Futuristic Technology You Can Buy Today

We dream about what technology the future holds. But many devices exist today that you probably don't know about. Lets find out about some amazing gadgets and technology now!
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SGNL Wristband - www.mysgnl.com
Leap Motion - amzn.to/2KPRC57
Tap - amzn.to/31sUTxn
Tobii Eye Tracker - amzn.to/2KPIAFj
NeuroSky Mindwave - amzn.to/2Ik0cI1
Ametis Futuristic Shower - amzn.to/2X8ZTYH
lunchEAZE - luncheaze.com/
Air Trackers ( Flow - amzn.to/2XmgFDT & MicroBot amzn.to/31v7rEk )
Molecule Analysers www.consumerphysics.com linksquare.io/
Paper-Thin OLED TV - bit.ly/2IKIBHQ
Speakerless TV - amzn.to/31AUPeK
Little Sophia Educational Robot - www.hansonrobotics.com/little-sophia-2/
HEXA Six-Legged Robot -www.vincross.com/hexa
AirSelfie Mini Drone - amzn.to/2Ig1nYA
Podtime Sleeping Pod - www.podtime.co.uk/
Electron Wheel - electronwheel.com/ www.startengine.com/geoorbital-wheel
Translating Earphones amzn.to/2KSzI1J store.google.com/product/google_pixel_buds
esight - www.esighteyewear.com




  • Which piece of tech was your favourite? I want that holographic display!!!! Links in the description if you want to check any of them out!

    • Eye lense

      Futuristic TVFuturistic TV22 giorni fa
    • Be amazed all is favourite

      Futuristic TVFuturistic TV22 giorni fa
    • www.gearbrain.com/sgnl-wristband-kickstarter-review-2628181321.html This one would've been my favorite, if it ever worked..

      Xiomara ClementXiomara Clement25 giorni fa
    • Lemmon Head vefefvfefeefvefvfevef

      Roxana’s Art channelRoxana’s Art channelMese fa
    • BE AMAZED The Mindwave Thing

      Nabbit SubscribeNabbit SubscribeMese fa
  • Now i can use the air tracker to find my brothers fart when i have a stuffed nose or if it gets hot

    Alpha 4Alpha 49 giorni fa
  • I want a pet Hexa Spider. That’s so fucking adorable.

    James BrincefieldJames Brincefield10 giorni fa
  • If I ever bought that wristband I’d definitely turn my ringtone back to the Metal Gear Codec ring

    James BrincefieldJames Brincefield10 giorni fa
  • Lennox is my name what is lennox operating systems

    Lil KyroxterLil Kyroxter11 giorni fa
  • Hi

    Nicholas Lilly llNicholas Lilly ll15 giorni fa
  • Does anyone noticed that the guy on the thumbnail using his phone upside down like he’s listening to music but he left his AirPods behind

    lucian cullinglucian culling21 giorno fa
  • It's illegal to write in red ink in pen in China unless it's for a dead person.

    DeAnthony Matthews Jr.DeAnthony Matthews Jr.22 giorni fa
  • small correction the brain wave device is not the FIRST of its kind commericall, that would be the Nekomimi cat ears www.necomimi.com its not useful for gaming but it does run on brain waves, so the tech has been out for awhile

    Lexx AloliaLexx Alolia23 giorni fa
  • Phones that can Bend? We already had flip phones

    The Soviet ChickenThe Soviet Chicken25 giorni fa
  • 9:58 Anyone see that new Black Mirror episode with Hannah Montana in it? Ashley O, am I right :P

    Xeuz AKXeuz AK26 giorni fa
  • Tried finding the SGNL fingertip phone thing. Half the internet seems to say its a scam. Their website doesn't even work.

    Xeuz AKXeuz AK26 giorni fa
  • Its just waste of money

  • the second one is basically a good version of the xbox kinect

    purple sheppurple shepMese fa
  • Molecular scanners are a scam...

    Sean SpartanSean SpartanMese fa
  • Predict in 2025 SAO will come out

    Night BladeNight BladeMese fa
  • Thank God for those early adopter halfwits who happily shell out the extortionate price of new tech, thereby helping a lot of it to become mainstream, and a helluva lot more refined, powerful and substantially better, at a fraction of the original cost. Whether all of the goodies that we saw here will ever become commonplace... well the jury is still out on that one.

