Joe Rogan Experience #1284 - Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock is an English author and journalist, well known for books such as “Fingerprints Of The Gods” & “Magicians of the Gods”. His new book "America Before" comes on out April 23.




  • The name of the country is United States. America is the name of the continent.

    Dom VerdiDom Verdi2 ore fa
  • When he talks about the Piri Reis map at around 1:30, he's talking complete bollocks. The inscription actually says that the map was produced making a map drawn by Columbus, not "over 100 maps from the library of Alexandria". So the question is did Graham not do any research or is he just lying to sell books?

    NoddyBombNoddyBomb4 ore fa
  • That's the whole point of suppression. The elite dont want the masses ready for the next hit . They have bunkers already made for themselves . We are sposed to die off so they can rewrite and run shit . Wonder how many times it's been done

    Renaud VillacisRenaud Villacis6 ore fa
  • Just brilliant! Graham Hancock, you are my hero. You make so much sense.. thankyou, and thankyou Joe Rogan

    BA RichoBA Richo13 ore fa
  • Wasn't the Scab Lands created by the Glacier wall at Missoula which broke open and caused all the flooding to that area?

    Drop Bear JKDrop Bear JK13 ore fa
  • Good that he says he's against world government. His credibility just shot up.

    Aaron BarlowAaron Barlow15 ore fa
  • Notice number watched and likes seems odd.

    edward abbeyedward abbey15 ore fa
  • The amazon is man made!! Im definetly scratching mu head over that one. Wtf!?

    skipjack johnsonskipjack johnson17 ore fa
  • Mr odd

    Alevio MarkuAlevio Marku17 ore fa
  • Weed is medicine, funny guy !

    littlezit2littlezit219 ore fa
  • Permaculture Joe Rogan

    Daniel GreenDaniel Green21 ora fa
  • Well surely this cataclysmic event would've involved the moon as well, yes? Maybe our answers are held within the craters of the moon

    Dim NimrodDim NimrodGiorno fa
  • I reckon the Maya civilization came first, and Olmec's later, not viceversa, as Hancock states at 1:54:30

    Samist NichtSamist NichtGiorno fa
    • Based on what evidence?

      DubngrubDubngrub9 ore fa
  • Hi Joe, and first of all, I'd like to thank you for having Graham on your show again, Rock On! I'd also like to add that I've been a fan of Graham for many years, and this episode makes me think of when I got trolled for being a Graham supporter. Had a flat earth supporter tell me how Graham supposedly cherry picked to support his theories, and what I found funny was the fact that Graham's supposed cherry picking was actually factual and not a thrown together argument that the people full of shit do on a regular basis. Anyway, I'll stfu and finish with, Rock On!

    zcadguyzcadguyGiorno fa
  • How articulate, how professional, the intelligence of Graham is amazing! What a subject, how can I not be interested!

    scott margerisonscott margerisonGiorno fa
  • Very interesting...2 thumbs up !!!

    cRaZy4 ClevagecRaZy4 ClevageGiorno fa
  • They used uca im not saying it right but its kinda like a potato like food, and plam oil, ive been in tge amazon on the border of peru I know what hes talking about for food ive done it. Thier are very old trials but its been taken over by jungle tho, thiers also smoke staks in the middle of no where.

    mrpizzadavomrpizzadavoGiorno fa
  • Dream Interview: Graham Hancock, Joe Rogan, and Independent Anthropologist Robert Sepehr. Would be PHENOMENAL!!! 🤯🤩

    Christina JobeChristina JobeGiorno fa
  • Hancock is a visionary as well as a scientist. Powerful combination. God bless him!

    Sarah VeganGardenSarah VeganGarden2 giorni fa
  • There are humans on earth millions of years ago just do a litle research

    Afonso LopesAfonso Lopes2 giorni fa
  • Best JRE interview I've heard. I love Graham. I love Joe. F yeah.

    Tana CeilidhTana Ceilidh2 giorni fa
  • A Utopian with a mindset of peace on earth "right now" doesn't consider human nature and that there are still enemies of "freedom" and dictatorial governments and corporations in existence who would love to take advantage of our letting down our guard against them.

