Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 6 | Preview (HBO)

The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.



  • Pls, kill this Bastard of John! Drakaris to him and his family, i Hope kalisi will come buck and kick them all out of the season, the "starks" are worts Then the lennister, use kalisi and Then kill her like that.... Disappointing

    Marcos Vinicius AmadoMarcos Vinicius Amado3 minuti fa
  • Well... as we have seen throughout the entire serie, every farewell is short. So maybe that is a reason why it all ended this way...

    Jhon UpdikeJhon Updike9 minuti fa
  • What was the purpose of Night King? What he want from Bran? We wait so many years to see Cersei killed by bricks

    Mukesh JangraMukesh Jangra14 minuti fa
  • remake season 8

    Mukesh JangraMukesh Jangra19 minuti fa
  • Damn , WTF is that? Jon Snow is another Kingslayer/Queenslayer? WTF is that??? Jon Snow never do that , he is like all good, honorable man and now he kill Queen like man on crack ??? Like COWARD??? Thats terrible, awful idea, he never do that.. I am disapointed....very disapointed.... DO IT AGAIN LAST EPISODE and now do it right....

    KazonacKazonac23 minuti fa
  • So what is the point going back to nights watch now that the night king threat is over the wildlings are allies. So basically it’s like freedom with punishment

    rako branrako bran23 minuti fa
  • Killed, murdered, and many things happens by the whole seasons to know that finally Bran got the iron thrones? This episode doesn't make any sense! And the struggle of danaerys has both-and.

    Haritsah A'yunHaritsah A'yun25 minuti fa
  • They screwed up the serie. 6 super seasons with a scenario worked to the millimeter. And last two botched seasons, the script devoid of depth, common sense! The game of actors is not questioned or even the purpose of the series for the coup is to the entire writing team that I want! How after perfection can we serve spoiled meat to fans who have contributed fifty percents of the success of this show ?! As a reminder without fans without spectators, a serie can not survive more than one season! So when I read that some actors find the petition ridiculous that they turn their tongues 7 times in their mouths and make their minds work before writing similar aberrations

    Sandrine ESandrine E33 minuti fa
  • Booooooo! All the BS prophecies for nothing! U know nothing HBO!

    Oldën GrimseyOldën Grimsey33 minuti fa
  • It's like King Arthur and his Knight. A King or any leader mostly not the one who fight most but the wise and thinker person with not much desire to the throne because He will only think about his people and his country.

    Lidyawati SidaurukLidyawati Sidauruk39 minuti fa
  • i watch heart belongs to drogon and danaerys. it truly does

  • I didn't bothwr to watch the last episode. Can I have the last two books now? Thank you.

    jorge espinhajorge espinhaOra fa
  • Holy fucking shit this was bad

    Cason HesterCason HesterOra fa
  • Thanks Douche & Douche

    Skankhunt42Skankhunt42Ora fa
  • What an epic fail the ending

    Κατερίνα GΚατερίνα GOra fa
  • Joffrey : I'm the most hated character in the series Bran : Hold my throne

    Ricky KRicky KOra fa
  • Why is everyone assuming Dany is dead? Jon got stabbed to death and he’s still alive...

    William Fribert LindskogWilliam Fribert LindskogOra fa
  • Probably the best show on Tv ever just crashed and burned in the last season. Gutted...

    Shaun Jack BeaverShaun Jack BeaverOra fa
  • oh so cute! you had to play "Friends" soundtrack at the end of last episode.

    YaroslavYaroslav2 ore fa
  • The best king they could have, Bran (!) leaves the small council to take a nap and find Drogon! Meanwhile the rest are left worrying about setting priorities straight: Brothels or ships. In a destroyed city where the only living people are burnt and dead children are scattered all over kings landing. Jon being a Targaryen, the biggest secret of the series thrown to the trash! Seriously, how you wasted the series...

