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  • I have no clue why some of the texts in the video are different numbers & letters for some reason ... I apologize 🤦🏻‍♂️

    EJonesTvEJonesTv2 mesi fa
    • EJonesTv u

      Kuldeep MahuneKuldeep Mahune8 giorni fa
    • How fast does the hair grow back on the face? As well as would the hair come back thicker?

      Patricia OrtizPatricia Ortiz11 giorni fa
    • EJonesTv I remember u use to watch your first video with your girlfriend all the time and I went and brought everything you said lol the whole kit but now your using new things can I still use the E-Z blade kit ?

      Melanin JayMelanin Jay25 giorni fa
    • Your face and arms way too hairy and youre not European! You try to discredit Europeans because youre jealous of us! 😂🤣😂🤣😂

      poisoninyourcoffee wolvesoftheforestpoisoninyourcoffee wolvesoftheforest28 giorni fa
    • لا اله الا الله

      بنت مهران بنت مهرانبنت مهران بنت مهرانMese fa
  • Watching this is at once disgusting and appealing

    salwa Ajsalwa Aj9 ore fa
  • This is not okay ...😑😑😑 She's about to find out what a five o'clock shadow looks like🙄🙄🙄 sad part is she's a pretty girl ... Bout to be a even more handsome man 👀☕🐸

    juleesa bealjuleesa beal12 ore fa
  • where are you located? i would like to get my face shaved

    Kaun TroapKaun Troap19 ore fa
  • Who did those beats 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Joshau MedinaJoshau Medina19 ore fa
  • *Never do it!*

    AH Nayan OfficialAH Nayan Official22 ore fa
  • *shaves off entire skin tone*

    Siya WilsonSiya WilsonGiorno fa
  • бедная девка, что же будет потом . боится как мужику придется

    m1m aym1m ayGiorno fa
  • My grandma touching her beard while watching this

    AHSAN malikAHSAN malikGiorno fa
  • come to Kerala the girls are very hairy...they dont shave their arms n legs....

    Shaan MailShaan MailGiorno fa
  • Jb face py bal admiyun ki dahri ki trha nikal ayen gy tb lgy ga pta.. phir aqal bhi thikany a jaye gi

    Sumaira WahidSumaira Wahid2 giorni fa
  • La pauvre, elle va devoir se raser pour le restant de sa vie!!

    ilhem Senouci Bereksiilhem Senouci Bereksi2 giorni fa
  • So long will take a person to do their own face

    Jesse Pennn13Jesse Pennn132 giorni fa
  • Wouldn’t make the hair thicker by shaving it off?

    Gor GeousGor Geous2 giorni fa
  • Why you fuck compare you r shit one day everyone die then count your pube how much it hairy

    Monish RazaMonish Raza2 giorni fa
  • Women with more facial hair than me are my brothers

    Lala singh Amer waleLala singh Amer wale3 giorni fa
  • Now come shave my butt hole

    Benathung ShitiriBenathung Shitiri3 giorni fa
  • What is this yar all dirty thing is coming out that why skinny looks clean simple apply it veet then see how your skin looks

    Ajmal PAjmal P3 giorni fa
  • this guy, this girl and this whole video is bloody stupid. SHE GONNA HAVE A FUCKING BEARD GROWING NOW... what a dumb shit they r putting on yt

    Justyna WylaźJustyna Wylaź3 giorni fa
  • Evdhe paise ghalun bhadrun ali bai 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    90's TV90's TV3 giorni fa
  • she went from olive complexion to peachy complexion

    lili smithhhlili smithhh3 giorni fa
  • you'll turn your face black after few days... coz blade shaving your face as a woman kills blood cells and they turn black... even men knows this shit..

    Trevor PhillipsTrevor Phillips3 giorni fa
  • Stupid guy and girl.never do anything like this girls.

    Abhishek SahaiAbhishek Sahai3 giorni fa
  • Ye to phir Ajay Gy

    Sana ArifSana Arif3 giorni fa
  • Croatians are really hairy- I cry

    ChoiMinjee oChoiMinjee o4 giorni fa
  • Does it hurt?

