Why Real Madrid Will NOT Win La Liga Next Season! | Continental Club

They might well have spent over €300m already, but it doesn't guarantee silverwear...
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  • Now real has Hazard,Jovic,Mendy and Kubo Real will win the la liga. And hoe do u guys know ur guys ar not the god bruh

    Beyblade Hunter ZBeyblade Hunter ZGiorno fa
  • That's a total BS and just stick ur noses to Premier League and never come to Real Madrid again u losers!!!

    Kevin SurajKevin Suraj6 giorni fa
  • I think real will be better just because in a few years you lose Suarez’s output and Messi so I think they’ll just have some problems without Messi

    creepy pinnycreepy pinny19 giorni fa
  • Barcelona

  • You'll should change your name to "DONT ACTUALLY WATCH FOOTBALL DAILY" or "STATS DAILY". Cos you guys don't actually watch football and u just get orgasms over stat sheets

    vybhav badrivybhav badri20 giorni fa
  • Please stop talking about real madrid and la liga, you lack soo much knowledge and clearly haven’t watched any la liga games; first of all kroos 1 year contract extension is typical for aging players in real, benzema doesnt take penalties, real madrid doesn’t have a cap of 500mil on the transfer budget, griezman never playing on the left? Ceballos defending? and then picking Dembele who has clearly been a flop in la liga over Vinicius is ridiculous. Please before making videos like this make sure you hold some sort of credentials and by that i mean at least watch la liga if your going to speak about it.

    Michael AngeloMichael Angelo21 giorno fa
  • They need to stop signing promising players and start buying world class

    Brandon GuerreroBrandon Guerrero23 giorni fa
  • This is embarrassing. Barca's midfield and defense is old and way less talented than Madrid's and you talk about Vinicius when Hazard is starting ? No mate. Madrid is loaded with talent, youth and deep. They are to dominate.

    KingOneKingOne23 giorni fa
  • You only know the stats you don't watch the games. A bad player can have good stats, look at mustafi.

    Teddy MboteTeddy Mbote23 giorni fa
  • What a stupid video. I am a Barca fan and I can tell you right now Madrid is not only going to win la Liga next year they are going to be impossible to beat for La Liga for a couple of years with a roster like that.

    KingOneKingOne23 giorni fa
  • You guys are so full of shit, the Benzema pens thing, saying Ceballos had a great first season when he almost never played in his first season, and his second season was good but nothing to write home about. Honestly incredible that you guys can be so uninformed, stick to the Prem, you clearly know nothing about La Liga

    Domingo de la FuenteDomingo de la Fuente24 giorni fa
  • Dougie: Let's jump straight into this *3 secs later* Dougie: But before we do that, don't forget to subscribe.

    ortomyortomy24 giorni fa
  • Who the fuck is Dani Treballos?

    eldiego68eldiego6824 giorni fa
  • Delle Ali? you sure don't know what the heck are you talking about....

    Jaime MorenoJaime Moreno24 giorni fa
  • They will win La Liga next season. Cause Messi FC started growing old.

    Zaru RjZaru Rj25 giorni fa
    • Zaru Rj You’re dreaming

      Trn FifaTrn FifaGiorno fa
  • because the league dont start yet....

    Azrul AzrizalAzrul Azrizal25 giorni fa
  • They should kick out modric and bale They are useless

    Renoldy SynjionRenoldy Synjion25 giorni fa
  • You better hope they don’t because if they do this video will get so much hate😂

    BSA VictorBSA Victor25 giorni fa
  • u guys are a bunch of idiots. I stopped watching your video at time stamp 14:20 when yall mention that dele Alli would be good for Real Madrid. He's an over rated player. kmt

    Hybrid 10k991Hybrid 10k99125 giorni fa
    • He had poor season but a don't think he's overrated but not ready for Madrid,Erikson and the price rumoured for him overrated springs to mind,coutinho before Barcelona would impact a game more than Erikson for example imo

      Kevin OliverKevin Oliver22 giorni fa
  • Patto losing weight by the day? Looking very well

    Thomas KershawThomas Kershaw25 giorni fa
  • Barcelona r bringing Neymar back so hold on .....this la liga season is gonna be 🔥🔥

    satyam sharmasatyam sharma26 giorni fa
  • Most shit debate topics I've heard in a while

    Aniket DubeyAniket Dubey26 giorni fa

    joe noorjoe noor26 giorni fa
  • Real Madrid is better than whole PL teams combined!

    Roshan TiwariRoshan Tiwari26 giorni fa
    • No

      KieranKieran22 giorni fa
  • Barcelona will win the 19/20 La Liga title....