    Nat YNat Y2 ore fa
  • No one got what they wanted only Sansa and Arya got.

    kimly sandkimly sand2 ore fa
  • No inside the episode for the Finale?

    Justin PulitzerJustin Pulitzer2 ore fa
  • They hinted at dany going insane since the start.

    TomatoTomato2 ore fa
  • TRASH!

    Jojo StarJojo Star2 ore fa
  • click here please:)

    Erdem KabaErdem Kaba2 ore fa
  • Final hatta son sezon beklentileri karsilamadi.aryanin kilik degistirme gibi bir yetenegi vardi bunu hic kullanmadi.gece kralini yillardir buyuttuler iste gelio gelio dedik bir bölümde basitce kendisi ve butun ordusu öldü.johnun sevgilisini öldürmeside cok sacmaydi.dahada ötesi johnun kral olmayip da tekrar surgune gitmesi gittigi yerdede artik ne yabanilerin nede gece kralinin bir tehlike arz etmemesi ve duvarin yikilmis olmasida tabi sacmalikti.branin kral olmasini kimse beklemiyordu.krall ya dannynim yada johnun olmasi gerekliydi.bir diger kafama takilan sey de aryanin sörsiyi öldürmek icin onun oldugu binanin icine kadar giripte tazinin onu ikna edip geri dönmeside cok sacmaydi.

    Erdem KabaErdem Kaba2 ore fa
  • 165k of dumb fans

    Felipe ZorziFelipe Zorzi2 ore fa
  • lesbians homosexuals incest perversion = games of thrones forgetten

    Allahım adildirAllahım adildir2 ore fa
  • The best TV show mess up the story lines...HBO really ?? You need to fix this problem ASAP! Please do it... fans will burn you like Hell. The world will laugh at you bc u ruined the end of the season,

    Doxil vikDoxil vik2 ore fa
  • Complete nonsense. What other elected king? Pindos absolutely fucked with their democracy.

    AlWer70AlWer702 ore fa
  • While watching 79 minutes of this magnificent peace of shit episode finale I though the writers ware laughing and spiting on my face the entire time i watch. THERE IS NO WORD TO DESCRIBE THIS , it's painful for us the fans spending this whole time watching, believing , smiling, AND TO GET THIS?

    MyDark DesireMyDark Desire3 ore fa
  • Recast the whole episode!! Every like to this comment is "yes"

    Brick ItUpBrick ItUp3 ore fa
  • Everything ruined in one single episode! Bravo

    Brick ItUpBrick ItUp3 ore fa
  • N

    WALAA GHWALAA GH3 ore fa
  • I believe it will be next session whit a better ending

    rene preciadorene preciado3 ore fa
  • D&D are good adapters, dont get me wrong. They did seasons 1-5 nearly without a flaw. But they aren't so good as independent writers, obviously. I somewhat blame this on GRRM for taking so long with his books. The time it takes to write each book gets exponentially longer (the time between the first two books was only a year or two), and this combined with HBO's rushing the series (which they shouldve made the show at least 3 seasons longer) culminated in a shitshow, to put it lightly.

    P GP G3 ore fa
  • I wish I could say that after watching this episode I felt sad or bittersweet, but it's more of like feeling empty and dull. Thanks to the actors and all people involved (except for D&D) for the previous good times.

    GladiatoratGladiatorat3 ore fa
  • This season was Nothing but Memes

    Orbus DeadsignOrbus Deadsign3 ore fa
  • Jon went North Arya went West Drogon went East and the show went South 💀

    shreya anandshreya anand3 ore fa
  • Can we all write the letter request to HBO to laid off directors of game of thrones? want to know who was the writer to make the end of the season.

    Doxil vikDoxil vik4 ore fa
  • D&D fucking losers they ruined the show

    Khalid NourKhalid Nour4 ore fa
  • One of my least favorite episodes in the series. I'm not a huge GOT fan as 70% of every episode is just talking back and forth. You could say they stayed true to that algorithm, as this episode was literally just more talking. It's as if the show actually ended 1 episode prior and they were just cleaning up loose ends.

