I Dropped Vending Machines 100 Times And This Is What Happened

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Rules for Vending Machine 100 Drops
1. LTN can only loot Vending Machines
2. LTN can loot ammo boxes
3. LTN can use vehicles
4. LTN cannot loot player weapons (G1-G50)
5. LTN can loot 1 player weapon per kill (G51-G100)
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  • Try Mountain Dew Amp Game Fuel Today! Use code "20LTN" at checkout to save 20%. Mountain Dew Amp Game Fuel - amzn.to/2WAraDJ 20% Discount Valid 6/9 - 6/17

    Luke TheNotableLuke TheNotableMese fa
    • Maybe because u already had gliders

      Bsjjs HahBsjjs HahGiorno fa
    • 69

      GremanationsGremanationsGiorno fa
    • you say gold pump when it is a combat

      Joel TaylorJoel Taylor7 giorni fa
    • It tastes litt

      - Wolfie -- Wolfie -8 giorni fa
    • Updated challenge idea: treat everything like a vending machine. Even chests or loot crates. And if we wanna go insane you can also extend this rule to llamas where you only get to pick one item. Trap or heal.

      Dominic CocciaDominic Coccia16 giorni fa
  • Why do your shotguns all sound like the gold pump?

    CS7SimmoCS7SimmoOra fa
  • I’m so thirsty stop drinking

    Mahoon_A BTWMahoon_A BTW2 ore fa
  • Because u have gliders already

    Ezra AdisaEzra Adisa5 ore fa
  • But when you use a wong range wifle lol

    hard corehard core6 ore fa
  • the reason you didn't pick gliders was because you already had some

    RLX CbugRLX Cbug7 ore fa
  • 1v1 plz my epic name is howyougoing

    Braydon MundyBraydon Mundy8 ore fa
  • LTN WANTED 20 gliders

    Rock WeexRock Weex16 ore fa
  • Why does his combat make the gold pump sound

    CreeperYTCreeperYT17 ore fa
  • subscribed because I love mountindew

    Verzin EclipseVerzin Eclipse17 ore fa
  • One time I ordered something from amazon and it took 7 months...

    Enrique RubayizaEnrique Rubayiza20 ore fa
  • On Game #9 he said “Long ranged wifle”

    Memes GDMemes GD21 ora fa
  • Watch game 72 he had a epic shot gun but he took. The uncommon shotgun

    Spike TurtleSpike Turtle22 ore fa
  • Don't know why,but your face reminds me of Matt LeBlanc

    Dar dar BinksDar dar Binks22 ore fa
  • Says *purple pump* pulls out combat shotgun 2:53

    Richard WildeRichard WildeGiorno fa
  • 0:53 Triggered me He could have gone through the door

    Dreamzy 2Dreamzy 2Giorno fa
  • I cant play with ballers, when someone shoots me im always confident that i will kill him and always die😂

    Vladis DrachVladis DrachGiorno fa
  • I wonder what his favourite drink is

    OY TrickshotsOY TrickshotsGiorno fa
  • Fishstick... Armed with a laser VR headset... His vains are pumping full of g-fuel...

    kim jenkinskim jenkinsGiorno fa
  • "When All You Have Is A Wong Wanged Wifle" - Luck TheNotable

    Ogclassic1870Ogclassic1870Giorno fa
  • 2:52 dats not a pump

    Ark ManArk ManGiorno fa
  • This is how many times he died to fall damage ⬇️

    Mystic BoMaR ___Mystic BoMaR ___Giorno fa
  • fishstick is a bitchy skin

    The CatMasterThe CatMasterGiorno fa
  • How many times did this guy lose this video? I’m not asking for likes like other people.

    Ungrateful FattyUngrateful FattyGiorno fa
    • 91 times.

      hdn tRaShCaNhdn tRaShCaNGiorno fa
  • For the next video do I dropped hot spots 100 times

    ElZapato 73ElZapato 73Giorno fa
  • This is how many times Luke says Mountain Dew amp game fuel | |

    monkapoulsmonkapoulsGiorno fa
  • Luke: *gets a infaltry rifle Luke 2.0:* dude get the rockets Rocket launcher: am I a joke to you?

