Joe Rogan | The Amazon is a Colossal Mystery w/Graham Hancock

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1284 w/Graham Hancock:




  • Leave it alone. Let mystery live. Somethings were meant to be left alone. We dont need to put our dirty filthy hands on everything that once was or is to be.

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  • Joe “what are the dates?” Rogan

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  • F***, this guy's smart.

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  • Over 1,000 people disliked this? Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you?

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  • im from one of the brazillians amazon states (rondonia) i remember that one of my teachers discovered a stone circle like 50 km of the capital when he was hiking, he is a history teacher and was really involved with the natives and historical places of our state.

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  • @Joe Rogan you should invite Geoff Lawton to your podcast to talk about Permaculture. It's a fascinating new field of Ecology research.

    Brett KerrBrett Kerr14 ore fa
  • On Terra Preta and soil microbial life, research permaculture and Bill Mollison. You'll find how they created Terra Preta.

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  • 5:13 Jamie explaining everything Joe doesn't know how to ask with editing. The microbes are probably descendants of all those dead natives and the fungi they became turned into earth..

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  • GTFO ! The Amazon is ours ! Don't mind our business here in Brazil !

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    • You're not any different from them...

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  • Joe"wow"Rogan

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  • I almost heard him saying 20 billions and i was already ow shut the fuck up.. but ok 20 million its a nice acceptable number

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  • If their was nuclear war and everyone was wiped out and martians 👽 came two earth 2,000 years from now the whole earth would be rain forest 🌳.

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  • The Amazon is what happens when you don't choke off plant life with carbon sequestration and tax.

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  • Lol HUGE Mystery!! Nature could never pull it off by itself!!! Lol clowns

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  • Graham is so educated. The man doesnt even pause to think of what hes gonna say next. Just unlimited amounts of knowledge flowing out of this man. Quite impressive

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  • The girl who says "The Joe Rogan experience" sounds like Aubrey Plaza.

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  • So he says amazon has poor soil, then says its cut down for farms, then says cities shouldnt be in jungle... duuuuur do you think, maybe they forest overtook the ancient farm land once the people disappeared

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    • No. It's just that you can't farm on the Amazon. If you can't farm, it's not likely there were large urban centers there.

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  • Today’s structures won’t last 250 years

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  • So wakanda was real

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  • Im all for protecting our planet but we live on this space rock too and we are curious by nature. There will never stop being explorations and new findings.

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  • ''20 million'' Preach brother

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  • damn bro, how you finna build a civilization in the amazon and forget the cure to small pox. thats like building a car and a gas station and forgetting to put your cigarette out.

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  • 4:00 Its not difficult to grasp.. You can compost dead soil and create fertile black dirt. All you would need is Shit, Sugars like fruit, charcoal, and literally anything, dead weeds or dead animals to create good soil. No need for soil science experts for such a simple task.

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  • imagine being high on mushrooms or whatever in the amazon

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  • Love how this guy talks with so much passion and precision 💯🔥

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  • Greek and Latins are not so cool now aye?

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  • Smallpox and Malaria. Malaria didnt exist in the Americas before Europeans and indirectly Africans brought it over

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  • It is very clear when joe has a guest that he clearly acknowledges as being intellectually superior to him. All of his best content has been when he has said, barely anything.

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  • Agaaaaiiiiin

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  • Hi ! Maybe these ancient people left after the contact with the Spanish explorer, rather than died off from disease ! GOD bless!

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  • He’s definitely illumananti

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  • The phrase "squaring the circle" doesn't mean putting a square in a circle, that's easy to do, it's a mathematical puzzle to find a square that has exactly the same area as a circle. Since PI is irrational it's impossible in any rational sense other than expressing the side of the square as a function of PI, which as it's irrational cannot be done exactly

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  • pseudo scientist graham 'the amazon was basically a garden' hancock.

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  • For some reason I’m not 100% on board

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  • He's not talking to the right soil scientists - pop along to an Elaine Ingham talk and you will discover the very interesting fact that there is no soil on earth that lacks the nutrients to grow the hungriest of the biggest jungle massives. Its soil bacteria and micro-fungi that feed directly on the aggregates of the soil, not to mention the humus, that solubalise the nutrients present in those aggregates. Destroy the fungi by forest clearance and you break the nutrient cycling chain at its beginnings, the bacteria will better survive but both will further get taken out by the use of artificials used by toxic agriculture that will also oxidise the humus. The bacteria won't on there own support woody tree growth only the more sappy weedy species of plants. Explain this: before the supposed creation of terra prata how is it that these thin soils grew those millions upon millions of acres of rainforest? Nature does it all by Herself. The interesting possibility is that these 'primitives' knew of Elaine's work and so knew how to manage the ecology and so control the successional cycles maintaining old growth forest conditions. If you could hear my English accent would you be any more convinced of what is here said...?

