Fall Skirmish Trial: Lazy LinksTour

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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  • Fortnite give me A win plsss i only have onde win

    Fireking FirekingFireking Fireking2 mesi fa
  • Put mosty in

    FaZe Lopez TTVFaZe Lopez TTV7 mesi fa
  • Epic you have a glitch where if you do Ui FortniteMares challenges you get a free 350 battle stars the challenge is land at wailing haunted and lucky please fix this

    PricyToasterPricyToaster8 mesi fa
  • Make fortnite in spanish

  • 1

    maxthedead _Zzmaxthedead _Zz9 mesi fa

    Endo GamingEndo Gaming9 mesi fa
  • Please Epic Games return fortnite shop to rascal skin please thanks for the attention

    SoledByGutoSoledByGuto9 mesi fa
  • Lenovo k6 fortnite mobile pls

    gabriel animaçoesgabriel animaçoes9 mesi fa
  • meshooo o

    عبد الله ال سليمانعبد الله ال سليمان9 mesi fa
  • sorry tfue

    FlashpapiiFlashpapii9 mesi fa
  • I have a g4 bike plus the fortnite mobile just pick up the g5 pack it up.

    lKootlKoot9 mesi fa
  • what is fall skirmish

    epic gamer3810epic gamer38109 mesi fa
  • Alguém é br🌽😂

    heitor aracaju gamesheitor aracaju games9 mesi fa
  • Can every new season refresh your refunds

    DR PunNuggetDR PunNugget9 mesi fa
  • Why can't oppo phones use fortnite it is a android phone

    Bmo 2005Bmo 20059 mesi fa
    • I think the design isn't compatable.

      Casey C-ManCoolMan PittCasey C-ManCoolMan Pitt9 mesi fa
  • Rip Anarchy Acres

    Lil CliqueLil Clique9 mesi fa

    coolkid9423coolkid94239 mesi fa
  • Fortnite for Xbox 360 Plis!!!

    Brayan FernándezBrayan Fernández9 mesi fa
    • All I want is for him to go to Xbox 360 so he does not buy me the Xbox One S

      Brayan FernándezBrayan Fernández9 mesi fa
    • Highly doubt it. I think you bring older games on newer consoles than the other way round.

      Casey C-ManCoolMan PittCasey C-ManCoolMan Pitt9 mesi fa
  • Looks good!

    DASH -GDASH -G9 mesi fa
  • Rip tfue

    TFS CrypticTFS Cryptic9 mesi fa
  • R.I.P. Tfue

    Domca26Domca269 mesi fa
  • So Tfue can’t participate???

    Thomas van den BoogaartThomas van den Boogaart9 mesi fa
  • *Will be subscribing to every* *person who who likes this* *comment and subs bois*

    7evenTrxg7evenTrxg9 mesi fa
  • what about tfue

    I'm SexyI'm Sexy9 mesi fa
  • I love golf R.I.P Tfue

    F2p GamerF2p Gamer9 mesi fa
  • Epic Games just doesn't like Tfue to participate man.

    Israel GalvezIsrael Galvez9 mesi fa
  • Nah mate saving up me money for robux

    Ugly GamesUgly Games9 mesi fa
  • Tfue here in last place

    Storm74Storm749 mesi fa
  • 2000 meter glitch here we come

    Storm74Storm749 mesi fa
  • Fistr

    Cuauhtemoc Dominguez HernandezCuauhtemoc Dominguez Hernandez9 mesi fa
  • Ayyyy

    Sudz xdSudz xd9 mesi fa
  • Rip tfue

    SN69 SaltyLemmonSN69 SaltyLemmon9 mesi fa
  • para android

    Paulo HenriquePaulo Henrique9 mesi fa
  • envie os convites

    Paulo HenriquePaulo Henrique9 mesi fa
  • Where you at Tfue?

    ExposemExposem9 mesi fa
  • rip tfue

    ZoeismyhomieZoeismyhomie9 mesi fa
  • Metan primera persona

    pug 10pug 109 mesi fa
  • yo i cant sign into my fortnite i lanauch and nothing happens and i really want to get the skull trooper so please can someone tell me what is happeming

    Brian GarciaBrian Garcia9 mesi fa
  • I played since season 1 does that mean i get purple trooper even though i didnt buy it?