    The World Today TVThe World Today TV4 ore fa
  • Who among you GoT fans are thinking the same as I am, that there is a slight possibility that due to the magnanimous success of Game of Thrones, there will be a SEQUEL after the PREQUEL they are doing now. Just like some US Series that keeps coming back to TV. (Like Prison Break) Plot of the Story will be QUEEN DAENERYS might be ALIVE and PREGNANT with JON's CHILD. Drogon take the dead Dany and fly somewhere else in an island of volcanoes where the Dragons anciently lives. Since Dany is the UNBURNT QUEEN, Drogon might put her inside a mystical Volcano and she gets preserved and incubated. Dany's HEART repairs like (Bella of TWILIGHT) she's in deep coma while she is slowly coming to life because of the tiny heartbeat of a fetus in her womb. The fetus grows to a baby in 9 months that she is in comma. She opened her eyes and gets back to life, when she is about to give birth. Then she gave birth to Jon's child (THE PRINCE THAT WAS PROMISED), a SON with a twin dragon egg. Dany held him in her arms along with the small dragon egg, as time goes the CHILD grows strong with magical power along with his dragon twin. Fast forward, They will come back to Westeros to regain their Targaeryan dignity and this time defend Westeros and be a good ruler to defend the innocent, Dany atoned for her crimes. They will come in surprise when there is no hope for Westeros, this time the 7 Kingdom are helpless to battle against the furious rage of the resurrected Night King's wrath. That eventually was a reincarnation of RHAEGAR TARGARYEN, he sold his soul to a mystical creature so he can get back to life, thinking he can get back with Lyana, but ended up being in the body of the MAD NIGHT KING. At the dark battlefield, when there is no hope for Jon and all 7 kingdoms his men where surrounded by thousands of Night Walkers, and BRAN had a vision of Rhaegar to claim the throne. At their hopeless despair, they all remembered 16 years ago, they battled the Night King and won but this time seems to be a losing desperate battle, they can see doom in front of their eyes, they already and being outnumbered by Night Walkers inching just a meter away from them. Jon recalled his life and flashbacks on how he met Dany, fell in love with her, then killed her and with a tear in his eyes shout with all his might and attacked, "THIS IS FOR MY ETERNAL QUEEN!!!", then there comes a Lightning that lit up the dark sky and a roaring thunder, then comes Dany flying on top of Drogon, and a blonde teenager prince riding his twin WHITE DRAGON. 😍 Ahhh, How wonderful where our imaginations can fly... 😂😂😂 (This is just me thinking) 😜

    DCM DMDCM DM4 ore fa
  • The real question is where did drogon go

    Mehdi dzMehdi dz4 ore fa
  • David Benioff and D.B Weiss just “microwaved” the final season of Game of Thrones.

    StryderStryder4 ore fa
  • There's a saying in Egypt "الطبخة الجميلة المرشوش عليها تراب" which means "A delicious meal but covered with dirt". That's what D&D did. They helped bake a beautiful cake but in the end, they spread shit all over it instead of frosting. finishing your good job matters you assholes. I hate you for what you did, for a 10 years long hard work. That EPIC didn't deserve that fairytale and dull ending.

    Ahmad El SherbiniAhmad El Sherbini5 ore fa
  • Fans : Jon Snow must be a king D&D : wake up motherfucker it's my film bitch. Fans : holy shit

    Daeng MakassarDaeng Makassar5 ore fa
  • I miss the feelings that I've experienced watching the first five seasons

    Marouane ChabiliMarouane Chabili5 ore fa
  • Dumb : how bad do you want us to make got's final to "subverse" fan's expectations ? Dumber : yes

    Ryan RaxRyan Rax5 ore fa
  • HBO epic failed at the final season! I wasted my 8 years to watch the TV show till the end of the season the worst ending!

