• CR7 will always be nightmare for Atl Madrid

    Ajie AwangAjie AwangMese fa
  • Well done boy

    David BeckhamDavid BeckhamMese fa
  • Two header and they said he is a penaldo?

    Aliff AimanAliff AimanMese fa
  • damn ronaldo

    Van HanzVan HanzMese fa
  • This guy really knows how to use his head

    Spy EyeSpy EyeMese fa
  • _if there is no ronaldo, the champions should not enter the eighth, must have been eliminated, Ronaldo is a savior in every team_

    Nur Love YarNur Love YarMese fa
  • Good job juve

    Ahmad SyamAhmad SyamMese fa
  • Real madrid selling a PEARL to Juventus...😘😘😘

    Ery66 66Ery66 66Mese fa
  • Forza juventus

    BeBank Empire RockBeBank Empire RockMese fa
  • Since the first day in MU. Hes a non stop scoring machine. I wonder why he doesnt have power header trait in FO3.

    Vinoth NathanVinoth NathanMese fa
  • Revenge !

    Elyas fiqry Elyas fiqry rashidElyas fiqry Elyas fiqry rashidMese fa
  • CR7👍❤️

    DRCARDIN 21018DRCARDIN 21018Mese fa
  • i cannot stop watch this video😂

    Am syar 05Am syar 05Mese fa
  • What a game juventus

    Faysal Bin GulzerFaysal Bin GulzerMese fa
  • i come for u cr7

    jamhari saatjamhari saatMese fa
  • ronaldo raises the name on m.u, real madrid and now juventus . That's why ronaldo better than messi 😊 . FACTA

    Аріесе ЯанматАріесе Яанмат2 mesi fa
    • #fact....Not facta

  • Spinazzola > alex sandro

    Brutus BeefcakeBrutus Beefcake2 mesi fa
  • CR7 makes everyone who hated him before love him till the end. Such a gift.

    Ridhwan AzliRidhwan Azli2 mesi fa
  • 4:52 Man That Cameraman Might Be Shaking LOL

    Intan HaIntan Ha2 mesi fa
  • Best come back 2019

    Hanafi YusofHanafi Yusof2 mesi fa
  • congratulations ronaldo👏👏👏👏

    Amizan ChannelAmizan Channel2 mesi fa
    • Tnq u habsah

      Faysal Bin GulzerFaysal Bin GulzerMese fa
  • This i when you hear the comentator says "Again, again and again".

    alifazmialifazmi2 mesi fa
  • Fuck u if you think his old !!!🤣🤣

    Zaim ZainuddinZaim Zainuddin2 mesi fa
  • Third goal no Penalty. I see donkey diving.

    Oppo PlusOppo Plus2 mesi fa
    • What a stupid..don't you ever see a was clearly a pushed!! The truth never lie and stupid like you..dumb!!

      Man jagoMan jago2 mesi fa
  • that was real madrid missing

    Rafiq Gaming TVRafiq Gaming TV2 mesi fa
  • he destroyed juventus when he play with real madrid last,he join old Lady and bring this team to quarter final...what amazing my dad always told me....AGE IS JUST A NUMBER SON...remember that!!

    Donny YongDonny Yong2 mesi fa
  • ronaldo is machine goal

    Idzham AidiIdzham Aidi2 mesi fa
  • Cr7 loves giving atletico madrid a head

    David BeckhamDavid Beckham2 mesi fa
  • Epic comeback is real

  • 3:24 Only one player can jump that high and that is Ronaldo, the one and only.

    Z KhairilZ Khairil2 mesi fa
  • Comeback is real 👏

    toben sanitoben sani2 mesi fa
  • Oblak never get clean sheet if ronaldo plays 😂

    Its meIts me2 mesi fa
  • Very well

    More faridkotia MoreMore faridkotia More2 mesi fa
  • I am a Messi fan but I need to admit that Ronaldo is a beast

    lilixxx nxolilixxx nxo2 mesi fa
  • When Ronaldo takes the penal, you just know its gonna go in.. WHAT A GOAT

    Movie ClipsMovie Clips2 mesi fa
  • Ronaldo bravo .

