Toronto Raptors vs Golden State Warriors | June 13, 2019

The Toronto Raptors have defeated the Golden State Warriors, 114-110, to win the 2019 NBA Finals, becoming the first non-U.S. franchise to win an NBA title. After leading the Raptors to their first NBA Championship in franchise history, Kawhi Leonard was named 2019 NBA Finals MVP. Leonard became the third highest scorer (732 points) in a single NBA postseason in NBA Playoffs history, the 3rd player in NBA Finals history to win NBA Finals MVP with two different teams, and the 4th player to win NBA Finals MVP in his first season with a team.



  • Paul Pierce: classic playoff Lowry

    off my turfoff my turf3 giorni fa
  • Wow! How much the nba has changed,since the 90's when i was watching as a kid. Not in a million years i would have guessed the raptors winning a championship. 👏👏 congratulations to the raptors!!

    T boneT bone9 giorni fa
  • あのブロックとばねーだろ普通

    小柳秀之小柳秀之12 giorni fa
  • I'm a Laker fan But congrats Toronto raptors 2019 NBA champ's

    Renato TarongoyRenato Tarongoy15 giorni fa
  • Sunshine Little SunshineSunshine Little Sunshine22 giorni fa
  • idk xDidk xD23 giorni fa
  • It's all about time

    binod gurungbinod gurung26 giorni fa
  • Is there any highlight real for the final game where there is any enthusiasm shown for the Raptors win? The America highlights just end before the celebration or announcement of the championship victory (no surprise), and this was is very low key. Where’s the excitement?

    Simon NaylorSimon Naylor26 giorni fa
  • The North came. The North conquered.

    Sachin RSachin R26 giorni fa
  • Raptors dominated the warriors. Raps are the best team of all time cant wait for that 2x peat! All raptors need is d rose off the bench and the same roster without lin

    VancovermycityVancovermycity26 giorni fa
  • If they only have klay

    EzvodEzvod27 giorni fa
    • A win is a win. No excuses.

      JasbirJasbir21 giorno fa
  • Champion canada raptors:)

    serdal özdemirserdal özdemir27 giorni fa
  • Follow me 🏀

    Video LandVideo Land27 giorni fa
  • The so called "splash brothers" have only won 1 NBA ring without Kevin Durant! They are not as good as they think they are lol! First Cleveland Cavs Beat them from 3-1 down (what a comeback) wining twice back to back on their GSW court, wining the ring 4-3, and now Toronto Raptors beating them 4-2 with a clean sweep 3-0 in GSW oracle centre court! They are Flat brothers, not in any way splash. Kevin Durant made GSW unbeatable.

    kadz Ikadz I28 giorni fa
  • "GSW will sweep them", "The splash brothers will be back", "GSW in 7" smh lol meanwhile your City wins ! ..... Gods Plan #Toronto #Ujiri #Kawhi

    stajstaj28 giorni fa
    • Thankyou forma watching

      esterlin Ruizesterlin Ruiz25 giorni fa
  • Fun times ahead.. 😂

    dem eterdem eter28 giorni fa

    JafaiCanJafaiCan28 giorni fa
  • Thank god these clowns were dethroned finally

    Asian LifeAsian Life28 giorni fa
  • Residentsleeper commentary

    HDGameplayHDGameplay28 giorni fa
  • Fuckkkkk........!

    Mj JonesMj Jones29 giorni fa
  • Who noticed that there three free agency got injury

    Bentz ShepBentz Shep29 giorni fa
  • “I just want my chips and dip.” Drake

    SJ Custom ArtSJ Custom Art29 giorni fa
  • Kevin wasn't there to give spirit,

    Lesiba PhyliexLesiba Phyliex29 giorni fa
  • Not fair ..why? Handicap match Thompson's been injured. .

    KaPow!! Haik!KaPow!! Haik!29 giorni fa
  • the commentary horrible

    awet yemaneawet yemane29 giorni fa
  • We the North 🇨🇦👍

    Aksh GillAksh Gill29 giorni fa
  • We the north🦖

    SniperSnake 1211SniperSnake 121129 giorni fa
  • name of song?

    Oscar Hernandez CriadoOscar Hernandez CriadoMese fa
  • Dude narrating so chill is like him just lying on his bed talking to himself over a highlight.

    ChindoggOriginalChindoggOriginalMese fa
  • GG

    まねる mimikまねる mimikMese fa
  • Derozen

    darren plamodarren plamoMese fa
  • 🔥👈🏽

    Pat SPat SMese fa
  • I still like GSW More❤❤❤❤

    MaryLynnYt 4236MaryLynnYt 4236Mese fa
  • Well, at least GSW scored more than 109 points this time.

    Christopher SantosChristopher SantosMese fa
  • I agree with all those persons who had said that without KD, the GSW can not win the 2019 NBA title. They know seing the things. On the other hand, those who had said that without KD, the warriors play better or without KD, the GSW can win the NBA title, do not know nothing. By 2014 the GSW was already a good team, but with KD, the GSW became a great army, an unbeatable team in NBA finals. With KD, the GSW won two NBA titles ( 2017 and 2018 ), and KD was the MVP of those two finals. I congratulate Kawhi and the raptors for their final victory for the 2019 NBA title. Thank so much !

