Recreating Discontinued Taco Bell Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

Taco Bell may have limited menu space, but should these discontinued items make a comeback? GMM #1532
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  • I love tacos

    Kolby WeltyKolby WeltyOra fa
  • Rhett: Sometimes you can't get to a McDonalds. Theres not enough of them! Me: 😑 *Goes outside, looks around. McDonalds every quarter mile

    Tech Life - Helpful Tech TipsTech Life - Helpful Tech Tips12 ore fa
  • Who else seen link slam the taco down because he couldn’t cut it🤣😂 2:29

    Noah McQueenNoah McQueen12 ore fa
  • Nobody: Americans: taco bell is so good

    5774474864577447486419 ore fa
  • "Sign the petition man, Ive got one going"

    Jake DwinellJake Dwinell21 ora fa
  • Is this how you normally eat food

    Mudusa IMudusa IGiorno fa
  • Taco Johns still does the taco burger 🍔

    JD1911JD1911Giorno fa
  • the taco burger may have been discontinued at taco bell, but there’s an alabama exclusive restaurant called taco casa that still has it.

    FuzianFuzianGiorno fa
  • That little “you said McDonald’s part” was funny

    Verdant Fox GamingVerdant Fox GamingGiorno fa
  • I ordered many a waffle taco in the short time it was around. God do I miss it

    Chade HoganChade Hogan2 giorni fa
  • Where do you guys manage to get all the vintage packaging? That's what I'm curious about.

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name2 giorni fa
  • They need the doubledilla back for real though

    Sadie FloresSadie Flores2 giorni fa
  • I miss volcano nachos so bad

    dutch plan der lindedutch plan der linde2 giorni fa
  • 4:03 you will be missed waffletaco

    cookiemancookieman2 giorni fa
  • Where were the Cinnamon Chips??? Classic Taco Bell dessert from the 80s!!!

    Stephanie SaathoffStephanie Saathoff2 giorni fa
  • I started working for TacoBell soon after the waffle taco was discounted so I never experienced it but I’ve heard positive things. The fried chicken chalupa and loaded tacos with the sweet and sour sauce was my favorites, I wish they’d stay

    PumpkinEater69PumpkinEater692 giorni fa
  • This just made me realize I subconsciously missed the olives in taco bell :(

    otterpuploverotterpuplover2 giorni fa
  • They got rid of the waffle taco at the same time they had the chicken strips for the first time

    xmypantsxxmypantsx3 giorni fa
  • Bell beefers were delicious they came wrapped in paper not a box they also need to bring back the chili cheese burrito a Chilito it was called

    John SadlerJohn Sadler3 giorni fa
  • Bring back the Volcano taco/burrito line up!

    Gaming4Life 0280Gaming4Life 02803 giorni fa
  • With these items, sometimes it’s a regional thing. You should ask.

    Henry #3 ProductionsHenry #3 Productions4 giorni fa
  • When it comes to Taco Bell items, I think that everyone has a "one that got away"

    pando226pando2264 giorni fa
  • So i just watched this with my mother who worked at taco bell, made all these items, and got to listen to her complain about the items.

    TheSaltyCandyTheSaltyCandy4 giorni fa
  • As I uncomfortably grab my pony tail...

    Alex RadaAlex Rada4 giorni fa
  • Waffles for breakfast??? Wtf

    Callan RoperCallan Roper4 giorni fa
  • You never called it a sloppy Juan and that’s a travesty

    Ryan WatkinsRyan Watkins4 giorni fa
  • I would have wanted them to bring back the ORIGINAL grill stuffd burrito back!

    Earl's Chibi PhantomEarl's Chibi Phantom5 giorni fa
  • I miss the chicken and biscuit breakfast tacos with the jalapeno honey. Those were great.

    william wwilliam w5 giorni fa
  • Taco Bell NEEDS to bring back the Quesalupa

    Hector CuyarHector Cuyar5 giorni fa
  • I honestly thought Taco Bell still had the waffle taco

    XxAverageG1107XxAverageG11076 giorni fa
  • NO BROWNIE?!?!?!

    A PersonA Person6 giorni fa
  • i miss the waffle taco so much i remember it

    punk frogpunk frog6 giorni fa
  • Now if only Taco bell brought back the chili cheese burrito or Chilito as it was called.

    Nick MaloneyNick Maloney6 giorni fa
  • omg i have that sweater

    Jonas UrenaJonas Urena7 giorni fa
  • Taco Bell bring back the “Naked Chicken Chips” who else remembers those!?

