Kyle Lowry Loses It When the Raptors Trade DeMar | Game Of Zones S6E3

Game of Zones Season 6, Episode 3: The North Remembers. Kyle Lowry loses it when the Raptors trade DeMar 😥 #GameOfZones
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  • LMAO @ CJ McCollum writing a letter to Jennifer after the credits.

    Francis AboyFrancis AboyMese fa
    • Its Jenner Not "Jennifer" Lmfao!!!

      Ford FanFord Fan3 giorni fa
    • I would love to hear "KING IN THE NORTH!" Chant once kawhi recieves his finals MVP trophy.

      melson titularmelson titular8 giorni fa
    • 6Th k like

      Clout CoochieClout Coochie20 giorni fa
    • Lol...Anunoby on the horn!

      kalex888kalex88821 giorno fa
    • 🇹🇭कौशांबी अभिलेख को रानी का अभिलेख कहा जाता है! 🇹🇰

      Sun CompanionSun CompanionMese fa
  • The Raptors used black magic and sacrificed Derozan in order to win the championship

    DennisDennis2 ore fa
  • This aged soooooo well can't believe Kawhi and Toronto pulled it off and destroyed the warriors dynasty.

    Larontez MooreLarontez Moore2 ore fa
  • "God's Plan " always gets me😂😂 Congrats to the Raptors and the monster

    Osama SultanOsama Sultan3 ore fa
  • And a monster they did indeed get

    Don JhonDon Jhon3 ore fa
  • Man im sorry everyone, but this episode is better then GOT season 8.

    Ernest ByanErnest Byan5 ore fa
  • Kawhi 75.37 percent win rate, 1st among all NBA players in history, FACT ! Earned the right to be called a bloody monster.

    Ernest ByanErnest Byan5 ore fa
  • Is there any other star player trade, that has resulted in winning a championship in the first year ?

    Ernest ByanErnest Byan5 ore fa
  • this is amazing!!

    valentinakavhvalentinakavh6 ore fa
  • Damn it really was gods plan

    AOFsm95AOFsm957 ore fa
  • the house spurs attack the trade raptors and they got demar and jakob

    justin martinezjustin martinez8 ore fa
  • And the rest is history...

    CapsulekillCapsulekill11 ore fa
  • If Kyle actually said "Whoever we're getting back, he better be a bloody monster" during an interview or something can somebody please tell me the name of the video?

    mckricks1mckricks112 ore fa

    Smokey McbongWaterSmokey McbongWater13 ore fa
  • Yo coming back after Raptors historic playoff run .. just gotta say man Lord Ujiris the man .. KLOWs the man . And man THE CLAWs just the TERMINATOR.. what a year!

    Smokey McbongWaterSmokey McbongWater13 ore fa
  • this a joke, but this actually make me sad

    Same LifeSame Life15 ore fa
  • I just came here to see how the raptors sacrificed Derozean to win this year...

    Daniel Tarazona LapeñaDaniel Tarazona Lapeña16 ore fa
  • He’s the Night King and Jon Snow rolled into one

    Tiger UppercutTiger Uppercut17 ore fa
  • That bloody monster lead raptors to the crown

    Enrique GuzmanEnrique Guzman17 ore fa
  • God plan😊😄

    Shaun DShaun D18 ore fa
  • Game of Zones - prophetic!

    C LopezC Lopez18 ore fa
  • And now the Raptors are Champs😭😭😭

    Reynald RelatoReynald Relato19 ore fa
  • demar wasn't a sacrifice. he was a key to a better gateway for Toronto...... for us The 6ix will never forget you derozen

    Shayne PangowishShayne Pangowish19 ore fa
    • @Reynald Relato gtfo with that bullshit. You act like Kawhi isn't Lebron's daddy lol. Kawhi was gonna get this title regardless of Lebron being there or not. People like you probably haven't even watched the Spurs beating the Heat with Kawhi daddying prime Lebron

      Loc TLoc T17 minuti fa
    • Agree. But mainly, had Lebron stayed in the Eastern Conference, Raptors ain't winning the title regardless Demar stayed or Kawhi replaced him.

      Reynald RelatoReynald Relato19 ore fa
  • i hate how this is so outdated and the episodes come out so late

    Rayyan QureshiRayyan Qureshi19 ore fa

  • LOL at nick nurses OOOh face

    JungolistMassifJungolistMassif22 ore fa
    • :0

      Chrome FirefoxChrome Firefox9 ore fa
  • That kawhi leonard entrance was epic

    Mandeep SinghMandeep Singh23 ore fa
  • Bloody monster

    Rod RaphaelRod RaphaelGiorno fa
  • was this made before or after the Derozen-Leonard,cause if it was that was crazy

    Rey TorresRey TorresGiorno fa
  • They got a bloody fcking monster...

