Top 20 goals in World Cup History




  • Missing Garrincha’s right foot goal in 1962

    Gustavo M MeloGustavo M Melo4 ore fa
  • Mattaeus goal against yugoslavia 1990 be missing.

    LowBudgetProductionsLowBudgetProductions5 ore fa
  • Nelinho Word Cup 1978?

    Antonio Anderson RibeiroAntonio Anderson Ribeiro9 ore fa
  • Soy policía 👮‍♀️ policía im single father of 3!!like si yate canso este comercial 😂😅😂😂🤣

    Jose GuamanJose Guaman12 ore fa
  • number 2 ! nonsense

  • Maradona vs England, ever

    JJ LLJJ LL22 ore fa
  • Why do so many football videos feature the worst music ever conceived? And no Tim Cahill vs. Netherlands 2014?

    Tim StibbsTim StibbsGiorno fa
  • Solo uno de esos preciosos goles fue con ayuda de la droga.....cual creen que es ?????!!......gracias

    Monica AvendañoMonica AvendañoGiorno fa
  • Laudrup Sand Denmark-Nigeria 98 Yes, I'm a little biased

    mrloopmrloopGiorno fa
  • Al-Owairan's goal should be number 2.

    Ab Rahman HarunAb Rahman HarunGiorno fa
  • maradona...the best

    Rodrigo MendozaRodrigo MendozaGiorno fa

    didier gaugaindidier gaugainGiorno fa
  • That background music was the Irritable.

    Vaishali koalmbikarVaishali koalmbikar2 giorni fa
  • Y con ustedes el más grande: Diego Armando Maradona..

    carlos20557carlos205572 giorni fa
  • #12 and 13 should be replaced by Socrates’ goal against Italy in 1982 and Maradona’s 2nd goal in semi final against Belgian in 1986.

    fitofito1001fitofito10012 giorni fa
  • Persie’s diving head ranked too low. It is so beautiful that should be top 5

    fitofito1001fitofito10012 giorni fa
  • and where marco van basten is?

    ondrikmiondrikmi2 giorni fa
  • Where is Oliseh's goal against Spain from WC 98!?

    Alex1987Alex19872 giorni fa
  • Nicht objektiv und umfassend.

    Wenzel KlarWenzel Klar2 giorni fa
  • Faltou o Josimar na copa de 86.

    Tiago CysneTiago Cysne2 giorni fa
  • 8????

  • Jared borgetti’s header vs Italy?? Clearly it should of been in the top 10 just look it up it was a beauty.

    Frank FloresFrank Flores2 giorni fa
  • boring songs...

    douglas ramosdouglas ramos3 giorni fa
  • WC 2010 GER-ENG Klose 1:0

    Schweden NeunundneunzigSchweden Neunundneunzig3 giorni fa
  • Still get shivers for Michael Owen's France 98

    chembletonchembleton3 giorni fa
  • Many deserving goals have been missed out

    Aakarsh JhaAakarsh Jha3 giorni fa
  • and who said time travel isn't possible...luis van gaal at 9:31

    Valentis13Valentis133 giorni fa
    • his father 😄

      Judas Priest FanJudas Priest Fan20 ore fa
  • Baggio the best goal on this list

    Max BarbierMax Barbier3 giorni fa
  • ¡Tremendo Maradona!

    Jesús Antonio Paulino SocualayaJesús Antonio Paulino Socualaya3 giorni fa
  • El segundo gol, el de brasil es una mamada, pudiste poner cualquiera del atletico san pancho antes que ese pinche gol feo, solo es un remate a rajatabla muy fuerte pero de bonito no tuvo más que lo emocionante que estaba el juego y eso lo supongo, nunca lo vi

    Hugo AparicioHugo Aparicio4 giorni fa
  • Eusébio´s goal 1966 against Brazil is missing, but I understand there are many good goals

    Antonio DiasAntonio Dias4 giorni fa
  • Cubillas vs Scotland 78 WC

    persezyrapersezyra4 giorni fa
  • Cadê os gols de Ronaldo?

    Pedro PauloPedro Paulo4 giorni fa
  • Everybody knew what was going to be No. 1 before the video started. It was just interesting to see what the other 19 would be ...

    Sid CannonSid Cannon4 giorni fa
  • lahm amd frings vs costa rica

    Andrius VxxAndrius Vxx4 giorni fa
  • Van persie header needs to be higher

    ddd mmmddd mmm4 giorni fa
  • Faltaron más goles

    Michael RocaMichael Roca4 giorni fa
  • Baggio doveva essere n. 2 non 16.

