Gordon Ramsay Finds cooked chicken on top of raw chicken, a lethal mistake.
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  • yes Gordon, please take that old shrimp thing and put it on display

    Lucky PennyLucky PennyGiorno fa
  • that fucking guy don't give a shit

    Crazy LegendCrazy Legend2 giorni fa
  • I can’t count the amount of times I gone in a place asked for something on display and was told they don’t have any left and I said Im happy to have the one on display and then left confused as I was told I can’t have anything on display. I now understand why

    catherineannprice1985catherineannprice19853 giorni fa
  • 5:40 "What you came for"

    Jai XD XDJai XD XD4 giorni fa
  • "I'm not gonna go cry in the corner y'know, life goes on" *That's not the attitude you should have! YOU SHOULD FIX THE PROBLEM!!*

    N Craft [NEW ACCOUNT]N Craft [NEW ACCOUNT]4 giorni fa
  • Bryan looks like Ron Weasley's ugly unknown brother

    Let me catch MY sonLet me catch MY son4 giorni fa
  • Pigs are cleaner.

    Barbara DysonBarbara Dyson4 giorni fa
  • Molten rock..not a molten lava cake..LOL!!!!!!

    Sayan KarmakarSayan Karmakar4 giorni fa
  • Ay Panini, don’t be a meanie

    mxnlxghtbaemxnlxghtbae4 giorni fa
  • This reminds me of when you're a kid and your parents are going through your room lmao

    scuzzlebuttscuzzlebutt4 giorni fa
  • What season?

    Star PirateStar Pirate5 giorni fa
  • 6:06 *IT’S A HISGRACE*

    YourAverageJoe66YourAverageJoe668 giorni fa
  • "Partners in crime!" I remember that for ever

    CaptainJackCaptainJack9 giorni fa
  • Molten lava cake. _no, molten rock cake. What do you do, play ice hockey with it?_

    autistic dalekautistic dalek11 giorni fa
  • "This is not romantic, this is Valentine fucking massacre. I take this place down" everyone: *pichaku face meme*

    brianna bribrianna bri11 giorni fa
  • Don't be a fucking meanie

    Sam FarzaSam Farza14 giorni fa
  • Hey panini,

    Jeg Vet Hvor Du BorJeg Vet Hvor Du Bor14 giorni fa
  • Ayy, Panini, don't you be a meanie

    Jhun CamitJhun Camit14 giorni fa
  • I’m actually scared to go to one of these places accidentally.

    Musa StyleMusa Style17 giorni fa
  • not available in my country?

    Juan GonzalezJuan Gonzalez18 giorni fa
  • lil Nas - Panini (ft. Gordon Ramsey)

    Kay0sKay0s18 giorni fa
  • "Chef Ramsay telling me that we do everything wrong just, you know, doesn't really work for me"

    Yarden AkinYarden Akin18 giorni fa
  • 5:40

    Ukulele UkuleleUkulele Ukulele18 giorni fa
  • Damn, I'm really hungry right now, but watching this made me lose my appetite. By that way, I like how Gordon criticizes the restaurants he visited. I just subscribed.

    W0LFGANXSW0LFGANXS18 giorni fa
  • "We get it prewashed" You get it prewashed???? That's a first

    eggy binkseggy binks18 giorni fa
  • Gordon!!! ALWAYS wear a surgical mask and latex gloves when inspecting all fridges and freezers! Millions of mold spores, when inhaled, can be life threatening.

    Mark YaskeMark Yaske18 giorni fa
  • Gorden! We call this Wilt-sure salad.

    Mark YaskeMark Yaske18 giorni fa
  • Contact the NHL. That is one nice hockey puck.

    Mark YaskeMark Yaske18 giorni fa
  • I like how gordon digs for mistakes to yell at people

    Straight Dingus BoyStraight Dingus Boy19 giorni fa
  • Why the fuck do ppl go to these restraunts anyways

    radioactive gamerradioactive gamer19 giorni fa
  • 5:41 is for what you came for

    PalodhiPalodhi19 giorni fa
  • Poor person eating the display food..... Gordon: shit

    Illuminati ConfirmedIlluminati Confirmed19 giorni fa
  • Gordon: goes to restiraunt Gordon: may I have the pizza Waiter serves Pizza Gordon: is it fReSh or mIcrOwaVed Waiter:uhhhhh fresh...... Waiter: is our pizza fReSh Chef: what? It's *fRozEn tHaN mElteD* Waiter: OH SHIT Gordon from a distance: THIS AIN'T FRESH! GET THAT STUPID ASS WAITER

    Steve's phoney adventuresSteve's phoney adventures19 giorni fa
  • does he ever use that pencil?

    Dornalee SalmonDornalee Salmon20 giorni fa
  • Who would come to a restaurant on Valentine's day when THEY ARE FU*KING SHOOTING A KITCHEN NIGHTMARES 10/10 life decisions.

    LO YOLO YO21 giorno fa
  • Where's the lamb sauce!?!?!

    Kobe BeanKobe Bean21 giorno fa
  • This dude is not bothered by anything, he’s not afraid to show what he does

    Boi BoiBoi Boi21 giorno fa
  • What season and episode is this???