    Amen estyAmen estyGiorno fa
  • 3:20 “we tried they didn’t want you” how did I miss that the first time 😂😂😂

    Don't Mind MeDon't Mind MeGiorno fa
  • Lmao There's Something Mistake Here At 3:54 There's Norman In Behind And 3:55 Now He's On Front WTF!!!

    Ford FanFord FanGiorno fa
  • Damn thats a raptors champ t-shirt he's a bloody monster in huge letters with Leonard on the back

    Leonardo RodriguezLeonardo RodriguezGiorno fa
  • Fuck the person who traded my nigga DeMar derozen

    Kaden ColeKaden ColeGiorno fa
  • This was the best episode even before the Raptors won 👍

    Joe ThompsonJoe ThompsonGiorno fa
  • It better be a bloody monter Enter kawhis laugh ahahha

    Rj PogiRj PogiGiorno fa
  • Haha hahahaha the laugh at the end

    Poe zikPoe zikGiorno fa
  • Who’s here after the 2019 finals?? Kawhi is a bloody monster!!

    Niko The Crazy HuskyNiko The Crazy HuskyGiorno fa
  • 2:02 Serge Ibaka accurate AF

  • RIP Demar , Jakob and CJ.. They didnt get to make a championship with raptors.

    GunScott HDgamingGunScott HDgamingGiorno fa

    J LJ LGiorno fa
  • Hurry Up n Drop a NEW episode with a previously on Game of Zones!!!!!...SOMEBODY GET THAT PHONE........ CAUSE YALL F@$KING CALLED IT!!!!

    Justin McCoyJustin McCoyGiorno fa
  • Lord Popovich destroyed the San Antonio Spurs Realm

    Pabs AlanyaPabs AlanyaGiorno fa
  • *Better ending than GoT, Raptors Champions. GoT Season 8, terrible ending*

    John DoeJohn DoeGiorno fa
  • this video has aged brilliantly.

    Arch MadnessArch MadnessGiorno fa
  • Uh-oh... I have an unfortunate idea for the next part of the Kawhi story... In winning the championship, he sees that there is a piece of his own soul somehow trapped in the trophy from when he won it with House Spurs. That piece gives him just enough to see something of his own -origins-, and he thinks that, to put the rest of himself back together, he must go to this place... Los Angeles. House Raptors, grateful that he was with them for a Good Time even if not for a Long Time, wishes him well on his journey despite its best efforts at trying to keep him. All speculation, obviously, but if he goes to LA, this story kind of writes itself.

    Travis AlexanderTravis AlexanderGiorno fa
  • We back!

    Corvideus CrowCorvideus CrowGiorno fa
  • Guess where Jurrasic Park was filmed Kauai. It was meant to be

    Evan HuangEvan HuangGiorno fa
    • And T-Rex was running on the street of San Diego for part 2, where Kawhi is from.

      Task DonTask DonGiorno fa
  • This might be the most important episode of GOZ lol

    NoahtheastronautNoahtheastronautGiorno fa

    Seychelle IllySeychelle IllyGiorno fa
  • Love how they added Kawhi's media laugh at the end. Lol.

    The FireSpitterThe FireSpitterGiorno fa
  • this is the real game of thrones ending

    SonnySonnyGiorno fa
  • Iconic.

    Jordan MitchellJordan MitchellGiorno fa
  • I just wanna see what Kawhi looks like without the soul box affecting him XD.

    張書張書Giorno fa
  • Well they got a monster all right..

    6th Man6th ManGiorno fa
  • This makes me emotional still to this day.

    d3gonzod3gonzoGiorno fa
  • Kawhi leading the Raps to a championship made his laugh after the "bloody monster" statement made this even more legendary

    VyxVyxGiorno fa
  • U know what...🤔 Worth it 🏆congrats 2019 champs

    MrJreed1000MrJreed1000Giorno fa
  • " If we don't make a trade, there will be no banners here."

    Andrew YangAndrew YangGiorno fa
  • And a bloody monster he was

    VyxVyxGiorno fa
  • A bloody monster indeed!!!!

    MrRav1247MrRav1247Giorno fa
  • We tried, they didn't want you.

    Maulen. IDC FlorezMaulen. IDC FlorezGiorno fa
  • Well he was a bloody monster

    J PJ PGiorno fa
  • This is better than the NBA

    drfunk1986drfunk1986Giorno fa
  • Dem spurs eyes tho.

    Maulen. IDC FlorezMaulen. IDC FlorezGiorno fa
  • Kawhi will be remembered as the dynasty killer.