    Infidel GastroInfidel GastroMese fa
  • It's not so futuristic when it's already avaliable. And the aucustic surface crap in the Sony TV actually is pretty old tech now.. It even is in a few phones and itt's been done with various types of surfaces years ago.. So nothing special or futuristic with that tech at all..

    ØysteinØysteinMese fa
  • Time to become a human cyborg!

    Rohit JayRohit JayMese fa
  • ...

    David MillsDavid MillsMese fa
  • 10:30 "Hexa, the six-legged spider robot." Erm, spiders have 8 legs.

    Gary BarnesGary BarnesMese fa
  • 6:50 If you want to piss a bunch of people in a supermarket off because you are touching food they probably want to buy with your toy then don't be suprised if someone come's up to you and say's you are disgusting

    Abi BranningAbi BranningMese fa
  • Where's the bendy phone

    Bomer SquadBomer SquadMese fa
  • Beamazed aka advertising

    Dominic MayneDominic MayneMese fa
  • How futuristic is it if we can buy today?

    Liz MarshallLiz MarshallMese fa
  • The phone is the thumbnail is upside down you can’t get any more clickbait than that

    Jacob OwensJacob OwensMese fa
  • I'm quadriplegic and Tobii Eye tracking is really great for browsing or writing, I don't know what I'd have done without it. Sadly, it is too slow for online gaming.

    MrCookieMonsterMrCookieMonsterMese fa
  • I would love the self heating lunchbox!!! I don't have a microwave at work so my food is always cold 😢 But I can't pay over a hundred dollars for it!

    Chantalle KerrChantalle KerrMese fa
  • Sgnl isn't available to buy Kindly give a link or a similar device name.

    Dr Ankur JoshiDr Ankur JoshiMese fa
  • Little Sophia is Ashley too

    Juan Pedro Dela CruzJuan Pedro Dela CruzMese fa
  • watch the "Ashley too" episode of black mirror, then come back and watch the little sophie part of this

    Suicide TurtleSuicide TurtleMese fa
  • Very informative session. Thanks for sharing

    jose c manueljose c manuelMese fa
  • Well it's the Translating earbuds we can always never officially attached to people and getting to know people

    heechul patienceheechul patienceMese fa
  • There's something poetic about a Halo that cleanses you.

    Natasha FigueroaNatasha FigueroaMese fa
  • wow the ads a strong in this one

    Virtual StripperzVirtual StripperzMese fa
  • Might get luncheaze for school oh wait my new school serves food for free no buying batteries

    screm like flemscrem like flemMese fa
  • Number 6: A six legged robot. I see what you did there

    BossCrazyRossBossCrazyRossMese fa
  • pc

    William Van De KieftWilliam Van De KieftMese fa
  • Thanks for the video as a thanks I will subscribe to be amazed

    Isaac RoblesIsaac RoblesMese fa
  • Fuck fuck fuck

    Zoufishan KhanZoufishan KhanMese fa
  • SGNL never shipped my watch and they never responded to any messages. Took my money and never delivered, total scam company.

    David BDavid BMese fa
    • David B oof

      Duck Duck GooseDuck Duck GooseMese fa
  • why these vids cannot be made with a normal voice?

    Dimitri SanchezDimitri SanchezMese fa
    • They are..

      ØysteinØysteinMese fa
  • Clickbate, the Sgnl is not for sale and never was. Those that recieved the device from crowd sourcing campaigns said it did not work. www.gearbrain.com/sgnl-wristband-kickstarter-review-2628181321.html

    Vernon ColemanVernon ColemanMese fa
  • Most of these inventions: under 300 dollars. Latest phone: over 1000 dollars

    young & dUmByoung & dUmBMese fa
    • Mmm...

