• 💔🎶What a beautiful song I remember from my grandfather. I love you I miss you 🇧🇷

    Julio FreittasJulio Freittas20 ore fa
  • Louis es tan pequeño.... Tan lindo... Demonios✨

    D I A M O N DD I A M O N D21 ora fa
  • I don’t understand why people don’t like this guy, he has such a beautiful heart and soul! Love him ❤️❤️

    Sanchakrya LorkSanchakrya Lork23 ore fa
  • i didn’t lost someone who is very close to me.But swear i fell so bed everytime i listen this song..Thank you very much..Your mama's must be proud of you..Stay strong and make her proud everyday,everytime❤

    Sabbir AhmedSabbir AhmedGiorno fa
  • Louis ❤

    Sabbir AhmedSabbir AhmedGiorno fa
  • This fucking made me cry my eyes out. I'm so fucking proud of this human. I just....we don't deserve this precious person. Louis deserves all the happiness in this world. I really wish this video was more appreciated. We love you Louis, and your mom and sister are really really proud of you!!❤ They are looking out for you❤

    Aanice AlmeidaAanice AlmeidaGiorno fa
  • i love you louis ❤😚

    Pooja KhodkePooja KhodkeGiorno fa
  • we proud of u loui include ur mom and ur sister in heaven 🥰 and richard v amazing

    Ersyah dumaErsyah dumaGiorno fa

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  • i'm still crying whenever i watch this! 😭

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  • he’s so amazing, i sobbed.

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  • I’m so proud of Louis I love him so much❤️😩

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  • I cried a lot 😭❤️ I’m so proud of Louis 😍😭🥺💘

    Kathia BetancourtKathia BetancourtGiorno fa
  • My dad died when I was 6 ik how he feels

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  • 😇💛😍❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷

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  • Best video I have ever seen 😟😭

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  • It let's tears in the eyes

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  • This so cute and touching :>

    Majorem MacapagalMajorem MacapagalGiorno fa
  • Nessie Mae ReyesNessie Mae ReyesGiorno fa
  • Louis is such a sweet kid. He has so much compassion and love to give. His mom has done so well in raising him.

    Black and WhiteBlack and WhiteGiorno fa

    Ahya ZuanaAhya ZuanaGiorno fa
  • For a world with more people like Louis, Amazing and very sentimental video.

    Ana María Rojas AguileraAna María Rojas AguileraGiorno fa
  • This was beautiful to watch!

    Blondelle KolonyBlondelle KolonyGiorno fa
  • Fuck Lou..............

    Anche PetrovaAnche PetrovaGiorno fa

    Anche PetrovaAnche PetrovaGiorno fa

    Anche PetrovaAnche PetrovaGiorno fa
  • I can't be the only one crying...

    Biblee O'PhileBiblee O'PhileGiorno fa
  • this is sooo underrated but I’m a proud one because I'm one of the 3.3 million people who know the goodness of Louis since this video was released until now

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  • He is an angel

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  • ughh Louis I love you so much 🥰

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  • ❤️

    Ananya PillaiAnanya PillaiGiorno fa
  • Still in love with this video 😍

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  • My heart ❤

    Natalie chamounNatalie chamoun2 giorni fa
  • I couldn't stop smiling, 7 minutes and my faith in humanity restored

    Gabi S. DGabi S. D2 giorni fa

    Giovanna MillaGiovanna Milla2 giorni fa
  • i love this song so much! as well as the official video

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  • Use me as a 'louis is a great person' button

  • My heart 😭😭

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  • Why did I not know about this? I love Louis so much

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  • wow this is so beautiful💜 hoping for the best for Richard.

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  • Good thing Louis aged well cause Harry didn’t

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  • amazinggggg, i love this❤

    teyarahteyarah2 giorni fa
  • This was so heartwarming and had goosebumps at the same time.

    beny gaidacibeny gaidaci2 giorni fa
  • Shout out to Louis for being strong enough to write a song about his mom dying, a lot of people wouldn't be able to do that

    Leah ScullyLeah Scully2 giorni fa
  • So touching 💖😢

    Gratia ChristGratia Christ2 giorni fa
  • Wow aww sweet ❤️

    Elizabeth MatkoElizabeth Matko2 giorni fa
  • 💜

    Nessa NessaNessa Nessa2 giorni fa
  • Louis Tomlinson, really the sweetest creature in the world living right now.. Sure lad your mom will be proudest mom after you did all these things to poor old Richard.. I really love you more than anything. You know what, you're my inspiration, in singing too, but how as a person I am, you're literally a shadow I want to be always.. There's not a great number of pure and good souls in this world, but it doesn't mean we would forget who we are ought to be.. We are humans, we should be full of humanity and good doings(karma).. That's what it's all about, Louis is one of then really.. I love him..

    Miniesta - The Official Channel Of MiniestaMiniesta - The Official Channel Of Miniesta2 giorni fa
  • People who disliked this video must have had their phones upside down.....