    ChoiMinjee oChoiMinjee o4 giorni fa
  • Man.. Ladies shave.. Bull shit.. Fucking barber

    Bobby KohliBobby Kohli4 giorni fa
  • y u do that.........ur crazy....bec once u start... that its start growing even more u end up looking like a man who hav to shave frequently

    moi simtemoi simte4 giorni fa
  • No Idea Womens Shave too

    Abhimonnu BiswasAbhimonnu Biswas4 giorni fa
  • What about her pimples ????

    Ravi KalaRavi Kala4 giorni fa
  • Like si hablas español.

    シElmerシElmer4 giorni fa
  • Shaving with blade make comes hair more

    Ok FurnitureOk Furniture4 giorni fa
  • Please please tell me this song playing in the back ground

    Nina BuggNina Bugg4 giorni fa
  • OMG!!! 😱😱😱 Whats next? After few days? After few weeks? After few months? She ll have to shave it regularly? Coz facial hair becomes more thicker and harder as u keep shaving them. Ladies Pls Pls Pls Never ever try this 🙁🙁🙁 🙄🙄🙄

    Rohit SharmaRohit Sharma4 giorni fa
    • But i want to look like a werewolf.

      mönjä mönjämönjä mönjä3 giorni fa
  • So all along it’s been my european genes that made me hairy?

    nienke huijbensnienke huijbens4 giorni fa
  • Where do I get a razor like that?

    Allante LeeAllante Lee4 giorni fa
  • Art of seduce

    aparichitudu unknownaparichitudu unknown5 giorni fa
  • Damn, she's luscious!

    Heru- deshetHeru- deshet5 giorni fa
  • I can simply say that this lady didnt wash her face for many months 😂😂😂😂😂

    khalid jankhalid jan5 giorni fa
  • few days later she will have a fully grown male face

    Jithin JayachandranJithin Jayachandran5 giorni fa
  • May be she want beard

  • How much does something like this cost

    Teresa SimmonsTeresa Simmons5 giorni fa
  • ما في عرب

    Jdhfjf JfnfnmfJdhfjf Jfnfnmf6 giorni fa
  • Is sy bal zad nahi ho ga

    Asha KhanAsha Khan6 giorni fa
  • What if re grow of dark hair

    Meraj KaziMeraj Kazi6 giorni fa
  • gelchodiyaa

    Akash SitaparaAkash Sitapara6 giorni fa
  • Shaving female face making their life difficulties in future no need to shave female face, its gonna be worse and hard skin issue in future, will like male skin and hairs will grow more & thicker will bring up more skin issue, my Advice for female do not shave your face,,,,please,

    Waheed AhmedWaheed Ahmed6 giorni fa
    • @Bogs Binny Absolutely threading Eye brow is fine, but shaving face being female going against the nature, some body Wrote if cant see with naked Eyes than whats the point? to shave,,,,think where are we going.........

      Waheed AhmedWaheed Ahmed4 giorni fa
    • Is it just a myth?

      Bogs BinnyBogs Binny5 giorni fa
  • Excuse me womans and shave?????? But how??? I mean how??

    maaz Khanmaaz Khan6 giorni fa
  • I like that I would like to see more

    Debra BenoitDebra Benoit6 giorni fa
  • 3:40 thank me later

    Mr HarshitHMr HarshitH7 giorni fa
  • yo when I seen this I was like wow what! I mean I didn't even see those small hairs on her face but the thing is that where you shaved?! it looks a lot more brighter! so I could imagine these European models using this you know they've been going through these shaves and stuff to look extra pretty prettiest magazine covers or whatever...

    CALM stormCALM storm7 giorni fa
  • 🤢🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    the lone wolf wolfthe lone wolf wolf7 giorni fa
  • ما الذي تراه اذني بالشفرة 😱

    Diana AddadDiana Addad7 giorni fa
  • This whole thing was unnecessary. She looks the same afterwards as she did before.

