\"OI PANINI HEAD, YOU\'LL KILL SOMEONE!\" | Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay Finds cooked chicken on top of raw chicken, a lethal mistake.
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  • "What's this here?" "Bacon?" "Yeah, obviously bacon smart ASS"

    Ric UltimaRic UltimaGiorno fa
  • Why do these people even bother asking for Gordon's help if they are going to fight everything he says... I don't like fancy foods or restaurants but clearly he knows how to succeed so why not take a lesson.

    City EastwoodCity EastwoodGiorno fa
  • 5:40 You’re welcome!!

    GoalkeeperZzGoalkeeperZz2 giorni fa
  • Anybody else tap this video simply because: "OI, PANINI HEAD - "

    jamms themanjamms theman3 giorni fa
  • Just so you know, he says panini head at 5.40

    Sanne van LieshoutSanne van Lieshout3 giorni fa
  • Those chef's man, I'd have to punch them.

    xX 1Ns3RT C01N XxxX 1Ns3RT C01N Xx4 giorni fa
  • 6:14 When she saw mine for the first time

    TOPP4TOPP44 giorni fa
  • Gordon: So food is just sitting there and no one takes it? Bryan: Oh I didn't hit the bell Gordon: What?! 😂😂😂

    scout_trooper29 m.scout_trooper29 m.5 giorni fa
    • scout_trooper29 m. the owner doesn even look like he gives shit

      JefferyJeffery4 giorni fa
  • fucking lol

    John ConnorJohn Connor5 giorni fa
  • "partners in crime" 😂

    A OudaA Ouda5 giorni fa
  • I need an owner/head chef like that. So anytime the inspection come out he just say feck it, lets have a beer instead. Lmao!

    Iqbal Alian NugrahaIqbal Alian Nugraha6 giorni fa
  • *"tH4tS n0T g0oD"*

    YudantaYudanta6 giorni fa
  • A huge waste of food No winder why children in the Africa are starving

    FlexViperFlexViper7 giorni fa
  • if i’m ever eating at a restaurant and gordon ramsey is going around yelling to shut the shit down, i’m going to the nearest e.r

    freethe _leofreethe _leo7 giorni fa
  • Why is it bubbling??

    Judas3rdJudas3rd7 giorni fa
  • Gordon: THE ONE (or more) WEEK OLD DESERT HAS BEEN FUCKING SERVED!!! Chef: Oh... that's not good..

    Chopsy The Homicidal ManiacChopsy The Homicidal Maniac7 giorni fa
  • They need to be shut down Jesus Christ.

    Narnia LivesNarnia Lives7 giorni fa
  • Bloody hell, the food here looks like something that came out of a sewer.

    Narnia LivesNarnia Lives7 giorni fa
  • That owner is so monotone

    JLJL9 giorni fa
  • He looks like Shroud

    shishoshisho10 giorni fa
  • seriously , do they not clean their fridges gordon abt to look in the fridge is the same feeling your gonna get when ur mom enters your room to see if u cleaned

    evieus wuevieus wu10 giorni fa
  • where is the ninoo!!!???????

    evieus wuevieus wu10 giorni fa
  • in pewdiepie's voice - A MOLTEN ROCK EVERYBODY *CLAP CLAP*

    evieus wuevieus wu10 giorni fa
  • Pikachu face

    elgayetaselgayetas10 giorni fa
  • Gordon: I'm closing the place down. The rest of this comment section: Commenting about surprised Pikachu face

    elgayetaselgayetas10 giorni fa
  • Does Chris remind anyone else of Nick Cage?

    Zak SaturdayZak Saturday11 giorni fa
  • (Lol)

    big chungusbig chungus11 giorni fa
  • ^lol^

    big chungusbig chungus11 giorni fa
  • big chungusbig chungus11 giorni fa
  • A molten lava cake? More like a molten rock 😂😂😂lmfao jeez Gordon is funny asfff without trying to be...

    Reno UzumakiReno Uzumaki11 giorni fa
  • Do you play ice hockey with that?

    Shahood BaigShahood Baig12 giorni fa
  • I’ve seen this before

    Space InvaderSpace Invader12 giorni fa
  • if they made a museum for gordons insults it would be a masterpiece

    iikais art OFFICIALiikais art OFFICIAL12 giorni fa
  • Owner: we're gonna be screwed Me: nooo really? Also... That 😮 at the end was hilarious.

    whatcha howsyawhatcha howsya12 giorni fa
  • 5:25 *oH NO!!!!*

    Rainbow Wolf GamingRainbow Wolf Gaming12 giorni fa

    Rhys ClarckRhys Clarck12 giorni fa
  • Can you say what episode and season so it's easy to find

    Really RicReally Ric13 giorni fa
    • Really Ric it-vision.org/detail/video-AlWgpysfY34.html you're welcome

      shishoshisho10 giorni fa
  • 4:53 has to be one of the greatest lines Chef Ramsay has said on this show

    Kenneth CollioKenneth Collio13 giorni fa
  • Lol gordon is the best at making insults on the spot

    Fujin xFujin x13 giorni fa
  • Gordon Ramsay says yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

    kingkobrakingkobra14 giorni fa
  • Gordon is the Picasso of insults He roasts them harder than they did with that molten lava cake!