    Rangarirai Shantero ZvinonetsaRangarirai Shantero Zvinonetsa26 giorni fa
  • What a bunch of cucks

    ExcelExcel26 giorni fa
  • These man know nothing like Joe Weller and Theo Baker. However, one thing no-one is mentioning is the fact Kova can still sign despite the transfer ban due to his loan being made prior according to Nini (Blue Lions TV).

    AmirBreakable TvAmirBreakable Tv26 giorni fa
  • More like RIP barca

    Fries WilliamsFries Williams26 giorni fa
  • Real Madrid will win la liga next year

    Denzel OforiDenzel Ofori26 giorni fa
    • No.

      حسن الشهريحسن الشهري23 giorni fa
  • Real Madrid didn’t won the leaque for almost a decade. 😂

    Chris BroedlinChris Broedlin26 giorni fa
    • 2017-2019.. yeah, almost a decade

      Mubarack IbraheemMubarack Ibraheem26 giorni fa
  • 17:45 WHAAAAT? So you didn't watch any Champions League in, i don't know, the last 4 years??

    cortez1803cortez180326 giorni fa
    • They are clowns.

      GlFinazzo FinazzoGlFinazzo Finazzo24 giorni fa
  • next season Barcelona will win a treble

    That BoyThat Boy27 giorni fa
  • Real Madrid will win

    Gideon MaroaGideon Maroa27 giorni fa
  • I didn't watch any second of the video because I know the answer: Messi will still play.

    Abdullah TurkistaniAbdullah Turkistani27 giorni fa
    • @the savage _YT 35 year old Messi is still better than 28 year old Hazard. I don't get your point. Now imagine Neymar coming back to Barcelona. The gab would be massive.

      nh knh k23 giorni fa
    • No Madrid have a chance because messi is getting old

      the savage _YTthe savage _YT24 giorni fa
  • Just a fucking channel i just disliked don't know a shit about football.guys just fuck yourself

    Adharsh AntonyAdharsh Antony27 giorni fa
  • And barkalona will not win any UCL in the next 10 years

    GosumassBGosumassB27 giorni fa
  • Oh my god....you guys should just stick with EPL....lmao

    BrainXIXBrainXIX28 giorni fa
    • seriously, couldn't believe my ears...

      cortez1803cortez180326 giorni fa
  • only reason they will NOT win is because your virgin ases want Barca to do it

    car ambacar amba28 giorni fa
  • La Liga is a feeder league with 2.5 teams in, it's likely RM will win the league. If they were in the EPL they probably wouldn't get top 4 but that means nothing.

    The Deviant DeveloperThe Deviant Developer28 giorni fa
    • Yes correct the prem is good because ITS a league who steals from LA liga

      ataladin 87ataladin 8727 giorni fa
  • Barca should look at Sane from City.....just sayin.

    LaJugger NautLaJugger Naut28 giorni fa
  • Even a Barca fan like myself can tell you that Benzema could have easily scored 100 more goals over the last 4 to 5 seasons if Madrid's offense was not specifically set up for Karim to service Ronaldo.

    LaJugger NautLaJugger Naut28 giorni fa
    • That's an overestimation lol , but yes Karim would have scored a lot more if Ronaldo hadn't been there. But we also wouldn't have won a single CL in the last 5 years, so there's that..

      Harshvardhan KanthodeHarshvardhan Kanthode23 giorni fa
  • I agree Real Madrid won't win the league anytime soon but you guys seem to have 0 knowledge about spanish football

    Legend of NibbaheemLegend of Nibbaheem28 giorni fa
  • Barca will never win another league. Real's domination just stopped for a year after destroying the CL. Now they will destroy the league. These idiots think Frenkie or de Ligt will do something. Zidane will destroy Barcelona. Again.

    i.e.m.i.e.m.28 giorni fa
  • Bull.Madrid winning next season. They'll be pushed all the way by Barcelona but Hazard and company will prevail.

    Adam SamuelAdam Samuel28 giorni fa
  • Hahaha ... nothing but english assholes in this videos 😂 .... Islandmonkeys 🐒

    Kathi RMKathi RM28 giorni fa
  • Literally these guys have no idea about what they are talking. It looks like somebody drugged them and asked to discuss football.