    Russell DahlquistRussell Dahlquist2 giorni fa
  • Joe I have to say, you are the most underrated interviewer in media. You give your guests a chance to relax and be at ease, and therefore be completely candid.

    Mr. WhiteMr. White2 giorni fa
  • I agree with him on the nationalism point there's nothing wrong with being proud of your culture but to look at that culture as anything more than an accident of birth as Graham said much less to look at it as better in some way than any other I was just thinking about that not a week ago

    T LujanT Lujan2 giorni fa
  • On the other hand, you cant come up with these ideas that come true without psychedelics. Psychedelics break down the boundaries of thought that exist within our reality, they allow you to think of the possibilites of why and how things came to exist.

    HubrisHubris2 giorni fa
  • They should explore Death Valley

    The TruthThe Truth2 giorni fa
  • Mind....blown... 🤯

    Dlavelle100Dlavelle1002 giorni fa
  • LOL the great pyramid was a place to go get high off DMT

    HubrisHubris2 giorni fa
  • So I FINALLY just watched this episode. HOLY FUCK THIS BLEW MY MIND!!!! So the aboriginals are basically part of our evolution to where we ALL are today!!?? Is this correct?

    Julian FulcherJulian Fulcher2 giorni fa
  • He had me until he seriously suggested that ancient Egyptians built the pyramids using telekinetic powers.

    Eric 91Eric 913 giorni fa
    • To be fair he did immediately say right after that it was purely speculation and there is zero evidence of it.

      Cameron JacobsCameron Jacobs2 giorni fa
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    Jenn SteevesJenn Steeves3 giorni fa
  • Not heard you mention Neanderthal Man. Surely it is possible that they were actually a hell of a lot more advanced than we give them credit for. They survived for hundreds of thousands of years without destroying the planet plus they had a brain size which was the same as ours. Did they not circumnavigate the globe and lay down roots?.

    TheNewfineartTheNewfineart3 giorni fa
  • Joe re: the Denisovans - you really need to get Andrew Collins on for an in depth look at their implications in a line through Gobekli Tepe, Ancient Egypt and as a post-comet civilising force in both South and North America.

    volemolevolemole3 giorni fa
  • Get Mark Manson on the show!!

    luukpeperluukpeper3 giorni fa
  • 12,800 years ago sounds like the fall of Atlantis which brought down the firmament, raising sea levels.

    Geoff GriffithsGeoff Griffiths3 giorni fa
  • Joe Rogan is satian in the flesh!!!!!

    Mars AntMars Ant3 giorni fa
  • Definitely one of the top JRE guests of all time!

    ScreeneyeScreeneye3 giorni fa
  • This guy literally played the assassin's Creed games while high as shit. If he didn't then he should

    peyjpeyj3 giorni fa
  • Go Joe !

    jay iarussijay iarussi3 giorni fa
  • Man, what a cool, intelligent guest.

    Playing GamesPlaying Games3 giorni fa
  • Now that was a marathon asteroids meteorites rising sea level radiation we better get out of here go exploring the universe it won't be easy

    Cipher 9Cipher 93 giorni fa
  • Just bought Graham's new book and I cant stop. Dude is a genius and very educated.

    Tyler WoodTyler Wood3 giorni fa
  • Graham deserves a Nobel Prize

    Cipher 9Cipher 93 giorni fa
  • hey Graham.i bet you didnt come to america illegally. you came thru a port of entry. right?

    James HaluckJames Haluck3 giorni fa
  • It makes me happy when joe puts people on his show who are completely out of touch with society's beliefs. I love when joe has people on like this guy's who's wrong, dumb, boring , lethargic and wrong. I enjoy it. I prefer it actually when joe has people on like this guy who is known only by the public for being wrong about SO many things. I appreciate it joe if u can see this, thank you so much for having guys like this on who are always wrong about what they take the time to speak about. I appreciate it joe. Love to all! Thanks Joe, especially for having this guy! He's extremely wrong so much that it makes me laugh once in a while since this guy is known for being really dumb.