    William CruzWilliam Cruz21 giorno fa
  • Valentine’s Day really isn’t that great

    jnie swartzjnie swartz22 giorni fa
  • HELLO, IM NIIIINNNNNO.....on the Nino's video....join me and hear the sensation it-vision.org/detail/video-ULl_zWfLbSM.html

    Red Blue40Red Blue4022 giorni fa
  • Oi panini, don’t you be a meanie

    senpieofpiessenpieofpies22 giorni fa
  • I am dealing with a case of food poisoning as I watch.

    walter kerstingwalter kersting22 giorni fa
  • I love when he shuts it down.

    J.D. MatthiasJ.D. Matthias22 giorni fa
  • He should have shut the whole place down once they tried to serve the display food

    Tailgating SlugsTailgating Slugs22 giorni fa
  • no one: gordon ramsay: *Oi paNiNi HeAd*

    BrattyBagelBrattyBagel23 giorni fa
  • Gordon ramsey : OI PANINI HEAD Lil nas : ayy panini

    Chi KulChi Kul23 giorni fa
  • Ya know why I clicked this Video? 𝙤𝙄 𝙋𝙖𝙉𝙞𝙣𝙄 𝙝𝙚𝘼𝙙 𝙇𝙢𝙖𝙤𝙤𝙤𝙤

    WaaayyyshelWaaayyyshel23 giorni fa
  • Chris looks like the head chef at another kitchen

    John WardJohn Ward23 giorni fa
    • The one with the dead lobster

      John WardJohn Ward23 giorni fa
  • Ayy Pannini don’t you be a meany

    BlueBullBlueBull23 giorni fa
  • Why doesn’t Gordon use pre-washed food in his restaurants, it seems like a time saver 😂

    sammelonssammelons23 giorni fa
  • The origin story of Oi panini head.

    NKProductions2014NKProductions201424 giorni fa
  • With a title like that, I'd be a sucker *_not_* to click on it!

    Floating SunfishFloating Sunfish24 giorni fa
  • Leaving after 20 min ? Sometimes I gotta wait 45 min but that's normal isn't it? 🙆‍♂️

    LichkingLichking24 giorni fa

    Willow SparksWillow Sparks24 giorni fa
  • These nightmares all seem to have one major thread in common. Well. other than complete disregard for health regulations or any kind of common sense. Is that they only *somewhat* take stock in the cooking part of food. Ignoring the supply, storage, and prep.

    Arcane FurorArcane Furor24 giorni fa
  • "We can't oversee everything." My eyes went huge. No, yeah, YOU CAN AND SHOULD BE!! I work at a chain pizza place and we have higher standards than this fucking place! Story Time: We have a cook who didn't notice the make table (where we keep the toppings to make the pizzas) was off. If you don't know, it is basically a huge refrigerator, to keep all the food at a SAFE tempature. So at 4pm, my manager notices its been off all day. He asks why the cook didn't say anything. This fucker said "It seems fine to me." My manager starts raging at him and tells him to start tossing it all. The guy says "It smells fine." THAT'S NOT THE POINT!! It was all at 50 degrees! The highest it should ever reach is 41! SO we spent the better part of an hour throwing out and replacing ALL of our toppings on the make line. And this guy still works there. He's usually not a complete idiot, but he breaks more safety rules than I feel comfortable with (leaving his open drink containers all around the store, a BIG NO NO). At least he washes his hands often.

    DarkRubberDuckyDarkRubberDucky24 giorni fa
  • *P A N I N I*

  • I feel like Gordon Ramsay would be the type of person who gets pissed off for being served sushi cold

    W5 ChuW5 Chu25 giorni fa
  • gordon: oh nooooo

    Yazan ArabiatYazan Arabiat25 giorni fa
  • Hey panini don’t you be a meanie

    Dark Purpp YtDark Purpp Yt25 giorni fa
  • Why is Gordon raiding the freezer my dad raiding my room complaining about how messy it is while searching for a juul.

    IzzieIzzie25 giorni fa
  • I don’t know why you’d even go there for Valentine’s Day. Make reservations at fucking Olive Garden or Long Horn😂

    IzzieIzzie25 giorni fa
  • Does this show still run?

    Duh lm KillerDuh lm Killer25 giorni fa
  • oi panini head, my name i NIIIIINOOOOO!

    Dat DotDat Dot25 giorni fa
  • At 6:10, there's literally a twist ending to this Kitchen Nightmares video, and sad to hear that their restaurant "Hannah & Mason's" is closing down (even on Valentine's Day). 😞💔

    Grady NaylorGrady Naylor25 giorni fa
  • I just threw up in my mouth.

    Sonny StylesSonny Styles26 giorni fa
    • Yummy

      IzzieIzzie25 giorni fa
  • I don't get it😐 (Sorry i just don't really get it)

    My little happy RoseMy little happy Rose26 giorni fa
  • Restaurant: *serves rotten contaminated disgusting food that should be in a compost pile* Gordon: IM SHUTTIN THE PLACE DOWN restaurant: *suprised pikachu face*

    Natalie KernNatalie Kern26 giorni fa
  • Do you play hockey????

    The SACThe SAC26 giorni fa
  • "How long has it been? 15 minutes?!" And? Spastics think they're in McDonalds.

    tomroberts101tomroberts10126 giorni fa