    John lutherJohn luther28 giorni fa
  • Did this monkey said Dele Ali to Real Madrid ? The guy was literally uslles the entire season for Tottenham, had so many bad passes, missed chances and etc ... I would rather keep James than sign him or Erikson tbh

    Milus LeagueMilus League28 giorni fa
  • So funny they are talking sh:t about Modric, even though he was okay, and say Eriksen and deli JOKE ali would be an upgrade.. hahaa Real Madrid has and great midfield they just can't score goals. Modric will play less and less, but isco is still to peak, and hazard is a creative player. Jovic will score important goals, goals Bale didn't deliver

    CruzzZCruzzZ28 giorni fa
  • I have never seen a more absurd and stupid analys than this I don't know if they have any knowledge about La liga.

    Universal PageUniversal Page28 giorni fa
  • This three people talking like mad😀🤣😂😋.Barcelona cant win la liga from now.

    Hirok HirokHirok Hirok29 giorni fa
    • That's what yous said this season or the season before Hahah we'll see

      ataladin 87ataladin 8727 giorni fa
  • You lot are being harsh on pulisic

    Victor ValdezVictor Valdez29 giorni fa
  • 5:52 "They've got no midfield": Currently in the squad: Kroos Modric Casemiro Valverde Llorente Asensio Isco Ceballos Bahim Out on loan: Kovacic James Ödegaard Rodríguez hmmm ok

    Sam O'ConnellSam O'Connell29 giorni fa
    • @Dim Tr Honestly the offense has been real trash this year and the defense, I'm calling out Ramos, Marcelo, and Bale. Marcelo has had a really terrible season I hope he can bounce back because he is one of the greatest LB. Ramos has been making some uncharacteristically terrible defending mistakes too.

      Yahya Al SabehYahya Al Sabeh22 giorni fa
    • Its the epidome of ignorance after 3 C. L. in a row with this midfield being the engine of the team they shit on them after a single bad season. Its natural after so many good seasons for a bad one to Come. Iam a Barca fan but even Messi said that real win the C.L becouse they have some of the Best at every position... With their transfers this summer unfortunately for us they are back on top

      Dim TrDim Tr28 giorni fa
  • Euro Football Daily = Worst Football Channel on IT-vision

    DakiscoDakisco29 giorni fa
  • Griezman is also a superstar and hes also available

    Markus IkastMarkus Ikast29 giorni fa
  • Euro football daily my ass before putting that clickbait contrast your information twats

    vaannebilimvaannebilim29 giorni fa
  • 17:08 forget those guys just go for Sergej Milinkovic-Savic he is between 40 to 60 mil this year

    R3GARDL355R3GARDL35529 giorni fa
  • Real might play 4231

    R3GARDL355R3GARDL35529 giorni fa
  • 03:38 kovacic is better then any of cm of inter lol

    R3GARDL355R3GARDL35529 giorni fa
  • Real Madrid won't win last life As long as low Messi is alive🤣🤣

    S1S129 giorni fa
  • Kovacic should go to AC Milan -A proud AC Milan fan lol

    Giordany JosephGiordany Joseph29 giorni fa
  • How can these guys know anything about La Liga or Real Madrid when he mentions "Real Vallecano", "Dani Cheballos" ? The guy in glasses literally checked 5-6 stats last night and now he's talking out of his ass, he should stick to the premier league...

    Alvaro Szigethi MarcosAlvaro Szigethi Marcos29 giorni fa
  • Griezmann is on schedule. They are waiting for the buyout to drop by $100m from July the 1st.

    Tomek WolnyTomek Wolny29 giorni fa
  • That was painful to watch.. ugh

    Y. M. AY. M. A29 giorni fa
  • Fucking English ppl hate benzema and he would make perfect with hazard because he made most headers and Hazard can create don’t under estimate this ST

    Juan AlvarexJuan Alvarex29 giorni fa
  • This dude said dele alli to Madrid a great move 🤣🤣🤣🤣 wtf I’m I hearing Alli overhyped bro ...stop the nonsense

    TheKwabTheKwab29 giorni fa
  • Penzema 😂..... Joking obviously He scored 30 goals last season and only 3 of those goals were penalties, what are this guys on about?

    ————————29 giorni fa
  • All depends on how well jovic replaces benzema. The guy has an absolute eye for goal! You need some veterans though.

    tnix88tnix8829 giorni fa
    • Perez loves Benzema and even tho he told zidane to do whatever he want he'll still gonna want Benzema to play

      Norman BlakeNorman Blake29 giorni fa
  • Real Madrid just need De Ligt

    giorgos mpelexrisgiorgos mpelexris29 giorni fa
  • Who cares about laliga when they can have the biggest achievement "the champion league

    zee max Jameszee max James29 giorni fa
  • Hala Madrid

    Independent thinkerIndependent thinker29 giorni fa
Why Real Madrid Will NOT Win La Liga Next Season! | Continental Club