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  • even jojo Handel’s a situation better than you

    Vloging AvocadosVloging Avocados5 minuti fa
  • Soooo u guys, still want to take the refund back?

    Sen jodiSen jodi17 minuti fa
  • Intresting. Usually in apology videos you are apologized to in the first minute or so and they give a valid reason or solution to the issue. They don’t wait half the video the say an untruthful sorry as well as GIVE EXCUSES AND LIES to _make everything ‘okay’ again_ There have been deadly products put in your lipstick like metal and hair. Jojo Siwa is 16 and handled the same thing much better. She said refunds, that they’re working on fixing it and that it wouldn’t be on the shelf until then. Why can’t you do that?! I don’t even watch your videos but Im mad at how you’re treating your subscribers 😤

    Lavender-ChanLavender-Chan46 minuti fa
  • This is one of the only videos I’ve seen that has more dislikes than likes, That’s probably because it seems that she’s attacking us and where we live... that’s attacking her products

    Bythe SeasideBythe Seaside57 minuti fa
  • Just be real, and realize that you aren’t suited for this career with that attitude!

    Mia PedersenMia PedersenOra fa
  • there’s more dislikes than likes... and i oop-

    Sir CamelSir CamelOra fa
  • Watch that video by Kenna lmao she ended her goddamn career

    Khadija Abdul-AzizKhadija Abdul-AzizOra fa
  • Surprised the lipsticks weren't "smooth as butterrr"

    Farzana AhmedFarzana Ahmed2 ore fa
  • Is it true that ppl will be refunded for the faulty products? I heard your not refunding ppl for postage tho. If that’s true I think that’s a raw deal. Seen some of your videos because I do really love makeup. You seem to talk out of both corners of your mouth. Just my opinion. I feel bad for all the ppl that got ripped off.

    Karen WarrenKaren Warren3 ore fa
  • BRUH even Jojo Siwa can handle this situation better!

    CelestiaSun 101CelestiaSun 1014 ore fa
  • jojo siwa can do a better apology and i'd forgive her.

    愛アニメ愛アニメ4 ore fa
    • ThatAussieGirl r/wooosh

      愛アニメ愛アニメ4 ore fa
    • Jojo is a child with virtually no control over the manufacturing of anything under her brand. This chick is a grown ass woman who is meant to be a hands on CEO of her own company. Two very different scenarios

      ThatAussieGirlThatAussieGirl4 ore fa
  • Recall the whole line. And next time, put more time and effort into quality control. You're making a consumable product, you cannot afford to cut corners. Take responsibility for your lazy product. There is no excuse for sending out product with fibers/hairs, plastic pieces, and metal burrs.

    Jenni LockeJenni Locke5 ore fa
  • Jaclyn.. If you're readin' this. All love from the deep South of Texas. & to all the haters & 'supposed' fans of yours.. Dedicate this song to each & everyone of'em. Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down. Peace, love & other drugs baby. Peace, love & other drugs ❤

    Emerald4 yuhEmerald4 yuh7 ore fa
  • who isn’t listening to a single word she says but is liking all them comments?

    Erica •Erica •7 ore fa
  • You are in my thoughts and prayers❤️

    Mayra BarrosoMayra Barroso9 ore fa
  • A lab would NEVER, EVER use "white fuzzy gloves". Completely unsterile. Can't wait for someone to sue you.

    rhiannonbwayrhiannonbway9 ore fa
  • This girl really out here trying defend these crusty ass lipsticks that people paid money for. Also I don’t understand the rush if you have been working on it for so long. How are you gonna sit there and say that they are perfectly safe to her FANS, people who liked/loved her. You are really doing us dirty just because you want to stay rich.✌🏻🙄

    Lola MarieLola Marie10 ore fa
  • shes like the moon. bloated and pallid.

    G HG H10 ore fa
  • Is her video on a fast forward hahahah

    Izza sanchezIzza sanchez11 ore fa
  • Word of the day “emollient”

    Janna KaminskyJanna Kaminsky11 ore fa
  • Just coming back here, on 7/15/19, to say that this is NOT GOING AWAY, JACLYN. Hibernate as long as you'd like. When you come back, your fans (and critics - you're a grown-up CEO, theoretically, deal with criticism) will still be here, wanting a TRUTHFUL explanation. Because the lipsticks ARE contaminated (unless metal, plastic, and hair/threads - white, red, and black - were on your ingredient list? No? THEN THEY'RE CONTAMINATED). We'll all be here, waiting.

