Game of Thrones From Oldest to Youngest

Game of Thrones cast From Oldest to Youngest
In this video I will show you the actors of the hbo show: game of thrones, starting with the oldest moving down to the younger ones.
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  • 1:28 & 7:02 WTF 🤔🤔🤔

  • Most of these people look pretty good for being dead.

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  • Pilou Asbaek I'm older than him by just one day. 😜

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  • 10:38 downtown abbey

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  • Youngest is gilly's boy

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  • Kerry Ingram is so nice

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  • 14:30 stop lying a child plays that role

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  • Bad news Those who was born in '99 are 20 and not 19 😪

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    • I know, and im also speaking of present as 2019. Nvm

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    • I was speaking of present since we are in June now and this video was released 3 month ago.

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    • At the time this video was released Isaac Hempstead was still 19 because this video was released on March and he was born in April.

      Anime LoverAnime LoverGiorno fa
    • @Anime Lover but in this vid, they were born before june and says they are 19. Thats why i say its wrong

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    • Only those who were born before June are 20. Those who were born after July are still 19.

      Anime LoverAnime LoverGiorno fa
  • 10:15 WHAT? He is John Snow. Im triggered

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    • @Gé - Nah I really don't mind. He's both Jon and Aegon so...

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    • Called him on aegon targari3n instead of jon snow

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    • @Gé - what do you mean with "their thing"?

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    • @Hakuna your tatas so u dont mind their thing but this...

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  • Re que ya sabía que emili clark tiene 30 para 31

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  • The fact that Natalie Dormer is 37 blows my mind. I'm 10 years younger than her, I look less, but she still looks younger.

    NevarinNevarin2 giorni fa
  • Damn. Greyworm and Missandei are younger than I thought, as well as Jon.

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  • امزززززززززززز وحده سانساا

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  • The actor who play Margaery Tyrell is 37 years😮😮😮😮

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  • Youngest is little Sam

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  • Omg Sam was the cutest baby ever!!! 11:14

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  • Lyanna marmont is 14 days younger than me

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  • The ages of jojen and meera Reed made me choke

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  • I am born in the same day as emilia clarke

  • Fun fact: The actor who played the High Sparrow was actually offered the role for someone else at the very beginning of Game of Thrones which he rejected. Once he saw how good and successful the show has become, he didn't want to miss all the action and took the role of the High Sparrow Any suggestions on who he could've played at the very beginning of Game of Thrones?

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  • Jeor dude looked like tormund

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  • Everyone who plays someone younger on the show and turns out to be older than me has completely shocked my life.

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  • Aemooooon :(

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  • 12:03 wow He was so young in the other movies. I was “ yeah him 19yo” and then I saw what 29yo Noooooooo stop it !

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  • Tywin, Ser Barristan, Jeor Mormont, Qyburn and Stannis all look younger than they are. Especially Tywin. I didn’t know he was that old...

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  • And i thought margaery was like 23 years old

  • wierd seeing lord varys with hair 😂

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Game of Thrones From Oldest to Youngest