Everything About Grain Bins (Farmers are Geniuses) - Smarter Every Day 218

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Farmers are actual real life geniuses. They can feed themselves and fix anything. Serious respect.
First of all, if you need to put together a grain bin, I recommend calling Danny. The man is a genius.
His email is: dannylef2 at yah00 d0t c0m
(I've typed his email address like that so webcrawlers won't detect it and spam him. If you're a farmer you're smart enough to figure that out.)
Grain Packing Factors:
Fan sizing for grain bin applications:
How to handle a grain bin emergency:
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  • Farmer sees title: **blushes**

    MA WilliamsMA WilliamsMese fa
    • You know i did

      Kevin O'ConnorKevin O'Connor3 giorni fa
    • Aw shucks

      Andrew DahlAndrew Dahl7 giorni fa
    • @Jabby 101 u

      Stephane LauzonStephane Lauzon7 giorni fa
    • @Abner Santos - Most farmers feel like they voted for the lesser of two weasels. They know he only pretended to care but as you said Trump was the first to make even that little effort in decades.

      tsiefhtestsiefhtes8 giorni fa
  • What’s the name of the song through the part where you’re building it

    Sturtevant Rail ProductionsSturtevant Rail ProductionsOra fa
  • Some day you should meet a self driving tractor!

    Eper CraftEper Craft6 ore fa
  • Nice to hear some good farmer news , I only hear they deplete the soil and wildlife and water sources and pollute the water with fertilizer and pesticide runoff all to provide an unsustainable diet !

    peter lewispeter lewis6 ore fa
  • Wonder if those grain bins protect them from tariffs.

    op3lop3l11 ore fa
  • 1 like = 1 Farmer respected

    MagnificentZGamerMagnificentZGamer12 ore fa
  • I've seen first hand what a sweep arm can do to a man. not something you ever wanna see.

    Jake BaumgartnerJake Baumgartner12 ore fa
  • That was fascinating!

    MrShuaibvMrShuaibv13 ore fa
  • tell your buddy to increase fan speed and close his shoe and front sieve

    Andy VAndy V13 ore fa
  • watch harmless farmer

    Fam AFam A14 ore fa
  • two minuets in and im done... iv been farming for sixteen years and it doesn't take a engineer to put a bin up, just strong men...

    Chris From The SticksChris From The Sticks16 ore fa
  • Hello fresh sucks

    Sebastian ChengSebastian Cheng17 ore fa
  • Took me back 30+ years... I have done all this only we built a Harvestore which is a silo, not a grain bin. Silos need to be airtight and Harvestore panels are coated in some kind of glass and sealed with a special tar. The panels are lifted like this only the jacks turn the whole thing exactly 1 bolt hole to the right, for some reason. I never rode in a combine, but drove a mounted 2 row picker as well as driving the tractor pulling the 2 row picker when the mounted one broke. We put corn up on the ear in open air bins and fed livestock out of them until right before harvest the next year, when the price was high, then we ran out the ears and shelled it. We put silage into a pit and covered it before that, and fed it out during winter after it had fermented a few months. AHH the sweet smelling steam from the silage when you fed it out... The cows came running to get their fix from the silage pit. The guy I worked for did it the old fashioned way on a small farm. Few people today know the old ways I learned there... I cherish those memories. AH to be 18 again working the farm... I didn't know how much fun I was having...

    sputnutsputnut18 ore fa
  • "changes accent when at farm"

    Will JonssonWill Jonsson19 ore fa
  • I would love to see more videos like this and how it pertains to our food sources! You made something that many of us find unremarkable into something that my friends and I are all talking about. How fascinating!

    Drew BennettDrew Bennett20 ore fa
  • They are the scarecrow from Oz dude, I recently learned that.

    Joel VillegasJoel Villegas22 ore fa

    Joel VillegasJoel Villegas22 ore fa
  • As an Iowan, I can tell you that farmer's aren't geniuses. The good ones are smart, resourceful, practical, and learn through trial and error of themselves and others. Most importantly, they are good listeners and good judges of what makes sense and what doesn't. They watch what each other is doing and extract the good and discard the impractical. But they aren't geniuses.