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  • Everything comes from and can be discovered from the Amazon. Jeff Bezos understands this.

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  • Terapreta or however it's spelled sounds really interesting. Probably just Peruvian seabird guano or something of the like.

    DannyDanny5 giorni fa
  • It’s called permaculture lol

    KushSYNdicateKushSYNdicate5 giorni fa
  • Mind. Blown.

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  • Cmon Joe & Graham we know why roads have been built thru these sites. They were not built by Europeans so modern Euro-Brazilians feel the sites are not important areas.

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  • Got an add for psychedelics before this vid.. hahaha

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    • Gino Foogle I did too. Just knew it was Joe and DMT

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  • I've allways though they used dead fish and other animals in compost to make fertile land.

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  • What about the global shift scientists say occurred? Supposedly Antarctica wasn’t frozen and the Amazon wasn’t in its current location. They say that’s why so many cities are being uncovered not only by deforestation but also by using X-ray technology (Lidar) to see thru the dense jungle as they fly over it. But they use one plane not helicopters

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  • Graham Hancock is so much fun to listen to!

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  • Modern research has found a new has a giant gunt pink hair. Tattoos. And a cellphone...rotten teeth and a top knot....wears camouflage that resembles children's pyjamas

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  • The Amazon has the highest CO2 than anywhere else in the world.

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  • Readers (read, research) open your mind and your ass will follow. Hooray for Graham Hancock.

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  • Lets just sit here and realize two white guys after sitting here saying that they can't believe the findings on South America and how the history and knowledge is lost... the most genocidal race on the planet prolly had a part in this

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  • Living in Bolivia in the 90's I was able to travel and things are really mysterious their jungles such as parque Carrasco.

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  • Be Vegan

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  • I just checked, his book is on Audible, narrated by him. I just set a reminder for myself for when my next monthly credits roll in.

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  • bokashi soil

    Manny OlivasManny Olivas7 giorni fa
  • So it's a bad idea to cut the trees 'cause the soil is unfertile. But 1000 years ago they could feet a 20 million people city with that soil. Think again. Not talkin' about the enviromental disaster it would br, just the logic.

    Rafael ZimmermannRafael Zimmermann7 giorni fa
  • crazy

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  • Holy shit

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  • Star clusters = Vehicles of the Gods .. fallen angels, stone dragons, mountains, landmass....Mayan God carrying The God of the cross (1519)

    slowcheetslowcheet7 giorni fa
  • "tierra prieta" Spanish for black dirt

    Eloy MontoyaEloy Montoya7 giorni fa
  • I hate people that don't respect the ancient world. It's because of them that The Library of Alexandria was burned

    MikeMike7 giorni fa
  • It’s going to be a goddamn oil polluted wasteland soon enough if those backward ass countries don’t pull their heads out their asses

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  • Everyone wants to go into the amazon until they see a giant snake 🐍.

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    • bugs.. the insects would be the worst part

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  • Mind blown. Wow mankind made soul 1000’s of years old?

    Michelle BoydMichelle Boyd7 giorni fa
  • The ancient peoples were living throughout the entire planet. Here are some links to a very good documentary about the ancient people of North America: IMDB - The Lost Civilizations of North America - Amazon - The Lost Civilizations of North America-

    Kevin OstbergKevin Ostberg7 giorni fa
  • As an ugly person with a British accent, that’s dated two model statues women, I can confirm the comments below... 😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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  • Are there microbes in that soil

    Gary Williams UKGary Williams UK8 giorni fa
  • How did Rogan not know what lidar is? In 2017 they found the Mayan megacitues with it I figured he’s into that stuff

    Bill JohnsonBill Johnson8 giorni fa
  • The Amazon Rainforest is an Experiment Gone Wrong.

    Grizzly BƎARGrizzly BƎAR8 giorni fa
  • There is an ancient record of these cities & people. It's found in the Book of Mormon.

    Josh ChavezJosh Chavez8 giorni fa
    • Oh really? Hahahaha I sure hope you are kidding 😂 cuz that one just made me actually laugh out loud pffffft! Hahahahaha

      cosmogangcosmogang8 giorni fa
  • Bad news for Monsanto and the GMO shills who promise to feed the populations of the earth with their low quality, high priced and patented chemistry projects.

    Doble HeliceDoble Helice8 giorni fa

    uly rothuly roth8 giorni fa
Joe Rogan | The Amazon is a Colossal Mystery w/Graham Hancock