    Penjual sabunPenjual sabun2 mesi fa
  • always final ucl ground

    Hamba FaQirHamba FaQir2 mesi fa
  • That's is why he is a living legend. Real Madrid will eat their heart out!!!

    Ery HryEry Hry2 mesi fa
    • True bro

      Faysal Bin GulzerFaysal Bin GulzerMese fa
  • CR7, No one can beat him! truly Football Legend!

    AzTVAzTV2 mesi fa
  • He is a total legenddd

    fathul hakimfathul hakim2 mesi fa
  • So fascinating that half juve player argued with ronaldo last seasons, and now they celebrated together with such passion. Beautiful game. Gg juventus. Ronaldo.

    Redzuan RozaliRedzuan Rozali2 mesi fa
  • Real madrid not real with c.ronaldo..😚

    Syad Green29Syad Green292 mesi fa
  • Even if he is 70, He is worth every penny! CR7 Siiiiiiii!

    zul fadlizul fadli2 mesi fa
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  • Man of the match "Bernadeschi"

    zul fadlizul fadli2 mesi fa
  • hardest penalty..goal make gk lucky..if the ball u save maybe broke your arm 😄

    Abang Am OfficialAbang Am Official2 mesi fa
  • All about CR7.

    Amie OwnsAmie Owns2 mesi fa
  • lol correa being dirty but silly

    Haziq KhairudinHaziq Khairudin2 mesi fa
  • The best team c. ronaldo best player..all team jeventus the best..from malaysia

    Mohd hasrul nizam Abd malikMohd hasrul nizam Abd malik2 mesi fa
    • Anjing

      Mohd hasrul nizam Abd malikMohd hasrul nizam Abd malikMese fa
    • Pundek

      Paan TubePaan Tube2 mesi fa
  • what a greatest hatrick. comeback im history of UCL

    Budget shoes ReviewsBudget shoes Reviews2 mesi fa
  • No penatly no party

    kenny waikenny wai2 mesi fa
  • Cr7 airline

    B. I. BRIANB. I. BRIAN2 mesi fa
  • Ronaldo is magical

    bohamian rhapsodybohamian rhapsody2 mesi fa
  • Sixth Ballon Dior Loading.........

    Mohd HafizMohd Hafiz2 mesi fa
  • comeback is real bruv

    nike 91nike 912 mesi fa

    Kalai SelvamKalai Selvam2 mesi fa
  • I am a Messi and Barca fan...but holy fuck...I saluted CR this time..he is 1 hell of a fucking player...he went off...RM went derailed...he came in...Juve became 1 hell of a club..1 man...bravo!!!! Only a moron wil deny this greatness

    Megat Azman Megat KhalidMegat Azman Megat Khalid2 mesi fa
  • wow he scored from set pieces

    Jesus MLGJesus MLG2 mesi fa
  • InCReadible from CR7 , credit to Bernadeschi , great comeback by Juventus .. ⚽👍

    akif_ 98akif_ 982 mesi fa
  • R O N A L D O

    Kim BrunosKim Brunos2 mesi fa
  • Cr7....Amazing.....

    Slamet KristiyantoSlamet Kristiyanto2 mesi fa
  • Messi is better than ronaldo that facts guys hahaha

    nurherman ghazalinurherman ghazali2 mesi fa
  • I heard "SIUUUUUUUUUUU" 😂😂

    Aiman HaziqAiman Haziq2 mesi fa
  • 90% of round 16 knockouts games , the won teams just got passed by penalti score

    Ajwad NasirAjwad Nasir2 mesi fa
  • i told you.. cr7 better then messi.. hi can play with another club.. its not like messi only can play in barca..

    Ikhwan KyoIkhwan Kyo2 mesi fa
  • C.Ronaldo is better than if agree..

    salex siilviasalex siilvia2 mesi fa
  • Yg ksni cuma liat selebrasi ronaldo,😘, subscribe

    Karma MusicKarma Music2 mesi fa
  • if he keeps this form throughout the competition his gonna get his 6th ucl

    Kill RoxKill Rox2 mesi fa
  • What a fucking player. Everything is possible wheb hes in the team

    Kin See TangKin See Tang2 mesi fa
  • Bravo Juventus.. Forza Ronaldo Finishing with hatrick agains.. Amazing and Dramatis comeback.. Thanks for All Fans for Highest Supporter to juventus.. Salutttee...

