Louis Tomlinson - Two of Us (Richard's Bucket List Official Video)

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  • Louis you're so sweet

    tota poptota pop22 ore fa
  • Louis Tomlinson is the most kindest person in the world 👇 Like if u agree

    carlett smilecarlett smileGiorno fa
  • this video makes me cry every time i watch it

    chlorinenatchlorinenat2 giorni fa
  • I would love to donate but sadly im broke.

    Marina Jiana P. AmbrocioMarina Jiana P. Ambrocio2 giorni fa
  • This is such a good song! I made a piano cover if anyone wants to listen: it-vision.org/detail/video-Se_nd76uGpA.html

    Remnant Crusade MusicRemnant Crusade Music2 giorni fa
  • This video deserves more.

    Kyle_ RuthieKyle_ Ruthie3 giorni fa
  • Louis is definitely a sweetheart, the sweetest guy in the world.💙

    Mrnll KrstnMrnll Krstn3 giorni fa
  • @Louis Tomlinson You should show your son the old video diaries I think freddie would absolutely love to see his dad's one direction days...he would love to see his dad and kevin the pigeon lol.....have you ever let freddie listen to old one direction music???

    Ryleigh ElizabethRyleigh Elizabeth3 giorni fa
  • Can we all just say that Louis has basically given his whole life to others Man he lives to make others happy So proud to be a fan of such a selfless person ❤️❤️❤️

    Ayesha DamarAyesha Damar4 giorni fa
  • That's why I Love *LOUIS TOMLINSON* . HE has a good and kind heart. Im so proud of you Lou. Im 4ever your fan. Your laugh always completes my day. You really have ako genuine character.. *LOVE YOU*

    Maribel SecullesMaribel Seculles4 giorni fa
  • One of the best thing I've ever seen

    Anas 3457Anas 34574 giorni fa
  • he is a literal angel

    Sophie LeeSophie Lee4 giorni fa
  • Louis is such a great guy!!!!!!

    Holly leahyHolly leahy5 giorni fa
  • Still watch this video until now, with little tears dripping down my cheeks Protect both of them at all costs. Proud 🙌🙌🙌

    Niall & The PotatoesNiall & The Potatoes5 giorni fa
  • lmao who’s choppin onions

    PB IsananPB Isanan5 giorni fa
  • After all the things he must go through he's still doing kind things for other people. It is so beautiful to the Richard happy and we all should do kind things to other people. We can't give them a fly with a helicopter but little things like smiles and friendly words can make a person happy too.

    HP FanfictionloverinHP Fanfictionloverin5 giorni fa
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Une fille de l'universUne fille de l'univers6 giorni fa
  • Louis you are so amazing. After what happened how you manage to help others is so inspiring! I’m so proud of you and stay strong because you’re perfect in every way! Love you Lou ♥️♥️

    Shark_girllShark_girll6 giorni fa
  • This had me in tears😭😂

    Maja MathiasenMaja Mathiasen6 giorni fa
  • I’m so proud of you Louis💛

    Maja MathiasenMaja Mathiasen6 giorni fa
  • ladies and gentlemen the real louis tomlinson.

    namraahnamraah7 giorni fa
  • aaaaaaand now it's time to cry again.

    riririri7 giorni fa
  • My Grandma died of Alzheimers in September of 2015.

    Flying PandaFlying Panda7 giorni fa
  • how has this video only had 3.5 million views. more people deserve to see this and need to donate because this really is so cool.

    Lucy DresnerLucy Dresner7 giorni fa
  • richard can sing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Manu RodriguezManu Rodriguez7 giorni fa
  • i cried my eyes out

    Manu RodriguezManu Rodriguez7 giorni fa
  • I have no words .. Louis is truly the purest soul

    Bathina ElhagBathina Elhag8 giorni fa
  • proud of you tommo, you're the best, keep it up, love you.

    Fatma GhFatma Gh8 giorni fa
  • Why the fuck 900+ people unliked this song?

    ComplitationsComplitations8 giorni fa
  • This makes me surprisingly really emotional

    i screami scream8 giorni fa
  • This was so lovely of you to do this I feel proud of you 💕

    Carolin BickleyCarolin Bickley8 giorni fa
  • Holy hell 😭

    karabui0908karabui09088 giorni fa
  • The fact that those texts were in first person pov from Louis

    Kiranmayi UtukuruKiranmayi Utukuru8 giorni fa
  • This made me cry a lot. Thank you Loui you're really kind and amazing person.🙏💙

    Dária Linda LampertováDária Linda Lampertová8 giorni fa
  • may be thats why millions of hearts r hooked on u louis..💗....u r 1 of ur own kind....like ur other 4 counterparts...!!

    Shaheen RazaShaheen Raza8 giorni fa
  • His mother, his sister. Still he's staying strong, I want to be like him! He's amazing!

