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Through Da Storm · Polo G
Die A Legend
℗ 2019 Polo G under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment
Released on: 2019-06-07
Vocal: Leia Monroe
Producer, Recording Engineer: AYO
Composer, Lyricist: Jahmere Tylon
Recording Engineer: Todd Hurtt
Mixing Engineer: Baruch "Mixx" Nembhard
Mastering Engineer: Eric Lagg
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  • How many people replayed this song. Has so many meanings and this beat🥰❤️😢💯💯🔥

    Ariyana PittmanAriyana Pittman22 ore fa
  • Through da storm with the gang gang 🤞✊🤘👌

    Teresa SeymourTeresa Seymour4 giorni fa
  • j

    kids Heiseykids Heisey5 giorni fa
  • nh \ \

    kids Heiseykids Heisey5 giorni fa
  • Motivation family. No matter what we have been through we are some of gods toughest warriors because we made it through the battle.

    YrNThe PROYrNThe PRO8 giorni fa
  • Put passion in every lyric

    Christopher SweetChristopher Sweet9 giorni fa
  • Real niggas dying it seems like heaven is the place to be

    Lavell 02Lavell 0210 giorni fa
  • This so underrated

    Sp0oky BloutSp0oky Blout24 giorni fa
  • First time I heard this song I shed a tear 🚫🧢

    Yfm AngelYfm Angel26 giorni fa
  • I’m still depressed in my mansion 😔

    ItsnotmeItsnotme26 giorni fa
  • I’m crying

    Lilvuethesavage YangLilvuethesavage Yang27 giorni fa
  • This jawn hits home deep every word

    Justin MooreJustin Moore27 giorni fa
  • All the fags that diliked yall gonna fall in da shower

    Black BonnieBlack Bonnie28 giorni fa
  • It's crazy to see how much better, polo got with tracks. Use to be hype now its deep.

    NigelehtNigeleht28 giorni fa
  • we need the music video!!

    Oil BudsOil BudsMese fa
  • “Real niggas dying seems like heaven is the place to be”👏🏽🙏🏼💯

    lyspilyspiMese fa
  • Before 1MIL gang 🙏❤

    EricTheGoatEricTheGoatMese fa
  • Polo this is it man, you belong here💪🏼🔥

    TopFlight CrewTopFlight CrewMese fa
  • Legend!! can wait for my time to come 🙏

    BZOBZOMese fa
    • Soon king keep pushing 🙏

      xl jcxl jc11 giorni fa
  • Through Da Storm ⛈⛈⛈☔☔⚡⚡🌈🌈

    junior juniorjunior juniorMese fa
  • Most Underrated Song Ever 😥

    Noel Balenciaga TVNoel Balenciaga TVMese fa
  • New Skool

    Kyri KellyKyri KellyMese fa
  • Pain talk😪🔥

    IzzyIzzyMese fa
  • Da best right now hands dwn

    rebel For shorebel For shoMese fa
  • This 40 waivin like a blow dryer gonna hit his face with heat.😈

    David SathrumDavid SathrumMese fa
  • Fiya ass song

    RND FascinationRND FascinationMese fa
  • All your music is so motivating keep it bro. The the only thing that keeps me up

    Muhammad SaeedMuhammad SaeedMese fa
  • Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Rainier CastilloRainier CastilloMese fa
  • Here before this blows this really made me cry I really felt this

    Gucci kuehnGucci kuehnMese fa
  • Polo the truth

    Dirtbag813Dirtbag813Mese fa
  • How all tha playlist slap

    Maski dippMaski dippMese fa
  • Best song on the Album 👌 love Polo G . You going far foe , regardless.