    Doxil vikDoxil vik5 ore fa
  • Dexter : i have the worst ending in TV history. GOT : hold my script.

    Ryan RaxRyan Rax5 ore fa
  • What i didnt see and i wanted to see: Daenerys on iron throne which she deserved Jon shows up as Aegon Targerion and people reaction Cercei die by the prophecy Cercei Sansa encounter Arya Nymeria together Arya faceless man reunion Prince who was promised theory Bran fly or actually do something usefull by warging in the war Varys die in that stranger place not in Kings Landing Jon killing the night king Jon, Gendry and Hound to see how Arya fights and their reactions Sansa love interest

    Fake HesapFake Hesap5 ore fa
  • So is this really the 8th season???. No kidding right?? Cersei took revenge perfectly with everyone who tormented her. She blew up the sept. And also killed that women who said SHAME while walking down to the red keep. She killed Ellario's daughter and all was perfect but when we were expecting her to die a worst death well a brick falls and she dies....WOW what a mind blowing idea to kill her. The best scene ever in the whole Game Of Thrones. If there is an Oscar for best scene in the whole history of television and movies then that would obviously be getting one.😆😆😆😂😂😂😂

    n rohitn rohit5 ore fa
  • Season 1-3 were good because they were just like in the books. Since season 4 the series werent and became everytime a little bit stranger and now its the biggest shit on earth.

    EinHeiliger 95EinHeiliger 955 ore fa
  • Twinkle

    Reyes BbqReyes Bbq5 ore fa
  • What is the mystery behind the night King? What happened to daario naharis? What happened to the faceless man who trained Arya? What happened to the (green eyes) that Arya was supposed to shut forever ? I don't know about the wall but magically it's not destroyed and it's back on it's feet again, khaleesi's death was so cheap, So many unanswered questions and so many plot holes, and in my opinion, game of thrones needed a darker ending with a twist, not a happy ending.

    Ryan RaxRyan Rax5 ore fa

    mo0o0o0dy100mo0o0o0dy1005 ore fa
  • Very disappointed!!!! Director mess up the story lines. the final season not make any sense! Jon killed deanery!? What! , bran stark became a king! What!? Feel like HBO rushed to finish the season. Cersei ! She a bad Queen from the beginning and at end she got trapped then died! She not deserved to die like that bc she have been killed a lot people.

    Doxil vikDoxil vik5 ore fa
  • Worst ending ever, Booo! 👎👎👎

    Ethos Data InformaticsEthos Data Informatics6 ore fa
  • Jon snow just become next Maester Aemo, how sad is that!

    GRIMM 1880GRIMM 18806 ore fa

    Daiyrbek KenzhebaiDaiyrbek Kenzhebai6 ore fa
  • Cómo dejaron que se filtrara el final? Si al menos hubiera sido una sorpresa me habría emocionado, pero solo estuve rogando que no fuera ese el final. Fue realmente aburrido. Que triste.

    ArdillitaSandraArdillitaSandra6 ore fa
  • what a shame

    ParaZitParaZit6 ore fa
  • How did you manage to make a finale that shit?

    George MorrisGeorge Morris6 ore fa
  • End was so dissapointing after all glory wars. I was expencting someone better on the throne.

    Mehmet YokMehmet Yok6 ore fa
  • Azor Ahai??? Wtf?

    LillyAndoraLillyAndora6 ore fa
  • Petition:

    Александр МакедонскийАлександр Македонский6 ore fa
  • The end Is coming

    Jacobo LozanoJacobo Lozano6 ore fa
  • And now they're back to politics and the wheel of bullshit, so nothing really mattered. Night King winning would be so much more satisfying to a series that started of subverting boring Hollywood expectations... This series had the potential to become the greatest and end like the greatest. Maybe HBO decides to remake GOT with genius writers and hopefully the same cast. *throws money*

    kyuuyoshibikyuuyoshibi6 ore fa
  • shame and disappointment.

