JAPAN 5th SINGLE『Breakthrough』
2019.07.24(wed) Release!
【いい音楽で一度、素晴らしいパフォーマンスで二度魅了させる】と言う意味を持つ、Asia No.1最強
7月17日(水)JAPAN 4th SINGLE『HAPPY HAPPY』(読み方:はっぴーはっぴー)は太陽と月の2つの相反する「光」をコンセプトにTWICEらしさ全開のカラフルで爽やかな夏の昼を表現した「太陽」がモチーフ。
7月24日(水)JAPAN 5th SINGLE『Breakthrough』(読み方:ぶれいくするー)はネオン輝く中で洗練されたダークの衣装を身にまとい、日本の作品として今までにないクールな夏の夜を表現した「月」がモチーフ。






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  • Love youuu girls

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  • 2:52 que isso Twice ❤💕❤🍭

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  • 1:26 Jesus eu amei esse rap ❤💕🍭

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  • dahyun chae 😍😍

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  • even if twice did have the same concept, what's wrong with that? most groups do because it suits them. however, twice can pull off anything

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  • Dahyun has got lines here i really love her

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  • twice史上1番好きな歌。 テンポといい最高

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  • I hear tokiwa inteansed of give up

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  • 286

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  • My favorite song ❤️❤️❤️

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  • 7/21 0.00KST 31,928,415 7/22 0.00KST 32,282,457 Today 354,042 views JYP Subs 13,241,600(+5,470) TWICE Vlive 5,283,361(+2,894) TWICE Subs 5,257,513(+5,691) TWICE Twitter 3,830,048(+5,044) TWICE JPN Subs 2,208,169(+2,003) 📌 LIKEY 400M ASAP 📌 CHEER UP 350M ASAP 📌 YES OR YES 200M ASAP

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    • Fighting 400-450K per day ONCEs!!! Let's maintain it untill we reach 100M+

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  • 1M likes before BREAKTHROUGH release cmon!

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  • TWICE - BreakThrough 7/21 0.00 KST 🌏 31,930,104 (39 Days) 7/22 0.00 KST 🌏 32,284,351 (40 Days) Today *354,247 vi3ws* *Get Well Soon Mina* 🤘 *Fancy 200 Million* 👉 Yes Or Yes 200 Million 👉 Dance The Night Away 200 Million 👉 Likey 400 Million 👉 TT 500 Million And others MV too💖 Love TWICE💓💓

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  • This is my favourite song! Twice fighting!

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  • ミナ♡♡😢

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  • R.I.P. Dahyun's Scalp

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  • I just got to say it.. Jihyo is my Bias and all but in 2:39 we all know she ain't that tall xD... that being said, Jihyo killed this MV

    Jermz CalderonJermz Calderon13 ore fa
  • 誰になんだかんだ言われてもの所を踊ったらTWICEはかっこいいのに私は何かスキップできない人みたいになるのはなぜ??

    ソンチェヨンソンチェヨン13 ore fa
  • Tzuyu is shit Look at others they are really talented and beautiful than her.

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    • Look yourself,, You are shit..😂

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  • Twice 💜 💜 💜 💜

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  • Please make a Korean comeback like this ❤️❤️❤️

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  • 1分29秒からの所はダヒョンが1番あっている歌詞だと思う人 ↓

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  • i miss you mina so much!!!get well soon we'll wait for u💗💗💗take care always

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  • Stop asking like in the comments, this is annoying. Give a like if you agree

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    • Lol your asking likes too

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  • TWICE is the best❤

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  • Tzuyu struggling to sing What you learned from training period and even four idol singer life.

    Misamo k1996Misamo k199615 ore fa
    • Yes she struggled alot .twice member take it in very good, she is one annoying

      Twice TwiceTwice Twice13 ore fa
    • dd dd is that u?i thought ur dead.

      TibbyrockTibbyrock13 ore fa
  • If tzuyu's bridge part done by Jeongyeon it's gonna be lit

    Misamo k1996Misamo k199615 ore fa
  • Compare two vocals from 2:39 to 2:52 Jihyo vocal woooooowwwew Tzuyu's vocal -shitty shitt

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    • Shut up you fuxker bitch hater thrice

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  • Dance practice please

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  • Este vídeo merece montones de like den like q tenga lindo día twice siga asi

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  • Twiceeeeeeee

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  • 32.2M

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  • All of them look so cool especially Mina 😍

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  • 32,226,461

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  • Pobre mina que tiene vertigo y no puede dar conciertos

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  • 一番最初に、ジョンヨン💜しかも、ナヨンとジヒョの、パートの所、セクシーすぎ!てか、みんなかっこよすぎたろ!天才です!TWICE様!

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  • Twice Japan 4th Single "Happy Happy" Oricon's Daily Single Chart: 7/17 - sold 114,905 copies 7/18 - sold 58,172 copies 7/19 - sold 22,490 copies 7/20 - sold 19.719 copies 7/21 - sold 16,812 copies TOTAL-sold 232,098 copies Twice's 7th release to get Platinum Disco in Japan! Congrats Twice and Once !!!!!

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  • 35M before August

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  • Keep streaming once because I have classes in school and other once here keep streaming now I'm pilipino :)

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  • Ilove you twice💖🐧🍉

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  • Hello Onces! ❤️❤️❤️ 'Breakthrough' M/V has become the most liked Japanese M/V by a K-Pop girl group on IT-vision, dethroning @JYPETWICE's own 'Candy Pop' M/V! ©️@TWICE_Charts

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    • Yes, TWICE fighting!

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  • No one: Not a soul: Legit not even Onces: Jihyo: bReAkSrOuGh BrEaKsRoUgH bReAkSrOuGh BrEaKsRoUgH

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  • I like this ^^

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  • JIHYO!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  • I miss minari :

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  • if you are a Once make this blue | v

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  • Dance practice ??

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  • 韓国と日本 最近仲がよろしくないけどTWICEはいつまでも好きだぞ‼️

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  • 183

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  • once keep streaming this 50m

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  • 1M likes once fighting

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  • love twice

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  • Best girlgroup in the galaxy

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  • damn jihyo ❤️

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  • あら、最初HAPPYHAPPYと同じなのね

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  • 32,179,814 views and 997,984 Likes! Looking good,so keep it up!Once Power!

  • 100K comments Fighting! 100M views Fighting!

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  • ชอบเเชยอง

    4288 43764288 437619 ore fa
  • Im literally so gay rn

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  • They are brighter than my future lol

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  • The amount of how much I love the outfits on this my is incomparable except to how much I love TWICE

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  • Go get the double platinum "Breakthrough"

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  • I am not a fan but god it is their best comeback

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  • This song describes twice so muchh~💖💖💖 Every comeback they are breaking through onces that's why we all live twice!💖💖💖

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  • Get Well Soon Minari➕💓💓💓❤️❤️❤️

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  • *I love this song!!* And I made cute piano cover for it. You can study, sleep and rest with your favorite song 💜

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    • It's healing my broken heart...❤ Mina...😥

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    • I love it 💞

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TWICE「Breakthrough」Music Video