S2E1: \"Mercy Part II”

Season 2 Episode 1: In the aftermath of Cobra Kai’s win at the Under 18 All Valley Karate Championships, Johnny questions his dojo’s philosophy and deals with a figure from his past. Daniel searches for the right way to respond to Cobra Kai’s dominance.
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    TheDonato GømëzTheDonato Gømëz50 minuti fa
  • No puedo esperar mas por la tercera temporada 😯

    Dario HernandezDario HernandezOra fa
  • Bb

    AdelGamingAdelGamingOra fa
  • Takes longer than the movie but its worth it

    Damian DiazDamian DiazOra fa
  • Im just waiting for that scene from venom to tell him that he looks like shot.

    Damian DiazDamian DiazOra fa
  • cobra es la mejor pero vieron cobra la temporada 1 la uno era de un chico que lo molestava

    Yovanni AstoreYovanni AstoreOra fa
  • eu nao intendo nada de inclis

    gonçalo borgesgonçalo borges2 ore fa
  • This show is absolutely fantastic! I’m loving it. There are so many clever references to the films. Here’s another one I just noticed... Johnny ends up getting thrown into the wall mirror... just like Terry Silver in the third film! 😉

    EvilEye172EvilEye1724 ore fa
  • Orribile...

    Mauri 92Mauri 925 ore fa
  • Yo descarge youtube premium mod apk

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  • Deberían doblarlas a Español latino... Pagaria sin duda para verla en Español latino

    Kevin MoralesKevin Morales8 ore fa
  • Karate kid, las peores películas de peleas que jamás he visto. La trama, mala también. Sobre todo Daniél que olvidó apretar su botón de hablar poco. Esperaba que la versión de Jaquie Chan fuera mejor, y sí lo fué pero sin dejar de ser mala

    123456789012345678908 ore fa
  • Miguel has gone bad

    Fynn MinogueFynn Minogue8 ore fa
  • I ran into the actor that plays Johnny at CTN road show. He was very kind to take time to take a selfie with me. I really like this show and look forward to watching it.

    Animate For The Cel Of It ProductionsAnimate For The Cel Of It Productions8 ore fa
  • Daniel Russo mr Miyaga were bullies who did illegal things

    Robert SnyderRobert Snyder8 ore fa
  • imagine not being able to let go of a fight you lost 30 yrs ago 😔

    emile miltonemile milton8 ore fa
  • No shoes on the mat, no smoking in the dojo. What is this madness!

    Rupert MathwinRupert Mathwin11 ore fa
  • 1:46 CAPOEIRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    QuesterMaximQuesterMaxim11 ore fa
  • Rai Daniel San! Johnny cobra Kaii! cobra Kaii!

    Fatima SilvaFatima Silva11 ore fa
  • Great show even though 95% of the "Karate" is even less believable than it was in the Karate Kid back in the 80's.

    Hoops HistorianHoops Historian11 ore fa
  • Me emperra.

    Howter HEDHowter HED12 ore fa
  • Excelente 👏👍🙏 muy Bueno

    German CalderonGerman Calderon12 ore fa
  • Look, look, look, you did that..leave

    Damien MicallefDamien Micallef13 ore fa
  • What I have written I mean. Look what your victory caused us all..look deep in the closet 1988~

    Damien MicallefDamien Micallef13 ore fa
  • We didn't like your drugs, we didn't like our families broken. You won then. You will not reform. Smash this Dojo down

    Damien MicallefDamien Micallef13 ore fa
  • "we were nothing, you through us in hell. No one is perfect, but we didn't deserve the past and as we remember we won't forget*"

    Damien MicallefDamien Micallef13 ore fa
  • Let me spoil the show for you. Episode 10 miguel becomes an offical avenger by ironman.

    ReignReign14 ore fa
  • 노 메르시? 시발 망픽방이네

    속이후련했냐 꼭그렇게다가져가야만속이후련했냐 꼭그렇게다가져가야만15 ore fa
  • Cobra Kai is awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Hanif ahmedHanif ahmed15 ore fa
  • 2020 IS SO FAR AWAY!!!! I hope Johnny joins Team Miyagi

    Michael WilliamsMichael Williams15 ore fa
  • por que no lo suben a español latino la reputa madre que los pario hijos de perra mal cogidos hijos de primos pelotudoooooooooooooooooooosssssssss

    ErreapeErreape16 ore fa
  • Metallica!!!

    Pacheco GDPacheco GD16 ore fa
  • daniel looks like he has a comb-over

    Justa MuttJusta Mutt16 ore fa
    • It's a wig. He started balding many years ago.

      Dan MalerDan Maler11 ore fa
  • M.

    build shonanbuild shonan17 ore fa
  • Where is silver the quicksilver method

    andrewandrew17 ore fa
  • I can't stand Dimitri.