    DylansInsane 999DylansInsane 9997 giorni fa
  • I like Mc griddles. But they’re like 4$ a piece.

    Todd PaoneTodd Paone7 giorni fa
  • Rett- is that a sloppy joe? ME- it's a sloppy jose

    ghostface killahghostface killah7 giorni fa
  • That cheesy core music reminded me of Flat Eric. Flat Eric anyone?

    chris86simonchris86simon7 giorni fa
  • Were I live we only have one taco bell and it is in the mall

    Evan RieuxEvan Rieux8 giorni fa
  • Best thing they discontinued here in illinois was the Baja chalupa

    Steven HoodSteven Hood8 giorni fa
  • Everyone talks about Taco Bell giving them the bathroom rush, but the only fast food that did it to me before was Burger King. Is it really a thing or just a very longstanding meme?

    Venom MomVenom Mom9 giorni fa
  • ya there was a mid season rough patch, but link has definitely gotten back into a groove with the wheel of mythicality outro line

    TheNightWatch001TheNightWatch00110 giorni fa
  • Sloppy José

    Frans MalanFrans Malan10 giorni fa
  • this years intro isn't bad. But the previous one is so much better.

    Tom Gallagher - Second Hand MediaTom Gallagher - Second Hand Media10 giorni fa
  • Lol it never looks like the picture even in other fast food chain ....

    sebas lsebas l11 giorni fa
  • They need sauce

    assuck4assuck411 giorni fa
  • Flatbreads need to come back!!! Also fiesta potatoes!! And make the beefy crunch a permanent menu item!!!

    Greatest EverGreatest Ever12 giorni fa
  • they steamed the buns on the taco sandwich which made a big difference. I liked one once and a while.

    lawrence shadowlawrence shadow12 giorni fa
  • No one ever talks about the volcano burrito.. :(

    Shan ClarkShan Clark12 giorni fa
    • I don’t know if I ever had it, but the volcano burrito and the verde sauce are the 2 things I’ve seen people want back the most. So now I really want one 😂

      Chelsea BChelsea B11 giorni fa
    • Chelsea B love y’all then

      Shan ClarkShan Clark11 giorni fa
    • Everyone in the comments did

      Chelsea BChelsea B11 giorni fa
  • I loved the bellbeefer- thank you for featuring it - no one remembers it- one difference- the bread was defiantly not toasted-

    steve gattsteve gatt12 giorni fa
  • Should've done the Southwest steak bowl!!! That was the bomb!!!!!!!!

    Kyle WhitstineKyle Whitstine12 giorni fa
  • There’s a woman that straight up comes in with a bag of buns and buys all the sides to make a bellbeefer lmao. I had never heard of it before

    corganiccorganic12 giorni fa
  • " It tastes of desperation " I believe that was Taco Bells tagline from the 80s

    Jason DouglasJason Douglas13 giorni fa
  • I want everything volcano from Taco Bell to come back 😭😭😭😭

    Two_CharactersTwo_Characters13 giorni fa
  • Rhett be deep throating that burrito

  • I really don't like the "discontinued" series since what they are tasting is just an attempt at recreating the items and most certainly is often a miss.

    Marius xMarius x13 giorni fa
  • musical comedy, the lowest form of comedy

    amdnivramamdnivram13 giorni fa
  • No Spicy Chicken?!?!

    Alexandar HosslerAlexandar Hossler13 giorni fa
  • “Let’s taco bout that”

    Victor StormVictor Storm14 giorni fa
  • New to your channel, could you create the southwest steak bowl if you haven’t already

    PuertoRicanGuy85PuertoRicanGuy8514 giorni fa
  • I want a friend that looks at me the way Rhett looks at Link when he tells a DAD joke.

    Nasty Nate's Music and ReactionsNasty Nate's Music and Reactions14 giorni fa
  • Should have tried the chili cheese burrito!! That was my favorite back in the day!

    Jessica RabiJessica Rabi14 giorni fa
  • Y O U. S A I D. M C. D O N A L D S

    Brae MBrae M14 giorni fa
  • The waffle taco wasn’t great, I got it when I saw a sign on the way to a friends house and tried it. Neither of us thought it was amazing. It was mediocre

    MooseMoose14 giorni fa
  • You didn't do the Beefy Crunch Burrito....