    Madhuri SarkarMadhuri Sarkar2 giorni fa
  • such an inspiration and amazing videos it is. It breaks my heart when idk if my parents maybe have a bucket list . I should ask them now. Thanks Louis ❤️

    Gaby RumenganGaby Rumengan2 giorni fa
  • this made me cry. 😩 we are all proud of u louis! i love you.❤️

    kendall jennykendall jenny2 giorni fa
  • This make so happy to watch that tears of happiness just ran down my chicks💕🎶🎶

    l el e2 giorni fa
  • Aww that’s so kind xxxxx

    Shannon AcarShannon Acar2 giorni fa
  • I cried... This is such a lovely video, you are a great person Louis!

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  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  • Proud to be your fans.

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  • мой малыш🤧💌

    otto vertotto vert2 giorni fa
  • this was so pure, why is there even dislikes in this

    Shreya BishiShreya Bishi2 giorni fa
  • you really are a true angel, thank you Louis

    michelle taniamichelle tania2 giorni fa
  • 😭 😇

    Lauren GirdnerLauren Girdner2 giorni fa
  • When I be older if my grandpa still alive I will take him every we're I go

    Jesse SoteloJesse Sotelo2 giorni fa

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  • I knew it. I stanned the right man.

    nixnix2 giorni fa
  • Awww this is so beautiful xo

    _decby07_decby072 giorni fa
  • Louis, the words can't describe how proud I am of you and being your fan. Such an amazing video, love you Lou❤

    Alejandra PeñaAlejandra Peña2 giorni fa
  • 💔💕💔💕😭💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    Mel MoraMel Mora2 giorni fa
  • I love you, always Louis 💜

    Lyka Mina ManugayLyka Mina Manugay2 giorni fa
  • I stan the right member 💞

    Diane CarulloDiane Carullo2 giorni fa
  • No mamen lloré bien feo:(

    Mente_FalsadjrMente_Falsadjr2 giorni fa
  • Love it 🥰

    Jeannie GuelJeannie Guel2 giorni fa
  • Don't cry, self. Don't cry. And I'm crying.

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  • Thoughts and prayers 💓 Smile and happiness 💓 Great job 🔥

    Henry Windsor RurikovichHenry Windsor Rurikovich2 giorni fa
  • We don't have much time until die, but you do the best for you. I'm proud of you, after all this time I am still a big fan of you Louis ❤

    NananoonaNananoona2 giorni fa
  • I couldn't get through the video without crying. What a wonderful thing Louis did. What a wonderful video. xo

    Ashley HealyAshley Healy2 giorni fa
  • Honestly such a lovely lovely person the amount of people Louis has helped and never mentioned a thing even in moments of bad press his family will and would have been so so proud

    Emily KnightsEmily Knights2 giorni fa
  • This man sings really good

    aban iraban ir2 giorni fa
  • Ugh he’s so good and the video is just so touching

    ashish mathalyashish mathaly2 giorni fa
  • This is actually inspiring

    Amy PotterAmy Potter2 giorni fa
  • i watch this video a lot & every time my eyes water 😢💙

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  • Ahh! This Made Me Cry, so proud

    Cece JamesCece James2 giorni fa
  • What an Angel Louis is

    samiee Limpiadosamiee Limpiado2 giorni fa
  • He sounds like Louis or Niall but as an elder! I love it!

    Zarai AquinoZarai Aquino2 giorni fa
  • How one can even dislike this piece of love 😭😭?!

    Shreya TiwaryShreya Tiwary2 giorni fa

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  • this is so cute!!!!!

    Calli CampbellCalli Campbell2 giorni fa
  • siapa yang nangis nonton ini? huaaaaa

    Radiatun HanisahRadiatun Hanisah2 giorni fa
  • I love u... I love One Direction... You deserve the world, Tommo... Do we deserve a reunion?...

    Akshiti SharmaAkshiti Sharma2 giorni fa
  • Felt really good watching dis video,,,love u Louis,,

  • Louis you re so kindhearted person😭

    chendolll llchendolll ll3 giorni fa
  • louis, you are such an amazing human! i'm sorry sad things happen to you sweetie, you don't deserve them. i hope you live happily despite everything that's happened, our beautiful remarkable man. 💖

    nin annin an3 giorni fa
  • Their interaction was so pure it was like a grandpa and his grandson their interaction made me cry

    Chantel SmithChantel Smith3 giorni fa
  • Louis is such an angel 😇❤ love you so much

    Julia CostaJulia Costa3 giorni fa
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Sherah AbalosSherah Abalos3 giorni fa
  • I was NOT prepared for this. Woah.

    GoneGirlGoneGirl3 giorni fa

  • 😇😘❤❤❤ i love it ❤

    Shanta BhattaraiShanta Bhattarai3 giorni fa
  • Awesome ❤️

  • he lost his mum and sister, but he got the world on his back. proud of u louis.

    Alessandro WijanarkoAlessandro Wijanarko3 giorni fa
  • omg i'm crying. in 2016 i also lost someone i love dearly. i love u daddy! always missing u 💖

    JeanieJeanie3 giorni fa
  • Richard deserves that bucket list complete. Good on u Louis!! :D

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