    JessBeautyJunkieJessBeautyJunkie11 ore fa
  • “I’m not on a make this about me” *continues to make it all about her personally*

    Tekaay HarmerTekaay Harmer11 ore fa
  • Hey Jaclyn, I know you may never see this but I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been praying for you these past few weeks. I’m so sorry your launch didn’t meet your expectations BUT that’s ok it’s OK to fail. It’s OK to feel defeated. It’s OK to take time to your self. You’re human and you aren’t perfect just like everyone on this earth. I have been with you since I was 12.. I’m about to turn 21! You have been my inspiration in makeup and I have found discipline and motivation in makeup because of YOU. You taught me everything I know now about makeup, literally everything. From setting my eyelids to baking, to my eyebrows to my foundation. I feel as if I know you but I honestly just watch you behind a screen and know nothing about you. I like to think you aren’t a bad person, you have love in your heart to give and family is your top priority; just like me! I want you to know that I have your back and I support you no matter what’s going on or what has happened. I love you and take your time, heal and get your self together. Always remember, fall down 7 times get up 8. And KEEP GOING. God has it all in HIS plan. ❤️

    Carli LlewellynCarli Llewellyn12 ore fa
  • You look a lot better without makeup. Why do you even need to make a brand if it's gonna turn out like complete shit? Also the FDA doesn't really do anything in the cosmetic industry. Like at all. So do explain how you got your hazardous lipsticks FDA approved?!

    LaurenTiareLaurenTiare12 ore fa
  • All the documents were blurry. Great job

    beotchhh.beotchhh.12 ore fa
  • Jojo Siwa handled her makeup recall better than Jaclyn like she understood the recall and didn’t deny it plus she did it in 1 minute!

    Mckenzie CarterMckenzie Carter12 ore fa
  • Did she just write an essay?

    愛R i ȵ愛R i ȵ12 ore fa
  • Why was there no product testing or quality control?

    Abigail SvitanaAbigail Svitana13 ore fa
  • If you watch at .75x playback speed, it sounds like a more normal talking speed.

    Kadara ScottKadara Scott13 ore fa
  • 9:38 “reach out to me” a bit hard to do that darling if you deleted your social media and your team doesn’t reply for months on end? 🤦🏽‍♀️

    G BG B13 ore fa
  • Hang in there kiddo. You got this.

    MichaelleMichaelle13 ore fa
  • I miss youuu!! Come Back 💜💜💜

    Katie AdamsonKatie Adamson13 ore fa
  • You should have looked more professional like a real CEO when addressing your customers not like a random IT-visionr apologizing for dumb drama. This is a serious issue and you showed up looking like you rolled out of bed WTF.

    ada marieada marie13 ore fa
  • Does every white girl IT-vision beauty guru talk so damn fast lmao.

    HoneyMustardCardiganHoneyMustardCardigan14 ore fa
  • Everyone does mistakes. Don't let it ruin your career, find a way and rise but be very genuine snd authentic this time. Best of luck.

    Mai hMai h14 ore fa
  • The 1st and last rule in business if you want to win is......(drumroll).....: Under PROMISE & Over DELIVER!!!!! If you don’t have THAT, you don’t have a business. Sorry.

    Noname NeededNoname Needed14 ore fa
  • Come back please...

    Lillian UdellLillian Udell15 ore fa
  • ...why is she angry at us? What did we do? Haha...

    _ Mel __ Mel _15 ore fa
  • The lipstick is gonna hurt you...l

    小雪Yifei小雪Yifei15 ore fa
  • You are lying.

    小雪Yifei小雪Yifei15 ore fa
  • Idk what you were thinking when you put out this video. Its not an apology or anything that makes sense its just you making a bunch of excuses for why ur lipsticks are bad quality. recall the products and find a different place to make them.

    Bedriah AliBedriah Ali16 ore fa
  • I havent been a Jaclyn Hill fan very long but dont think I will be anymore. I dont judge that she had a failed product. Things happen. I would have waited for a relaunch. But the fact that she deleted all of her accounts and has went into hiding is very unprofessional and a little rude to the fans who want to continue to support her. I dont think I will be buying another Jaclyn Hill product which is sad because I do enjoy the ones I have.