      Andrés Eduardo Clavasquin RegaladoAndrés Eduardo Clavasquin Regalado2 giorni fa
    • It's so cheap price

      Futuristic TVFuturistic TV22 giorni fa
  • Wait look at the thumbnail the guy on the left is holding the phone upside down ok then 🤨

    Creeperdude90Creeperdude90Mese fa
  • I just came to say that the phone in the thumbnail is upside down. Okay, bye.

    lena nsfwlena nsfwMese fa
  • Anyone else see in the thumbnail he was holding the phone upside down

    Ngahere MccauleyNgahere MccauleyMese fa
  • They all get connected through your body so none

    Cheezebro4Cheezebro4Mese fa
  • *why don't we know about this? Where's the accurate advertising for these products??*

    Karen CarneyKaren CarneyMese fa
    • @Øystein oh ok

    • Well.. Most of this I have heard of for awhile now and some of it is not even new tech.. And some are prototypes.

      ØysteinØysteinMese fa
    • Government wants to hide it from us

  • I have had the Leap Motion for about 4 years now, and the Tolbi Eye Tracker came with my latest Alienware Laptop. While I don't use it to play games it is used in conjunction with Windows 10 as my password to open Windows. Why $6,000.00 dollars for the shower head. I think I could buy a complete ultra modern shower for less.

    Carman HarmanCarman HarmanMese fa
  • galaxy fold was recalled and they are no longer selling them

    Mr. AnonymousMr. AnonymousMese fa
    • @Mr. Anonymous Yesterdays tech news says it does. According to Samsung..

      ØysteinØysteinMese fa
    • @Øystein no its no longer coming out, this year anyways

      Mr. AnonymousMr. AnonymousMese fa
    • Galaxy Fold was never even released to consumers yet and it's just delayed. It's coming in July or August..

      ØysteinØysteinMese fa
  • Let’s face it. It’s already the future. Edit: HOW ARE NONE OF THIS MADE BY ELON MUSK!!??

    VoidVoidMese fa
    • Because he never really invented anything.

      Maggie MaeMaggie MaeMese fa
  • AMAZING!!!!!

  • Moving forward

    Nizzy Rugez HypeNizzy Rugez HypeMese fa
  • leep motion its bullshit, i have it and i sell it back beack because is bullshit

    Ion GanciuIon GanciuMese fa
  • Thats just the phone though, where is the camera? the video? the apps? everything else that a phone does now? This is gay.

    awakenessawakenessMese fa
  • I don't need this thing Because ain't got a single penny

    Shadow TakaShadow TakaMese fa
    • Same

      DatGorelaBoi NombaUnDatGorelaBoi NombaUnMese fa
  • Oh no.

    Yoruichi ShihouinYoruichi ShihouinMese fa
  • Why do I still have to breath and walk

  • If you can buy it today how the fuck is it futuristic😐🤦🏾‍♂️

    artki 13000artki 13000Mese fa
  • SCIO and similar devices are a scam: it-vision.org/detail/video-VHjmlQdzpW4.html

    Matt ElderMatt ElderMese fa
  • People who tap the desk to enter data will soon end up with very sore hands as a desk has no give.

    Tom TurnbullTom TurnbullMese fa
    • But you won't need to tap on the desk when you can just tap in the air..

      ØysteinØysteinMese fa
  • Says first person shooters. Shows league and fortnite.

    Hill BillHill BillMese fa
  • I want a phone that can give me a good shave and brush my teeth

    PA16803PA16803Mese fa
  • 3:11 Imagine playing Fortnite with that?

    j0nyyj0nyyMese fa
  • I was watching in awe for the whole time this video was playing.

    Heroic ObserverHeroic ObserverMese fa
  • The most expensive toy i got was when i was 10 years old and it was rc car that could transform and then shoot plastic darts it cost around 80$

    oh yeah yeahoh yeah yeahMese fa
  • Ay cuh dass craaaaazy

    Name HereName HereMese fa
  • Why is the phone upsidedown in the thumbnail??

    t3xtt3xtMese fa
    • Maybe because the person in the thumbnail is embarrased to hold a iPhone..

      ØysteinØysteinMese fa
  • 12:50 So who else thought "Star Trek" here? The universal translator is soon here.

    zwippie92zwippie92Mese fa
Futuristic Technology You Can Buy Today