownSadiha Brown7 mesi fa
  • RIP Clingers 😢

    BlazingBoy420BlazingBoy4207 mesi fa

    Matthew SpursMatthew Spurs7 mesi fa
  • And that's how tomato sauce was found...

    young benzoyoung benzo7 mesi fa
  • 0:05 this happened to anybody on fortnite?

    ShabeoShabeo7 mesi fa
  • Tomatohead: wait do I have something on my head P.T.L: well done tomatohead you have officially killed us all

    My gaming ChannelMy gaming Channel8 mesi fa
  • FORTNITE your game is dying because of Black ops 4 the only way to bring back is to bring back double pump and bring back the old map and bring back the OG FORTNITE theme song NO REMIX!!! Like if you agree 😊

    Xebitzy ,Xebitzy ,8 mesi fa
  • What is the music called

    Weedy SquireWeedy Squire9 mesi fa
    • Ikr

      parker bowenparker bowen6 mesi fa
  • Introducing the Ramennoodle

    PuLsEPuLsE9 mesi fa
  • Yeah the tomato head dies🤗🤗

    Den beste GangenDen beste Gangen9 mesi fa
  • That’s how tomato sauce is made

    Aron AirAron Air9 mesi fa
  • Warum macht ir keine bombe der klein wie ein insekt die Man controlien kann

    Caner AsenovCaner Asenov9 mesi fa
  • It was that moment he knew

    3DS And Sma5h3DS And Sma5h9 mesi fa
  • Yo that clinger is my report card.

    ッBushOnCrackッBushOnCrack9 mesi fa
  • *Tomato's face is the best.*

    Dudu Z3r4hDudu Z3r4h9 mesi fa
  • 2018???

    snortypigzsnortypigz9 mesi fa
  • 0:04 it was at this moment he new he FFFFFFUCCKKKEDD up

    Danny DeCheetoDanny DeCheeto9 mesi fa
  • Ummmmmmmmmmm no

    Fallout IsabelleFallout Isabelle9 mesi fa
  • 'cant wait to suicide bomb ppl in fortnite'

    Sensei_kay_Sensei_kay_10 mesi fa
  • Now that's what I call a literally _sticky_ end.

    Entertainment ZEntertainment Z10 mesi fa
  • The birth of a very annoying item

    Ent1tyZeroEnt1tyZero10 mesi fa
  • Faz um lança grudante epic games porfavor estamos todos pedindo é iria ser muito legal deixem like para epic games ver galera

    Bruno MarchiBruno Marchi10 mesi fa
  • Faz um lança grudante epic games porfavor estamos todos pedindo é iria ser muito legal deixem like para epic games ver galera

    Bruno MarchiBruno Marchi10 mesi fa
  • A explosive plunger? Nice

    FadingFlames ShockwaveFadingFlames Shockwave10 mesi fa
  • When you relaise that you forgot the meatloaf

    Lemons and PotatoesLemons and Potatoes10 mesi fa
  • 0:04

    IraqiGhost .IraqiGhost .10 mesi fa
  • Tomato guy is just sitting their like “mamafucker!”

    Doomboy105Doomboy10510 mesi fa
  • خرافيه بس جهر

    zeen Gamerzeen Gamer10 mesi fa
  • ok

    xuanbao Xb2103xuanbao Xb210310 mesi fa

    ItzKyuhenItzKyuhen10 mesi fa
  • Very nice

    game destroyergame destroyer10 mesi fa
  • Kids, this is why you always build around you when healing.

    Bush TempestBush Tempest10 mesi fa
  • Rip

    924Gamechang man924Gamechang man11 mesi fa
  • i hate fortnite

    Insan3 GamingInsan3 Gaming11 mesi fa