Joe Rogan Experience #1284 - Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock is an English author and journalist, well known for books such as “Fingerprints Of The Gods” & “Magicians of the Gods”. His new book "America Before" comes on out April 23.



  • Some tablets say the olmecs were brought from the middle east by thoth and began the aztec and maya

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  • Could the device be the ancient cronomiter?

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  • And find out where rh- bloodtypes pop up

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  • A simple timelaps of our full story

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  • They don't understand, that most people that smoke cannabis are dopey morons who use it to pass the time and are not looking for some enlightening and humbling experience

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  • My interpretation of those bags are the mind - The container of thoughts.

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  • Fuckin love Graham Hancock

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  • There is no such thing as "mainstream science", there only is science and pseudo science. Science means using the scientific method, which is objective. It means using positive evidence to prove a theory. Pseudo science means saying "Science can't prove X, therefore Y must be right". And that exactly is the only argument Graham ever uses. He shows no positive evidence at all. It's like saying "Steven Hawking couldn't definetly explain dark energy, therefore his entire work must be wrong and creationism is right!"

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  • If the idea if DMT giving people the visions of aliens, then why was it given to the ancient people as a gift for civilization? Was this the key to seeing the actual gods?

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  • The gov is a peice of shit, they started the war on drugs to criminalize the people against wars.

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  • SALUT Graham ,i have love you for a long time ,my wife love your voice,you have been around for a long time, you journey give today fruits of freedom ,thank you very much MONSIEUR HANCOCK thierry

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  • After reading “Fingerprints of the Gods” about 12 years ago, I began to really question academia, and present civilization. To think that present civilization is the most advanced inhabitants the world has ever existed is total ignorance, and yet that is the belief amongst the majority of the population. Most cannot even begin to question the ideas the Mr. Hancock presents.

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  • Why does this Graham guy get 3 million basically instant views while someone super interesting like Kyle Kulisnki only gets 1 mil? Its strange, I guarantee if more people gave Kyle a chance on Secular Talk, they would probably switch their politics, no joke. He is literally a political junkie that just goes with the truth.

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  • 1:01 also one of the best and truest statements I've ever heard in my life ✊

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  • 58:00 mark in is one of the truest statements I've ever heard ✊

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  • You should check out 200,000 years of ancient technology. Also if you understood religion. The first law says Thou shalt not kill. It's What man does with it is the problem. The ones who want to manipulate things. We are on a spaceship. Floating through the universe. And everyone's worried about who owns what. And who can collect the most. Time to pull it together and take care of all of humanity

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  • Before Trump was, Alex was ! Alex Jones For Presidential Medal of Freedom ! #AJ4PMF

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  • Plasma / electric universe theory..... check out the Thunderbolts Project

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  • So many people “come to America to do better” that 70% of them STILL receive welfare after being here for 20 years. BUILD THE WALL

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  • 1:45:00 medicine bag... The dragon is the ayawaska trip.

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  • When did Bryan Cranston get so into archeology?

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  • 25:10

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  • yes, Mr. Rogan get your history lesson from someone who knows nothing of the true history of these lands?/ Want to know Mr. Rogen, just ask us, will tell you. Six nations.

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  • i do believe these ancient civilizations were nationalist with caste systems

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  • this was one long braingasm

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  • Thank you both for the video. This was very enlightening, this was my first time watching a full podcast.

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  • 1:36:40. What "road like feature of megaliths"? Looks like a typical cartographic drawing of mountains to me. And the Bahama's are not off the coast of South America, they are off the coast of Florida. That island is not part of the Bahamas.

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  • The Piri Leis map DOES NOT show Antarctica. It shows the east coast of South America curving along the bottom of the map where you might expect to see Antarctica. Look at it, this fact is demonstrable.

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  • To see many views on this channel make hope that many people think and question the norm, now search more ask more

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  • Something or someone reset history we have loss a lot of our history

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  • I'd love to her Pertersons opinion on Hancocks ideas and his books, it connects well with Perterson stressing the importance of our heritage and our myths

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  • Prior to the discovery of Gobekli Tepi archaeologists did not assume the existence megalithic structures before 6000 years ago because there was no compelling evidence. Gobekli Tepi provided good evidence. That's how archaeology works. That's how science works. Your beliefs change with the evidence. If you have no good evidence you don't go around making claims based on wishful thinking. Unless you are an author like Graham Hancock.