    SinorixSinorix9 mesi fa
  • Fix the Storm

    Derek WhitleyDerek Whitley9 mesi fa
  • I want fortnite for my lg stylo 3 so i can play with my friends

    Timing not210Timing not2109 mesi fa
  • Make The Tactical Shotgun Black. And Please Bring The Tactical SMG Back!

    hBuxxhBuxx9 mesi fa
  • Please read this

    CallMeGoated SkiesCallMeGoated Skies9 mesi fa
  • I’m on iOS iPhoneSE

    CallMeGoated SkiesCallMeGoated Skies9 mesi fa
  • Epic why mobile players can’t update there fortnite it’s no fair I’m 10 and I want the skull trooper :(I can’t get it and it rare

    CallMeGoated SkiesCallMeGoated Skies9 mesi fa
  • Can you release skull trooper again i didnt get the chance to get it today

    Screamliner _Screamliner _9 mesi fa
  • @fortnite my friend was at my house and I was asleep and used my last refund so can I get another my epic user is redheadjack54

    Frostbite GamerzFrostbite Gamerz9 mesi fa
  • Eicp you mutt

    Shayden RiddleShayden Riddle9 mesi fa
  • Add vaulted items in playground

    xXxDEADLINExXxxXxDEADLINExXx9 mesi fa
  • I can't wait to enjoy watching Fortnite streamers playing golf for a few hours. It'll be like a golfing tournament! Oh wait...

    Montez Boyd-StarksMontez Boyd-Starks9 mesi fa
  • Hey fortnite can you do a special skin for me on October 12th and make a special skin for me please

    Kevzilla PlayzKevzilla Playz9 mesi fa
  • epic please i acidentaly bought skull trooper i was saving up for the headless orse man skin and my parents dont let me buy many games so i went to look at the skull troopers styles and i acidentaly pressed the button on my xbox controller

    Snoopy On YTSnoopy On YT9 mesi fa
  • I brought v bucks and a couple days ago my dad card has been losing money and found out someone else been stealing money from it and found out his information ☹

    Proswagger SocProswagger Soc9 mesi fa
  • Get rid of ur game plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ostentatixus YTOstentatixus YT9 mesi fa
  • Donde dejazte a gears of war

    Anonymous 312Anonymous 3129 mesi fa
  • Can you but fortnite in the play store for android please? Like if t this sould happen

    Adventures with MarcusAdventures with Marcus9 mesi fa
  • They shouldn’t make it where u needed to buy in item to play this, unfair to people who don’t buy the BP

    Gaming ChannelGaming Channel9 mesi fa
  • *tfue is not going to play anymore after this* *Sorry bro But Defaults dont have money ;-;*

    Kevin O CuboKevin O Cubo9 mesi fa
  • Support a creator?

    I'm you in the futureI'm you in the future9 mesi fa
  • Like if epic should Bring back factories

    OllieTFlipsOllieTFlips9 mesi fa
  • وربي العرب مظلومين اش ذا وين الترجمه وربي ابلغ عليكم

    المحققً كونانالمحققً كونان9 mesi fa
  • Keep the skull ranger in longer

    MiST NMiST N9 mesi fa
  • Is this real fort nite? Ok them why can’t I play it on a iPhone 6

    Ruesa SaeRuesa Sae9 mesi fa
  • Bring back the tac smg

    Coleblast ‘Coleblast ‘9 mesi fa
  • Pay to win stop it

    Korbin MemesKorbin Memes9 mesi fa
  • 英語分からんw

    動画無しで登録者2525人目指す動画無しで登録者2525人目指す9 mesi fa
  • Quick question of save the world. Is there going to be a new Halloween evemt

    Chris DiazChris Diaz9 mesi fa
  • Pq epic ?

  • Bring back double pump. Something that is actualy skill based.

    Karson PilonKarson Pilon9 mesi fa
    • @Casey C-ManCoolMan Pitt true. But i think they should at least give the pump a buff. I am almost about to switch over to the tac

      Karson PilonKarson Pilon9 mesi fa
    • But other guns could become obsolete.

      Casey C-ManCoolMan PittCasey C-ManCoolMan Pitt9 mesi fa
  • I hat this guy

Fall Skirmish Trial: Lazy LinksTour