    Stefano CostagliolaStefano Costagliola4 giorni fa
  • Eres Argentino, para que te haces pendejo, el de Owairan y el de Maradona son idénticos...en ese caso los hubieras puesto 1ro y 2do...pinche narigón

    Luiggi StanleyLuiggi Stanley4 giorni fa
  • The best goal in this Top 20 belongs to Maradona's goal.

    Nopporn ThanompongNopporn Thanompong4 giorni fa
  • great job!

    Jack kingslakesJack kingslakes5 giorni fa
  • Stupid... why no Roberto Carlos 1988

    Sarif KusenSarif Kusen5 giorni fa
    • The goal of Roberto Carlos was not in the World Cup in France. Its in the Confederations Cup that was also held in France

      Pernas M.Pernas M.2 giorni fa
  • Dislike not for the goals, but because no one can no one can take these generic electronic and pop songs anymore in these football videos.

    andradesilvaandradesilva5 giorni fa
  • Why the cheesy music?

    borja1000borja10005 giorni fa
  • Baggio's no. 16 must be a bad joke on this list. Goal like dozens of others in WC history

    Marek ZielinskiMarek Zielinski5 giorni fa
  • maradona tiene lso 3 goles mas lisndos ...falta el de roberto carlos de tiro libre...etc

    Marina EchevarriaMarina Echevarria5 giorni fa
  • Pele goal was the best...

    Antony DouglasAntony Douglas5 giorni fa
  • Those are the wrong Top 20 Goals

    Khaled AbdullahKhaled Abdullah5 giorni fa
  • Grande Maradona..

    Julián AcuñaJulián Acuña5 giorni fa
  • Argentina vs Belgium 1986? Argentina vs Italy 1986? Argentina vs Greece 1994? MARADONA...

    MrXGunMrXGun5 giorni fa

    Steve O'BoyleSteve O'Boyle6 giorni fa
  • Germany shot the most beautiful goals ever.

    Reiner ZufallReiner Zufall6 giorni fa
  • Top 1,2 and 3 were on the same stadium , The Aztec

    Adolfo HernandezAdolfo Hernandez6 giorni fa
    • Manuel Negrete's was superb.

      Turning Life AroundTurning Life Around2 giorni fa
  • Само Левски!!!

    Любомир ЛюбациЛюбомир Любаци6 giorni fa
  • Why do so many of these videos have retarded music in the background. Just play the commentary dickhead

    James RichardsJames Richards6 giorni fa
  • cual es la música que se pone en el tiempo, 7:48 ..

    Leonardo Lorenzo Bonilla LunaLeonardo Lorenzo Bonilla Luna7 giorni fa
  • 4:49 music please??

    Wanda Pratama PutraWanda Pratama Putra7 giorni fa
    • cual es la música que se pone en el tiempo, 7:48 ..

      Leonardo Lorenzo Bonilla LunaLeonardo Lorenzo Bonilla Luna7 giorni fa
  • There are a lot of Brazilians goals missing ...

    Farik KirafFarik Kiraf7 giorni fa
  • Impossible to watch it.... music of shit !

    Ludovic DrevillonLudovic Drevillon7 giorni fa
  • hidup persib

    farhan ahsanfarhan ahsan7 giorni fa
  • Thanks for ruining the Bergkamp goal with that unwanted, irritating background song...

    Aklesh PadhyAklesh Padhy7 giorni fa
  • #1 is just unforgettable! Made in haven, executed by Diego Maradona, the greatest player for whom i loved football.

    Shamim JoarderShamim Joarder7 giorni fa
  • I love hearing announcers lose their fucking minds.

    GhooptyGhoopty7 giorni fa
  • Sócrates vs. URSS 1982, Nelinho vs. Italia 1978

    juan mauricio garro reyesjuan mauricio garro reyes8 giorni fa
  • Some of these inclusions are comical. Van Persie? Laughable. Hagi in 94? That was pure fluke, a mishit cross. Where's Belanov 86? Or Rats 86? Or Maradona V Belgium 86? or Charlton v Portugal in 66? Socrates 82? SMDH

    Jamie O'KeeffeJamie O'Keeffe8 giorni fa
  • Who song this musik

    Timur EshievTimur Eshiev8 giorni fa
  • Edmilson winner

    Syafriyan P. TinggaSyafriyan P. Tingga8 giorni fa
  • Diego eres inigualable a pesar de que que Lio no es de este planeta.

  • Brazil, world cup king

    arthur scanaviniarthur scanavini8 giorni fa
    • not anymore, since world cup 2014 against germany. :D

      Reiner ZufallReiner Zufall6 giorni fa
  • pour les vrais connaisseurs hormis celui de Maradona qui est hors catégorie, bergkamp et hadji c'est tout (dans la vidéo en tout cas)

    eric barbosaeric barbosa8 giorni fa