    Beens Mc CheeseBeens Mc Cheese14 giorni fa
    • *Rock cake

      Uncomfortable AdolescentUncomfortable Adolescent3 giorni fa
  • The only thing I came for was for him to say panini head

    Paisley SkyPaisley Sky15 giorni fa
    • Oi panini head

      Daniel ScottDaniel Scott7 giorni fa
    • I came to see someone die

      DanThePiggyBoiDanThePiggyBoi9 giorni fa
  • These chefs are unemployable after this.

    Ants CAnts C15 giorni fa
  • How in the fuck do you invite Gordon to your shitty restaurant, then complain when he gives his opinion??

    Fuck OffFuck Off16 giorni fa

    Leon ChourLeon Chour16 giorni fa
  • You could tell by their reactions that they really didn't care. "Thats not good" "Thats terrible" said with zero emotion or genuine remorse. No wonder the place was such a mess.

    YouCanCallMeReTroYouCanCallMeReTro16 giorni fa
  • b4 a milly

    TreyVroTreyVro16 giorni fa
  • No me creo que en Estados Unidos, donde de supone hay tantas reglamentaciones para los alimentos (incluso para su plantación, cosecha y procesamiento) nadie detecte tremenda asquerosidad!!!! Qué horror

    MissMHMissMH17 giorni fa
  • which episode and season is this?

    M _123M _12317 giorni fa
  • Gordon is a fuckin hero saving people from food poisoning

    Yuana LeeYuana Lee17 giorni fa
  • Original: "Hearing Ramsay say were doing things wrong just doesn't work for me..." Translation: "I'm too much of a fragile snowflake pussy boi to handle any kind of criticism."

    Eragon BrommsonEragon Brommson18 giorni fa
  • How the people that ate there can‘t wait 15 minutes wtf I need to wait 40 minutes sometimes

    OberseppObersepp18 giorni fa
    • Obersepp ikr 20 mins ain’t that long

      Labour O’LannaLabour O’Lanna16 giorni fa
  • One of the best titles on this channel

    KRLAKRLA18 giorni fa
  • How!! Just lissen to gordon

    Suzanne de VreugdSuzanne de Vreugd18 giorni fa
  • Just shows how self'sented, ignorant some so called chefs serve rotten or unclean food. Disgusting

    A 2 BA 2 B18 giorni fa
  • Partners, Partners in fuckin Crime lol

    Lucky LucianoLucky Luciano18 giorni fa
  • They are just radiating empathy... they look like they would see there dog die and go... well, life sucks I guess.

    DiscoPrince906DiscoPrince90618 giorni fa
  • Sorry I’m stupid Can anyone tell me why you can’t put raw things next to cooked things?

    ホシュアHOSHUAホシュアHOSHUA18 giorni fa
    • Cross contamination. Microbes from the raw food gets onto the cooked food and can give people food poisoning.

      Ihdc1Ihdc13 giorni fa

    FaZe EpicFaZe Epic18 giorni fa
  • omg raw chicken next to cook chicken Wtf is this shit

    FaZe EpicFaZe Epic18 giorni fa
  • 0:25. Whats with that odd and awkward waddle?? LMAO!!!!

    PorknBeanJuicePorknBeanJuice18 giorni fa
  • Gordon: That's from lunch? Idiot1: yeah Gordon: Yeah five years ago 😂😂😂😂

    Qwer TyuiopQwer Tyuiop19 giorni fa
  • Seriously, every cook and restaurant manager should just watch a couple episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, just to make sure they never make those mistakes, ever.

    MikaeruDaiTenshiMikaeruDaiTenshi19 giorni fa
    • Most anything you see on this show is common sense. There's a reason these restaurants are failing and need Gordon to help. Laziness and ignorance at it's finest.

      ratchet319ratchet3199 giorni fa
  • Partners in crime

    Weaponized AutismWeaponized Autism19 giorni fa
  • That horror sound effect is hilarious.

    Aurum TheBraveAurum TheBrave19 giorni fa
  • How bad was your dish on a scale from 1 to ''YOU'LL KILL SOMEONE"

    potato killerpotato killer19 giorni fa
  • I was so fucking shocked at that raw, green, chicken. Wtf. 0.o

    Taylor MackoTaylor Macko19 giorni fa
  • Brian: “If things aren’t going any good...get out move on to the next thing” - so just run away from failure basically Literally 3 seconds later “...no I’m not running away.”

