S2E1: "Mercy Part II”

Season 2 Episode 1: In the aftermath of Cobra Kai’s win at the Under 18 All Valley Karate Championships, Johnny questions his dojo’s philosophy and deals with a figure from his past. Daniel searches for the right way to respond to Cobra Kai’s dominance.
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  • Johnny was a better teacher than his teacher

    Sosa RuhindaSosa Ruhinda6 ore fa
  • Daniel doesn't look old till you look at him closely... anyway just tells me the clock is ticking on all of us😥

    Sosa RuhindaSosa Ruhinda6 ore fa
  • dont have greek subs . and i pay premium

    Kostas KimpouropoulosKostas Kimpouropoulos8 ore fa
  • This time we r on Cobra Kai side ;)

    Sudarshana AlwisSudarshana Alwis8 ore fa
  • Como se llama la canción que aparece en el minuto 28:10 ??

    benjamin mirandabenjamin miranda14 ore fa
  • Starting...CANT WAIT.

    Cameron SarmientoCameron Sarmiento16 ore fa
  • This show is AWESOME!!!! I know Mr. Miyagi passed away, but you still feel his spirit!

    Matt HanfMatt Hanf18 ore fa
  • Johnny is a better fighter and man than Daniel.

    Gorginator FILMSGorginator FILMS20 ore fa
  • La serie de cobra kai no iba a ser gratis?

    Omar MirandaOmar MirandaGiorno fa
  • Is it just me or does John Kreese have a little Artie Lang nose going on? Quite bulbous 🤪

    Nick GibsonNick GibsonGiorno fa
  • Best show of 2019!

    chanon299chanon299Giorno fa
  • Seeing Johnny change for the better and Daniel change for the worse has been enlightening. Everyone is the hero in their own story and these two seasons prove it. Before Kreese, there wasn't a clear cut "bad guy." I love the fact that everyone has showed their flaws and were apologetic about it -- at least at the moment. But man, this show could really do without Sam.

    Nathan FrissonNathan FrissonGiorno fa
  • 🇧🇷

    Zegunisam PowerZegunisam Power2 giorni fa
  • Love Daniel!!

    Larissa LarissaLarissa Larissa2 giorni fa
  • Deberian hacer una temporada en japon.

    Charlie LucianoCharlie Luciano2 giorni fa
  • Cobra kai yeah fantástic

    Israel Liguer Live IIIsrael Liguer Live II2 giorni fa
  • Español Por favor

    Cosas UltraSadCosas UltraSad2 giorni fa
  • No me gustó el desenlace de la primera temporada!! Fue como encasillar a una persona en lo que fue en su adolescencia sin derecho a cambiar!! Kobra Kai demasiado bien, larusso muy mal!!!

    Alberto VenegasAlberto Venegas2 giorni fa
  • Kreese almost got me for a second. He found Johnny's weakness with the trophy. Good one

    Certified GCertified G2 giorni fa
  • i wanna bake Jonnys son some fresh cookies... ..

    jennifer ruizjennifer ruiz2 giorni fa
  • Oh, my goddess🔥

    No MoreNo More2 giorni fa
  • Tem dublado em português!?

    gildo moreiragildo moreira3 giorni fa
  • Pls make this free

    WinixWinix3 giorni fa
  • Neden türkçe altyazı yok

    Faruk DoğanFaruk Doğan3 giorni fa
  • Cool leuk en stoer

    Lies VerlindenLies Verlinden3 giorni fa
    • Ik doe karate!😹😹😹

      Lies VerlindenLies Verlinden3 giorni fa
  • St christopher blue HERMETAGE Now God Christ FUll chain inri ihsl h and l born day of HORUS

    Craig TullochCraig Tulloch4 giorni fa
  • 32 st christopher elisheva cold blue/pink green yellow 64 cold blue/pink green yellow orange ihsl Ihsl reason why 1Is bigger than other is because Out of 104 is because horus rauru 1k years inri Then 2k years from Christ too Christ so double

