NLE Choppa - FREE YOUNGBOY (Shot By @Ftystudios1) Prod. CashMoneyAP

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  • this song go hard bc it’s a louisiana best and we turn up to this shit. the whole louisiana fw this heavy lol. flow tight too.

    Bitch i’m not a heathenBitch i’m not a heathen41 minuto fa
  • I am MichaelI am MichaelOra fa
  • When Yb locked up so you got to listen to this nigga 😂 Jk, who ready for shotta flow 3?

    ツxshine13ツxshine136 ore fa
  • We need to get 10 million for shotta flow 3 wtf y’all doing

    Kdthesharpshooter TWKdthesharpshooter TW6 ore fa
  • All you have to do to free youngboy is Make this button blue 👇🏽💙

    Olivia RobertsonOlivia Robertson8 ore fa
  • Like to make my day and nle

    Daniel EstradaDaniel Estrada9 ore fa
  • I would love you to meet my son and wipe his nose

    H4ppy is is crackedH4ppy is is cracked9 ore fa
  • 1:39 omg fire

    Jaylen PhilsonJaylen Philson10 ore fa
  • Hold up is it nba respunw if you know

    Evaristo CastilloEvaristo Castillo10 ore fa
  • She still didn’t catch a case yet???

    RJ WhiteRJ White11 ore fa
  • didn’t yhu jus make a song wit fredo now yhu love him 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😭😭

    ConflexSpamsR2ConflexSpamsR211 ore fa
  • Whoever like this will get one mill next day

    Noah EberleNoah Eberle12 ore fa
  • Hope he doesnt get token away from us early like x ,lil peep,etika,or cameron boyce

    Martin Jr. CoronaMartin Jr. Corona12 ore fa
  • 500k more and we get shotta flow 3

    Tre nineTre nine13 ore fa
  • 🔥

    Andreanna JosephAndreanna Joseph13 ore fa
  • Slime nle free NBA 4kt

    Jason VarnerJason Varner14 ore fa
  • Lah brudda y’all see niggas dying playing wit youngboy the last 2 niggas that was playing on his top died(blvd quick nd gee money),, now nle,, keep on nd you next jit

    jamall jacquejamall jacque14 ore fa
  • This nigga is not no gangsta bro straight up wack. 100

    Jorge TovarJorge Tovar15 ore fa
  • Free young boy 38 baby

    Zyree JohnsonZyree Johnson16 ore fa
  • 2:12 when someone touches your ticklespot

    ExotoxicExotoxic16 ore fa
  • He might didn't but it could bout nba you boy life or he told nle to tap to his lurics

    Zaniah The GamerZaniah The Gamer16 ore fa
    • Lyrics

      Zaniah The GamerZaniah The Gamer16 ore fa
    • Rap

      Zaniah The GamerZaniah The Gamer16 ore fa
  • FreeYoungboy

    Xjt YrXjt Yr17 ore fa
  • Choppa gang

    Adrian RiversAdrian Rivers17 ore fa
  • *He the first rapper I’ve seen twisting his hair while making a music video😂*

  • Why is it called Free YB if it’s not about him at all

    KwattsKwatts18 ore fa
  • I literally made everyone that ik watch this video,I want shoota flow 3 to drop mane that shi gone hit💯3️⃣

    Luis ChavezLuis Chavez19 ore fa
  • I snuck the Glock up in the club don't u come up I'm my section

    savageapple 12345savageapple 1234519 ore fa
  • 10mil for shotta flow 3 please 🖤🦅

    vowlsvowls19 ore fa
  • 🔥

    Jaylen RadwayJaylen Radway20 ore fa
  • I can’t get to 10milli by myself

    Austin KAustin K21 ora fa
  • Hit That 👍 Button If NLE Should Drop Should The Flow 3 By Next Month

