Recreating Discontinued Taco Bell Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

Taco Bell may have limited menu space, but should these discontinued items make a comeback? GMM #1532
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  • Josh needs his own shows continued !!

    Erin StenbackErin StenbackGiorno fa
  • The only thing I get from Taco Bell is usually The Nacho Fries Box

    Dino TheWeirdDino TheWeirdGiorno fa
  • the volcano burrito

    tyler johnsontyler johnson2 giorni fa
  • The quesalupa was the only thing that made me fall in love with Taco Bell and they discontinued it and I think about it all the time 😭

    No More DucksNo More Ducks2 giorni fa
  • The enchiredo is gooooone

    Madison MartinMadison Martin3 giorni fa
  • Please Taco Bell. The Volcano Burrito. I need it in my life again.

    Julius KingsleyJulius Kingsley3 giorni fa
  • grilled chicken flatbread was the best!

    Kimmy Hays StephensKimmy Hays Stephens4 giorni fa
  • That intro was cheesy and not very punny.

    Chris LChris L4 giorni fa
  • GMM: *enjoys the waffle taco* Also GMM: nah thats whack

    ozzy the goatozzy the goat4 giorni fa
  • Josh did way too good on that Waffle Taco.

    TehPinoyOrcaTehPinoyOrca4 giorni fa
  • They need to bring the doubledilla back!!😋

    Jay NicoleJay Nicole4 giorni fa
  • Hey you forgot about the naked chicken chips

    Sweetiebelle/TwilightSweetiebelle/Twilight5 giorni fa
  • Taco Time sells the burgers!

    Dano Da ZombieDano Da Zombie5 giorni fa
  • Josh's quiet little "Yeah, preach" is so relatable

    AkyanosAkyanos5 giorni fa
  • well rhett and link try shrimp tostadas from a mexican resturant ._. its good

    Kite CatloidKite Catloid5 giorni fa
  • Del taco has burgers lmao 😂 but del tacodoesnt give u the runs

    Angie MaloneAngie Malone5 giorni fa
  • In-house fried taco shells, tostadas shells, taco Salad shells, nacho chips and cinnamon crisps all lost in their expansion

    PigMine 6PigMine 66 giorni fa
  • Taco Bell needs to bring back the volcano burrito ASPA

    Sohnia FairbanksSohnia Fairbanks6 giorni fa
  • Daniel definitely grew a pony tail... but he tells everyone it’s a man-bun.....

    unfortunate tellerunfortunate teller7 giorni fa
  • I miss the cheesy core burrito.

    NicholasNicholas8 giorni fa
  • Wheres the lava sauce

    EskilEskil8 giorni fa
  • I love the nearest approximate to the Bell Beefer you can get in 2019: the taco burger from Taco Tico. I get it every time I eat there, and something about it just hits the spot!

    millenniumf1138millenniumf11389 giorni fa
  • The burger is from taco casa

    Amber KizerAmber Kizer9 giorni fa
  • 7 layer crunchwrap!

    AndyAndy10 giorni fa
  • Josh did you remember the 33% sand

    Kaelob SchroederKaelob Schroeder11 giorni fa
  • Where I live, the Taco Bell and McDonald's are right beside each other😅

    Hope JohnsonHope Johnson11 giorni fa
  • That Seafood Salad was fire!!!

    Zinger ZingerZinger Zinger13 giorni fa
  • Bring back mexi nuggets!!

    ElviraPhinsElviraPhins13 giorni fa
  • I can't believe taco bell quit making the beef meximelt. I'm really going to miss it.

    elipse97elipse9713 giorni fa
  • The quesrito replaces the first one

    Ian AldersonIan Alderson14 giorni fa
  • God, I miss the Waffle Taco 😭😭😭😭

    Caitlyn MorelockCaitlyn Morelock15 giorni fa
  • Has no one noticed that a version of the "cheesy core burrito" is suddenly a "new" item at taco bell

    RubyG2034RubyG203416 giorni fa
  • Rhett did did it... he said “let’s taco bout that” Yaaaaaasss

    Lemon2tehmaxLemon2tehmax16 giorni fa
  • The chili cheese burrito and the beefy potato burrito will forever be missed.

    Holly RodgersHolly Rodgers17 giorni fa
  • Bring back fruitistas 😰

    Mya _Mya _17 giorni fa
  • What about mexi nuggets 🤪

    Kreeesta MoonKreeesta Moon18 giorni fa
  • Flatbread quesadilla needs to come back

    HIPnosisGamerHIPnosisGamer19 giorni fa
  • Baja sauce. Come onnnnn!!!!