    Charles BetsCharles Bets23 ore fa
  • I think farmers are the backbone of everything not just America

    Iso specsIso specsGiorno fa
  • He looked like jrock in the thumbnail😂😂😂

    Dayz SamsonDayz SamsonGiorno fa
  • I'm sorry that the president put massive taxes on your friend's beans and then pilfered a large amount of your tax money to cover his mistake.

    20quid20quidGiorno fa
  • I've lived next to these for 40 years and just learned how they are built ,,,,, honestly not what I expected lol

    Jonny Mud MowerJonny Mud MowerGiorno fa
  • I use to help build bins. It’s not easy

    Optimistic DazedOptimistic DazedGiorno fa
  • Now you can make a video about soy containing estrogen that is put in just about everything. It's making our men pussys and give our women breast cancer. STOP EATING SOY!!!!

    breezy0037breezy0037Giorno fa
  • I came from your fighter jet video and somehow I am equally interested in this!

    VikotnickVikotnickGiorno fa
  • Pretty cool video! I live in Clarksville Tennessee, I'm from Manhattan NYC, didn't know what those bins were my whole life till now!!

    Victor RodriguezVictor RodriguezGiorno fa
  • every farmer knows falling into a grain bin can be deadly! not a joke!

    Gabriel huhuGabriel huhuGiorno fa
    • dont fall off either

      CommentModeratorsAreNaziCuntsCommentModeratorsAreNaziCunts5 ore fa
  • Ey mr Smarter Every Day. It's almost right to say that Farmers are the backbone of America. The real truth is, farmers are the backbone of the world. Every nation, every country, every state and every farm. Farmer's are the backbone of humanity! We would not have come this far without them, and they are who keeps us upright. All over the world, not only America.

    Killer99215Killer99215Giorno fa
  • "Farmers are geniuses" is a bit hyperbolic, don't you think? Almost every profession uses equipment designed and built by someone other than the user. It's like saying "computer users are geniuses" because they use extremely complex, extremely difficult to design and create tools. Anyway, it was an interesting video.

    Wood 'n' Stuff w/ Steve FrenchWood 'n' Stuff w/ Steve FrenchGiorno fa
    • curiosity is valuable

      CommentModeratorsAreNaziCuntsCommentModeratorsAreNaziCunts5 ore fa
  • Even as our population continues to rapidly increase we seemingly have such a high supply of food in the US that we hand it out for nearly every humanitarian project. Our advances seem to even outstrip our growth.

    Andrew LollisAndrew LollisGiorno fa
  • Sadly, things are going to be worse for farmers and quite soon. Our entire lives depend on their success, and troubles with crops loom closely on the horizon. Take care of your farmers and help out by starting a garden. Soon we shall all need to help.

    Vlad DracosonVlad DracosonGiorno fa
  • song at 3:32 had me boppin'

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  • Is this clip made before the trade war with the world?

    Sedat KPunktSedat KPunktGiorno fa
  • what state that in?

    kingkongchopper aka spazzakingkongchopper aka spazzaGiorno fa
  • Repeatedly calls soybeans grain. Soybeans are NOT a grain.

    TheDocTheDocGiorno fa
  • Really fascinating thanks for sharing

    Paul CoxPaul CoxGiorno fa
  • Destin's a treasure. His humility reminds me of Steve Irwin, and it makes "Smarter Every Day" very relatable and watchable.

    naytchh7naytchh72 giorni fa
  • Last bin I built a few years ago, we used manual cable jacks. Building a bin is one of the hardest jobs there is. These guys are hard as nails.

    DonMegaphoneDonMegaphone2 giorni fa
  • 16:16

    Toxic League [X]Toxic League [X]2 giorni fa
  • If anyone thinks their life sucks, go help an old farmer out by shovelling some grain from his bin that doesnt have a fancy auger or bin sweep in it. lol. #1 reason i moved off the farm and to the city was to not shovel grain anymore lol

    Mitchell MatulaMitchell Matula2 giorni fa
  • The new graphics for Farming Simulator 2021 look real!!

    ScARScAR2 giorni fa
  • Farmers are whiny crybabies. There's too much rain, there's too little rain, there's no market for my crops yada yada yada. Then the Fed's bail them out with our tax dollars. They should sell their land and try to make a living like the rest of us. Small/family farms are not a 21st century business model. Just cause your pappy and his pappy worked the land doesn't give you the right to suck off out tax dollars to keep you afloat.