  • I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Léonard

    Danielle carmene Yssing lopezDanielle carmene Yssing lopezMese fa
  • I'm happy for Leonard and Raptors and Canada! Golden State are still the best though (only injuries can beat them). I'm not a Golden State fan, but you gotta respect the class and the character.

    JollyJollyMese fa
  • Красавцы

    Gangsta's ParadiseGangsta's ParadiseMese fa
  • Kawhi was right, everything happens for a reason! Thank God for this Victory! You made history !

    Esther GdnEsther GdnMese fa
  • What if the foul wasn't commited on Thompson ? Would the raptors still win ?!

    Amr NAmr NMese fa
  • Raptors💝

    Jerry 2004Jerry 2004Mese fa
  • That shot at the buzzer by Leonard vs Philly in Game 7 takes a whole new level with this Championship

    Z YZ YMese fa
  • A special congrats to Patrick "The Hat Trick" McCaw. With luck like that, you don't even need skills. And a big shoutout to Chris Boucher, the only Canadian on the Raptors. It's about time America returned all the important hockey favors Canada has done for them.

    samlawhornsamlawhornMese fa

    SweatYTurtle IOSSweatYTurtle IOSMese fa
  • Jogão da porra

    Pablo CominottoPablo CominottoMese fa
  • Draymond Green said confidently that they would win the series in game six... Then karma hits Green:WTF😈😈 for every action there's an opposite reaction!!!😂😂😂

  • 日本人で見てる人 ↓

    えだえだMese fa
  • Semenya ? lol

    Cactus YCactus YMese fa
  • And remember when they said Golden State would win the series 4-0. They did not know what kind of wall they were going to meet. All my life waiting for this moment, a golden team. #WeTheNorth 🇨🇦🇲🇽

    Aldo Orlando Contreras FerraraAldo Orlando Contreras FerraraMese fa
  • Klay thomson i'm sorry for your team loosing and your knee broke😥😥😥😥😥😥

    Mylen SucroMylen SucroMese fa
  • Congrats Toronto👏👏👏👏

    Manuel de AlmeidaManuel de AlmeidaMese fa
  • Do you guys remember when everyone kept calling Steph clutch? Mr. Disappears in the Finals? He can shoot when Durant's on the floor and there's 3 guys surrounding Klay and KD. 2016 and 2019? Nope.

    jaycehjaycehMese fa
  • Damn Westbrook people who leave you hoist the trophy, ESPN 30-for-30 for Westbrook

    king quad sking quad sMese fa
    • Westbrooks will always be in the NBA gutter

      Albert EinsteinAlbert EinsteinMese fa
  • Toronto he first time to win damn

    *TheGreatDave* Handsome*TheGreatDave* HandsomeMese fa
  • F Canadians stealing NBA.

    Dio FalknerDio FalknerMese fa
  • Cronulla French language school is a very important course

    Lachlan RobinsonLachlan RobinsonMese fa
  • Bullshitttt

    Lachlan RobinsonLachlan RobinsonMese fa
  • Basketball was invented by a Canadian, Finally Toronto wins to honour Canada through its only NBA team, congrats. James Naismith was a Canadian-American physical educator, physician, Christian chaplain, sports coach, and innovator. He invented the game of basketball at age 30 in 1891.

    M HM HMese fa
  • Fuck USA

    Jefferson MarquesJefferson MarquesMese fa
  • commentator doesn't sound happy at the result.

    Publius Cornelius ScipioPublius Cornelius ScipioMese fa

    TheMaster BrTheMaster BrMese fa
    • YOU'RE SHIT!

      Albert EinsteinAlbert EinsteinMese fa
  • we will never forget this moment our country won

    Fiona MbeketchaFiona MbeketchaMese fa
  • What is it with Golden State losing their last NBA Finals games by 4 points? Will this be an ongoing occurrence?

    Luke StubbsLuke StubbsMese fa
  • Congrats to Toronto from a Wizards fan. Well deserved and it’s great to see someone new beat the Warriors. 🏆🇨🇦

    Luke StubbsLuke StubbsMese fa
    • Hopefully he’s cleared from that bullshit altercation

      DOCS88DOCS88Mese fa
    • DOCS88 surely he won’t leave after winning a championship.

      Luke StubbsLuke StubbsMese fa
    • Luke Stubbs thank you but you can’t have Masai 😭

      DOCS88DOCS88Mese fa
  • Why everybody hates warriors ?

    Yasser ItalyYasser ItalyMese fa
  • In less than a week, history was made twice. After half Century of a hiatus, St. Louis blues made history, by winning the Stanley Cup. Then for the first time ever, Toronto Raptors Won the Championship You couldn't have done better than that, had you scripted.

    Daniel MurphyDaniel MurphyMese fa

    HailCostanzaHailCostanzaMese fa
  • Kawhi me a river

    Wubber tub GamerWubber tub GamerMese fa
  • Congratulations! Parabéns!

    Rita SantoRita SantoMese fa
  • Enhorabuena a los raptors y a Marc e Ibaka.

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Toronto Raptors vs Golden State Warriors | June 13, 2019