    Maximus RomptimusMaximus Romptimus17 ore fa
  • Soy leyenda el unico aleman

    el pro galaxi xdel pro galaxi xd18 ore fa
  • Wait, wasn't Daniel San the bully

    Mr BiggMr Bigg18 ore fa
  • 20k thumbs down???.. what the hell???. It must be a bunch of Jaden Smith cry baby followers.

    jose negronjose negron18 ore fa
  • I honestly didn't think Season 2 could be as good as Season 1 and I was right.... it's even BETTER! I thought when they tapped the Nostalgia well dry the stories would get silly, but Kudos to the writers and actors. They are taking a good thing and making a better thing out of it. One complaint. STOP making us wait a year between releases! This is the only thing that was worth watching in a long time.. -signed Old Jaded Guy from the vAlleY

    Marc RichardsMarc Richards18 ore fa
  • Trash

    Ricardo XiXRicardo XiX18 ore fa
  • Love the "over the top" reference.....should be HAWKS favorite movie......if any of you millenials seen that movie you'll k ow what I'm talking about!

    Timothy McMurtrieTimothy McMurtrie19 ore fa
  • Saquenla a español

    Chema xDChema xD19 ore fa
  • I want that Speed King shirt.

    Krystal MythKrystal Myth20 ore fa
  • Pior será com vcês!!! Kkkk

    Eduardo JúniorEduardo Júnior20 ore fa
  • Seus fiii da desgraçaa kkkk my dog apanhou e pensou ko era sirviçuu kkkkk

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  • Si tocá in meu dog i mi famía di novo vái cao(sí COMEÊËTAA!!! 🌎🌠🌛🎧🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 🎶A🎶N🎶A🎶R🎶O🎶I🎶N🎶

    Eduardo JúniorEduardo Júnior20 ore fa
  • No, don’t do it, Johnny. Creesey Bear is still evil.

    Wade WilsonWade Wilson20 ore fa
  • Bello

    Jomari CameroJomari Camero20 ore fa
  • Strongs point of the show, Johnny lawrence, cobra kai, 80s nostalgia, Miguel and hawk, John Kreese Weak points of the show: Daniel laRusso, Fat chick, Robbie

    Oh adamsOh adams20 ore fa
    • What about Sam?

      Dan MalerDan Maler10 ore fa
  • Season 3 isn't until 2020 but I need it now

    ZacZac21 ora fa
  • Valla, Johny sigue siendo ingenuo como siempre. En serio cree que su sensei cambio y esta arrepentido. No paro de reir , que buen actor.

    John AquinoJohn Aquino22 ore fa
  • 22:04 METALLICA BACÁN... 🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿

    Alberto Sandoval VásquezAlberto Sandoval Vásquez22 ore fa
  • Al menos dijo 07:46 TRES LECHES, un avance... algo es algo para los subtítulos 👌🏿🤣🤣🤣

    Alberto Sandoval VásquezAlberto Sandoval Vásquez22 ore fa
  • Pls be good 3rd season

    James SanchezJames Sanchez22 ore fa
  • Kreese is a real bad guy

    Chris PeplinskiChris Peplinski23 ore fa
  • Laurence’s son kinda looks like butthead from beavis and butthead imo

    Joey LightseyJoey Lightsey23 ore fa
  • Laurence’s son kinda looks like butthead from beavis and butthead imo

    Joey LightseyJoey Lightsey23 ore fa
  • Garbo 💩

    Nick McNamaraNick McNamara23 ore fa
  • I want a black cobra Kai hoodie anyone else

    Illusion_ RuizIllusion_ RuizGiorno fa
  • I love ❤️ Cobra Kai. Makes me feel young again too, I love seeing competition that died in the real world.

    miz katstrophemiz katstropheGiorno fa
  • Where is season 3!!??

    CaoTic JJCaoTic JJGiorno fa
    • Dan Maler idc

      CaoTic JJCaoTic JJ5 ore fa
    • What? Season 2 JUST came out dude.

      Dan MalerDan Maler10 ore fa
  • Which idiot would actually pay for this? Are you really that much of a loser? And that leaves aside for a positively vile company that You Tube is, the lowest of the low. It's like the losers that pay for ESPN premium. Are you really that pathetic?

    Sam QuzSam QuzGiorno fa
    • You have serious mental issues. Good luck with that.

      Dan MalerDan Maler10 ore fa
  • At least he’s teaching them better than his master taught him, it’s a good show so far I think

    Kyler JanovecKyler JanovecGiorno fa
  • Hey, anyone from india watching this Or I'm the only one who is watching it

    HYTECH842HYTECH842Giorno fa
  • Where is ep2

    Anime slayerAnime slayerGiorno fa
  • 22:04 .... that's a cool Metallica shirt.

    NME bandvideosNME bandvideosGiorno fa
  • Diaz deserves Sam, he's a good boy.