    Craig TullochCraig Tulloch4 giorni fa
  • Pink Christ Erthalt pink Vincent Valentine pink Now Christ pink/Orange see full halo ihsl

    Craig TullochCraig Tulloch4 giorni fa
  • dejen de poner esta mierda

    Pro GamerPro Gamer4 giorni fa
  • John Kreese added gatorade to season 2. Martin Kove can play a damn good "bad" guy. Season 3 is gonna be even better with all the continuing cliff hangers from Season 2. Glad they're bringing back Elisabeth Shue too. They also need to bring back Terry Silver.

    jakwiqjakwiq4 giorni fa
  • I haven’t seen the original in forever, how did the drum save his life?

    stainless steel panstainless steel pan4 giorni fa
  • mr miyagi gets the medal of honor from the us army? i assume they would mean ww2 so not gonna happen brother

    rizzoess.rizzoess.4 giorni fa
    • Vietnam war maybe? Don't know anything about the whole medal of honor thing so I'm just presuming

      Reflex TReflex T4 giorni fa
  • Es chevere

    Vanessa Santillan FloresVanessa Santillan Flores4 giorni fa
  • Ese pinche Daniel Larusso es un culero.

    David PequeñoDavid Pequeño4 giorni fa
  • and the third season for when, I need it now... Please....😭😭😭 the best series away...😌

    nando beniteznando benitez5 giorni fa
  • Lütfen Türkçe alt yazı eklensin.

    WOGLEWOGLE5 giorni fa
  • Que pena que não tem em português

    Edson MeloEdson Melo5 giorni fa
    • Ativa as legendas em português que aparece mano. Já que estou por aqui convido a ver meu vídeo em que fiz um kata do estilo Goju Ryu, o Karatê mostrado no filme e na série.

      Nerd Mil GrauNerd Mil Grau4 giorni fa
  • Kreese aint no dummy.

    Kenny HillKenny Hill5 giorni fa
  • I really like this movie it's soo powerful it's amazing.

    ROBERT ForsytheROBERT Forsythe5 giorni fa
  • God this show just loves to pluck my nostalgia strings

    jacob mayerjacob mayer5 giorni fa
  • Lmao! Daniel is still whiny holier than thou fuckboy.

    MrStaley2152MrStaley21525 giorni fa
  • Ok I did not like the first part I mean I thought you were dead

    Juvic IzaguirreJuvic Izaguirre5 giorni fa
  • Miyagi-Do Karate Rules: 1. Hilary Swank is no Karate Kid 2. See rule #1 if there is any questions

    Cableguy818Cableguy8185 giorni fa
    • Jamie Glibert <-Yikes!! I was afraid someone would ask that. This is an extremely tough one, I would have rather you asked “Who was worse” lol

      Cableguy818Cableguy8184 giorni fa
    • Who's better her or Jaden Smith

      Jamie GlibertJamie Glibert5 giorni fa
  • I’m over here rewatching season 2, for the 7th time while eating a bagle lmaoo

    iexclipseiexclipse5 giorni fa
  • NO MERCY.......

    srikanth madhavansrikanth madhavan5 giorni fa
  • Muito bom mas não tem legenda

    Jailson bento da silva JailsomJailson bento da silva Jailsom6 giorni fa
    • É só ativar que aparece a legenda em português também, convido a assistir meu canal de arte marcial... 👊🏻🥋

      Nerd Mil GrauNerd Mil Grau4 giorni fa
  • Yes

    Wassim MohmmedWassim Mohmmed6 giorni fa
  • Um dia minhas séries estarão neste espaço!!

    Magno SantosMagno Santos6 giorni fa
  • When Daniel never grew up..

    Savvas KalimerisSavvas Kalimeris6 giorni fa
  • For some reason I want Johnny to win. I don’t know why like I think he is a good guy now.