    Thoughtfulhistory todayThoughtfulhistory today2 giorni fa
  • As a farmer myself I wanted to thank you for this video. A lot of people never see the work that goes into getting food to the table. A lot of people never see the process of the everyday life. I feel you showcased this very, very well. Amazing channel. I've been following for years. RESPECT!

    moedog5087moedog50872 giorni fa
  • Permaculture farming is better. This type of intensive farming destroys the soil. Have to keep adding chemicals to the soil so you can keep growing.

    Typical K!wiTypical K!wi2 giorni fa
  • The music for the montage was a nice choice. Well done! What is the name of it?

    Vincent FreemanVincent Freeman2 giorni fa
  • Farmers are the base of modern society, without them we couldn't have food or grains that we humans eat but also serves as food for cows, and other animals we eat. If there's no food a human can't live and can't produce, can't buy things and use money to get economy running. Farmers are the true mvp!

    JorgGamingCRJorgGamingCR2 giorni fa
  • It’s called a drift pin

    BPMomentsBPMoments2 giorni fa
  • he thinks that combining is the hardest thing to do spraying is way harder

    Jennifer DouglasJennifer Douglas2 giorni fa
  • Idea; install a factory style laser counter, or an incidental scale of some kind(simple impact plate?), and weigh, or count every kernal on the combine. There could also be an infra red moisture sensor incorporated fairly easily. Please tell your friend and maybe he can profit from this idea, so he can expand his farm and take back from the big GMO/gangster companies that are doing alot of harm to our farming brothers.

    Doc said I have IN-ZOMBIE-A Is that badDoc said I have IN-ZOMBIE-A Is that bad2 giorni fa
  • just about every farmer and rancher I know is a smart dude... ya can't build everything out of a hardware store,

    Jim EJim E2 giorni fa
  • No wonder people live in them instead of tearing them down. Only a tornado really hurts them.

    Doc said I have IN-ZOMBIE-A Is that badDoc said I have IN-ZOMBIE-A Is that bad2 giorni fa
  • That's sick!

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  • backbone of China!! we need soya sauce

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  • Very humble

    RZRZ2 giorni fa
  • 10:13 *has vivid flashback* OsMoSiS Is ThE MoVeMeNt Of wAtEr FrOm A hIgH wAtEr PoTeNtIaL tO a LoW wAtEr PoTeNtIaL aCrOsS a PeRmEaBlE mEmBrAnE

    Yugi MutoYugi Muto2 giorni fa
  • lamentablemente en muchos paises incluido el mio al agricultor se le desprecia y se le deja olvidado y sin apoyo... cuando gracias a ellos comemos todos!!!

    MrPZSMrPZS2 giorni fa
  • You just know that whenever there's regulations saying don't walk inside a grain bin etc its because someone at some point has died or been severely injured that way, that's really how most regulations are created.

    JayJay2 giorni fa
  • Genius.

    Pendulous TesticularisPendulous Testicularis2 giorni fa
  • ❤️ awesome video and good knowledge to share man, super like

    Chaitanya PriyathamChaitanya Priyatham2 giorni fa
  • Bless the hard working farmers that help to provide food for us.

  • Ive been paving asphalt since highschool, and have worked with many farmers. They're a different kind of human, hard working and super smart. Hard teachers haha

    Blair SavoieBlair Savoie3 giorni fa
  • Isn't danny the construction guy an actor?

    Prog47Prog473 giorni fa
  • I thought the title said grian bin

    《 spiddolf 》《 spiddolf 》3 giorni fa
  • “Hydraulically jack it” I could only think of one thing.

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    • which one

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  • You should come on out to our oil refinery.

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  • that was unexpectedly interesting

    Camilo RamírezCamilo Ramírez3 giorni fa
  • go to school at a UC in nor cal and much respect gained for all the farmers out there

    Danny GDanny G3 giorni fa
  • its 1:30 A.M. why am i watching this

    TheGreatestTurtle EverTheGreatestTurtle Ever3 giorni fa
  • Farmers and truckers are the backbone of the USA. Dont @ me.

    Kill EveryoneKill Everyone3 giorni fa
    • @ you

      Barta BhausBarta Bhaus18 ore fa
    • @you

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    • @Kill Everyone Why dont @ me?

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  • Wow! They really jacked this job up!

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Everything About Grain Bins (Farmers are Geniuses) - Smarter Every Day 218