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  • Thant´s fucking exicting!!!! I waant to read that book, if it were not the fact it´s on english!

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  • 47:15 - Graham says the active ingredient in ayahuasca is DMT, which is WRONG. The active ingredient in ayahuasca is, well.... ayahuasca, banisteriopsis caapi, vine of the soul, which contains harmalas. DMT is but an admixture plant and is not used in all ayahuasca preparations, depending on region. Ayahuasca (banisteriopsis caapi) is highly visionary on its own in sufficient dosages.

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  • NEW RULE TO LIVE BY: Hit the like button as soon as the video starts. If you dont like what you see, then remove your like and hit the dislike if you wish. Good habit. Show support.

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  • 'The pyramids were built using telekinesis, but we are taught by science that it's impossible'. That's because it is, you pillock.

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  • Do Joe and Graham know about Brian Forrester ( spelling?) and his discoveries of the 2500 year old elongated skulls of South America with blond and red hair and European DNA showing that Europeans had been in America WAY before Columbus ?? !

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  • God this whole discussion was so interesting, thanks joe for actually bringing on these just insane conversations we would rarely get to hear.

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  • Lol we have 100s if not thousands of million-year-old dinosaur bones. But search little "evidence" of humans from 100000 years ago. SMH. And they are said to be smart.

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  • Bollocks balls and bastards. Yep, it's the English way. Some cunt is going to read this comment and think "what does that mean ?"

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  • 1:46:54 *_PRAISE KEK & MEME MAGIC_*

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  • Joe “did you walk across Siberia?” Rogan

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  • Definitely going to rewatch this later....perhaps in an altered state of mind too haha

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  • Today was my first day as a sign spinner (10am-3pm $15/hr) and this video really got me through it, thank Joe and Graham

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  • Joe! The people need a Graham Hancock and Neil Degrasse Tyson video.

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  • One question I’d love for graham is what happened to the ancient advanced civilisation descendents (I.e Egypt) that went so wrong. The ancient world was so barbaric in so many different ways- just look at Hammurabi’s code

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  • That fact that marijuana can be a getaway drug is true in terms of the current system, where buying weed from drug dealers puts you in the presence of and normalizes other drugs. If or should I say when It is legalised the criminal element and copious other destructive drugs will be bypassed

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  • If you think about it everyone alive hit the lottery, You were the lucky sperm that fertilized the egg out of all them sperms and you WON the race

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  • Now if only someone could explain taxes to me the same way this guy explains pseudo-scientific theories involving ancient civilizations.

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  • Some people can use substances responsibly, however our society could collapse if everyone became so intoxicated that they become unproductive and eventually wiped out by a society that is more productive. In the 1800th century the British forced China to buy opium (they produced in India) with traded Chinese items to save British Sterling and China and England had two Opium wars because the Emperor of China realized many of his poor peasants had become addicted to opium and unproductive. The final war is how England ended up with Hong Kong. People who use certain substances do not care about the entire society or the concerns of leaders trying to provide safe and productive citizens.

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  • People want pics because you are a legend Graham . Joe thank you for bringing these concepts to people's attention

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  • No man should be able to tell another man or woman what he can or cant put in his or her own body

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  • This Country was built by immigrants, The majority of are ancestors where immigrants who came to this country for a better life.

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  • Graham "we are a species of amnesia" Hancock

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  • It would be nice if they showed us pics of what there talking about

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  • ... the cosmos doesn't give a fuck! 😂

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  • Say this 5x fast Did dig deep funny shit

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  • E. T. Says there is only the NOW !!! We cannot go back in time !!! We experience life NOW ,the past cannot change anything . Fuck the past .

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  • 1:15:15 "maybe the ability to do almost super human things is resident within all of us but sleeping" As above so below...Pisces had the lowest influence of celestial light but the angles have changed upon entering the Age of Aquarius. Much like seeing the Sun in the northern hemisphere during Winter, there is light but the angle is not enough to initiate life from its dormancy, hence a continuation of the desolation of Winter until Spring when the angle of light is acute enough for life to flourish. Such is the case for human consciousness and the Age of Aquarius we have entered, a zodiac sign ruled by the planet Uranus. Uranus in Greek is 'heaven'...thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven...Earth is carnal and symbolic of the carnal mind that shall be influenced by the lights from the heavens above. This is why humanity is experiencing a revolutionary change in consciousness, people are waking up and questioning the status quo, yearning for connection with themselves, others, the environment and universe.