    Tyler GoellnerTyler Goellner6 giorni fa
    • Yeah me too, Johnny is who I’m rooting for.

      stainless steel panstainless steel pan4 giorni fa
  • Here’s cobra Kai summarised Strike first strike hard no mercy Cobra Kai never dies

    Green arrowGreen arrow6 giorni fa
  • If kreese was this hard for Johnny and he’s like 80 years old imagine how hard he must have been in his prime

    Green arrowGreen arrow6 giorni fa
  • 30 mins in that's a form if Zen Sedona and your doing it right

    Craig TullochCraig Tulloch6 giorni fa
  • Do the 5degree Ninjas test you get on your knees facing front ways and man stands behind you with sword and use your 6th sense and roll out the way use a Cain too do it and dodge it by using your 6th sense roll out the way

    Craig TullochCraig Tulloch6 giorni fa
  • Moon is hot 2 bad she wasted it being a carpet munching lesbian

    Kc FoxKc Fox6 giorni fa
  • Everyone who disliked is a mouth breather

    ZanTooSaucyZanTooSaucy6 giorni fa
  • Okay, is it me, or do we now sympathize with Johnny, while Daniel Laruso gets on our nerves with his snobbish ways??? Back in the 80's, we LOVED Laruso and cheered him on in any battle. But now, he's kind of a prick. Hell, I'm over here cheering on Johnny. Something that I would have never done 35 years ago.

    Judy ChangJudy Chang6 giorni fa
    • Judy Chang that’s the idea I think

      Scott RossScott Ross5 giorni fa
  • Parabéns pela iniciativa de compartilhar esta série que foi EXCELENTE nos anos 80's. Meu muito obrigado.

    Márcio FerreiraMárcio Ferreira6 giorni fa
  • who fuk right mind watches this bullshit

    Barone BBarone B6 giorni fa
  • I like the series but, they should find some other kind of enemy to battle. The whole thing with Danny vs. Johnny is getting old.

    Donnie LocklearDonnie Locklear7 giorni fa
  • I was crying when the season of the falling legend omg cobra Kia vs idk really but they fighted hard and then that guy was down when cobra Kia made him fall it was op so when cobra Kia sayed I’m sorry then he was angry then punched him hard that cobra Kia falled down the second floor of the school then he fall into his back and I think he died 😿😭I was sad I cried the hell

    Mohamed YahyaMohamed Yahya7 giorni fa
  • All this time I was waiting for season 2 and I didn’t know it’s been out for 4 months 🤦‍♂️

    nathan burgosnathan burgos7 giorni fa
  • The deanadans of Israel son of jacob see are real deal

    Craig TullochCraig Tulloch7 giorni fa
  • A Cobra doesnt strike an opponent when he's weak but when he's at his strongest. Me: then whats a snake's venom for though

    Chrismatt GardnerChrismatt Gardner7 giorni fa
  • um filme muito bom

    leandro pinheiro do nascimentoleandro pinheiro do nascimento7 giorni fa
  • Well I’m a few months late but I’m off work rest of today and tomorrow so binge watch time.

    D GoodyD Goody7 giorni fa
  • Cuantos son fan despues de ver la repeticion de Karate Kid como 50 veces en canal 5 mientras creecian 🤣

    Gilbert MGilbert M7 giorni fa
  • There is one day IT-vision was fun there were no ads and we can watch show for free but now in 2019 we have to pay that’s bullshit emagine what’s gonna happens in future 3019

    FaZe KFCFaZe KFC7 giorni fa
  • I love how it took all of two seconds to rehabilitate Robby's character. Hilarious.

    Chelsea Supporter Channel C.S.C. TVChelsea Supporter Channel C.S.C. TV7 giorni fa
  • Why is the rest of the Season episodes not available? if i try to play them, even with premium activated?

    tertius esterhuizentertius esterhuizen7 giorni fa
    • tertius esterhuizen could be a regional issue. Go to troubleshoot or google it.

      Euphoric RainEuphoric Rain7 giorni fa
S2E1: "Mercy Part II”