Welcome to EVERY BURGER KING EVER, where you can have it your way- but only if it’s on the menu.
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Writers: Monica Vasandani, Ryan Finnerty
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DIT: Matt Duran
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Community Manager: Cece Wrenn
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1st AD: David Gutel
2nd AD: Marcella Gersh
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  • Burger King ads : Burger King makes tacos? Also Burger King ads : this is a flavourful taco Me: Tastes like dry nachos, no flavour at all

    Box Critters CraityBox Critters Craity11 minuti fa
  • I went to buger king and no one was there me and my friend were like sweet but we soon found out the reason ok n no one was there is because the employee said before you order were out of chicken burgers and onion rings lol

    Jason DavisJason Davis2 ore fa
  • Do you know Burger King is not a pizza place

    Izz LoweIzz Lowe10 ore fa
  • Burger King Foot Lettuce

    Evan DemuthEvan Demuth14 ore fa
  • I showed this to my mom because she’s the manager of Burger King and she said none of that is true

    Paper MakePaper Make20 ore fa
  • A Burger King commercial played before this

    Carter LennonCarter Lennon22 ore fa
  • You forgot Burger King Foot Lettuce

    Nico PlaysNico PlaysGiorno fa
  • The guy that threw all the fries is a waste of food IDIOT

    Nurul AinNurul AinGiorno fa
  • Does anyone remember when Burger King sold mac and cheese

    StarryEyedSapphicStarryEyedSapphicGiorno fa
  • burger king has better burgers than mcdonalds

    Carl J. 2Carl J. 2Giorno fa
  • But Burger King is sooooooo much better then McDonald’s

    Carsten SolbergCarsten Solberg2 giorni fa
  • This doesn't stop me from loving Whopper tho

    saba Shirazisaba Shirazi2 giorni fa
  • I work at burger king and i agree with most of this 😂😂

    Destiny SimmersDestiny Simmers2 giorni fa
  • You made buger king look bad 😢

  • 2:04

    Vertical RefrigeratorVertical Refrigerator2 giorni fa
  • Burger King is better than mc Donald’s

    metal monstermetal monster2 giorni fa
  • Your videos are so fun to Watch

    Jayjay BroooJayjay Brooo2 giorni fa
  • Hungry jacks is way better

    xXBloodlustXx 2007xXBloodlustXx 20073 giorni fa
  • Did any body else relise that the menu was a hungry jacks Menu not Burger King menu

    Winnie the PoohWinnie the Pooh3 giorni fa
  • You know in the south of France I saw a Burger Queen I went in and the food was gross

    Galina IvanovaGalina Ivanova3 giorni fa
  • I didn't like how Damien acted in this one :c

    ¡Spikenfilms3000!¡Spikenfilms3000!3 giorni fa
  • every phone ever?

    Joy RamosJoy Ramos3 giorni fa
  • 1:41 is anyone not concerned that Olivia is sniffing a book?😂

    Backtothedrawing boardBacktothedrawing board3 giorni fa

    Asim JamalAsim Jamal3 giorni fa
  • How does breaking up have to do with burger king?

    Ryatt JacinRyatt Jacin3 giorni fa
  • Might as well change the channel name to Every Ever

    Lawless LonewolfLawless Lonewolf4 giorni fa
  • I like Burger King better than McDonald’s

    Thunder JayThunder Jay4 giorni fa
  • Don't diss burger king man. It's awesome

    the panda bearthe panda bear4 giorni fa
  • I actually like Burger King 😭🤷‍♂️

    Deandre CameronDeandre Cameron4 giorni fa
  • But Burger Kings burgers are better

    caleb thegreat13caleb thegreat134 giorni fa
  • What about every DQ ever?