    Александр МакедонскийАлександр Македонский6 ore fa
  • Episode 6 was actually one of the better episodes of season 8. But that might say more about the low quality of the rest of the season. Still, however, I found episode 6 to be almost enjoyable to watch. A bit cringeworthy sometimes, but quite alright most of the time. D&D might not be the worst writers in human history after all. Maybe they are just the worst writers of the last 50 years.

    EndstationEndstation6 ore fa
  • Bran king makes no sense whatsoever. Season one Westeros will never have Bran as king, Robert the conqueror was king, Bran as king is just nonsense.

    w8l7sw8l7s6 ore fa
  • been an amazing epic ending.

    tatt oo stickertatt oo sticker6 ore fa
  • F*** you HBO. If i pay money for you i don't want to see D&D couple of writers :((((

    Stepan StepanovStepan Stepanov6 ore fa
  • Worst episode in the whole series, hands down.

    w8l7sw8l7s6 ore fa
  • Bran the Broken, Jon the Cuckold, Sansa the Queen of Scots, Ser Bronn the Whore Monger of Blackwater, Lady Arya the Social Media Travel Influenced, Lady Brienne of Pegging, Tyron Lannister the Kings Jester and Ser Davos the Master of Reading Children’s Books. Thank you all! 🙏

    Muk BangMuk Bang7 ore fa
  • I won't dump on the show, that's all everybody is doing. I just hope they all see each other again, it's crazy to think that the oldest of the bunch Jon, is what, probably 26-30 years old? Bran the youngest is probably what, 18? They've lived 4 lifetimes at such young ages Be different if they were all old and going off their separate ways, but they are way to young to not make the effort.

    Chris PiperChris Piper7 ore fa
  • What and the fucking fuck was that. I feel the writers of this season were literally trying to fuck the whole series on purpose.

    DaSmasher614 _DaSmasher614 _7 ore fa
  • I cant stop watching the Mhysa scene ... THAT is the real Daenerys. Ruthless and great at the same time. I dont know who the hell is this mad girl. Poor mother of dragons , her character was completely butchered. Becouse you know... a strong woman that wants to be a ruler has to become crazy and killed in the most pathetic way. Lazy writing.

    emily gonzalezemily gonzalez7 ore fa
  • I think the best idea HBO present an alternate ending because no one like this final of 8 seasons.

    octa hernan espin medinaocta hernan espin medina7 ore fa
  • Bravo on keeping to your course and guiding this story to a magnificent end. Thanks for not picking some trite nod to a happy ending. Genius pick of the least assuming - least expected candidate as the winner of the "game." Marvelous trick - the one person who wasn't playing the game, wins. And Tyrion as his hand... nice touch. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!

    Ray Wyman JrRay Wyman Jr7 ore fa
    • Ray Wyman Jr It was an awful season with cringeworthy and retarded writing. It was good that Dany became mad and several other things were good. But the way we got there was by some of the least convincing and most rushed crap that I have ever seen on television. The fact that ”Dany kinda forgot about the Iron fleet”, as D&D themselves stated, despite discussing it several times in previous episodes, the extreme plot armor and stupid decisions and strategy in episode 3, Vary’s suddenly retarded risk-loving behaviour, Dany’s sudden descent into madness that made no sense whatsoever because they had not spent any time working on her character arc, and so on. The list is infinite. Only a retarded 5-year old think this is good writing. Also, most good ideas during the last episode were from G.R.R.M., right? D&D are simply the worst writers in human history. Sorry for my english.

      EndstationEndstation6 ore fa
  • WORST. ENDING. EVER. This episode was beyond disappointing. She was mhysa , breaker of chains, and ends as a mad bitch that kill thousands of innocents people becouse .... lazy writing. Bran the broken ?! are you FUCKING kidding me ? What a shitty finale. Got was one of my favourite shows, but THIS is pure garbage. WE deserve better.

    emily gonzalezemily gonzalez7 ore fa
  • I was waiting for the dragon to find Jon and take him back to the top of kings landing for an epic chant from everyone who heard about his claim to the throne. It would have made up for all the stupidity in this season.