    Amirul AzmiraAmirul Azmira2 mesi fa
  • Never write a team that have ronaldo .. 5 time european champion said it all

    Michael YapMichael Yap2 mesi fa
  • Pjanic is very emotional and very passionate player love all of them, congrats juve , see you in final

    Dicky ChickyDicky Chicky2 mesi fa
  • Wtf he trip on his own leg

    Muhammad TaufiqMuhammad Taufiq2 mesi fa
  • Lets imagine that ur team is lose in 1st leg with 2 goals deficit and need someone to step up against europe best defence,ur team try to attack from the mid but cant go through pass the solid defence of opponent and u decide to play long ball and need someone that capable in head a ball that feed into him into the net.That was something that little guy Messi cant never do

    The Kamikaze OneThe Kamikaze One2 mesi fa
    • +The Kamikaze One both of them play diffrently lol. There is something that ronaldo can't do what messi do so chills, they both great player

      Nabil DanishNabil DanishMese fa
    • +Mad Nashran but not aginst BIG teams

      The Kamikaze OneThe Kamikaze OneMese fa
    • that little guy can find spaces in tiny gap

      Mad NashranMad NashranMese fa
  • I saw Pavel Nedved yeahhhh

    sfdsd07sfdsd072 mesi fa
  • As expected from ronaldo always scores from penalty that is why penaldo is good

    k kk k2 mesi fa
    • k k the best!

      Luqman SLuqman S2 mesi fa
  • king of comeback

    SayonarahunterSayonarahunter2 mesi fa
  • Good video Goal.Com. Keep it up always

    Azam PudinAzam Pudin2 mesi fa
  • Everywhere club ronaldo went, sure he will become legend..what a talented pkayer..sorrry for my broken english

    norrani jenalnorrani jenal2 mesi fa
  • Madrid Final without both Madrid's team... Really odd. Ronaldo gonna smack those Madrid fans at Final.

    afoka dushkuafoka dushku2 mesi fa

    Farahanis AzamFarahanis Azam2 mesi fa
  • CR always be a nightmare for atletico 😂😂

    kamarul imrankamarul imran2 mesi fa
  • I love juventus fan...❤️❤️❤️

    Muhammad baizuha 23Muhammad baizuha 232 mesi fa
  • Bad Penalty decision.

    VaykorVaykor2 mesi fa
  • I love Messi more than Ronaldo. But this guy is something else. Not an alien, but a human with something else.

    A RA R2 mesi fa
  • hola juventus

    Lebai RockLebai Rock2 mesi fa
  • Wow

    MrKronologiMrKronologi2 mesi fa
  • Nice header from the greatest no. 7

    Irfan IsmailIrfan Ismail2 mesi fa
  • Goat🔥

    Pqah MeyPqah Mey2 mesi fa
  • If Cristiano wants to win, He wins.

    Arcan ArınArcan Arın2 mesi fa

    Asmin MaddaiAsmin Maddai2 mesi fa
  • Another sensational revenge from CR7

    Syamil HafizSyamil Hafiz2 mesi fa
  • A spirit came from inside make all teammates extra powerfull.. cR7 the greatest much he score hatrick in UCL ..Legend #7

    IES Bumi ResourcesIES Bumi Resources2 mesi fa
  • Any comment from real Madrid?

    admund9admund92 mesi fa
  • Wowowowowow this time is our Season!!! #finoallafine

    Ahmad MustaqimAhmad Mustaqim2 mesi fa
  • Juventus=Like Athletico Madrid=Comment

    Haniza MohdHaniza Mohd2 mesi fa
  • Siiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!

    Azwar AhmadAzwar Ahmad2 mesi fa
  • Ronaldo vs lukaku

    Syed Aminudin ShahSyed Aminudin Shah2 mesi fa
  • Wtf? Comeback lol

    Syed Aminudin ShahSyed Aminudin Shah2 mesi fa
  • he just lucky.

    defensive midfielderdefensive midfielder2 mesi fa
    • Luck happen only one time idiot.. Its call hard workk.. Pussy idiot!

      Ereasable NinjaEreasable Ninja2 mesi fa