  • Free youngboy free ddawg same

    Zariyah JonesZariyah Jones23 ore fa
  • get this vid to 10 mil for shotta flow 3

    Mike MerfeldMike Merfeld23 ore fa
  • Post sf3 🍇🍇🍇

    Tiarnan McgheeTiarnan Mcghee23 ore fa
  • Get this to 10 mil bro to get Shotta flow 3

    BlamRAYBlamRAYGiorno fa
  • Keep shit up bro wanna hear slaps like this all summer 2k19👏🤘

    Patrick GarciaPatrick GarciaGiorno fa
  • Here for shotta flow 3🔥🔥

    KiliKiliGiorno fa
  • "i ain't never fuck with josh but i love toting drakes" let it sink in

    Andrew NurseAndrew NurseGiorno fa
  • I just saw your live are you getting arrested???????

    Jaceb GardnerJaceb GardnerGiorno fa
  • Nle choppa said if this song gets 10 mil views he will drop shots flow 3!!!

  • That shit went hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

    rubix kidrubix kidGiorno fa

    Sxuce FNSxuce FNGiorno fa

    Mohammed AlmayahiMohammed AlmayahiGiorno fa
  • 10mil pls

    I love PickleboyI love PickleboyGiorno fa
  • Yeaaaaa nle youngboy 🔥

    Jay LawsJay LawsGiorno fa
  • 10m and he drops sf3

    RaZe SupremeRaZe SupremeGiorno fa
  • The Mic in my hand but the glock in my pocket

    BH ZephBH ZephGiorno fa
  • Shotta flow 3 droppin next friday🔥🔥

    aye ayeaye ayeGiorno fa
  • people that post those dumbass “ like and become rich” comments are the ultimate clout chasers

    Benny.Benny.Giorno fa
  • Get this to 10 million for shotta flow 3 to be dropped .”NLE choppa ig stated “. 🕺🏾

    Benham girlsBenham girlsGiorno fa
  • Why are the views going up so slow? I want shotta flow 3!!!

    subtopewdiepiesubtopewdiepieGiorno fa
  • Got the drop up on the opps

    T R A S HT R A S HGiorno fa
  • Get this to 10 mil please we need sf3

    oopsoopsGiorno fa
  • I came here to see if it really about yb and it had nothing to do with yb smh

    sa.vanna68 Csa.vanna68 CGiorno fa
  • get this shit to 10 million views

    HogzGamingHogzGamingGiorno fa
  • Get this to 10m for shotta flow 3

    Jexx TVJexx TVGiorno fa
  • I came here to get his views up for shotta flow 3 but this is actually fire I might start bumping

    Finesse KingFinesse KingGiorno fa
  • Shotta flow 3😈

    J Money22J Money22Giorno fa
  • Can't wait till Shotta flow 3 hits. That gonna b fire 🔥 🔥 🔥 Get it to ten mill boys and girls

    Iraia ForbesIraia ForbesGiorno fa
  • Ayy ayy

    Jones DayJones DayGiorno fa
  • get dis shittt to 10 mil💔

    arrow gamingarrow gamingGiorno fa
  • SF3 to drop need 10 million views

    SKD_ JCGSKD_ JCGGiorno fa

    PercyBangzPercyBangzGiorno fa
  • 1:59 he hitting that youngboy wap

    JJAYLittesthitter FordJJAYLittesthitter FordGiorno fa
  • Never gettin rich never gettin subs unless this blows up and that’s never ☹️

    BroomBroomGiorno fa
  • We want shotta flow 3 man fuck 10 mil views

    John JohnsonJohn JohnsonGiorno fa
  • Drop shotta 3 rn

    King ToineKing ToineGiorno fa
  • ten million views then shotta flow 3 🔥🔥🔥

    i know tommyYTi know tommyYTGiorno fa
  • 10 mill plz

    Mr BeastMr BeastGiorno fa
  • Who’s here trying to get choppa song to 10 mil? Can you help me get to 1k subs ❤️🤘

    Shlap TvShlap TvGiorno fa
NLE Choppa - FREE YOUNGBOY (Shot By @Ftystudios1) Prod. CashMoneyAP