    Lil Uzi GrindLil Uzi GrindMese fa
  • 🔥

    Gina MunguiaGina MunguiaMese fa
  • hey big brother its me leah remember at the old house i said u was gonna be a big star one day im so proud of u mhmhm polo g live in the flesh

    WunboWunboMese fa
    • Wunbo pretty sure it’s Layla

      9 9 99 9 9Mese fa
  • I’m not even gonna lie this song had me feeling some type of way 🔥💯

    GoldyblueGoldyblueMese fa
  • "Real Niggas Dyin Seem Like Heaven Is The Place To Be" 😓💔

    DaNiNNDaNiNNMese fa
  • "Ain't budgein bout no problems what a nigga gon come take from me I heard you a robberr on the concrete you gon lay deceased this 40 👋wavin like a blow dryer hit his face with 🔥heat"

    ComeAtMeBroComeAtMeBroMese fa
  • How to make thai chicken wings

    Daveon WicksDaveon WicksMese fa
  • Polo g live in the flesh

    EmeraldEmeraldMese fa
  • Nah this album beefy *No cap *

    //Adriana brhy Hidalgo//Adriana brhy HidalgoMese fa

    BeKaa From Daa 6iixBeKaa From Daa 6iixMese fa
    • BeKaa From Daa 6iix No It’s Better When He By His self No Cap 💯

      Noel Balenciaga TVNoel Balenciaga TVMese fa
  • 🙏❤

    泽Minho泽MinhoMese fa
  • It’s soooo good !

    Luca PicarielloLuca PicarielloMese fa
  • He should make a video to this💯

    Brandon FurlowBrandon FurlowMese fa
  • i heard you a robber on dat concrete you gon lay deceased

    KayzTNKayzTNMese fa
  • Fav song

    J&h NationJ&h NationMese fa
  • 🔥

    Omarion LebronOmarion LebronMese fa
  • bru i get goose bumps from this shit

    Jack BusseyJack BusseyMese fa
  • Ur sub count a devil 😐😐

    BronxBronxMese fa
  • This song got me on my feelings

    AnppaXAnppaXMese fa
  • Wats a good app to download song on android

    Skrappy MitchellSkrappy MitchellMese fa
  • Niggas had to look up perseverance after this 😭😭

    Daddy DaddtDaddy DaddtMese fa
    • Daddy Daddt lmaoo u gotta be illiterate

      NID ENTNID ENTMese fa
  • Leah made this better

    ToxicPea 34ToxicPea 34Mese fa
  • The intro brought tears to my eyes everytime polo g for president

    ShMizzy LShMizzy LMese fa
  • Nigga deserves 20 grammys

    ShMizzy LShMizzy LMese fa
  • love this song makes me think about stuff alot

    KlausKlausMese fa
  • yo lil sis so sweat man

    KlausKlausMese fa
  • Dope

    UMayWalkUMayWalkMese fa
  • "Walk in court in them shackles, See my momma her eye's tearin'."

    Austin ConnerAustin ConnerMese fa
  • “Real Niggas dying , seem like heaven is the place to be” Damn 😔

    Juwan EdwardsJuwan EdwardsMese fa
  • Reminds me of that Tupac chill vibe

    Michael RiveraMichael RiveraMese fa
  • Dying Breed and this the songs of the Albums, Kings nightmare too

    Kyle McAuliffeKyle McAuliffeMese fa
  • Damn these Christmas beat gave me chills 🔥 ngl this shit deeep deep!

    DownTown FluxDownTown FluxMese fa
  • this goes hard frrr

    Skits TvSkits TvMese fa
  • Defo the best on the album with pop out

    aKa BlurraKa BlurrMese fa
  • this is how many people brush their teeth ps sub to me

  • Whos gonna post the lyrics in the comments?

    Donovan VecciaDonovan VecciaMese fa
  • This shit touched me🤘🏽

    Amanda RodgersAmanda RodgersMese fa
  • Shit goes hard

    Mcgredy EddieMcgredy EddieMese fa
  • Do a music video to this ❗️❗️ This my shit 💯💯🔥

    Bellair WayneBellair WayneMese fa
Through Da Storm