    Rachel Elizabeth PallatinRachel Elizabeth Pallatin19 giorni fa
  • Taco Casa has the chili burger like the bell beefer and they have enchiritos too.

    Kelsea NealKelsea Neal19 giorni fa
  • You need to get him to recreate the lava sauce from taco bell. And tell us the ingredients so I can make it because it was the best sauce ever. Not sure why it's not permanent item

    tryforheads fortnitetryforheads fortnite20 giorni fa
  • The spicy chicken burrito was the best!

    John AndersonJohn Anderson20 giorni fa

    Mr BrokeMr Broke21 giorno fa
  • I remember the waffle taco. Lowkey wasn't good

    SkwitchIzPlayingSkwitchIzPlaying21 giorno fa
  • I want Taco Bell now...

    MochiComics_64MochiComics_6422 giorni fa
  • I miss the encharito. They even discontinued the combo burrito and frijoles. You can't get beans with cheese anymore even though they have the stuff there!! WTF !?!?!?!

    Ron HillierRon Hillier23 giorni fa
  • Me and the boys loved the potatorito

    Alex KalafutAlex Kalafut23 giorni fa
  • I loved those Cheesy Core Burritos. They were only like $1.99 yet were so filling.

    Ian DarmetkoIan Darmetko23 giorni fa
  • The sriracha quesarito back in like early 2015 was my absolute favorite

    AndyAndy24 giorni fa
  • they could do "yeah return it" or "no just burn it"

    Nibrock GathNibrock Gath24 giorni fa
  • The cheesy core burrito was replaced by the quesarito

    Chaz3r 22Chaz3r 2224 giorni fa
  • I have never had taco bell

    Christian CooperChristian Cooper24 giorni fa
  • “Let’s Taco Bell that”

    AaronypooAaronypoo24 giorni fa
  • Lol 666 dislikes

    Sharky PlayzSharky Playz24 giorni fa
  • I am very surprised that you didn't do the BLT Taco. Those were GREAT!

    Tom OlsonTom Olson24 giorni fa
  • The dislikes are the 👹

    Blackman HDBlackman HD24 giorni fa
  • Neither of them deserve the grace of taco bell obviously.

    Ethan LesserEthan Lesser24 giorni fa
  • Actually, if you're ever in southern Oklahoma or North Texas, you can go to a place called taco casa, and a taco burger is a permanent staple in their menu. (I know bc I worked at one lmao) but it's pretty good.

    Graverobber D. SableGraverobber D. Sable24 giorni fa
  • Am I the only one imagining that Rhett is actually wearing a matching pj set in this video? I totally think that top could come with matching bottoms!

    sophiesophie25 giorni fa
  • "U said McDonald's"

    Leeo limLeeo lim25 giorni fa
  • Truly great opening joke

    Justin McCrearyJustin McCreary25 giorni fa
  • I’m genuinely mad they discontinued the Crunchwrap sliders from 2014. They were $1 and came in 3 flavors. I worked at tb at the time and I knOw they still have all the ingredients on the menu so it would be no extra cost to make them. Wtf Taco Bell

    Dustin TolleyDustin Tolley25 giorni fa
  • Daniel didn't grow a ponytail but he does have a man bun

    SusanSusan25 giorni fa
  • We said McDonalds. R/unexpectedcommunism

    Jason KingJason King26 giorni fa
  • There’s a local restaurant in my town that has a taco burger

    Panic. LaurenPanic. Lauren26 giorni fa
  • This is nothing I would want under any circumstance.......👍🏼🤣🤣🤣 good one! 💕

    judith schramjudith schram26 giorni fa
  • "Enough time in the bathroom to finish a Stephen King novel...." lmao

    MelissaMelissa26 giorni fa
  • Rhett-I’m compelled to take another bite.. Link-which means NOTHING

    Heaven GreenHeaven Green27 giorni fa
  • Who cares if taco Bell discontinues something, order something else, it will taste the same...

    Grady MoxleyGrady Moxley27 giorni fa
  • yo rhet yo link

    giovanni sarconegiovanni sarcone28 giorni fa
  • Great pun intended.

    Ems EmsEms EmsMese fa
Recreating Discontinued Taco Bell Menu Items (TASTE TEST)