    Maddox LitzmanMaddox Litzman4 giorni fa
  • I think Burger King is good 😂

    isntchuuisntchuu4 giorni fa
  • ew

    watchdogs gamingwithjoaowatchdogs gamingwithjoao4 giorni fa
  • I kind of prefer burger king

    4n6 r3w4n6 r3w5 giorni fa
  • Hi

    OliwiaMG MazurekOliwiaMG Mazurek5 giorni fa
  • 3:59 now your mokeing had how do you know that

    WolfSavior01149WolfSavior011495 giorni fa
  • K

    Turtle BoiTurtle Boi6 giorni fa
  • I love Whoppers

    Trust me, im a PUZZLERTrust me, im a PUZZLER6 giorni fa
  • The guy with a blue jacket looks like the kid from stranger things

    Keith Samuel AngKeith Samuel Ang6 giorni fa
  • Can you do "every lego builder ever"

    Ahmad Jawid NaimiAhmad Jawid Naimi6 giorni fa
  • I ate burber king rate now

    no nono no6 giorni fa
  • My brother went into Burger King once and they had no burgers

    xTHEx xUNTITLEDxxTHEx xUNTITLEDx6 giorni fa
  • Just *YEETED* the fries 5:10

    Myracle WoodfordMyracle Woodford6 giorni fa
  • Id rather have a whopper than a Bigmac though🤷‍♂️

    RiratosRiratos6 giorni fa
  • Every SMOSH episode ever

    Lilia SotoLilia Soto6 giorni fa
  • The squirl in every ice age movie: 3:31 - 3:43

    Lilia SotoLilia Soto6 giorni fa
  • keith is gay

    Simas MisiunasSimas Misiunas6 giorni fa
  • Fukeyou

    Jeff HoughJeff Hough6 giorni fa
  • As a current Burger King employer I just want to say this was pretty funny 😂 and accurate

    Lindsey PimentelLindsey Pimentel7 giorni fa
  • There is a a queen.dairy queen

    ElECTRIC_ SOUND.07ElECTRIC_ SOUND.077 giorni fa
  • I actually never ate burger king, legit

    Chilly peppasChilly peppas7 giorni fa
  • Burger King is not that bad

    Adrian MaldonadoAdrian Maldonado7 giorni fa
  • *who are you looking at*

    sheepsheep7 giorni fa
  • I work at Burger King. It’s not dirty. The play room eh

    Lord AlienLord Alien7 giorni fa
  • In Canada we have a playplace in burger King just like Macdonald.True story🤐

    Marc DagenaisMarc Dagenais7 giorni fa
  • Every car deilership ever

    GreenamationsGreenamations7 giorni fa
  • IMO hungry jacks is good Hungry Jack's is an Australian fast food franchise of Burger King Corporation

    Blackpink for lifeBlackpink for life8 giorni fa
  • I’m stuck me 2 me 3

    jason flanaganjason flanagan8 giorni fa
  • I like the whopper

    EthanGamer HDEthanGamer HD8 giorni fa
  • Even the mascot hates their food

    JimXInfinity13JimXInfinity138 giorni fa
  • One whopper❌ Two whoppers 🖕

    JimXInfinity13JimXInfinity138 giorni fa
  • Every IT-vision ever

    JimXInfinity13JimXInfinity138 giorni fa
  • Were’s the foot Letess

    Duck SeasonDuck Season8 giorni fa
  • Oh poor Noah

    Jenny Kisa ChalupaJenny Kisa Chalupa8 giorni fa
  • Every Burger King ever

    yllib niazyllib niaz8 giorni fa
  • that face keith made at damion

    Genna BukhtiyarovGenna Bukhtiyarov8 giorni fa
  • The bigger question is how did Burger King end up in jail in the first place.

    • He did some really creepy things

      Tay SemTay Sem7 giorni fa
  • Burger King is legit my favourite fast food chain aswell lmao

    ThiccBoiThiccBoi8 giorni fa
  • 0:50 when you play "getting over it" rage quit

    the lego movie master medranothe lego movie master medrano9 giorni fa
  • burger king is good but its a frad

    the lego movie master medranothe lego movie master medrano9 giorni fa