    DaSmasher614 _DaSmasher614 _7 ore fa
  • Okay unpopular opinion but...... The actual finale of this season wasnt as bad as it could have been, considering how week the season was from episode 3 onwards... I actually liked the final episode and i feel like it was the best wrap up possible taking in consideration the problems the show has been facing since season 7...

    Tomás AzeiteiroTomás Azeiteiro7 ore fa
    • +Endstation yes completely agree... it was waaay too rushed

      Tomás AzeiteiroTomás AzeiteiroOra fa
    • Tomás Azeiteiro I agree that episode 6 was a bit better than expected. But the season could have been so much better with 10 episodes and other writers.

      EndstationEndstation6 ore fa
  • Babam anam ölse bu kadar üzülmezdim amk... Nasıl biter lan 8 yıl be...

    Rabbit - PUBG MobileRabbit - PUBG Mobile7 ore fa
  • Script of shit

    Maycon LealMaycon Leal7 ore fa
  • final büyük bir hayal kırıklığı. amk ...

    mehmet canmehmet can7 ore fa
  • I thought April Fools Day was a month ago.

    Edward BersinEdward Bersin7 ore fa
  • The legend says Drogon is looking for writers

    dimis danisdimis danis7 ore fa
  • at the end this episode was a failure

    Adriana VegaAdriana Vega7 ore fa
  • And now the most useless character sits in the throne, yeah... Bran, the true villain of the story. Jon is the real hero who fight his entire life saving others to end like a loser and a bastard! Well done, all this years waiting to get what... pure shit!

    Siulkas ReivaxSiulkas Reivax8 ore fa
  • Why was it snowing when in the last episode was sunny and summer like? Such a distasteful season so much lack of creativity and care. Wasted potential for what could've been an amazing epic ending.

    Bluer SoraBluer Sora8 ore fa
  • Idiocy on monumental level. To infinity and back Bran : I could never be Lord of Winterfell, i am the 3 eyed raven now. King? Fuck yeah!

    zpetarzpetar8 ore fa
  • *Tyrion:* _Who has a better story than...Bran the Broken..._ _Me:_ *"ERRRR LIKE, EVERYONE ELSE T-DAWG. LIKE ANY OTHER PERSON IN THE REALM. LIKE LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE.* No shade though."

    S MacS Mac8 ore fa
  • *...ermmmm.*

    S MacS Mac8 ore fa
  • This last episode was so disappointing. Anyone else could've written a better ending..heck, I could've written a better ending🙄