    MasterJP28MasterJP282 giorni fa
  • This is a classic!!! Watched like 4 times already

    blacklivityblacklivity2 giorni fa
  • WE WON!!!

    ulysses886ulysses8862 giorni fa
  • DeMar was the sacrifice that gave us the soulstone and the championship

    L eeL ee2 giorni fa
  • A bloody monster indeed

    aq1qaq1q2 giorni fa
  • Season 4, Episode 4 was also a very important episode as well featuring Jeremy Lin and Serge Ibaka. This was two seasons in the making for the 2019 championship.

    Melvin MartinezMelvin Martinez2 giorni fa
  • 3:33 I'm deadddd oh hi jacob burps

    Jaguars CelticsJaguars Celtics2 giorni fa
  • So the Legend of Kawhi was true! A bloody MONSTER!!!! We the North is now We the Champs!

    Ronald ViveroRonald Vivero2 giorni fa
  • Can't wait for the season finale

    cosmicbutthairscosmicbutthairs2 giorni fa
  • Comment 6000 yay. Also congrats house Raptors from house Celtics.

    Kos JuludoKos Juludo2 giorni fa
    • Yesssir

      Jaguars CelticsJaguars Celtics2 giorni fa
  • "God's Plan" 2018-2019 Champion.

    Jeff De JoseJeff De Jose2 giorni fa
  • Lowry @ 0:34 : "We just need a smart strategy and the gods to finally smile on us" Wow, propethic words because thats exactly what happened to the Raptors this season!! 😲

    Kid PeligroKid Peligro2 giorni fa
    • They also needed kawhi Leonard

      J LJ LGiorno fa
  • Man I miss DeRozan.. he has done so much for the Raps... but man did we not get a monster as a replacement..

    ermal pulaermal pula2 giorni fa
  • Yup, we need a new Game of Zones for the Raptors' Championship. It'll never feel real to us in Toronto.

    Jose Alfonso TaboadaJose Alfonso Taboada2 giorni fa
  • This is one of the best and certainly the most prophetic Game of Zones episodes ever.

    wuhanclanwuhanclan2 giorni fa
  • Best episode of GOZ EVER!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    A MA M2 giorni fa
  • “...bless this trade for it is fair and for the good of the realm” the trade was for the good of the realm indeed

    Stepin KirbyStepin Kirby2 giorni fa
  • "He better be a bloody monster." Truer words have never been spoken. Congrats House Raptors. King of Kings in 2019!

    Ashley HansenAshley Hansen2 giorni fa
  • Tell Demar Derozan....we still rock his 10 Jersey in the 6ix. Tell the league The North Remembers. Tell the world Winter came for House Warriors.

    Friday SaturdayFriday Saturday2 giorni fa
  • and now raptors are champions. Great episode. They definitely need to do a follow up

    Anthony MartzAnthony Martz2 giorni fa
  • Proof kawhi is from the future.

    Joshua MartinezJoshua Martinez2 giorni fa
  • "GOD'S PLAN"

    Jeffrey DejesusjrJeffrey Dejesusjr2 giorni fa
  • worked.

    Ice48Ice482 giorni fa
  • 🏆

    Jeff LumagueJeff Lumague2 giorni fa
  • The best episode with amazing prediction to be the champion for 2019!!! What a story!!!

    graz ryangraz ryan2 giorni fa
    • there was no prediction

      iWillRateYouiWillRateYou2 giorni fa
  • waiting for this season's GOZ finale

    Rurouni KenshinRurouni Kenshin2 giorni fa
    • it been out a few days ago

      iWillRateYouiWillRateYou2 giorni fa
  • Raptors are the champions lol

    Austin TanAustin Tan2 giorni fa
  • This episode gives me the goosebumps.

    Forty-six and TwoForty-six and Two2 giorni fa
  • And a monster they got......

    A literal cancerA literal cancer2 giorni fa
  • The ending of this episode is now the stuff of legend after the Raptors won the title. They really did get a bloody monster.

    Radhames CarelaRadhames Carela2 giorni fa
  • This with context of how the playoffs played out might be the best episode other than NBA 1K of course.

    grunermrkgrunermrk2 giorni fa
  • 2:55 Nick Nurse's face tho. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Sime'on Manzac11Sime'on Manzac112 giorni fa
  • Oh how times have changed.

    Mr.know lifeMr.know life2 giorni fa
  • Serge was right. There will be banners here

    Adam BaiAdam Bai2 giorni fa
  • The monster brings the title here!

    ザノースザノース2 giorni fa
Kyle Lowry Loses It When the Raptors Trade DeMar | Game Of Zones S6E3