    Sarah ProcellSarah Procell16 ore fa
  • she's poor :( she doesn't deserve so much hate, guys, she's human

    Mika OlmesovaMika Olmesova16 ore fa
    • Mika Olmesova no I know, and your English seems fine (then again it's four am) I said I don't think she should be harrassed, what I meant was, hiding makes it worse, people will turn because they feel like they aren't listened to

      thatoneperson noonelikesthatoneperson noonelikes7 ore fa
    • her products are really bad but we can just stop buying her cosmetic and don't pay attention on her (Sorry for my english mistakes)

      Mika OlmesovaMika Olmesova13 ore fa
    • @thatoneperson noonelikes but it doesn't mean that people have to hate her for a whole life

      Mika OlmesovaMika Olmesova13 ore fa
    • Mika Olmesova she's poor? Girl owns tons of property, and is still getting royalties from her products. She is hiding, she shouldn't be harassed but she is not taking responsibility

      thatoneperson noonelikesthatoneperson noonelikes15 ore fa
  • *Jaclyn Hill is officially cancelled.*

    DahyunIsMyCutieDahyunIsMyCutie16 ore fa
  • Where are you at? You gonna just disappear like smoke cuz you can’t handle all this?? Rightttttt.......

    Victoria RushingVictoria Rushing16 ore fa
  • Vim pela Karen

    CarolCarol17 ore fa
  • Wtf does anybody think she’s ATTACKING US? like she’s literally shouting at us tbh um scaref

    Rose LanaRose Lana17 ore fa
    • Scared**

      Rose LanaRose Lana17 ore fa
  • Ahckagen 😂😂😂

    Anisti BarrettAnisti Barrett17 ore fa
  • Sorry i couldn’t even follow what she said ,she’s talking even faster then jojo siwa

    _/Sophia\_ Gamer_/Sophia\_ Gamer17 ore fa
  • You all been conned! Dont worry, jaclyn. A sucker is born every day.

    CA2VACA2VA17 ore fa
  • You are a dirty person Jaclyn. And all your excuses are lies. DIsgusting!!! Unfollowed not gonna watch or buy anything else from you. I hope this is where your career ends, cause you play with peoples life and health.

    Jaydaxo1Jaydaxo118 ore fa
  • jojo siwa handeled this way better Jojo : "we are working really hard to fix this." Jacyln : *denies everything* my lipsticks are worth every penny. Like come one shes a grown adult and jojo siwa is still a kid and handeled it way better. Im not a jojo siwa fan but atleast jojo is way more honest.

    a ordinary human beinga ordinary human being18 ore fa
  • In any way or shape or form🤣🤣🤣

    Milana kMilana k19 ore fa
  • Just say "no" to vocal fry

    Tracy BoedigheimerTracy Boedigheimer19 ore fa
  • Why do you speak too fast?

    BlcssomBlcssom19 ore fa
  • Hate me, but I think she is correct and I don’t understand why everyone is hating on her, because she just wants to help people who got the product and they are not satisfied with it. And yeah these lipsticks are not perfect but please don’t hate on her because of her product... (Sorry for my English, I’m not a native speaker :’) )

    Bogi 22Bogi 2219 ore fa
    • "Not perfect" bruh they had SHARDS OF METAL in them! This isnt just a harmless aesthetic issue.....

      ThatAussieGirlThatAussieGirl4 ore fa
  • 6:13 *Sounds familiar*

    Tweet BirbTweet Birb19 ore fa
  • jojo handled this more better than you

  • Do I watch her vids? No Did I buy the lipstick? No Did I know who she was before this scandal? No But am I furious and want a full refund? But of course

    Chae hee ParkChae hee Park19 ore fa
  • Jojo did a much better job then you ever will !!

    Giselle AscencioGiselle Ascencio19 ore fa
  • Omfg... It's just lies, upon lies, upon lies. Come on, Jaclyn. Handle this situation in a mature way please.

    peri dotperi dot20 ore fa
  • Sis but how do you explain the metal pieces

    Sansa L.Sansa L.20 ore fa
  • Anyone would be crazy to purchase anything from her colab or not in the future so many other people to support

    Loren McmullanLoren Mcmullan20 ore fa
  • James Charles 2.0

    네코XxNekoxX네코XxNekoxX20 ore fa
  • Byeeeeeeee✌️

    Rachel KRachel K20 ore fa
  • I hope she comes back with a different mindset.

    Entre Cafe y VinoEntre Cafe y Vino20 ore fa
  • Is it bad that I think Jojo Swia is more professional and mature than Jaclyn Hill and she's a full grown adult? *I THINK NOT*

    Brossie BooBrossie Boo20 ore fa
  • Can't believe you lost to a 16 y.o in being mature..😂😂😂 I'm not a fan nor do I watch your videos, JoJo's makeup issue just passed by my recommendations and in the comment section, you're a hot topic on being super immature 😂 oh man IT-vision drama😂😂😂

    Eina JaiEina Jai20 ore fa
  • babys can make lipsticks better than you...

    QueenFreddyVlogsQueenFreddyVlogs20 ore fa
  • So is she cancelled??

    Emoji AllsEmoji Alls20 ore fa
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