The Search For Our New Pet

We decided it was time to find a new pet! Now how do we find one that Grayson isn't allergic to?...
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A BIG thanks to our friend Brian for helping us meet these amazing animals!
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  • Get the f*cking toad!!!!!

    Kelly MillerKelly Miller55 minuti fa
  • 19:59 she loves me don't ruin this for me Grayson Me* my laugh* hehehehehehahahahahehegehe

    It's just NAY NAYIt's just NAY NAYOra fa
  • Dutch is so cute

    Allison DavilaAllison Davila2 ore fa
  • Dutch is so cute

    Allison DavilaAllison Davila2 ore fa
  • I love how he was like we're not gonna have anyone die or go to the hospital or have anything deadly and then he brings in a whole scorpion lol.

    Doughnut CatDoughnut Cat3 ore fa
  • skunk

    Francesca LaneFrancesca Lane3 ore fa
  • Ethan and Grayson not for any free promos but i found this app called Episode and i have fallen in love with it and i never knew who or if u guys had a IT-vision acc i only have seen u in James' videos and i looked u guys up on the app and saw this one story called Falling For The Dolan Twins and i thought oooo this sounds intreasting and i pressed on it and i have reread it sooo many times then i found u guys on IT-vision and u guys should go check it out

    Amber ClardyAmber Clardy4 ore fa
  • Chose the possom

    gacha girl 777gacha girl 7774 ore fa

    Nifty AdventuresNifty Adventures5 ore fa
  • RUBEN!!! 🐢

    Ruby G.Ruby G.5 ore fa
  • I personally think you should get the TURTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who else think that they should get the turtle | | | | |

    Bonnie Boo IrelandBonnie Boo Ireland7 ore fa
  • Press if u think the Posam

    Khloe MayKhloe May9 ore fa
  • Your videos are the shiz

    melissa reynamelissa reyna10 ore fa
  • What about a hair less cat

    Chloe ConlinChloe Conlin12 ore fa
  • Jericho the toad!!!!!!!!!!

    Lexi GraceLexi Grace12 ore fa
  • yooooooo GET JERICHO!!!!!!!!!

    Lexi HamiltonLexi Hamilton12 ore fa
  • Jericho

    Losela 1234Losela 123415 ore fa
  • 16:47 GIZMOOOOO!!!

    Lil TayLil Tay17 ore fa
  • Toad

    Jaylah DimechJaylah Dimech18 ore fa

    yaneysis123000 aguilaryaneysis123000 aguilar19 ore fa
  • Bro did anyone else notice the peewee doll in the corner. That thing scared the crap outa me🤭

    21 ora fa
  • “Wait Grayson you kinda look like a tortoise now cause you got a shell on your back”

    21 ora fa
  • “Look we’re twins”😂😂

    21 ora fa
  • Why don’t you guys get a pig

    Isabella TurtleIsabella Turtle22 ore fa
  • you should get a hairless cat :)

    Maddog ElizabethMaddog ElizabethGiorno fa
    • or the possom or turtle

      Maddog ElizabethMaddog ElizabethGiorno fa
  • A hedgehog would be perfect for you guys

    Maddie LuceMaddie LuceGiorno fa
  • Possum

    Nathan GuslawskiNathan GuslawskiGiorno fa
  • Who is noland ???? 😲🤔

    Gladys LemusGladys LemusGiorno fa
  • Me: sees thumbnail Also me: IS ThaT A ChiKen

    Maisey LimMaisey LimGiorno fa
  • The tortoise made my heart melt. I love Ruben 🥺❤️

    K TK TGiorno fa
  • Toad

    kyanna Walkerkyanna WalkerGiorno fa
  • I’m down for the freaking toad

    Anna’s LifeAnna’s LifeGiorno fa

    Shadow Wolf PlushShadow Wolf PlushGiorno fa
  • The possom

    kansas briannakansas briannaGiorno fa
  • What animal did you guys get!? I like watched this 2 months later. What did you get!?!?!?

    L.E. MulderL.E. MulderGiorno fa
  • Rubennn

    Andres RodriguezAndres RodriguezGiorno fa
  • Sylvester the opossum for the win ! second choice would be Ruben the tortoise

    Toni DanielleToni DanielleGiorno fa
  • Tortoise

    Lucas PurdonLucas PurdonGiorno fa
  • Jerricho the Toad obvi

    Mya PayesMya PayesGiorno fa
  • 🐢🐢🐢

    Andrea Oker-BlomAndrea Oker-BlomGiorno fa
  • Ethan-He ruined all the fun for me Grayson-I cOuLd Of DiEd I’m dead inside😂😂

    Mystic MaddieMystic MaddieGiorno fa
  • A toad!!

    Leila BennettLeila BennettGiorno fa
  • Jericho they just seemed like they really liked it and had a connection to the toad

    Kylie HazardKylie HazardGiorno fa
  • possum idk if that's how you spell it....

    alien queenalien queenGiorno fa
  • The TOAD

    Abby SmithAbby Smith2 giorni fa
  • the toad is cool

    Bernardita CossioBernardita Cossio2 giorni fa
  • Toad

    Angie VlogsAngie Vlogs2 giorni fa
  • Ruben

    Sapphire WalshSapphire Walsh2 giorni fa
  • You guys should have the turtle

    Cindy ObermayrCindy Obermayr2 giorni fa

    Ava LamzAva Lamz2 giorni fa
  • Toad Jericho

    Fernanda Hidalgo juarezFernanda Hidalgo juarez2 giorni fa
  • turtle

    Liriany MosLiriany Mos2 giorni fa
  • You should get the possum

    The Power 15 FamilyThe Power 15 Family2 giorni fa
  • tortoise or giant toad

    Ally SmithAlly Smith2 giorni fa
  • Tortoise

  • The road, I feel like it was good

    Vicious VistexVicious Vistex2 giorni fa
  • Skunk or opossum

    A GA G2 giorni fa
  • Tatiana is one of the only girls who is uninterested in the Dolan twins lol

    Ansley DonahooAnsley Donahoo2 giorni fa
  • posem

    Nidia GracisNidia Gracis2 giorni fa
  • You should have a pet frog 😊☺☺

    Malini SingbalMalini Singbal2 giorni fa
  • opossom

    Ava JaneAva Jane2 giorni fa
  • Sylevester

    Samira VazSamira Vaz2 giorni fa
  • Opossum

    Samira VazSamira Vaz2 giorni fa
  • You should get the tortoise (reuben)

    Beth CornBeth Corn2 giorni fa
  • You still haven’t got the pet lol

    Rihanna BbRihanna Bb2 giorni fa
  • This was the animal version of The Bachelor

    A HA H2 giorni fa
  • Can I just say in the future, they're kids name's would be heckin lit

    Fran AstonFran Aston2 giorni fa
  • You should get a Tibetan terrier as they are hypoallergenic so Grayson won’t be allergic.

    Dulcie GoffDulcie Goff2 giorni fa
  • JERICHO!!!

    Saida SwagSaida Swag2 giorni fa
  • possum/selvester

    addison hintonaddison hinton2 giorni fa
The Search For Our New Pet