    Bible Liberation MovementBible Liberation Movement2 giorni fa
  • this guy is incredible.

    honeysanahoneysana2 giorni fa
  • This is truly amazing. I could listen to graham read the dictionary and it would be satisfying. His voice is comforting.

    Turds McGillicuddyTurds McGillicuddy2 giorni fa
  • 1:21:00 ...daaaam joe!,...that is some deep thinkin!....but,you may be on to something!...

    paddypointhoundpaddypointhound2 giorni fa
  • “Michael Shermer and some colleague of his” anybody who listened to that knows very well that Graham forgot that dunce’s name intentionally

    Timothy StrattonTimothy Stratton2 giorni fa
  • If you manage to educate strong animal wouldn't it be possible that they manage to move those pyramid king chamber massive stone from a faraway place throught elephant and others and I don't know with gorilla and shit for the chamber inside the pyramid ... Do you think it's a viable explanation ?

    Aztek1994Aztek19942 giorni fa
  • g.h....thank you for being a free thinker,....its cool that you think the rest of humanity can,and should be too!....rogan, keep bringing it brother! podcast,best informative,educational show on the air any ware!...

    paddypointhoundpaddypointhound2 giorni fa
  • For a guy who doesn't believe in nationalism he sure seems to love America- and that is the point-we need to preserve the few great countries we have, and for that, we need a level of nationalism.

    D MalonemanD Maloneman2 giorni fa
  • A highly advanced hunter-gatherer society would be a dramatic improvement over the way we are currently living. Perhaps they even knew the dangers of becoming too "advanced" and actually took steps to prevent that from happening.

    D MalonemanD Maloneman2 giorni fa
  • Go back and watch all of Graham's and his Buddy Randall's podcast's on JRE... In order! Your welcome...

    Ozzy EvilnutsOzzy Evilnuts2 giorni fa
  • I skipped like 45 minutes through the interview and Graham Hancock was doing the same exact hand movement lol hes like a robot

    iLOVE LiFEiLOVE LiFE2 giorni fa
  • What about Paracas (and Nazca) skulls, mr. Hancock? (And hair types, blood groups and "anomalous" DNA haplogroups).

    Wakanda KnucklesWakanda Knuckles2 giorni fa
  • Hancock is a bull-shitter and a fraud. He vandalises the truth. He pedals a distortion of history with no moral difference to the evil members of ISIS who vandalised and smashed historical artefacts at Palmyra in Syria because they wanted to destroy evidence of pre-islamic history. Hancock destroys and vandalises our shared and precious human historical truths in the same way. He poses as a serious and objective academic to satisfy his narcissistic craving to be lionised and of course to earn money!! Historical research and analysis and theorising is important to give us all a sense of ourselves. It is more important now than it ever was before in this new era of fake news. Hancock does no research. He is not an academic. He offers no concrete evidence. His theories are designed to earn money and not to elicit and describe the truth. He just spouts his loony theories for money. Snake oil selling and charlatanism. He poses as a heroic lone voice of truth fighting against powerful institutions and academics who he claims are carrying out a mass conspiracy against us all to hide the truth. In this he is no less evil than characters such as Steve Bannon who claims that the 20 little children of the Sandy Hook Elementary school and their 6 teachers were killed by US secret service men in a plot by the US deep state to get stronger gun control laws and that Adam Lanza (who killed his mother earlier in the day and who was in the school with weapons he fired at the children and who then shot himself at the scene after the killings did not do it.) And too.... Hancock's books are shit. He is just a cunt like that Steve Bannon.

  • I wonder if Graham has heard of the idea that the cataclysm is a cyclical event caused by the sun going into a micronova as opposed to comet strikes.

    rhythmicwarriorrhythmicwarrior2 giorni fa
  • Honestly I love the info and honesty of grahams work but I hate him I feel like he's a self serving weasel but this interview is the opposite of that this is a good interview and even though I don't like graham I hope he gets the info out to as many people as possible good work both Joe and graham

    Kevin DiverKevin Diver2 giorni fa
  • Humans are such vermin, in a good way. Gives me hope that at least in some shape or form we can survive even extinction level calamities

    Richard WongRichard Wong2 giorni fa
  • Every JRE podcast is so enlightening to watch. I'm so impressed on how open and unbiased Rogan is with everyone of his guests. It allows us viewers to truly form our own Opinions and outlooks on a variety of topics without any kind of outside influence. It's such a clean source of information. Your podcast deserves an award or proper recognition for how extraordinary it is

    john laboyjohn laboy2 giorni fa
  • How does this have 2.7k dislikes??? I could watch this 20x in a row! It was sooo good!