    Rochelle SharmRochelle Sharm8 ore fa
  • Вот финальная серия заканчивается и ты просто сидишь в тишине и спрашиваешь себя "что.это.за.х*ня?" Почему сценаристы так ненавидят Джона Сноу? Он прошел такой сложный путь, стольких потерял, умер бл*ть и воскрес, взял на себя огромное бремя и убил поехавшую королеву, понимая что если этого не сделать, они там все в крови утонут, и вместо награды за то что поступал не как удобно, а как правильно - его отправили бл*ть жить в лес!! Сын Таргариена прошедший такой путь, на котором было сосредоточено столько внимания будет теперь тупо жить как одичалый! Вау! Какой я делаю из этого вывод? Поступаешь по совести, стараешься обойтись малыми жертвами, не пускаешь слюни на трон и не плетешь интриги? - получишь ровным счетом ни.ху.я. Хорошо если живым останешься, и то ладно. Все в конце такие за столом сидят, хихихаха, руками Джона снесли кровавую королеву и нормально все у них, не смогли отстоять наследника Таргариена у каких-то безупречных! Они вообще с каких пор решать то стали? Ну а Дени, на самом деле, убила ее болезненная жажда власти, которая ее превратила в монстра, с безумными глазами вещающего про мирлюбовьдобро , при этом планируя и дальше "освобождать" несчастных людишек. В итоге из всех самым мудрым оказался бедный осиротевший ДРОГОН, который , уничтожил железяку, ради которой столько крови пролилось. Он настолько устал наблюдать за людской возней, что просто свалил от них куда подальше. Жаль его, совсем один остался.. Бран может быть и хорошая кандидатура , ведь нет у него по сути нет эмоций, амбиций, страстей всяких, а значит будет принимать рациональные решение..но какой же он ОВОЩ! Ему же вот просто похер, его прикатили он такой "вы там сами разберитесь" и обратно поехал мультики смотреть. Короче, финал какой-то безрадостный , как будто все совсем неправильно и не на своих местах, кроме какого-то тоскливого ощущения - не осталось ничего.Многие фанатские теории были куда интереснее, логичнее и глубже, а тут..просто сказать нечего.Просто обидно за такой сериал, можно было снять действительно достойный конец, а не вот эту ересь.Просто поразилo слив Дени, начиная от ее безумия и заканчивая смертью (почему-то на входе к пленному стоят безупречные и забирают оружие, а у королевы даже одного не стоит), то, что опять же безупречные тупо забили на ее смерть и не перерезали всех к херам, то, что какой-то левый инвалид, не хотевший власти в предыдущих сезонах, тупо берет корону со словами: "Ты еще спрашиваешь? А зачем я здесь по вашему?", то, что главнейшую угрозу сериала - КН, слили за одну серию, причем даже не Джон, а опять же левая Ария, зато "вау, типа эффект ниажиданасти, ета жи так крута, да" (нет), наитупейшие сливы Рейгеля и Миссандеи и еще море не логичных моментов.Мда. Press F, Game of Thrones.

    Emil XalilovEmil Xalilov8 ore fa
  • fucking shit

    Maxim DavydovMaxim Davydov8 ore fa
  • Damn. OK I was pissed. Won't lie, I work a lot and woke up at 4am to watch the finale. I am sure I liked some comments bashing the writers (reaction vs. responding) here is my response. A. Dany: It's logical for her to die, but why can't we have the process. Hold our hands through the mental deterioration and motives for the actions. You justified in a sense so many evil doings of others, but Dany, just, what had her cycle? Was at the wrong time all of these bad things happened to her? That arc is unfinished B. Bram: So he knew he was going to be King and played everyone? How is he better than Dany as a leader if he knew the outcome and showed no internal distress for sitting on this information? I am placated with an even more evil leader than Cerci by the definition of sitting on info and not acting? This history info he has is why he is a good leader, but showed he does nothing to head off disaster, so why is that justifiable? C. Jaime and Cersi: Beautiful ending, but where are the a ha moments of clarity? Can we be shown the flashbacks and realizations that this is meant to be? More something. D. Jon Snow: Well he couldn't lie that he killed Dany, understood. But we couldn't delve harder into why he would not make such a great leader. Dany would run him, understood. But, even the red wedding and ned starks death were necessary and was understood, but I simply feel foolish for believing he just ran North of the wall without some form of closure or explanation. Arya could have put on his face and done it. E. Sansa and Arya: dammit great job here, but Arya had many face powers and barely used it. Hell I feel Sansa and Tyrion were the only completed, closures of this break up., You guys broke up with me and left me with so many questions I can't heal lol. I judge and have lifted what I expect from an amazing series based upon the standards you have set. Thank you for writing and directing such a wonderful series. I have never felt so invested, manipulated, pissed, excited, angry, betrayed, basically everything I need in a dysfunctional high passion relationship. You broke the mold, the cast phenomenal, staging, action, crew, everything and everyone just set the bar so high. I think it will be a long time before a series catches on this much. For that, thank you all and best of wishes on the next projects.

    Asia JohnsonAsia Johnson8 ore fa
  • Worst fucking season ever wasted my time watching this bullshit

    RandomRandom8 ore fa
Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 6 | Preview (HBO)