    Dreamingdragon11Dreamingdragon112 giorni fa
  • 18:29 if you pause it, THERE WAS MINIS

    SSN Dr. PhilSSN Dr. Phil2 giorni fa
    • Next to the chest

      SSN Dr. PhilSSN Dr. Phil23 ore fa
    • SSN Dr. Phil where

      gamingwithjayden2 roblox games and moregamingwithjayden2 roblox games and moreGiorno fa
  • U cheated 19:23

    pewdiepie V2pewdiepie V22 giorni fa
  • 9:44 you already had gliders

    Sawyer lozierSawyer lozier2 giorni fa
  • How are you in optic

    Heath BallardHeath Ballard2 giorni fa
  • He missed shield where the default was

    Try me or else PwezzTry me or else Pwezz2 giorni fa
  • SUCK

    ActuallyEliteActuallyElite2 giorni fa
  • 21:31 that’s my friend who eliminated you

    xd Aarav17xd Aarav172 giorni fa
    • 91 times

      hdn tRaShCaNhdn tRaShCaNGiorno fa
  • A purple pump.....ya I wish

    Wolf BoyYTWolf BoyYT2 giorni fa
  • 1:09 emmmmmmm.... the shotgun ?

    τσικι channelτσικι channel2 giorni fa
  • Number 1 but then came number 2 and then I clogged the toilet Ok -_-

    aidanROBLOXaidanROBLOX2 giorni fa
  • 7:42 it says GAME#PEELY

    Layton the ok GamerLayton the ok Gamer3 giorni fa
  • On game 81 did you see minis

    ItsAlex128ItsAlex1283 giorni fa
  • The default how killed you at happy hamlet was not at 100 100

    Little KnightLittle Knight3 giorni fa
  • I love your narrating it should be Luke TheNarrator

    Sled JunkiezSled Junkiez3 giorni fa
  • 21:43 chicken wick

    ThorThor3 giorni fa
  • 6:31 GaMe 15 DrOPINg wiTH BiG ChUnGUs

    Funtime slykie GamingFuntime slykie Gaming4 giorni fa
  • LAwnG WANge WiFlE

    Funtime slykie GamingFuntime slykie Gaming4 giorni fa
  • Any one 2020

    Brandi BermeaBrandi Bermea4 giorni fa
  • Panda team leader is my fav skin

    mc nugget707mc nugget7074 giorni fa
  • 2:49 called a combat a pump

    Kane InfernoKane Inferno4 giorni fa
  • I dropped of high ground 100 times and died and this is what happened

    TOMMTtheDRUMkidTOMMTtheDRUMkid4 giorni fa
  • I killed Luke in game 6! 😝

    MankiManki4 giorni fa
  • Ltn won with one gun I can’t win with a fully gold inventory

    Sylently GamingSylently Gaming4 giorni fa
  • My two favorite you tubers (pewdiepie) are sponsored by game fuel

    Random ShowRandom Show4 giorni fa
  • Dang u ugly but love our vidoes

    Skateboarding NateSkateboarding Nate4 giorni fa
  • In game 9 you could’ve gotten the RPG so he could have died but your choice

    FGbeast Fortnite GodFGbeast Fortnite God4 giorni fa
  • Bunker jonesy did damage you

    samurai kirkysamurai kirky5 giorni fa
  • Do it piss any one else off how he jumps from his structure and has gliders but doesn’t use them no hate just saying

    lil skettylil sketty5 giorni fa
  • Are you a dwarf??

    Future ‘Future ‘5 giorni fa
  • Wong Wang Wifle 4:13

    Davis ShumakerDavis Shumaker5 giorni fa
  • Game 81 in the pirate camp there were minis

    Elite ClapzzElite Clapzz5 giorni fa
    • did u like watch the video or

      IndentationsFBRIndentationsFBR4 giorni fa
  • 10 drops salty springs and this is what happens

    Barb R.D.Barb R.D.5 giorni fa
  • Didn’t find any shields... @18:30

    K BossK Boss6 giorni fa
  • Is mountain dew game fuel a energy drink or soda

    plexi _.plexi _.6 giorni fa
  • U didn't take gliders because u already had gliders

    Deborah PriorDeborah Prior7 giorni fa
  • Nobody: Not a single soul: Luke TheNotable: THeN i FLew mYsElf dIrEcTLy iNtO tHE sUn.

    Alexander KregerAlexander Kreger7 giorni fa
  • ☺ 👔 👖 👢 This is Bonnie like 1like=1year of age That's see how old is will get!!

    See ya laterSee ya later7 giorni fa
    • See ya later these comments suck

      Water BottleWater Bottle6 giorni fa
  • I dropped block 100 times and this is what happened like this so he can see

    Josh BealJosh Beal7 giorni fa
  • Purple pump 2:53

    Nsb_ ShawNsb_ Shaw7 giorni fa
  • 23:14 " I made aquientences with this bunker jonesy he didnt hit me once" look closely, the bunker jonesy hit him

    MouseLMouseL7 giorni fa
  • I thought you said you were a shark not a fish look at 16:10

    kishinhunter8kishinhunter87 giorni fa
  • defaults get targeted so much

    KillermansionKillermansion7 giorni fa
  • 100 drops and 100 kils

    Alex Vlog'sAlex Vlog's7 giorni fa
I Dropped Vending Machines 100 Times And This Is What Happened