    JegnurJegnur15 giorni fa
  • I miss the “Taco Lite” i also ate a lot of “Extreme Nachos” which was like a hot seven layer dip with the chips on the side. Yum.

    Kimberly SmithKimberly Smith15 giorni fa
  • Loved the waffle taco so damn good the cap n crunch delights were also amazing unfortunately they get rid of great stuff

    Ryley DuffyRyley Duffy15 giorni fa
  • They have the waffle taco at the Taco Bell near my home

    Joel RuvalcabaJoel Ruvalcaba15 giorni fa
  • I think they have brought the cheese core at least in slc

    AdrewAdrew15 giorni fa
  • Grande soft taco

    Joseph MartinezJoseph Martinez16 giorni fa
  • Awesome

    Kimberley WKimberley W16 giorni fa
  • Thanos

    Sports IQ With PatSports IQ With Pat16 giorni fa
  • I was so excited for this episode. But you didn’t do the chilito aka chili cheese burrito. So I will never know how to make it at home. Or you telling them to please bring it back. So still a sad dark day for me.

    Scotty BirtcielScotty Birtciel16 giorni fa
  • Taco Bell needs to bring back the Mexican-nuggets.

    Alexzanderson JRGAlexzanderson JRG16 giorni fa
  • Okay, but the 💕 rattlesnake 💕

    Shawn KosaShawn Kosa16 giorni fa
  • Where is the choco taco?!

    Solomonbow •.•Solomonbow •.•16 giorni fa
  • Wendy’s and Arby’s next?

    PereMarquette1223PereMarquette122317 giorni fa
  • the burger looks so good

    Evan StJohnEvan StJohn17 giorni fa
  • Why fish salad and not a fish taco?

    Dalton eavesDalton eaves17 giorni fa
  • Xavier would be proud

    OlenholOlenhol17 giorni fa
  • Loved the intro 😂😂😂

    Harrison RenaudHarrison Renaud17 giorni fa
  • I remember eating the waffle tacos hungover

    Spencer SpeerSpencer Speer17 giorni fa
  • they need to bring back the jalapeno honey grillers and chickstars. Those were awesome.

    rcmroverrcmrover17 giorni fa
  • Mexican Nuggets need to be brought back damn it 😤

    SevenftaznSevenftazn17 giorni fa
    • I know right? Lol I thought I was going crazy cause I remember eating those, but no one ever mentions it, or that it was ever a menu item.

      Alexzanderson JRGAlexzanderson JRG16 giorni fa
  • Do To Be Discontinued: KFC Edition

    Henry #3 ProductionsHenry #3 Productions17 giorni fa
  • Hope they continue to make the fire Taco Bell chips. I'm hooked on those!

    Marc guyMarc guy17 giorni fa
  • Quesolupa was amazing while it lasted

    evan millerevan miller17 giorni fa
  • The waffle taco was the best thing at Taco Bell!!! They NEED to bring it back!!

    Gary St. PeterGary St. Peter17 giorni fa
  • Listening too EDM at the time? EDM isn't a genre

    wetheauwetheau18 giorni fa
  • Bring back the volcano menu!!!

    MstrAdosMstrAdos18 giorni fa
  • Olives and green onions are naaasssttyyy.

    Danny MDanny M18 giorni fa
  • tacobell’s mexi-nuggets 😭

    Father6ixFather6ix18 giorni fa
  • We need poop

    THE OOF KIDTHE OOF KID18 giorni fa
  • They need to close down Taco Bell. There is not a single good thing to eat there.

    TylerTyler18 giorni fa
  • Shane Dawson should have been a guest in this episode 😂😂

    Ebony HarrisonEbony Harrison18 giorni fa
  • when a mcgriddle is almost pushing $5 by itself it should come in plural but no I'm sorry Link it does not.

    Clutch HonorClutch Honor18 giorni fa
  • Will it series: Dink it and Sink It Recreate Discontinued Foods Series: Kiss it and eat it

    saneh latasaneh lata18 giorni fa
  • Like, Dope or Nope, but more centered around food

    Dakota SummersDakota Summers18 giorni fa
  • Are you gonna eat that? Like if you get the reference.

    Bfb AnimationsBfb Animations18 giorni fa
  • Taco Bell still has seafood during spring time for Good Friday; or at least they used to. My grandmother used to get their shrimp tacos there

    badmintongrrlbadmintongrrl18 giorni fa
Recreating Discontinued Taco Bell Menu Items (TASTE TEST)