    Carrie HaleyCarrie Haley3 giorni fa
  • Quetzalcoatl is the same serpent in the garden of eden. Now you just have to decide if he’s evil like Christians day or holy and righteous like the native Americans say

    MrLuckyMuffinMrLuckyMuffin3 giorni fa
    • Jesus! I didn’t even consider that ... great insight MrLuckyMuffin

      Cameron JacobsCameron Jacobs2 giorni fa
  • I love when they have people on who don't really know anything that they choose to speak about. It makes for a great podcast like this one! Have a nice day all! Peace and love to all. If joe would have more people on who are pretty illeterate like this i think the podcast would take off. This podcast, i enjoy how the guest is incoherent and I also approve of the accent. I would have to say that when joe has people on like this, that are known to have a low iq, it helps the podcast definitely do better. I enjoy watching when the guest that Joe has on is only known for being wrong or just plain ol' dumb like this guy. ☮️ and love to all.

    Carrie HaleyCarrie Haley3 giorni fa
  • I agree with most of what he's saying about cannabis etc but there seems to be an assumption that because something was done for thousands of years (in this case the use of various drugs) it means we should still be doing it today. There are plenty of things which were once common practice which we no longer do.

    Electric SheepElectric Sheep3 giorni fa
    • I agree with the sentiment. But I do not think he is saying we should model after them. But stone aspect of their culture and beliefs were so deeply rooted into their culture that there must have been something of intrinsic value there, and to look at it and wonder why of everything did these particular things last through the ages with such significant importance.

      Jordan WaltonJordan Walton3 giorni fa
  • Wow, I would have had to pop like ten lozenges to talk that much.

    Todd JambonTodd Jambon3 giorni fa
    • Lame boy

      MrBenigiMrBenigi3 giorni fa
  • Best podcast you have done brother! I read fingerprints of the gods after you plugging it in your pyramid video years ago. Graham is amazing

    Zach FowlerZach Fowler4 giorni fa
  • They talk about cannabis and stuff like its obvious it should be legal and its OK its a gateway drug into other psychedelics, but what about the health issues that it could create or the civil problems? Would it be as straight forward as people blazing up then just chilling out and everything is fine? Got to be more to it then some guys years ago said we shouldn't have this shit. A friend of mine smoked cannabis all the time and it caused all sorts of problems for him. It's not just a case of "people are to cocky" and this will solve that. Hancock talks about people thinking their way is best... That's what he's doing by saying get rid of the government and just get high lol.

    Joey JJoey J4 giorni fa
    • You and your friend are obviously a little behind the rest of us. The government does not have OUR best interests in mind #1, I'm not saying do away with it. I am saying we need Reformation. In regards to cannibis along with anything, food, psychotropics, alcohol, all need to be used and consumed with discipline. If you can't get motivated to anything other then get high then sure you don't need to be fucking smoking etc. If your 300 lbs you know you shouldn't eat another burger. These are issues with self, not the chemical or substance. Once people begin to admit the reality of their situations to their selves we will see I tremendous change in our society and social structure. Peace my friend.

      Big o DaddyBig o Daddy4 giorni fa
  • would love to see all the nay sayers reaction to all this latest info

    jake mcgregorjake mcgregor4 giorni fa
  • Why not put it into clay tablets .They seemto last a while

    Milton de SilvaMilton de Silva4 giorni fa
  • 4 years ago I read a 10.000 year old site had been discovered in Mississippi, can't find any info anymore on this subject.