    Marty ZhangMarty ZhangGiorno fa
  • Hate Robby

    Marty ZhangMarty ZhangGiorno fa
  • Problem with Daniel's entire outlook is he is stuck viewing Cobra Kai, the way it was under Crease. It is quite obvious to anyone from watching the tourney, that Johnny is not into fighting "dirty", the way Crease taught. "I beat Cobra Kai, I can do it again." The problem was with its old instructor, Johnny is just trying to make a living, and is actually making a difference in some bullied kids lives, (which in my opinion makes up for the crap he put Danny boy through, all those years ago.) I mean, the bully, that learns a better way, and helps teach other kids how to defend themselves and give them self confidence ... it's always a win, when someone returns from the, "dark side".

    HK 47 MeatbagHK 47 MeatbagGiorno fa
  • Try and slow down on the politics IT-vision

    moneyneversleeps1000moneyneversleeps1000Giorno fa
  • No es justo el de conra kai tiene a su sensei y daniel San no :"(

    Andres SamchezAndres SamchezGiorno fa
  • Kreese is in his 70s and still has solid fighting skills like that. Damn. It's an endorsement to the Army and Cobra Kai Karate.

    Ezekiel TyrusEzekiel TyrusGiorno fa
  • Why do they make it seem so upsetting when Sam blocks Miguel.

    Daniel WilsbachDaniel WilsbachGiorno fa
  • Wow how lame is this...i see how there are a lot of people who absolutely hate to show as much as I do even though more people like it's and hate it it is very hated none the less

    Aaron BradleyAaron BradleyGiorno fa
  • this is great!!!

    Mauro ChurrosMauro ChurrosGiorno fa

  • Buena ..cobra kai

    J-carlös Huaman huayllasJ-carlös Huaman huayllasGiorno fa
  • Españoles Reportense en este comentario...

    ᴘᴏᴅᴇᴍᴏsᴛᴇɴᴇʀ1000sᴜʙs sɪɴsᴜʙɪʀᴠɪᴅᴇᴏ?ᴘᴏᴅᴇᴍᴏsᴛᴇɴᴇʀ1000sᴜʙs sɪɴsᴜʙɪʀᴠɪᴅᴇᴏ?Giorno fa
  • Where did all those cars come from?

    Precious is blackPrecious is blackGiorno fa
  • Sensacional!!!!

    Evilasio Simoes BarbosaEvilasio Simoes BarbosaGiorno fa
  • Estou ansioso pela terceira temporada

    Leão GarciaLeão GarciaGiorno fa
  • Essa série é muito boa

    Leão GarciaLeão GarciaGiorno fa
  • The scene at Miyagi-do with the cars, has a continutity error, the blue station wagon from the old movie is missing and in it's place is Mr Miyagi's pickup truck, but the problem is Mr Miyagi sold his truck to buy new bonsai trees to replace the ones that Mike Barnes stole in Karate Kid 3.

    XFactor5aXFactor5aGiorno fa
  • uuu :) legend karate kid :)

    Umut GökçeUmut GökçeGiorno fa
  • Daniel is so cringe

    Nathan MortensonNathan MortensonGiorno fa
    • Low key yo you savage and salty bruhhhh. Millennial.

      Dan MalerDan Maler10 ore fa
  • Este capitulo estan genial y increible ya quiero ver el resto de los capítulos

    Boy finn CBoy finn CGiorno fa
  • Why does youtube put this in my recommended video, when every video and season says "BLOCKED IN YOUR COUNTRY..JUST DISGRACEFUL!

  • Onde passa?

    Giselle JayzaGiselle JayzaGiorno fa
  • I thought I could watch this episode and not want anymore... Oh the agony

    T-bone Without The SteakT-bone Without The SteakGiorno fa
  • Cc

    Joey RuizJoey RuizGiorno fa
  • Buenísima serie igual que las películas♥️

  • Ребят если что на fanserial есть все 10 серий 2 сезона с ручкой конечной озвучкой

    Danil TomsonDanil TomsonGiorno fa
  • I hate Danny LaRusso... Johnny Lawrence is the good guy of the series.

    DinomiteDinomiteGiorno fa
  • anche in italiano ? altrimenti perchè fare abbonamento

    my name is paolomy name is paoloGiorno fa
  • I like how this show doesn’t make things black and white like in the first karate kid movies. Each character is done tastefully with the exception of maybe Kreese so far. But you can see that each person has their good things about them and their bad things. They all struggle with doing the right thing sometimes, even though some of them are good people deep inside. This is most obvious with Johnny and Daniel. They both have their outlooks, and they don’t mean bad by it, but sometimes they screw up and unfortunately that affects the people around them. TL;DR this show is badass.

    Alexeon BelAlexeon BelGiorno fa
  • Bune amınoğlu

    Mamy TMamy TGiorno fa
  • Chupa cobra kai

    Diego.o.a.s SylvaDiego.o.a.s SylvaGiorno fa
  • Oh Johnny. You knew Kreese was a snake when you let him in.

    rishnixrishnixGiorno fa
  • The music is pure 80's Gold. I LOVED being a highschooler in the early 80's. I need a time machine, I would never come back to the future.... sorry, wrong movie, same great time.

    Obsidian sObsidian sGiorno fa
S2E1: \"Mercy Part II”