    Xombie007Xombie0077 giorni fa
  • she was looking pretty but after the shave she looking ugly

    Bomsa MusicBomsa Music8 giorni fa
  • I actually tried this two weeks ago and I barely have any hair on my face except for my eyebrows and eyelashes...and little mustache. But it did make my face feel a bit smoother and my skin tone appeared a little lighter.

    ItzYoGyalCuTiEItzYoGyalCuTiE8 giorni fa
    • you cant get a result in week or 2,,wait and see,,,lolz

      Waheed AhmedWaheed Ahmed6 giorni fa
  • Why shave it? Why not wax it? She will get ticker hair :/

    DangerousDangerous8 giorni fa
  • You are retarded, confirmed now. More hairier? Europeans are hairier than who? Do you realize Europe is a fucking continent?

    Isolation partyIsolation party8 giorni fa
  • Wait Europeans have brown hair and eyes

    Ciara ThomasCiara Thomas8 giorni fa
  • *hi*

    Zehra GullbjörkZehra Gullbjörk8 giorni fa
  • Wow, did not know that women had facial shaves!

    phl fntphl fnt9 giorni fa
  • She is not European lol and enjoy beard after you never reapeat this after you start 😉

    Jessica ParkerJessica Parker9 giorni fa
    • @Terri Shaw I think you don't know history Bosnian people are mixed with Arabs long time ago

      Jessica ParkerJessica Parker9 giorni fa
    • How is she not European when she is from Bosnia, which is in Europe?

      Terri ShawTerri Shaw9 giorni fa
  • Minus facial features, one would think it's HAM!!

    Luwaga SylviaLuwaga Sylvia9 giorni fa
  • Ya that’s not a European

    Mr. McDabingtonMr. McDabington9 giorni fa
  • It will grow more than before

    Felia YimchungFelia Yimchung9 giorni fa
  • Bosnians aren't really European they have Turkish origins and also a large number of them can be ethically traced back to Northern India.

    Np SNp S9 giorni fa
    • You're a fucking imbecile lmfaooooo this is the funniest thing in the comments section. I hope you know any remotely educated person would piss themselves laughing at you. Geniuses like you see any european person with dark hair and say "hmmmm they must be mixed" bc you're clueless enough to think that ""original"" europeans are blonde. The reason people in northern europe are very pale and blonde is due to climate and losing their pigment over thousands of years bc they were not "originally" blonde and they originally came from somewhere else anyways since all human beings can be "ethnically traced" back to africa, and the reason people in south-western and south-eastern europe have dark hair and eyes (and can actually tan lmfao) is bc it's much warmer. That's it. It's not bc of turkish people or "the moors" or whatever ignorant bullshit, those empires did not engage in mass population exchange and assimilation the way western european empires did, and in south-eastern europe the vast majority of the population remained the same under ottoman rule and their ethnic makeup did not change. The minority of turkish people left in south-eastern europe identify as turkish to this day and have their own communities where they are encouraged to marry within their group in order to maintain their language and culture. You don't know anything. Being very pale and blonde is not what "europeans are supposed to look like" and the europeans in the south don't "look like that bc they're mixed" bc there is no such thing as one singular cohesive european identity in the first place, and there never has been.

      Sonia RSonia R5 giorni fa
  • Did you also smelled the lemon?!

    Thomas MaixThomas Maix9 giorni fa
  • Lik si vienes a los comentarios esperando q esten en españoi

    Normita RivasNormita Rivas9 giorni fa
  • Had this done after watching IT-vision videos an$ I can honestly say the texture of my skin has changed. Products penetrate so much better and my makeup is flawless. I know they do this in Asia and I wish I started 20 years ago❤️❤️

    Expat LifestyleExpat Lifestyle9 giorni fa
    • vlsettles each time you get it done, the hair is less. This is very popular in Japan, Korea, watch IT-vision videos. Japanese and Korean have amazing skin. ❤️

      Expat LifestyleExpat Lifestyle5 giorni fa
    • Expat Lifestyle what about regrow?

      vlsettlesvlsettles6 giorni fa
  • Dermaplanning?

    Laura SmithLaura Smith9 giorni fa