    Jennifer LeeJennifer Lee2 giorni fa
  • I was never given the link for the DMT experiment, where can sign up?

    NotxDeadxYetNotxDeadxYet2 giorni fa
  • I love these episodes with Graham. Its just 3 hours of Graham teaching Joe shit and consequently blowing his mind and we get to sit here and watch.

    Ben ArnoldBen Arnold2 giorni fa
  • Why did Joe stop the podcast so ubruptly? He said they've done 3 hours and the video is only 2:45 long. Did they have to cut 15 minutes from the podcast remember this was the first not live JRE from new policy?

    Marty MooseMarty Moose2 giorni fa
  • I used to live ten minutes from Moundsville in Tuscaloosa,AL. I've been to Moundsville and it's pretty amazing how those ancient Native Americans built those giant mounds and I love how they built most of them so close together to fit in a nice park. If you ever find yourself in Tuscaloosa I recommend a visit to the park.

    Marty MooseMarty Moose2 giorni fa
  • If you want some more mind blowing shit, check this out:

    Eric AntoneEric Antone2 giorni fa
  • All of the squabbling armchair skeptics should just read Hancock's books, entirely. You will realize that it's all backed up with rock solid evidence.

    Rick SmithRick Smith2 giorni fa
    • Rick Smith while most of his work is just theory, he backs his opinions up with evidence. Hes said before hes no expert and not a scientist but he does a damn good job explaining and cresting his arguments

      Ben ArnoldBen Arnold2 giorni fa
  • Okay well if it's an open world and society I want to come live at your house Joe

    TetrohedraconTetrohedracon2 giorni fa
  • The common ancestor was us, we are gods, we create and we destroy. Then create again, 3, 3 is 1, 3 is "me". It took me 3 times to get my head right and realize why I was insane. We are all insane, we live in our heads and create an alternate reality that fuels your "ego" "e" everything, "go" let everything go. Our minds our very powerful and can get filled with shit, nature is actually real. Reality is an illusion. You have a conscience program, has tricked you only to think in the third dimension. Father "mind, conscience,spirit whatever you wanna call it" son "earth,hell, satan, whatever the fuck." And the holy ghost is you, telekinesis is rooted from Latin or Idfk just understanding. Tell kinesis your the boss of this earth and work with it, Haha you have to use your body obviously but just go with the flow, be water. Joe I dont know if your in a faggy little cult, but I would love to talk to you. Because I'm declaring war on you, I am also a marital artist. We all are. Martial means warlike, and that means man. Man Is always at war with itself and the world. Let's tone down this chaos, I'm from a small town, Northampton , pa. Come talk to me, I'm done talking to you, you taught me alot, let me return the favor. Let's help this fucked up crazy world get its spirit back. Thank you, if you are in a secret society. Well your an idiot, and a hypocrite. I hope your not, you seem like a good guy, but I'm a better one. So you do you, I'll do me. But let's make this war graceful and explosive. Have a good one, be water buddy.

    Derrick RussellDerrick Russell2 giorni fa
  • Graham wanksalot. Sorry it’s that kind of smoke

    Stuart GreinerStuart Greiner2 giorni fa
    • At some point the arrogant disciplines in science must realize the earth is 13 billion yrs old and great civilizations predated us.Are all the pHd’s in the various areas of GH’s extensive research so very closed-minded and proud that they refuse to even refute GH’s insights. Instead of spitefully sullying his discoveries, they should put forth evidence showing where he may be incorrect if it exists, instead of demonizing his work. Copernicus, Galileo, da Vinci are but a few genie who were mocked, imprisoned and labeled as blasphemers when they tried to enlighten “men” in the past. Oh, yeah, that Columbus guy, too. History is littered with great thinkers ostracized by leading authorities in their respective eras. If we don’t destroy our planet first, Mr. Hancock will be highly placed on that list of visionaries. It is a shame that men with brains and persistence have to be trampled by men of less insight who are terrified of being proven WRONG. In 25 years, I have seen no refutation of GH’s ideations that refute these observations. Lots of bellicose naysaying, while they rely on their pHd’s, but not one will take him on in debate. How fragile male egos are, that in lieu of grasping the wisdom our ancestors passed on to help future generations, and the amazing clues being uncovered in the universal language of mathematics unfolding now, that they deny the very existence rather than gleaning the millennial wisdom our earlier ancestors mapped out in an effort to educate future civilizations of but a few survivors of their glorious past. What does it say about our hubristic leaders who would place ego above mankind’s destruction.