    OkamiOkami9 giorni fa
  • Richards smile. Oh my heart 💜 What a wonderful thing to do Louis.

    Jessica KanehenJessica Kanehen9 giorni fa
  • Just beautiful 💛💛💛💛☹️☹️☹️

    SalSoOla Al RawahiSalSoOla Al Rawahi10 giorni fa
  • Things to describe Louis sweet ,funny, talented,cute,and lights up a whole room when he walks in

    chloe sipeschloe sipes10 giorni fa
  • This is beautiful

    Leah ComstockLeah Comstock11 giorni fa
  • shitty video more talking than music stupid euro fucks.

    tier titaniumtier titanium11 giorni fa
  • What an Angel Louis Tomlinson is...❤️✨✨

    Shakespeare is HereShakespeare is Here11 giorni fa
  • Keep doing what makes ur family proud....show kindness...n i am proud n happy to see this...as it brings me back to the ground...i am proud of u💞

    mahiratun saadahmahiratun saadah12 giorni fa
  • My first time reacting like this to a song. It really hit me like a bullet.Thank you so much for this music Louis, last August 2016 i lost my brother to cancer and just 3 months after November of the same year 2016 my dad got hit by a car and died too.. for me it tore my life apart but here iam , for me this music is... “ i’ll be living one life for the 3 of us” missing them everyday 😭😭 again thank you for this louis. Bless you.🙏🏻

    #Truemona Arevalo#Truemona Arevalo12 giorni fa
  • I don’t understand why is there a dislike button? 🥺

    Natt covaguiNatt covagui12 giorni fa
  • I love how respectful Louis is! Because out of all the things he could have done that day, he fulfilled the dreams of that kind old man. We are so proud of you Louis! Stay strong❤️

    Kensilina BlyeKensilina Blye13 giorni fa
  • Que ser humano más hermoso ❤️

    Angelica Zapeta.Angelica Zapeta.13 giorni fa
  • sei pazzesco

    Alessandra MaciAlessandra Maci13 giorni fa
  • He is so sweet :(

    luneam 01luneam 0113 giorni fa
  • Por eso y muchas cosas más, es que eres mi idolo Tommo ☀❤🌈

    tu mamátu mamá14 giorni fa
  • I'm crying at 1 in the morning

    Mariana CamposMariana Campos14 giorni fa
  • Man with golden heart😥

    Sujan ShresthaSujan Shrestha14 giorni fa
  • Orgulho do caralho q eu tenho do Louis man ele é uma pessoa maravilhosa cara. Já passou por tantas coisas ruins. Mas nunca deixa de ajudar as pessoas e ter um bom coração. Louis I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Larissa ImpastaroLarissa Impastaro14 giorni fa
  • Always coming back here for a good cry. Yeah.

    Hanna Angela RosarioHanna Angela Rosario15 giorni fa
  • I love this video the most.. Wow. Thank you Louis for making his dreams come true. Bow down to you..

    Paula KhristiePaula Khristie15 giorni fa
  • He’s gonna be the future keanu Reeves.

    Cho Lock LokCho Lock Lok15 giorni fa
  • He’s gonna be the future keanu Reeves.

    Cho Lock LokCho Lock Lok15 giorni fa
  • I can't believe Louis felt like the forgotten member back in One Direction, this is so beautiful and such talent!

    Samantha FrancoSamantha Franco15 giorni fa
  • This video shared on my birthday ❤

    Rose RambleRose Ramble16 giorni fa
  • Yo I’m actually in tears..Louis is just amazing😔❤️I love him and I’m very proud of him!! Can’t wait for one direction to come back

    leena anasleena anas17 giorni fa
  • I can't believe how stupid music videos get so many views in under 24 hours and this incredibly meaningful and heart touching video has not touched the 4M mark yet

    Anjushree VermaAnjushree Verma17 giorni fa
  • Llore con este video, que hermoso mensaje que nos dejas Louis♥️

    Andrea MaciasAndrea Macias18 giorni fa
  • This made me cry it so sad 👍for being nice and spending time with him

    Opcat GamerOpcat Gamer18 giorni fa
  • This is so nice of you

    Opcat GamerOpcat Gamer18 giorni fa
  • personas como Louis Tomnlinson pocas....

    Valeria PadillaValeria Padilla18 giorni fa
  • This is video just made me cry. #directioner

    San SethaSan Setha18 giorni fa
  • I'm holding my tears, i love it Louis.. 💎

    MAGEE StarMAGEE Star18 giorni fa
  • Lost his grandma.😓 Lost his mum.😓 Lost his sister.😓 Still out there making us proud.💕

    Anjali_ YadavAnjali_ Yadav18 giorni fa

    Luthfia MurthafiaLuthfia Murthafia19 giorni fa

    IrreleventIrrelevent19 giorni fa
Louis Tomlinson - Two of Us (Richard's Bucket List Official Video)