    Victoria GumnadVictoria Gumnad19 giorni fa
  • Shut. It. Down!

    VGK PodiumVGK Podium19 giorni fa
  • Me trying the food “This is delicious” Gordon Ramsay trying the same food “This is F***ing disgusting”

    TerezzTerezz19 giorni fa
  • What was that green stuff

    Shazrai Ediaz ShazrulShazrai Ediaz Shazrul19 giorni fa
  • Honestly Gordon needs to calm down he’s overreacting way to much. There’s now way the food can be that bad

    SpencerGCTVSpencerGCTV19 giorni fa
    • You know nothing.

      Ihdc1Ihdc13 giorni fa
  • Why doesn't Gordon wear gloves? Like, he touches the moldy,rotten food, then touches his face in disappointment. He could get food poisoning or something. I'm no chef but I would wear gloves to make sure I won't get ill.

    Ebony EntertainmentEbony Entertainment19 giorni fa
  • 😂😂😂😂his head was shaped like a panini😅😅😅

    Te' GTe' G19 giorni fa
  • the owner looks like a swiss cheese

    ÂĆÊÂĆÊ20 giorni fa
  • Btw... the customers were fake, just saying.

    Dolan VantablackDolan Vantablack20 giorni fa
  • What episode is this one??

    janessa corporalsamanjanessa corporalsaman20 giorni fa
  • Seeing shit like this just makes me want to stay home an cook for myself,than I'll be wondering how the food was handled before I bought it..🤦‍♂️😲😲

    Jessie HughesJessie Hughes20 giorni fa
  • Huh, looks like my roommates started a restaurant...

    Nate MadisonNate Madison20 giorni fa
  • Okay one, this looked like a house, not a restaurant. 2, aside from all the jokes, that place was disgusting. I’m so glad he screamed at them

    The Great And Lovable MeganThe Great And Lovable Megan20 giorni fa
  • Resturant:(has raw meat packaged with cooked meat) Gordon: "hold my apron"

    the_savage_poatato 1313the_savage_poatato 131320 giorni fa
  • I just love when he says “ahhh fuck off” to no one in particular

    Reya BachmannReya Bachmann20 giorni fa
  • I bet the people who title these videos have fun

    mellymelly84mellymelly8420 giorni fa
  • People are about to celebrate the most romantic time of the year with food poisoning and possible hospital trips

    Richard BaneRichard Bane20 giorni fa
  • A link to see the whole episode plz? Thank you in advance 🙏

    Nikos SmouliotisNikos Smouliotis20 giorni fa
  • 0:34 Beyond Scared Straight has join the chat

    hen kohen ko20 giorni fa
  • Look at his face at 5:51 he was thinking what a creepy people they are and just walks fast to the kitchen hahaha

    Vlugge JapVlugge Jap20 giorni fa
  • 5:40

    O A SO A S20 giorni fa
  • Gordon: shuts down restaurant Me: wait, thats illegal.

    Haziq HaqHaziq Haq20 giorni fa
  • We can't oversee everything!

    Kyra HeikerKyra Heiker21 giorno fa
  • Look at his face at 06:03 when he says "valentyne fokin' massacre" ... he almost lost it and laughed :D But he held it like a champ! :D

    infectedN8infectedN821 giorno fa
  • world. (due to his eyes not being able to see whats around him)..

    tatt oo stickertatt oo sticker21 giorno fa
  • guy I want to talk to- *be on the phone the whole time me- 5:41

    Amshaad FysalAmshaad Fysal21 giorno fa
  • Bro if gordon enters my resturant hands down im going to get out and run for my dear life (i dont have a resturant only if i have)

    Lance valenciaLance valencia21 giorno fa
  • 6:14 server : "how much you want to exaggerate " Producer : Yes

    refki bouslamarefki bouslama21 giorno fa
  • 5:30 RAAWWW CHICKEN!!!

    Austin VAustin V21 giorno fa
  • Hannah & Masons, more like "Listeria & Salmonellas"

    Etherium ApexEtherium Apex21 giorno fa
  • No matter what happens gordon will still put a pencil on his ear

    RJM KS LordRJM KS Lord21 giorno fa
  • Fun fact : Gordon Ramsay made Thanos cri in Endgame and the Avengers won.

    panggop jiopanggop jio21 giorno fa
  • What a lazy ass chef, the guy literally doesn’t give a shit

    CXIII SolarCXIII Solar21 giorno fa
\"OI PANINI HEAD, YOU\'LL KILL SOMEONE!\" | Kitchen Nightmares