      Ellen JonesEllen Jones15 ore fa
  • Jacques Cinq-Mars

    Dhritiman SenDhritiman Sen2 giorni fa
  • Attacking "traditional" "orthodox" or "mainstream" researchers is textbook strategy for pseudoscientists like Handcock along with anti-vaxers and the rest of the tin foil hat crowd. Joe should be ashamed for giving this guy such a voice on his show. There are plenty of real archaeologists doing just as interesting research that he could have on instead. But I think people do not flock to Graham's banner for his archaeology as much as they do for this exciting narrative of a renegade scholar, in search of the truth in spite of all the grumpy ivory-tower know-it-alls! For example all of this cool info about pre Colombian Amazonian civilizations has been very well established for some time...why not have one of these researchers on the show? Why do you have to put ridiculous theories alongside archaeological facts to make the facts interesting?

    Alex KaraAlex Kara2 giorni fa
    • lol

      Eric AntoneEric Antone2 giorni fa
  • World governments should not control currency. This is why we should transition from dollar to bitcoin to trade for commodities and trade for labor.

    Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin2 giorni fa
  • Personally im against drug use but i cant stop people from doing what they want and if they want to blaze up let them who cares as long as they dont get someone hurt let people do what they want

    Kav CavKav Cav2 giorni fa
  • How awesome could our potential be if our leaders were first qualified by taking 12 sessions of Ayahuasca. Thats an America I want to live in.

    Color ProjectionColor Projection2 giorni fa
  • Just bought the book. its incredible . Graham Hancock has needed this exposure for years!

    Crofty Ninety TwoCrofty Ninety Two2 giorni fa
  • There is solid evidence of ice age Europeans crossing the Atlantic ocean. New evidence shows there was a massive formation of sea ice that connected North America and Europe during winter months. Artifacts from ice age Europeans have been found in the New England area.

    Nicholas HoltNicholas Holt2 giorni fa
  • Okay im hi af... What if the dinosaurs were reset and not wiped out? Then when the "commet" hit the North and reset it all again 10k+ years ago or whatever and now we and the dinosars are growing together now and will some day live in a cool dinosaur human existence. Then they will get too smart and large. We will all be annihilated and all that will remain are ancient buildings and drawings to prove our existence... Then an astroid will come along and wipe out the dino.... Woah... It's just a cycle.

    T3hChaerlzT3hChaerlz2 giorni fa
  • 43:06

    Matt 68Matt 683 giorni fa
    • 2:03:31

      Matt 68Matt 68Giorno fa
    • 1:38:54

      Matt 68Matt 682 giorni fa
    • 1:04:25

      Matt 68Matt 682 giorni fa
  • 43:06

    Matt 68Matt 683 giorni fa

    Eric AntoneEric Antone3 giorni fa
  • Nationalism is great. Be proud of and love your home team. Love where you r, no matter where u r. Make your home great.

    Waste with MeWaste with Me3 giorni fa
    • Soda Device - And that is exactly what will happen, the first time we face another "planetary hime team"

      Waste with MeWaste with Me2 giorni fa
    • The point he made is that earth is our home team and we shouldnt segregate ourselves because of arbitrary borders

      Soda DeviceSoda Device2 giorni fa
  • Started reading Graham Hancock in the '90's. "Fingerprints of the Gods" It was a lonely 20 years, but Im glad u guys finally showed up!! I am literally terrified, that the recent discoveries made in South America, r gonna go the way of Antarctica and we will b kept in the dark.

    Waste with MeWaste with Me3 giorni fa
    • Ellen Jones - Thanks. Im gonna take a look.

      Waste with MeWaste with Me15 ore fa
    • Waste with Me He wrote at least ten more books in that time. Underworld will blow your mind.

      Ellen JonesEllen Jones16 ore fa
  • FUCK=👍

    RajRaj3 giorni fa
  • Now white people wanted Canibus illegal Joe? Joe is stuck on fcking stupid.

    Leland JamesLeland James3 giorni fa
Joe Rogan Experience #1284 - Graham Hancock