    Rick AhrensRick Ahrens4 giorni fa
    • Cahokia?

      eyekonikeyekonik3 giorni fa
    • It's in Louisiana, poverty point. I assume this is what you meant

      CraigCraig4 giorni fa
  • Rainforest has some of the best resources for soil in the world. This dude. Bats shit guano, plenty of animal shit with natural mircobos, and ammonia nitrate. Fish for potassium. This guy obvious don't know shit about farming

    Joe DuckettJoe Duckett4 giorni fa
    • His point is that it wouldn’t be that way today without ancient humans developing the area back then to become fertile... also when you clear the forest, the bats and animals don’t stick around... which means eventually that guano is gunna be gone-o (I’ll show myself out)

      Cameron JacobsCameron Jacobs2 giorni fa
  • I strongly disagree that Americans are naturally questioning of government authority. If that were true, we would have cracked down on political corruption ages ago. Instead, we allow corporations to buy politicians and push their agenda forward with little regards to how it affects our society. And the longer it is happening, the harder it will be put the citizen first, like the founding fathers meant for it to be..

    j dj d4 giorni fa
  • Currently loving this episode tripping balls on some great lsd.

    CuRsToNe337CuRsToNe3374 giorni fa
    • At 1 hour 3 minutes I'm agreeing with this guy a lot. 🤔

      CuRsToNe337CuRsToNe3374 giorni fa
    • @veryspecialguests200 currently flying high at way beyond cruising altitude.

      CuRsToNe337CuRsToNe3374 giorni fa
    • Enjoy the ride 🍄

      veryspecialguests200veryspecialguests2004 giorni fa
  • Joe "Is this universally accepted" Rogan

    Trek Fan167Trek Fan1674 giorni fa
  • So it's logical to assume that it could have been psychic abilities to lift huge and heavy stones, could have been aliens, could have been technological advancement, but it's not reasonable to assume that maybe they were giants?

    Compton JapanCompton Japan4 giorni fa
  • This is one great program

    John ColonyJohn Colony4 giorni fa
  • Lost me with the one family shit. Pakistan is very diffferent from America.

    Mike LoderMike Loder4 giorni fa
  • we need ah couple hundred more visits from Graham Hancock to be satisfied. Please get him back on!

    VociviVocivi5 giorni fa
    • They need like a weekly podcast dedicated to what he's speaking about, similar to the MMA Show podcast, or depending on Graham's schedule you know a monthly episode perhaps. Each time, and added third party guest like that time those other guys were with him you know? Eddie Bravo, Alex Jones

      Andrew HowdenAndrew Howden4 giorni fa
  • So, would Hancock support the idea of Nephi and sea travel?

    T SullyT Sully5 giorni fa
  • Fell asleep to this and my dreams were wild..

    Nobody7720Nobody77205 giorni fa
  • humble and open mind... 👌

    Amy pirAmy pir5 giorni fa
  • I'm obsessed with Graham and Randall. Thank you Joe. #questioneverything

    Danna KoeppDanna Koepp5 giorni fa
  • How the fark did they get to the middle of the Amazon ?.

    garage potatogarage potato5 giorni fa
    • Pretty cool to think abt no?

      JGarcia12341JGarcia12341Giorno fa
  • I'm pretty sure Graham Hancock is Indiana Jones...

    Tyler LivingoodTyler Livingood5 giorni fa
  • I’ve given this guy 2 listens, he’s a quack selling books. Sorry Joe. There is a lot to debunk him. Tech easily proves this false just like Bob Lazar. Do they pay you to take them on?

    motron3motron35 giorni fa
    • Dennis' Drone Fotografie exactly... it kinda sucks knowing we are being lied to so often with so many things, to the point where actual evidence is dismissed as delusion

      Cameron JacobsCameron Jacobs2 giorni fa
    • @Cameron Jacobs The point lies in what you said. It is not consistent with what people are taught because we aren't taught the right thing. Or at least censored. ( excuse my English)

      Dennis' Drone FotografieDennis' Drone Fotografie2 giorni fa
    • You provided literally nothing to support your statement... sure the psychedelic talk is always going to be speculative but the actual data and evidence indicating gigantic inconsistencies with what everyone has been taught about human history is too abundant to dismiss.

      Cameron JacobsCameron Jacobs2 giorni fa
    • Add some references in here.. So we can review your statement

      Dennis' Drone FotografieDennis' Drone Fotografie4 giorni fa
  • Graham changed his shirt..

    Custom Computers WashingtonCustom Computers Washington5 giorni fa
Joe Rogan Experience #1284 - Graham Hancock